How Did You Know You Were Gay? ft. Eugene Lee Yang

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Scarlet MacTire
Scarlet MacTire - 2 days ago
I'm so proud of him. I've always loved him. And now, I love him even more for being so brave.
Hey It's me
Hey It's me - 2 days ago
Oh My God this is the cat lady *-*
dragonboy718 - 3 days ago
always suspected
I Samiya I
I Samiya I - 4 days ago
am I the only one who kinda assumed he was gay
you166mhz - 6 days ago
I knew it right off the bat he is gay ..... he's all pajama boy ...
박민서 - 6 days ago
3:44 accurate sksksksksk,,,, like they still love you but it’s nOPE nUH UH,,,
Nicole Ashlyn
Nicole Ashlyn - 6 days ago
Wow... the "I love you more than my ignorance" is the best you can get from your parents really hit me hard. Too many can relate.
Robie Asher Uy
Robie Asher Uy - 6 days ago
I've always know he gay.
Jacqueline Sparkles
Jacqueline Sparkles - 9 days ago
This is disappointing because I’m a girl and you’re the most attractive Try Guy.
Charlotte Hoelzl
Charlotte Hoelzl - 9 days ago
my gay mom and dad made a video together i’m not crying you’re crying
JaninaStormborn - 10 days ago
I'm not crying, YOU are crying :D
Sleepymug Kim
Sleepymug Kim - 10 days ago
Why’re you asking me cry like this wtf dude
L C - 14 days ago
I love eugene awww this video is so wholesome
Morgan L
Morgan L - 14 days ago
Mulan had the same effect on me too
TCt83067695 - 14 days ago
Now the fact his hair was always on fleek makes total sense
Zat - 15 days ago
Watching Mulan as a bissexual is never not fun
Camilla Rene
Camilla Rene - 15 days ago
My two crushes in one video. :')
SunsetAnimations - 17 days ago
I kinda need some help right now and if anyone knows how, please let me know! Okay, so, I'm pansexual and haven't come out to my parents. I'm definitely coming out to my mom first because she is more open minded and has expressed her support (and also the fact that my dad and brother are a bit homophobic). But the thing is that she thinks being pansexual and bisexual are the same thing. So my problem is that I think my interaction will go something like this:
Me: I'm pansexual
Mom: what's that?
Me: it means that I like girls, boys and everything in between.
Mom: isn't that being bisexual?
Me: no it's different. Like, I like people who aren't only those two genders.
Mom: what?
Me: like trans people or non-binary or anything else
Mom: what's non-binary?
I am willing to explain this stuff to my mom but I feel like it would be more difficult for me to come out while also having to explain who I could be interested in. My stepdad already knows because he watches my channel and saw a video of me talking about my girlfriend, but he hasn't brought it up, not really. He's supportive too tho. I'm really lucky to have them in my life and for them to be as accepting as they are but I'm not sure how to go about telling my mom. If there's nobody who can help then that's fine too. It's not your obligation to try and help me but if you're willing, it'd be appreciated. Thanks for listening I guess qwq
Goddessofthe Geminis
Goddessofthe Geminis - 17 days ago
I thought Eugene made it obvious in the tryguys that he was gay.
Lucy Blades
Lucy Blades - 17 days ago
This was so great, I could listen to you two talking all day. So many great topics and points and covered really well. Thank you Hannah and Eugene.
Collette Jadyn
Collette Jadyn - 17 days ago
I love Eugene, but I'm still mad at him for ranking cancer the worst zodiac sign😂
James Trickington
James Trickington - 18 days ago
i think we all knew he was gay 😂
AliceWooonderland - 19 days ago
I love Eugene :) he's so cool
Rebecca G
Rebecca G - 19 days ago
..... am I the only one who didn’t know Eugene was gay?
Vis X
Vis X - 19 days ago
Gods I can't wait until we can all just get on with our lives and videos/statements/media like this is completely unnecessary. None of this should f*cking matter. Be who you are, love who you want and just try not to hurt anyone. Why is this such a f*cking hard concept for some people to grasp?
