Everything Wrong With Pitch Perfect 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

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CinemaSins - 29 days ago
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Sierra Faith
Sierra Faith - 9 days ago
Nothing here he did 2 of the first movies (Ice Age and Madagascar) but he didn’t do the sequels.
Nothing here
Nothing here - 9 days ago
+Sierra Faith i think he did this already
Sierra Faith
Sierra Faith - 9 days ago
Do the rest of the Ice Age trilogy, Open Season trilogy, and the Madagascar trilogy please!
Nothing here
Nothing here - 19 days ago
that's why your voice sounds so diffrent
KoolCor13 - 23 days ago
Anyone from Green Bay No just me ok
Sonali Gharat
Sonali Gharat - Day ago
The movie was a sin 😂😂
Caleb S
Caleb S - Day ago
You can fuck off I'm from Wisconsin and the Packers are the best
Brian Jankowski
Brian Jankowski - Day ago
You missed a sin. A singing group from another country would not change an american made song into their own dialect perfectly. This is why when gangnam style came out everyone in america sounded like they were fluent in korean.
Annie Sandrock
Annie Sandrock - 2 days ago
Carla Was Here
Carla Was Here - 2 days ago
Prince Alfaro
Prince Alfaro - 5 days ago
Coach Carter bro please
CaroFreaky - 5 days ago
what bugs me the most about the movie was the pronunciation of the german team. i get that some german have terrible pronunciation but a whole accapella group and nobody ever mentions it ??
Tex-9 :/
Tex-9 :/ - 5 days ago
15:21 if you want a good laugh 😂
Ashlin Gunderson
Ashlin Gunderson - 7 days ago
I’m so glad Cinema Sins is as big a fan of Pentatonix as I am
RyllenKriel - 7 days ago
Wait, someone actually watched this movie?
katkowalski314 - 8 days ago
[talks about how sexist the movie is]
[won't stop talking about anna kendrick's boobs]
andhisband - 9 days ago
What is that animal f*cking Elizabeth Banks' head?
nic sharp
nic sharp - 10 days ago
Awww, they gave a pity role to the FAT CHICK!
Gacha cookie sandwich 569
How have u not gotten to this
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy - 10 days ago
Everyone like so Jeremy sees
We need a sin video for back o the future 3
I'm Trash Dude
I'm Trash Dude - 11 days ago
Has nobody noticed that in the main competition, all the groups, apart from DSM and The Barden Bellas were singing the same goddamn song?
I wish I was part of cinima sins...
ISgaming 1400
ISgaming 1400 - 13 days ago
Why does this feel like a camp rock movie.
SPLAT Miner - 14 days ago
It should be 18 minutes or less
Fräulein Wunderlich
Fräulein Wunderlich - 15 days ago
Why do the whiter than white acapella broadcast people have pictures of a black family and two black girls on their desk? Is this what happens after Get Out?
Gabre - 16 days ago
This "german" acapella group is the least german thing I have ever seen...
Also, does the writer of this movie really hates acapella that much that they made the competitions filled with more racism than the KKK could ever manage to put out and more sexism than old kitchen ads?
Jessica Clay.x
Jessica Clay.x - 16 days ago
U need to do number 3
Mike F
Mike F - 17 days ago
You're such a fucking Vagina with that sexist bullshit.. I know how the videos work but you came off as a whining sjw
MSO - 18 days ago
You should do a video on A Simple Favor!!
the Sharpest lives
the Sharpest lives - 19 days ago
Just everything in general about this movie 🤣
Danny Caracciolo
Danny Caracciolo - 19 days ago
Is Flo suppose to be Fez from That 70's show...... If you sucked out the funny and charm of Willa Valderama
Matthew Flugstad
Matthew Flugstad - 19 days ago
Did anyone else see the final sin counter glitch or was that just me?
Macy Allen
Macy Allen - 19 days ago
It sucks that this is a re-upload because if it was made recently I’m sure there were some great Evan Hansen jokes hidden in here somewhere
AdamdeCow YT
AdamdeCow YT - 19 days ago
So next can you make YouTubesins
Goo Dragon
Goo Dragon - 19 days ago
I had to fudging sing flashlight at my school choir concert
Aine Earley
Aine Earley - 20 days ago
Yikes this was really bad. The Pitch Perfects are very good movies
Stefan Polhill
Stefan Polhill - 20 days ago
I wonder what goes through this guys head when he watches a movie for the first time.
kevon craigalocious
kevon craigalocious - 21 day ago
And why haven't we seen a Alvin and the chipmunks sins video yet, I'm not done destroying things my kids like with random YouTube videos
Demetrios Anagnostopoulos
That's the movie's biggest sin; it could have just as easily been called "Another Cliched International Competition Movie." And this could have been the tagline: "The United States of America has to be the best at EVERYTHING. Always and forever. No option, no exceptions."
