Super Slow Motion Birds

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Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan - 2 days ago
"It looks like a dinosaur."
Evolutionarily speaking, birds *are* dinosaurs, because they evolved from them.
Sqoosh - 5 days ago
Greetings from Oklahoma
hamza hassad
hamza hassad - 8 days ago
سبحان الله و لا اله الا الله
Laquittia Williams _jjplayz
It's like Dan is the test dummy lol.

By the way I'm in okc
Sparky Robinson
Sparky Robinson - 10 days ago
Dang birds are so beautiful. By the way you made those sweet ladies day.
MixeD PredatorZ
MixeD PredatorZ - 11 days ago
Woah they actually came to oklahoma. i thought we were forgotten😂
S A - 14 days ago
سبحان الله
كلما زاد البطء ترى ابداع الخالق سبحانه
Phase Lola
Phase Lola - 15 days ago
New fav channel, I am binge watching like crazy. lol The stuff you guys capture is amazing. So much fun to watch! I feel like I am learning tons too.
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh Sharma - 14 days ago
me tooo
Infinite Films
Infinite Films - 17 days ago
it would be awesome if you filmed a peregrine falcon slow mo, they are the fastest animals in the world
Joel Nguetsop
Joel Nguetsop - 18 days ago
Bran Stark be like @5:30
Accipiter1138 - 19 days ago
Daily un-fun un-fact: Augur buzzards aren't actually related to red-tailed hawks. Not any more than another buteo, anyway.
littleowleyes - 19 days ago
This might be my favorite thing you've ever filmed. Seeing the feathers of the landing raptor and the close up of the blinking is so flipping cool!
LePage Channel
LePage Channel - 21 day ago
Leonardo Da Vinci's Dream.
Douglas Messick
Douglas Messick - 23 days ago
I have a good suggestion for you guys to film. Film an NHRA top fuel dragster doing both a pre-run burnout and run focusing especially on the tires. I think you will be amazed at what happens to those tires. Keep in mind these monsters do a 1/4 mile (actually only 1000 feet) in about 3.8 seconds at 330mph. Love your channel and film. KEEP IT UP.
leesway - 23 days ago
o india o india
o india o india - 27 days ago
o india o india
o india o india - 27 days ago
Nice video
o india o india
o india o india - 27 days ago
What is your camera name
lsubslimed - 29 days ago
I love the baggy pants on the prey birds, very stylish 👌
seanster_94 - Month ago
Seeing the Hummingbirds tongue drinking from the feeder was the coolest thing for me...something I've never seen nor something I'd ever look for when looking at birds, really cool
Don’tZuc MeBro
Don’tZuc MeBro - Month ago
Potawatomi is pronounced like. (Pot a wot a me) lmfao. Believe it or not I live a couple hours away in a small town called Marlow Oklahoma
Mum Blic
Mum Blic - Month ago
Dan took a day off ;-))
Manuel Kumli
Manuel Kumli - Month ago
woodpecker in slowmotion
Josefina Smith
Josefina Smith - Month ago
I don’t know if you’ve done dogs, but do dogs
UHFStation1 - Month ago
If you have 2 Phantoms why not compile a red/blue stereoscopic video? That might be cool to see.
Ali Alsharify
Ali Alsharify - Month ago
144p squad were u guys at
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell - Month ago
That was way cool
Chase Morris
Chase Morris - Month ago
Yo wtf I live in Shawnee Oklahoma
NaTeesha85 - Month ago
Absolutely gorgeous and fascinating.
Chelsea Mercer
Chelsea Mercer - Month ago
You guys should film a woodpecker!
TheKeystoneKid - Month ago
Good thing Lil J isn't a Slow Mo Guy...
Aaron Rappleyea
Aaron Rappleyea - Month ago
Carnival of the animals playlist
Matt Forrest
Matt Forrest - Month ago
The hummingbird was fighting over food I had all reedy sen that
Co-op Media
Co-op Media - Month ago
hmm right near my house. kinda sorta.
WhateverNut614 - Month ago
Dude that cool I live in Oklahoma nothing really ever happens here besides tornados
fustigate314159 - Month ago
Thunder are in the playoffs again.
Supernova12034 - Month ago
this is soo soothing!
James Starter
James Starter - Month ago
Ugh dammit with the first bird how come you wouldn't have it fly in from a much farther distance so the bird had more speed and REALLY had to break for a good distance .. would've been much more impressive shot !!.. lol not complaining just what I thought
deegeeooh - Month ago
totally agree there.. animals are amazing to watch this much slowed down.
Pragya Narware
Pragya Narware - Month ago
hey doc what's wrong with your right sleeve?😊
C Smith
C Smith - Month ago
Birds of prey are magnificent.
igetboredproductions - Month ago
It's so weird how some stuff looks like bad CGI when put in slow motion, like fire. That humming bird looked so unbelievably fake, and it doesn't help with how derpy their wing motion looks. They don't have all the complex motions of other birds, so you just have these stiff little nubs going up and down, while the rest of the body is completely still, which just adds to how unnatural they look. So cool though.
Jeff - Month ago
@5:18 ... the closest that currently exists.
Kevin Barrios
Kevin Barrios - Month ago
I love that ripple effect on the left 👈 wing feathers at 3:11
Xz0779 - Month ago
Bloody brilliant footage guys , congrats 👍👍👍
The Studio Of MSM
The Studio Of MSM - Month ago
If you wanna listen Slow Mo Guys Soundtrack, click Here:
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr - Month ago
This video had some stuff worthy of Planet Earth, especially the Golden Eagle.
