Everything Wrong With Pitch Perfect 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less

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CinemaSins - 2 months ago
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Britney - 6 days ago
At 5:42 there is 11 panels not 12
Stephanie Barrett
Stephanie Barrett - 22 days ago
The little mermaid was one of the locations on the map
Megan Hanson
Megan Hanson - Month ago
They are singing those songs in the rif off because the category is songs by women who have slept with him not songs by him or about him ! Do ur research and re watch that movie
Sierra Faith
Sierra Faith - 2 months ago
Nothing here he did 2 of the first movies (Ice Age and Madagascar) but he didn’t do the sequels.
Nothing here
Nothing here - 2 months ago
@Sierra Faith i think he did this already
whats_your_name_man _1781
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Tangla stop touching female like that
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Stop doing wrong
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Bumper you know better
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Rapped bout christmas
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Snoop dog is the rapper
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Beca ladies need you guest leave a note about leave your money alone you got to go to work
Marche Jones
Marche Jones - 3 days ago
Beca you are greatest bella
ChompLomper - 4 days ago
I'm just here for BEN
William Marquis
William Marquis - 4 days ago
Haven’t even watched the video yet but there is nothing wrong with pitch perfect and if he says more than 100 sins I’m unsubbing
will york
will york - 5 days ago
what is this trash hat of a movie? literally the first whole competition is nothing but offensive weight and race jokes, how did anyone get enjoyment from this? it actually boggles my mind the production studio thought this was a good idea
LUCID KiLLER101 - 6 days ago
No joke the rain started pouring when fat amy sang
Nikolas Lopez
Nikolas Lopez - 7 days ago
Bradarious Spar
Bradarious Spar - 8 days ago
This is my second time watching this video and 9:51 has me confused. I thought vomit girl was with the Bellas the entire time. Did she leave? Or what?
DOn't answer that. I really don't care about the answer. Just wanted to voice my confusion
72huntster - 11 days ago
There is nothing wrong withPP2.
WiredDragon7429 - 12 days ago
You are giving sins when you literally just complimented the movie
kAez 30
kAez 30 - 13 days ago
I didn’t know they said the Philippines in the movie. Like if your Filipino
ItsYaGurl_J XD
ItsYaGurl_J XD - 18 days ago
My only problem here is Jeremy is trying to say that *MY* wife Anna Kendrick is his. Sorry Jeremy but u r highly mistaken
Ali R
Ali R - 21 day ago
As much as I would love to hate on this movie as well, Ben Platt is in it and I’m a musical nerd soooo....
Stephanie Barrett
Stephanie Barrett - 22 days ago
The white person comment was about singing to get her to go to the bathroom. Not the actual song
Sara Williams
Sara Williams - 25 days ago
You need to do A Simple Favour... Just for the Anna Kendrick banter!!
Spicy Mario Bois
Spicy Mario Bois - 28 days ago
Is it me or is benji the guy who plays Evan Hansen
Spicy Mario Bois
Spicy Mario Bois - 8 days ago
Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
Chara 5896
Chara 5896 - 14 days ago
Yee...Ben Platt
Pickles K
Pickles K - 29 days ago
the whole movie
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Month ago
Solid West Side Story reference.
Bryn Schievink
Bryn Schievink - Month ago
@12:17 look at Hailey (idk her character name) she's literally talking into a phone case, not an actual phone
Perry Kreiss
Perry Kreiss - Month ago
He spells a cappella differently every time 😂
Trouncer825 - Month ago
5:43, there’re only eleven panels of action, not twelve.
Liana Goodman
Liana Goodman - Month ago
_fattt ammmmmmyyyyyyyy....._
Opulent Queen
Opulent Queen - Month ago
while he's drooling over anna kendrick, the biggest sin for me was the movie not showing off clay matthews more and his arms like wtf is that?
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 - Month ago
Thank you for the video! All of friends are super awesome! Oh, moments in this video are sad.
Julia R
Julia R - Month ago
What still freaks me out most is the fact that they cast a German to sing in a hilariously accurate german accent but still used the wrong "Artikel" for "DAS Soundmachine" .... Machine is feminine so it's supposed to be "DIE Soundmachine"
c - Month ago
but pitch perfect 2 introduced emily junk 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kabi Bhan
Kabi Bhan - Month ago
Trying to marry Anna Kendrick for 17:25 minutes
Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl
How about 1 sin for 'German group doesn't know how German grammar works'?