Jiovanni White
Jiovanni White - 21 day ago
I mean BOOOOOOOBS lmao same
Loraine Mabute
Loraine Mabute - 21 day ago
Wait... Lady Boys?!... Philippines!?...
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 21 day ago
The fact a presidential family is in here, makes it dated already
joseph rodriguez
joseph rodriguez - 21 day ago
does this guy watch movies enjoy them at all? or just to sin them and make money off youtube
Dominic Duncan
Dominic Duncan - 21 day ago
This video needs more sins
BlueDream617 - 22 days ago
Can you Sin The Village
Anonymous Critique
Anonymous Critique - 22 days ago
I can’t tell if he hates Anna Kendrick or loves her
Milap Mehta
Milap Mehta - 22 days ago
I literally clicked on this video just to see a sin about Pentatonix not winning. Well done sir, you turned my potential angry rant into admiration
Hey it’s Frey!
Hey it’s Frey! - 22 days ago
Please do everything wrong with ‘on chesil beach’
Although I think it’s a great film I would love to hear a more analytical side to it
J.P. Lovecraft
J.P. Lovecraft - 23 days ago
When it comes time to do EWW Sherlock and Watson, it should just be a quick rant for the logo vomit and then the video should be over with a thousand automatic sins for the whole movie. Call it “Everything Is Wrong With Sherlock and Watson”
BatteryPoweredSwag - 23 days ago
i dont get the seth rogen reference. can someone explain it?
2CDoll - 23 days ago
In a lot of these scenes the singing is not even that great in a movie about singing. They should have chosen actresses based on talent not star power or dubbed them. If they did dub them they did a piss poor job.
Jay Holmes
Jay Holmes - 23 days ago
But, anna kendrick ....so all sins absolved😉
HeartBreak Bonez
HeartBreak Bonez - 23 days ago
So happy I've never seen this
Ivar The Boneless
Ivar The Boneless - 23 days ago
I was drinking a soda and i heard " She might have to do a back-flip back over the fence" or some shit like that and BREATHED IN MY FUCKING SODA. thats right BREATHED and fucking choked and laughed at the same time
Capissotor - 23 days ago
CS: Yes, I am ready to start too
Me: ...
CS: Oh
Me: *dyes of laughter*
Nyneva Kyte
Nyneva Kyte - 23 days ago
Wow. This movie is horrible. Just really, really horrible.
Joey Black
Joey Black - 23 days ago
When she said " what kinda white shit is this" she meant singing to someone to help them take a dump, not the song choice
WickedSoul_YT - 23 days ago
This video is 17:25 long that’s 10 sins.
Cthulhuwarlord - 22 days ago
The sin counting ends at about 16 minutes. The audio/video jokes are not a part of the sinning of the movie
David Fchuk
David Fchuk - 23 days ago
Anna Kendrick is wifey
idk Keshacode
idk Keshacode - 23 days ago
I can’t even watch movies anymore
agrey832 - 23 days ago
I'm honestly shocked they made 2 of these 🤦
Ayden Marietta
Ayden Marietta - 23 days ago
I suffered through the first 2 movies. If any girls force me to watch the 3rd movie, I'm gonna say i need to go to the bathroom, sneak in a room with a TV, and either watch Infinity War on Blu-ray, or play Gran Turismo 6 since I like the PS3 and I think Playstation Now is not worth 20 bucks a month. And lock the door and hide when a psycho girl gets mad that I didn't watch any pitch movies because I hate them.
Jordyn Ebalo
Jordyn Ebalo - 23 days ago
Jeremy complaining that Pentatonix didn’t get enough screen time: a mood
T Lebron
T Lebron - 23 days ago
5:42 There are eleven you...CRACKER BOX!
UniverseNinja 35
UniverseNinja 35 - 23 days ago
It would be a good idea if they made a movie about an all women acapella group
Vincent Morency
Vincent Morency - 23 days ago
You said that it would be 16 minutes or less but still in your videos sometimes it says 18 minutes or less or whatever and most of them has more than that, including this one! *Ding*
+1 sin
Cthulhuwarlord - 22 days ago
Audio and or video clip jokes are not sins on the movie. The only person getting a sin is you
ClancyPasta HasAHugePingus
5:15 you forgot "Honey" lol
Sara Stewart
Sara Stewart - 23 days ago
"in 16 minutes or less" *is over 17 minutes long*
Cthulhuwarlord - 22 days ago
Audio/video replacement jokes after the sin credits aren't sinning the movie the sinning took about 16 minutes as the title of the video states
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray - 23 days ago
But Elizabeth Banks directed the pitch perfect movies...... Hard time working with herself?