Hareece Thorogood
Hareece Thorogood - 19 days ago
the eagle's name should be majestic death
Eduardo Nassaro
Eduardo Nassaro - Month ago
Sholihim Yagato Official
I need Indonesian translate
Breyana Ramirez
Breyana Ramirez - 2 months ago
I live in Shawnee
DeJMan - 2 months ago
Someone edit in an explosion at 6:25
Khibar Pranoto
Khibar Pranoto - 2 months ago
Me As A Moslem just can Say Subhannallah and Masyaa' Allah..
God makes this creatures so beautiful and fascinating..
Exit Paradise
Exit Paradise - 2 months ago
just thought of a better propeller engine design
Khalil'S Vlogs
Khalil'S Vlogs - 2 months ago
Great channel thank you and the music in slow mo time wow it give me thanks I'm alive
Daxter Cage
Daxter Cage - 2 months ago
What is your highest fps?
Synical One
Synical One - 2 months ago
That was amazing! Thank you.
sujata kumari
sujata kumari - 2 months ago
Wolfgang Franz
Wolfgang Franz - 2 months ago
TOP Quality gys!!! if you want to see eagles in nature try that on:
Joshua Rivers
Joshua Rivers - 2 months ago
Nice birds, but I'm ashamed that the Amerifat stereotype is mostly true.
Niko - 2 months ago
Do a sloth in slow mo
Hassan Mehboob
Hassan Mehboob - 2 months ago
And how to make high frame rate video
Hassan Mehboob
Hassan Mehboob - 2 months ago
Please tell me
Hassan Mehboob
Hassan Mehboob - 2 months ago
Which app do you use for slo mo
whitelily3177 - 2 months ago
I love hawks.
Petar Veselinovic
Petar Veselinovic - 2 months ago
This is breathtaking...
Ehud V
Ehud V - 2 months ago
4:20 check out the bee at the bottom of the picture! next to his feet. she probably wanted some attention as well :)
Colonel Pepper
Colonel Pepper - 2 months ago
Is that Hogwarts music?
Edinho Cavalcante
Edinho Cavalcante - 2 months ago
Имя Фам
Имя Фам - 2 months ago
Stop Motion Nerd Turnbeaugh
3:56 just freaks me out!!!!😳
Mitch Sell
Mitch Sell - 2 months ago
SONIYA MANOHARAN - 2 months ago
Nilson José
Nilson José - 2 months ago
Desafio da picina
RAFY AW - 2 months ago
Thumbnail is zombie bird :v
Kyle Aldrich
Kyle Aldrich - 2 months ago
Absolutely beautiful shots. Nature did good.
ابو عمر الحربي
ابو عمر الحربي
طوري ذاتك تعانين من فتاق اعانك الله عليه
Tanner Joseph
Tanner Joseph - 2 months ago
I remember you guys, you were popular in 2011-2012
infinitecanadian - 2 months ago
Since birds have reaction times several orders of magnitude greater than the reaction times of humans, this might well be how they see the world.
MrDylanHM - 2 months ago
Birds are impressive creatures. The gold eagle stood out for me, all of them are beautiful. Maybe I'm getting old but... might pick up birdwatching.
Krissie T
Krissie T - 2 months ago
Greatest thing ever about getting older lol
Azva Soha
Azva Soha - 2 months ago
Allah made so many creatures and how they are survivng i can't beleive even on my eyes and after watching this em so in love with Allah who made us and this whole universe even more than this universe . Read Quran as a book before to say a word in ignornce. Love from Pakistan
tobs reumi
tobs reumi - 2 months ago
RadiationZack10 - 2 months ago
Humming birds are barley birds more like insects
vgaur -
vgaur - - 2 months ago
This is mesmerising
влог гуся
влог гуся - 2 months ago
WOssi's RC
WOssi's RC - 2 months ago
...the GOLDEN EAGLE 🤣🤣🤣🤣 majestätisch
Alkis Mavridis
Alkis Mavridis - 2 months ago
5:19 "it looks like a dinosaur".
That is so strange, I cannot figure out why 😅😅😅
Tibor Roussou
Tibor Roussou - 2 months ago
Honestly guys, I loved the footage! I think if you guys should let the animals take front stage instead of trying to compete with them; that is, less footage of you guys and more of the animals.
Sheely Mcdonald
Sheely Mcdonald - 2 months ago
The Harry Potter background music makes this.!
Hummingbirds are awesome 😍
And the freaky blinking 😵
Kevin Koeven
Kevin Koeven - Month ago Written in 1886
Konata Francis
Konata Francis - 2 months ago
unboxing theboxx
unboxing theboxx - 2 months ago
Ravish Jambhale
Ravish Jambhale - 2 months ago
Great job
Enjoyed watching it
金正恩正金 - 2 months ago
Tidiest Flyer
Tidiest Flyer - 2 months ago
Eyyyyyy. Welcome to Oklahoma you silly goofs.
Yusril Edmodo
Yusril Edmodo - 2 months ago
fak i remember harry potter -_-
MeMe QuEeN sHiShTeR
MeMe QuEeN sHiShTeR - 2 months ago
This is so mesmerizing
Jahcoolius G
Jahcoolius G - 2 months ago
tetangganya Si Ocong
tetangganya Si Ocong - 2 months ago
Danny L
Danny L - 2 months ago
I’m a 🐥 with just 150 hours. I look forward to becoming an 🦅 one day
TheTruekid -_-
TheTruekid -_- - 2 months ago
Milk Dirt
Milk Dirt - 2 months ago
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