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
This is Cutie Ringo Joy - 19 days ago
Yeahhh let’s celebrate 🎉
Sevothtarte Sama
Sevothtarte Sama - 20 days ago
Eugene: “I knew I was gay since I was 11-12 and came out for the first time to my two best friends in high school” (But I kept saying I was bi for years and years and years to keep my “I am a simple, girl, I see Eugene on the thumbnail I click” fangirls happy and clicking for views) Gross 🤮 To betray your identity just so you can mislead viewers for money. 🤮🤮🤮
Chelcie Rollock
Chelcie Rollock - 20 days ago
"I love you more than my own ignorance to it."

Wonderful. Don't take this for granted.
Marnis Naude
Marnis Naude - Day ago
This resonanted with me
Emmelia Johnson
Emmelia Johnson - 21 day ago
Goshdarn it there goes my fantasy of dating Eugene lol
Irene - 21 day ago
“i ship it. you guys have great hair” 😂😂
Sarah Nguyen
Sarah Nguyen - 21 day ago
Love you guys
Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith
What’s the video they’re talking about where Ned and Keith are crying?
Maddie Bolland
Maddie Bolland - 22 days ago
I adore this video! I discuss this kind of thing with my LGBTQ+ friends as much as possible, it's very theraputic. Thank you for sharing this beautiful conversation!
Ruqayya ugh
Ruqayya ugh - 22 days ago
I'm sorry but, I'm a formless blob and I'm attracted to both of you
Marc Doucet
Marc Doucet - 22 days ago
K but Mulan also made me gay, is there an agenda here someone do a Netflix documentary
sam I am not
sam I am not - 22 days ago
Eugene's my gay uncle
Hannah paez
Hannah paez - 23 days ago
2:52 my whole heartttttt when Eugen says my goodness😂
Kate Harrington
Kate Harrington - 23 days ago
I wish I knew what he meant by “after spiderman”. Is there a background story?
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor - 24 days ago
fantastic you should do more producing
Ailyn Citlali
Ailyn Citlali - 24 days ago
shoutout to the Disney princesses that ignited my gay journey
Jessika Garcia
Jessika Garcia - 24 days ago
❤️ Eugene!!
Rhea Nathan
Rhea Nathan - 24 days ago
I love the correlation of so many gays loving the film Mulan because that film is my absolute jam
ホルムグレン大羅 - 24 days ago
For yeeeaaars, I always said "dude I wish Eugene liked dudes, because I wanna go on a date with this guy at least once before I die". And as it turns out, this dude likes dudes, so now I gotta go on a date with this guy before I die.
@Andriya :P Thanks sweetie♥
Andriya :P
Andriya :P - 4 days ago
I'm rooting for you!
Rexa Warden
Rexa Warden - 8 days ago
He has a boyfriend! Lol.
@what's it to ya!? Thanks man lol (← odds point to "probably not happening" though (¯―¯٥) )
what's it to ya!?
what's it to ya!? - 9 days ago
All the best, dude :D
Through Christ All things are possible
Always hot men who are gay. Lol
Aaron Kopec
Aaron Kopec - 24 days ago
I just got a text that we have a debate2020
MrSmitheroons - 24 days ago
What a great dang interview, thank you both. I feel like we as a society are taking steps like every week to get where being out and being fully present and open as a gay person is accepted. What's so great is it's not some single campaign leader or whatever it's a whole wide movement. And people like Hannah are having these conversations and telling the human story at the bottom of it all. Thank you for what you both do on this and being true and honest. When older people in the queer community express how shocked they are at how far we've come in so few years I feel truly lucky.
JDMime - 24 days ago
All my coffee mugs are gay or bi
Krystal Harris
Krystal Harris - 24 days ago
I loved Shang!!! He was my first Asian 😍
Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer - 25 days ago
"Yeah but Eugene is the fucking gay one." Classic Eugene lol.
Hannah the Cherry
Hannah the Cherry - 25 days ago
Also, I’m pretty sure Merida and Mulan helped me realize I’m gay😂😂
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