What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

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What If
What If - Month ago
The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: https://youtu.be/jpaHRQl6wG0
Lets get This puh
Lets get This puh - 18 hours ago
Yeah ok mr.fbi
#-GødzillaTM# Pūbg
Maybe3billion people storm area 51theyy can't do anything right? Because the secret at the time should be solve by the 3billion people all to soldier of the country come its too late
kbogle798 - 3 days ago
What If, one million people fucked you in the ass
Merly Aguilera
Merly Aguilera - 4 days ago
1.7 million pepole Will storm area 51
Benjamin Temple
Benjamin Temple - 4 days ago
What If I killed you
Ty Edwards
Ty Edwards - 13 minutes ago
Only one person show up to Area 51
Guards: :D yay
It’s talion from shadow of Mordor and shadow of war
Guards: D: no
John Kim
John Kim - 17 minutes ago
They would all get shot!
Wendy's - Hour ago
*millions of people plan to storm area 51 for years*

People: *storms base*

People: *find just some highly qualified scientists*

No aliens

Fortnite4life GOD
Fortnite4life GOD - 2 hours ago
No weapons my ass we will have lots of Nerf and bullet proof sheilds and armor
Jasonth131 - 4 hours ago
Das Leben der Leute ist der US Regierung nichs wert die werden mit Haubitzen, A10 und AC130 nieder geschossen dann wird eine Nachrichten Sperre verhängt und gesagt dass alle irgendwie krank wurden und verstorben sind und aus Seuchenschutz gründen wurden die Körper verbrannt.
Ester Leng
Ester Leng - 4 hours ago
Yo what if this guy is part of the forces and is just saying random stuff so we don’t try anything
Cupcake Muffin
Cupcake Muffin - 4 hours ago
New plan, wear gas masks and protective gear to raid area51. Dress up as soldiers in uniform and have a white truck. Wear protective gear so that even if you was shot you wouldn't die. Wear the shirt if you shoot me your gay shirt for good luck underneath your armor.
D Tom
D Tom - 4 hours ago
Cross the line and get shot. Simple.
DARRYL SMITH - 5 hours ago
Nothing, Because it Ain't gonna Happen.
VfxPro Gamer
VfxPro Gamer - 6 hours ago
VfxPro Gamer
VfxPro Gamer - 6 hours ago
0:26 LOL
Ike Karlas
Ike Karlas - 6 hours ago
There’s coming a new war wAREA 51
the beast gamer176
the beast gamer176 - 7 hours ago
This is an avengers level threat.
Alkoholicar pored tajbove trgovine
4:57 name of full video
Iye Kakay
Iye Kakay - 7 hours ago
I feel like Area 51 have a underground basement where they hide things who thinks the same
Zooif Mckeegan
Zooif Mckeegan - 7 hours ago
Yo are we all going right. By the way does any one need to be dropped of my mum says she will drop me of there
jonsmovies18fan - 8 hours ago
They are also hiding some games from us like TF3, Half Life 3, Portal 3, Sonic Adventure 3, a good version of Sonic 06, **insert other games here**
Google Esports
Google Esports - 8 hours ago
Actually it hit a 2 million
reinardjared - 8 hours ago
Soldiers be getting dat bad omen before they arrive in area 51
Allen Lolly
Allen Lolly - 9 hours ago
It's weir they sell weapons to the enemy.
SongJiangShiJin - 9 hours ago
If they are going to use lethal force, I'm not blaming them. Attack a military base, and you have to deal with a military answer. But, in all honesty, it won't happen.nothing will happen as no one will show up
Ranchor Bicabhai
Ranchor Bicabhai - 9 hours ago
What if you just work for them and just be nice
Matt H
Matt H - 10 hours ago
It’s simple. I am going to build a sky base with a water source at the top flowing down in order for me and my friends to get up and down. I will take another bucket so I can do the same when I’ve reached the top of the main area of the base. I think that it’ll take about 15 stacks of dirt and cobble. I am bringing melons for a food source as they’re easily renewable and only require one space to grow.
Crumpfi uwu
Crumpfi uwu - 10 hours ago
PLOT TWIST : The people that storm Area 51 are the real Aliens and trying to help the others OwQ
NuttyDoggo Productions
NuttyDoggo Productions - 11 hours ago
Fake mr beast went to the gates of Area 51 for 24 hours they didnt get arrested
Ultra V
Ultra V - 11 hours ago
you sound like the guy from the infographics show
jeflynnenut - 12 hours ago
Brought to you by the Clinton administration.
jam gonzalez
jam gonzalez - 12 hours ago
I know what would you see

j fin
j fin - 13 hours ago
It is the S4 base we need to storm. That is where the real "alien" tech etc is.
itzbluebell - 13 hours ago
Can i just sky dive from plane or go threw the toilet also can i just take out a sniper
sernastyle1 - 13 hours ago
It's definitely possible to invade area 51.....