Maggie Liberty
Maggie Liberty - 24 days ago
Please do Everything wrong with Aquaman
Dear Leader
Dear Leader - 24 days ago
It's tartan 2:38
Gunhild Eie Hjort
Gunhild Eie Hjort - 24 days ago
That's not even in Denmark🤦🏽‍♀️
lexus14blacklist - 24 days ago
You guys should do Captain Marvel, and if you don’t include a scene of Nick fury with cat scratch fever playing over it, I am unsubscribing.
Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox - 24 days ago
Flumpy - 24 days ago
Please do "Everything Wrong With Groundhog Day"!!!!
Boni Brown
Boni Brown - 24 days ago
you should do Indian in the Cupboard!! i loved it as a kid
Marcus Thomas
Marcus Thomas - 24 days ago
Hailee Steinfeld was awesome in Bumblebee! She's hot, but she's in a movie with Anna. It's like a candle in the sunlight.
Marcus Thomas
Marcus Thomas - 24 days ago
You should've taken one sin off for the plaid mini skirt! Are you high???
Marcus Thomas
Marcus Thomas - 24 days ago
I'm a straight hetero kid from South Chicago and I've watched every Pitch Perfect. Yes. Don't judge me.
TheXbox Boi
TheXbox Boi - 24 days ago
No opinions = 57 sins
Joyce Abela
Joyce Abela - 24 days ago
Everything Wrong With The Garfield show Time Master?
Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon - 24 days ago
I Never saw PP. but I love your videos
Gabriella Angueira
Gabriella Angueira - 24 days ago
the pitch isnt perfect
KIMMIE LOVEE - 24 days ago
Could you do everything thing wrong with (the fly 1986). In a world where Jeff Goldblum is so right I want to see all he wrong he can really do
Chris Rosen
Chris Rosen - 24 days ago
Everything wrong with Hillary Clinton in 16 minutes or less. - Wait, that’s not possible.
Joshua Reaper
Joshua Reaper - 24 days ago
is this just me or has he done this before as well?
Cthulhuwarlord - 22 days ago
It's a repost
Siobhan Berry
Siobhan Berry - 24 days ago
Cinemasins is a Dick to epileptics
Bella Eversen
Bella Eversen - 24 days ago
Do everything wrong with Where Hands Touch, there is a lot
Hide you in my coat pocket
the cover they did of Fall Out Boy officially made it the shittiest movie ever
afro deezy
afro deezy - 24 days ago
Do A.X.L NEXT 10:31 I have the same gun in my closet
Gudemata is my spirt animal
Everything wrong with Hell Fest please?
TheBizzle1984 - 24 days ago
5:18, Bring it on does have a rival team of underdogs who aren't evil, so that was a weird example to use...
Jonah Coffin The Goat
Jonah Coffin The Goat - 24 days ago
This is a horrible movie
BladeAddict - 24 days ago
You NEED to do Apollo 18
LtTcE Smiling Cookie
LtTcE Smiling Cookie - 24 days ago
Do the spongebob movie!
HanaChiiSan - 24 days ago
I don't think I'll ever understand how this movie was bad enough to be worst than the third one
goovin woon
goovin woon - 24 days ago
I saw you use German at 3:45 that is not slipping by me
Jack Litchman
Jack Litchman - 24 days ago
Every thing wrong with “everything wrong with Pitch Perfect 2 in 16 minutes or less.
1: it was 17 minutes and 25 seconds
2: the Jew joke wasn’t racist, it was anti-somatic
Cthulhuwarlord - 22 days ago
1) the audio/video replacement jokes after the sin counting are not a part of sinning the movie. They are separate jokes 2) it's a joke. Watch more of the cinemasin videos they call everything racist as a joke
RangerLeaf - 24 days ago
Do Hoodwinked
Isaac - 24 days ago
Everything wrong with Zoolander 2
Jkirch K
Jkirch K - 24 days ago
Do everything wrong with Whiplash
Brooke Frohlich
Brooke Frohlich - 24 days ago
Anyone a little dumbfounded by people thinking that Anna Kendrick is the most beautiful person ever? Like I think she’s a super cool person but idk
Sir Zacharia
Sir Zacharia - 24 days ago
Tbh my biggest problem is that they make it feel like getting a music degree is not a thing. Like why aren’t any of them becoming a music teacher after this when it’s literally the only thing they like doing.
Life of a teenage otaku
Life of a teenage otaku - 24 days ago
You should do one of these for the descendants movies!!!
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks - 24 days ago
You should make an 'Everything Wrong With Silence Of The Lambs' (1991)
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