Michelle Li
Michelle Li - Month ago
Personally, I think that the only redeemable parts of this movie is pentatonix and the fact that a young Ben Platt is part of it(Benji). He was acting a pretty badly written character, but he seriously has an amazing voice and impressive acting skills.
Spicy Biscuit
Spicy Biscuit - Month ago
Ben Platt didnt have a bigger role
Amz Hansen
Amz Hansen - Month ago
OOHHH they went to Denmark YAYYYYY lol
iDroidTeck - Month ago
can you do honey i shrunk the kids or honey we shrunk ourselves
Slay Ismoney
Slay Ismoney - Month ago
Dude it’s a movie it’s not that deep
Cheyenne Clausen
Cheyenne Clausen - Month ago
15:35 When he said "Yes, I am ready for the movie to start too! *Ending starts* Oh..." that got me omg
HS Productions - Hunter. S
I’m just waiting for Anna Kendrick to comment on this vid.
Sam Foster
Sam Foster - Month ago
Jokes on you Elizabeth is the director of this movie
Indygo Shai
Indygo Shai - Month ago
97 is wrong bc the white people shit she was referring to was the fact they were singing for her to poop.
Waiting for Death
Waiting for Death - Month ago
Six and a half minutes in and I can't watch anymore. This movie is crap! How, just how are these movies (majority that is) are green lit?
The girl who can’t game
What’s funny is the people I know who are always offended about sexism, immigration, bad movies and racism absolutely *LOVE* this movie 😂
Marcel Gardner
Marcel Gardner - Month ago
Wait, this guy liked the first movie?!
Kalamarii - Month ago
At around 12:55 there is a map of Copenhagen, and Germany is shown to be approximately North-Northwest of Copenhagen. In reality, Germany is to the South of the city and to the North there should be Denmark or Norway.
Lissy - Month ago
Yes, but we already accepted that ppl in the US not even know where there own city is on a map 🤣 so we're not offended - greetings from Germany
Darwin Burns
Darwin Burns - Month ago
The fact that he is a pentatonix fan melts my little heart lol.
Sonali Gharat
Sonali Gharat - Month ago
The movie was a sin 😂😂
Caleb S
Caleb S - 2 months ago
You can fuck off I'm from Wisconsin and the Packers are the best
Brian Jankowski
Brian Jankowski - 2 months ago
You missed a sin. A singing group from another country would not change an american made song into their own dialect perfectly. This is why when gangnam style came out everyone in america sounded like they were fluent in korean.
Annie Sandrock
Annie Sandrock - 2 months ago
Carla Was Here
Carla Was Here - 2 months ago
Prince Alfaro
Prince Alfaro - 2 months ago
Coach Carter bro please
CaroFreaky - 2 months ago
what bugs me the most about the movie was the pronunciation of the german team. i get that some german have terrible pronunciation but a whole accapella group and nobody ever mentions it ??
Tex-9 :/
Tex-9 :/ - 2 months ago
15:21 if you want a good laugh 😂
Ashlin Gunderson
Ashlin Gunderson - 2 months ago
I’m so glad Cinema Sins is as big a fan of Pentatonix as I am
RyllenKriel - 2 months ago
Wait, someone actually watched this movie?
Kowalski - 2 months ago
[talks about how sexist the movie is]
[won't stop talking about anna kendrick's boobs]
andhisband - 2 months ago
What is that animal f*cking Elizabeth Banks' head?
nic sharp
nic sharp - 2 months ago
Awww, they gave a pity role to the FAT CHICK!
Wander spirits 569
Wander spirits 569 - 2 months ago
How have u not gotten to this
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy - 2 months ago
Everyone like so Jeremy sees
We need a sin video for back o the future 3
I'm Trash Dude
I'm Trash Dude - 2 months ago
Has nobody noticed that in the main competition, all the groups, apart from DSM and The Barden Bellas were singing the same goddamn song?
I wish I was part of cinima sins...
ISgaming 1400
ISgaming 1400 - 2 months ago
Why does this feel like a camp rock movie.
SPLAT Miner - 2 months ago
It should be 18 minutes or less
Fräulein Wunderlich
Fräulein Wunderlich - 2 months ago
Why do the whiter than white acapella broadcast people have pictures of a black family and two black girls on their desk? Is this what happens after Get Out?
Gabre - 2 months ago
This "german" acapella group is the least german thing I have ever seen...