In GTA San Andreas 😂
CG - Brawl Stars
CG - Brawl Stars - 13 hours ago
They are hiding soap that kills 100% bacteria
Soul - 8 hours ago
Theyre also hiding the 0.01% of bacteria
Sports Mania
Sports Mania - 13 hours ago
What If The Tornado Get in the Area 51
Cloe Corporal
Cloe Corporal - 13 hours ago
All is died
Dedi Wahyudi
Dedi Wahyudi - 14 hours ago
*Sees 1 million naruto runners*
Area 51 guard : "This will be the end of wakanda"
Another area 51 guard : "And it will be the noblest ending in history"
Dedi Wahyudi
Dedi Wahyudi - 14 hours ago
*Sees 1 million naruto runners*
Area 51 guard : "This will be the end of wakanda"
Another area 51 guard : "And it will be the noblest ending in history"
The kool aid man
The kool aid man - 14 hours ago
I will be able to tell my grandchildren I was alive when World War 3 started.
someone - 14 hours ago
Theyre hiding burger king thats actually good
באטמן הופמן
באטמן הופמן - 14 hours ago
Hey, I know what's hidden in the area 51 one and only the rake The creature that just waits for camping trips to destroy them
mrbringer - 15 hours ago
3:08 i knew it was an airforce base. i said to my classmates days ago
Pro Noob
Pro Noob - 15 hours ago
One month left
Can we Get 100 subscribers without any videos
Raid update: there is one month before the raid
Chlorox bleach
Chlorox bleach - 17 hours ago
Whatever it takes
Brandon Cliff
Brandon Cliff - 17 hours ago
Lol civilians have no idea how annoying this is to actual military personnel... Shit is pathetically painful... oh and for sure, even a million or two.. you'd still all fail miserably lol
Lets get This puh
Lets get This puh - 18 hours ago
Yeah ok mr.fbi
jeff castor
jeff castor - 18 hours ago
Am I the only one who wants to see this happen? I mean from a morbid standpoint of IF you got 1 million people to do this I want to see it LIVE STREAMED. Either they gonna have a ton of NON Lethal weapons surrounding it OR it will be a live fire exercise and it is gonna make the mass shootings look like child's play.
Allen Fepuleai
Allen Fepuleai - 19 hours ago
The government would be in SO much trouble if they shot any of the trespassers
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez - 21 hour ago
If aliens were in there the government probably moved them just in case people try to raid it
imad kamikaz
imad kamikaz - 21 hour ago
The most stupid people on Earth are Americans
BattleCLAWZ - 21 hour ago
WHAT IF they moved the aliens and the weapons to another place ??????
Ted Bishop
Ted Bishop - 22 hours ago
All those that storm a U.S. military base will die on the spot. That would be the right thing.
Nerd-Mask - 12 hours ago
One Million people. Really? You think they would just shot and kill one Million civilians. That would probably be the beginning of a Civil War. I honestly can't imagine them doing that. Which is why this question is so interesting.
ANJUMANARA BIBI - 22 hours ago
Everyone: LOL eeeeww, the Sonic movie looks terrible!
Cats: Uhmmm... Meow?
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Skase - 22 hours ago
Nothing will happen they can't get in and also many will die trying
YIXSAFN - 23 hours ago
The government are scared

We got em boys
Corkie Smith
Corkie Smith - 23 hours ago
Honestly I don’t care about what happens there, i think everyone should raid the place even if the government says not to2
David Lee
David Lee - 23 hours ago
0.18 which movie scene is this from? I want to know
Kabal82 - 23 hours ago
What if isn't wrong, if you are stupid enough to try and "Naruto run" to storm the base.
If you really want storm area 51, we're going to need to fast and furious it.
John Madsen
John Madsen - Day ago
Here is the answer. Save time. Area 51 is padded by 100s of miles of desert all around.
So any idiot would realize you can’t just walk in. A million people would just take hours of hiking.
This is stupid. Nothing would happen. Most people would turn back.
DeadEyeDay - Day ago
You forgot the locked doors that would make it so even if they find it they couldn't get in
10000 Subs with no videos Challenge
*no what if, it will*
Keke Kiki
Keke Kiki - Day ago
There are not alliens
Those are fallen angels
Jesuscrist is coming soon
HollowGamer 35
HollowGamer 35 - Day ago
Here is what will happen

фаг боб
фаг боб - Day ago
Nice propaganda.....

Don't let people fool you into making you think that you can't rush the shit out of area 51.
Come on guys this is our chance!
Rush it! Get your P-90's!
Eyesleep - Day ago
What If - Negative Nancy
Frank Albarran
Frank Albarran - Day ago
Okay, let's do this in mid December!😈😱
The Guy named ReTaRd
Sponsored by Area 51.
Meckle von Heinsburgh
i swear im gonna be the only person to storm area 51 and all the guards and cameras are just gonna see one shorter-than-average person naruto running across the sand towards their base
Ali Damani
Ali Damani - Day ago
They want battle? Then battle it is
Victoria Evans
Victoria Evans - Day ago
I am curious how many people will really show up😂😮
Mont-Dawg - Day ago
America killing there own people again can cause a world War 3
GrxceXpepsI - Day ago
How to get into Area 51: get a job as someone who works there, spill the tea to everyone and get information, and them you will know all information to storm it.
The number of likes is how many people will follow this plan: 👇😃
Noob Oof
Noob Oof - Day ago
What if Uno reverse card was removed?
Will Bigger
Will Bigger - Day ago
They have the right to kill u on site so
Vince Vue
Vince Vue - Day ago
3:05 Rocky Balboa: Classified As Alien
siam 173
siam 173 - Day ago
What if a terminator send in the area 51?
Hyperactive76 - Day ago
Maybe we’ll get the US release of Mother 3.
JEFF REY - Day ago
What if two million armed people stormed Walmart on Sept 11,2019???
Pex4 - Day ago
bruh they probably moved all the stuff by now
santha Karumanchi
santha Karumanchi - Day ago
"God stays in heaven because he lives in fear of what he has created"
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HighLevi - 9 hours ago
Nigga what?
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