Ariana Grande - Breathin (Live on Ellen / 2018)

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dylobvoid - 3 hours ago
Breathin is literally my fav Ari’s song...The lyric is so freaking beautiful and it’s meaning a lot 💓
Samuel Hils
Samuel Hils - 6 hours ago
Smrithi Sondur
Smrithi Sondur - 17 hours ago
comment 11,111
Hugo Moreira
Hugo Moreira - 17 hours ago
Erbin Haeril
Erbin Haeril - 20 hours ago
God ,thxs ariana is exist
Bangtan kookie
Bangtan kookie - Day ago
I cried watching this performance
nanatsunoyubiwa - Day ago
this song makes me so emotional because i have 2 types of anxiety myself. especially the "my air" part.
king johnny
king johnny - Day ago
great voice, what a talent, Ariana is the real deal.
better - 2 days ago
Elllli You are okfoko
Amalthea Carlsson
Amalthea Carlsson - 2 days ago
Better live than on Spotify❤️
Robert Reid
Robert Reid - 2 days ago
Amazing voice girls an talented...hugs bobby
AvakinJocelynOliver 221
Hi Ariana
Spicy Salami
Spicy Salami - 3 days ago
it’s so weird without the Bb5 now
megajillie - 3 days ago
Incredible. Gives me chills!!
Abi Mason
Abi Mason - 4 days ago
Boooooring. Sorry everyone but she is no good.... these days everyone should be a singer.... they all sound the same now.
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes - 5 days ago
Beautiful lass and lovely voice 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️
Ryan O’Donnell
Ryan O’Donnell - 5 days ago
She’s so beautiful, Her voice is amazing! 😭♥️
Kcpj Familyy
Kcpj Familyy - 5 days ago
Paloma Rangel
Paloma Rangel - 5 days ago
Still waiting for Ellen on the swt tour
fariba yawari
fariba yawari - 6 days ago
pinkdiamondzoo - 6 days ago
1:20 is when the song took a turn, and I wasn't sure if she could continue but then she used her voice to kill all that pain and slayed. I'm so grateful for her sharing her pain in a beautiful way. It's a gift
aria emily
aria emily - 6 days ago
Autotune has left the chat.
christi magesti
christi magesti - 7 days ago
*Lipsinging has left the chat*
Dorinaa90 YT
Dorinaa90 YT - 7 days ago
2:58 😍
Katie Necklen
Katie Necklen - 7 days ago
Gorgeous sound
Syene Ingram
Syene Ingram - 7 days ago
When I think of all the things she's been thru this song makes me wanna cry, plus I can relate to this song.
Nikolaj Rocenovic
Nikolaj Rocenovic - 8 days ago
The Compiler
The Compiler - 8 days ago
Where did the Jimmy Falon video go?
Petar Petrovic
Petar Petrovic - 8 days ago
Alvino Hutabarat
Alvino Hutabarat - 8 days ago
Watching in 2019...
정주윤 - 8 days ago
모든게 완벽한 무대였음 진짜
Bastián Sphynx
Bastián Sphynx - 8 days ago
This is just so amazing, she is amazing. I love her so much
Pizłozaur - 8 days ago
2:05 she's feelin it
Karla M
Karla M - 9 days ago
Huuuh... I wish i have VIP tickets for Sweetener World Tour.. Love you Ari
Hosantra Amiri
Hosantra Amiri - 10 days ago
okay but no one gonna talk about how beautiful she is here like damn hahah ariana is always beautiful
Meli sa
Meli sa - 10 days ago
I like her mr removed version than the real one 😍 😍 😍 😍
edwin jeovani santos cuellar
Que hermosa niña. .ariana preciosa nena no solo su talento me gusta ella.
GianlucaTidus - 10 days ago
her hair.
Angelica Caballes Tabania
this broke me . like she's hurting tho
jo munaiee
jo munaiee - 12 days ago
so smooth voice 😍
Flexamillious ok
Flexamillious ok - 13 days ago
No disrespect but I would impregnate her and leave her with the child because I know deep down she could take care of it on her own
Rainbow Feet
Rainbow Feet - 9 days ago
Flexamillious ok that’s what a wimp would do
Just a fan
Just a fan - 11 days ago
That's the weirdest compliment ever.... but slay?