Also, does the writer of this movie really hates acapella that much that they made the competitions filled with more racism than the KKK could ever manage to put out and more sexism than old kitchen ads?
Jessica Clay.x
Jessica Clay.x - 2 months ago
U need to do number 3
Mike F
Mike F - 2 months ago
You're such a fucking Vagina with that sexist bullshit.. I know how the videos work but you came off as a whining sjw
MSO - 2 months ago
You should do a video on A Simple Favor!!
the Sharpest lives
the Sharpest lives - 2 months ago
Just everything in general about this movie 🤣
Danny Caracciolo
Danny Caracciolo - 2 months ago
Is Flo suppose to be Fez from That 70's show...... If you sucked out the funny and charm of Willa Valderama
Matthew Flugstad
Matthew Flugstad - 2 months ago
Did anyone else see the final sin counter glitch or was that just me?
Macy Allen
Macy Allen - 2 months ago
It sucks that this is a re-upload because if it was made recently I’m sure there were some great Evan Hansen jokes hidden in here somewhere
AdamdeCow YT
AdamdeCow YT - 2 months ago
So next can you make YouTubesins
Goo Dragon
Goo Dragon - 2 months ago
I had to fudging sing flashlight at my school choir concert
Aine Earley
Aine Earley - 2 months ago
Yikes this was really bad. The Pitch Perfects are very good movies
Stefan Polhill
Stefan Polhill - 2 months ago
I wonder what goes through this guys head when he watches a movie for the first time.
kevon craigalocious
kevon craigalocious - 2 months ago
And why haven't we seen a Alvin and the chipmunks sins video yet, I'm not done destroying things my kids like with random YouTube videos
Demetrios Anagnostopoulos
Demetrios Anagnostopoulos - 2 months ago
That's the movie's biggest sin; it could have just as easily been called "Another Cliched International Competition Movie." And this could have been the tagline: "The United States of America has to be the best at EVERYTHING. Always and forever. No option, no exceptions."
Jiovanni White
Jiovanni White - 2 months ago
I mean BOOOOOOOBS lmao same
Loraine Mabute
Loraine Mabute - 2 months ago
Wait... Lady Boys?!... Philippines!?...
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 2 months ago
The fact a presidential family is in here, makes it dated already
joseph rodriguez
joseph rodriguez - 2 months ago
does this guy watch movies enjoy them at all? or just to sin them and make money off youtube
Dominic Duncan
Dominic Duncan - 2 months ago
This video needs more sins
BlueDream617 - 2 months ago
Can you Sin The Village
Anonymous Critique
Anonymous Critique - 2 months ago
I can’t tell if he hates Anna Kendrick or loves her
Milap Mehta
Milap Mehta - 2 months ago
I literally clicked on this video just to see a sin about Pentatonix not winning. Well done sir, you turned my potential angry rant into admiration
Hey it’s Frey!
Hey it’s Frey! - 2 months ago
Please do everything wrong with ‘on chesil beach’
Although I think it’s a great film I would love to hear a more analytical side to it
J.P. Lovecraft
J.P. Lovecraft - 2 months ago
When it comes time to do EWW Sherlock and Watson, it should just be a quick rant for the logo vomit and then the video should be over with a thousand automatic sins for the whole movie. Call it “Everything Is Wrong With Sherlock and Watson”
BatteryPoweredSwag - 2 months ago
i dont get the seth rogen reference. can someone explain it?
2CDoll - 2 months ago
In a lot of these scenes the singing is not even that great in a movie about singing. They should have chosen actresses based on talent not star power or dubbed them. If they did dub them they did a piss poor job.
Jay Holmes
Jay Holmes - 2 months ago
But, anna kendrick all sins absolved😉
HeartBreak Bonez
HeartBreak Bonez - 2 months ago
So happy I've never seen this
Ivar The Boneless
Ivar The Boneless - 2 months ago
I was drinking a soda and i heard " She might have to do a back-flip back over the fence" or some shit like that and BREATHED IN MY FUCKING SODA. thats right BREATHED and fucking choked and laughed at the same time
Capissotor - 2 months ago
CS: Yes, I am ready to start too
Me: ...
CS: Oh
Me: *dyes of laughter*
Nyneva Kyte
Nyneva Kyte - 2 months ago
Wow. This movie is horrible. Just really, really horrible.
Joey Black
Joey Black - 2 months ago
When she said " what kinda white shit is this" she meant singing to someone to help them take a dump, not the song choice
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