Martin Šudrla
Martin Šudrla - 13 days ago
She is just the best
ytahir - 13 days ago
3:50 😂🥺🤣 I’m living for Ariana’s faceee 😂💗
초밥 - 13 days ago
She is crazy
Killer -Ablaze
Killer -Ablaze - 13 days ago
Her voice is depper here
: )
Elizabeth Coyopol
Elizabeth Coyopol - 13 days ago
Diva!! ❤👑
Julie Nallet
Julie Nallet - 14 days ago
Pretty very pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Knut Kasimir
Knut Kasimir - 14 days ago
Only one word:
Filip Svensson
Filip Svensson - 14 days ago
I think she is the best Singer in the World to walk in Heels lol
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 14 days ago
Elllen: does anybody have a better voice than that
Ariana:say what now
Hamad Bb
Hamad Bb - 14 days ago
Love you love you love you ariana ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Bailey Barnes
Bailey Barnes - 15 days ago
I love her hair she should always wear it like that ❤️❤️🥰😍
officially married to Mr Kim Tae Hyung
I know that i need to keep on breathing if I want to meet Ariana Grande !
RYWD BRR - 15 days ago
Her voice is powerful. I am so happy that I went to her SWEETENER TOUR. It was absolutely amazing!
Helena's World
Helena's World - 15 days ago
I honestly dont think she even needs auto tune
Helena's World
Helena's World - 15 days ago
Valentina Salas
Valentina Salas - 15 days ago
she looks so sad here
Gusta play games
Gusta play games - 15 days ago
Ela fez bem sair daquela série e ir canta porque olha isso 😱😱
Dzul Azli
Dzul Azli - 16 days ago
What kind of microphone she used uh ?
Hosantra Amiri
Hosantra Amiri - 16 days ago
To all those who watch inquisitormaster, Alex reminds me of Ariana Grande idk why tbh hahah
Tao He
Tao He - 16 days ago
mariah cary in 2019 xd
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf - 16 days ago
Dang wish I was there that day I woulda been able to get two tickets.
Siti Maryam
Siti Maryam - 16 days ago
2019=In my head,boyfriend
Αλλέγκρα Μαρτσούλλι
Guys stop saying that this song is about Mac, it's about her grandpa
DIANA DIANA - 17 days ago
Это просто божественно!!!! Обожаю вживую, просто бомба, ты лучшая!!!! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph - 17 days ago
4:07 god i love ari
Anam Ahmad
Anam Ahmad - 17 days ago
Don’t be mean to her
Dave Lambert
Dave Lambert - 18 days ago
Those dimples
Dave Lambert
Dave Lambert - 18 days ago
Damn & she did this only what little over a month after he passed. His death fucked her up & still is & will because when u have your Soulmate in your grasp then it let's go it's something u just cannot recover from because u will only have 1 of those the one's who find it in life are fortunate because most go a lifetime leaving this planet without ever crossing paths.
5yhdd e luh
5yhdd e luh - 18 days ago
tirando a respiração fico bom,só precisa melhorar sua técnica
ridwan m faisal
ridwan m faisal - 19 days ago
Ralph Fabre
Ralph Fabre - 19 days ago
Love you ariana! You even sounded better live! Ugh! ❤️
Ben Olalaye
Ben Olalaye - 19 days ago
I love her voice and her songs
hellothereimjen - 19 days ago
Poor baby looks so tired and just sad :( I wish I could hug her
Сергей Патраков
Жду твой новый трек Boyfriend😭😭😭
Romal Shahzad
Romal Shahzad - 20 days ago
I wish I was there😥😭😭😭
Veda Speas
Veda Speas - 20 days ago
I love her So Much I'm her biggest fan Ariana
Julian Roman
Julian Roman - 20 days ago
Good job 👏
samer Nawaz
samer Nawaz - 20 days ago
Next videos