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Karla Holland
Karla Holland - 25 minutes ago
You show a scene with Martin clowning with a toy dog and say the show was more "relatable" than the Cosby Show? Really?
D T - Hour ago
Martinnnn in...... Lawrence!!! I love Tisha Tinichia and I forgive Martin. Tinisha Arnold never aged!!! I LOVE DARK SKINNED Women!!!!!
Kimberly Dill
Kimberly Dill - 6 hours ago
Can you do the Cosby Show, GoodTimes, Sanford and Son, and The Jeffersons?
Rich Martzeni
Rich Martzeni - 13 hours ago
I hate how Black women throw Black men under the bus. Ever wonder why Black men go after white women?? Take a look at how you talk about them just to make yourselves look innocent.
Indies Beauty
Indies Beauty - 14 hours ago
Yesss. Can you do the Jaime Foxx show?
jgonz185 - 16 hours ago
those scenes with the "puppy" had me dying
g money
g money - 16 hours ago
teg this to martin
champagne Gotti
champagne Gotti - 18 hours ago
This show did so much for me watching it as a kid and seeing ppl like my family on tv.💯
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith - 22 hours ago
Yes him and Pam were together at one point! If you see In the thumb pic, Pam close as shit, hand on chest and everything...
Laje Benjamin
Laje Benjamin - Day ago
8:45 This scene really STILL has me dying. I never grew up up watching Martin when it was still airing on tv but later on in my life when I was about 6-7 my mom would always pop the Martin cds in the tv every morning and I would sit there and laugh, while eating my cereal infront of the tv. The good times but I basically grew up watching Martin and all of the other popular black tv shows like the fresh prince,living in color, a different world ect. But this was very informative video about what happened behind the scenes, I really had no idea that was going on. Like I said very informative video nice work 💙
Laje Benjamin
Laje Benjamin - Day ago
He was on drugs like the whole 4-5 season
D. Frank Adams
D. Frank Adams - Day ago
I hated the show. Martin Lawrence is insane. He couldn't take no for an answer. Sexual harassment is NOT OK!!! Buffoonery isn't funny to me!
sh - Day ago
yoo this was good i never knew they had a fling lol woow.. i remember talks about him raping her
The Life
The Life - Day ago
I miss Pam Gina always tried to out beat her re watch the shows to see her facial expressions
Christin Barrett
Christin Barrett - Day ago
This made me sad. I loved this show
M Gonzalez
M Gonzalez - Day ago
Correction: the show had an influence on ALL American culture not just black America, and it without a doubt had a huge impact on Comedy as a whole. My own sense of humor is primarily based on Martin and his characters, and in Mexican from Tijuana! Martin is up there with the Murphy’s, Chappell’s and Priors.
Jarren Lumpkin
Jarren Lumpkin - 2 days ago
Martin was a great show but what he had did was so wrong can't believe he did that😱😊😱
Simply KAKS
Simply KAKS - 2 days ago
Bruh Martin was and still is the shit idc he’s human like the rest OH WELL
Insanelybeautiful - 2 days ago
Funny cause I’m Watching Martin Right Now😂
DG PHOTO VIDEO - 2 days ago
I’m so glad they reconciled
Mason Brandon35
Mason Brandon35 - 2 days ago
He Was Smashing Pam So I've Heard👀👀
111hitmeup - 2 days ago
how feminists sound "womens rigghts, womens righhts" !! 😂😂😂...
Skull Lord Beezy
Skull Lord Beezy - 3 days ago
Tisha was in love with Martin... The wrong Martin tho 😂 😂
Stacy Kelsey
Stacy Kelsey - 3 days ago
Great job on this video! ❤️
Duquan SGE
Duquan SGE - 3 days ago
Rip tommy
Quani_McQueen - 3 days ago
I remember watching Martin when he was UPN 🤟💯 best show ever
TTSantiago821 - 3 days ago
My fav episodes, new Jack city, Tommy herns and chilligans island "that ain't no damn puppy" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this show will never be duplicated or ever go out of style!
FREEBIES & WINS - 3 days ago
Martin's wife looks just like Tisha. I'm sure that's why he married her and he was obsessed with her for years.
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos - 3 days ago
Bring it back
Jamaica Queen
Jamaica Queen - 3 days ago
What I think ya auta do. Is pack up your Camel and go!
Kadeem John
Kadeem John - 3 days ago
Good content. Keep it up.
dirty swayze
dirty swayze - 3 days ago
Damn that sounds harsh as far as Tommy's death :(
dirty swayze
dirty swayze - 4 days ago
The reason we seen these shows was because the networks were looking to find all audiences. Due to social inequality the typical white family had cable and majority of black families didnt. Js just my opinion
Leo Abundez
Leo Abundez - 4 days ago
6:51 what is that collar on that suit??
Lor Quan
Lor Quan - 4 days ago
I met Tommy back in middle school. He was a guest speaker and he called me towards the stage because I asked him “what would he think he’d be doing if he never got into acting”. He said something about him hoping he would be doing something for the community and not anything against it. Very cool guy. I’m glad I got a chance to meet him.
RIP Tommy
Dragon Talon TSi AWD
Dragon Talon TSi AWD - 5 days ago
Happy and ya pregnant lol I hear that in the background song since I was a teenager back then... I miss the 90s man ughhhhhhh
Dorothy Ogunmadewa
Dorothy Ogunmadewa - 5 days ago
RIP Tommy
ao el
ao el - 5 days ago
2:50 "obsessed with his girlfriend Gina" Wtf?
maddog76 - 6 days ago
Ian Tucker
Ian Tucker - 6 days ago
One of the best 90s sitcoms
Aplustradomus - 6 days ago
Tisha so damn fine
DWORLD 2019 - 6 days ago
It was painful how this success fell apart in MAY 1997. Biggie got killed in March of 97. It was in the same era of Tyson losing his belts for the second time in Nov 1996 and Tupac died in September 96. Preceded by the death of Easy E in 1995, the 90’s was a time of great rise and abrupt falls in the black community. 😥😔✌️
Kitty Krystyle
Kitty Krystyle - 6 days ago
I miss the 90s my daughter asked me the other “was it really a lot of black girl groups or singers” all I could think about was SWV, Brandy, Monica, Xscape, invogue, Whitney, TLC etc. Damn 😪
Question ?
Question ? - 6 days ago
Bruh man fa dayyzzz tho dawg!
theresa webb
theresa webb - 6 days ago
Don't think it sh o uld a reboot.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 6 days ago
It was still good sitcom rega t dless. The show was hilarious.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 6 days ago
Martin & tisha has to know the med ia is always watching.
what the 80s song in the background?
nogbevoe22 - 7 days ago
@blackfemininitytv whats the name of the song playing in the background?
Shakeerah Johnson
Shakeerah Johnson - 7 days ago
Wow I was always told that Pam was the one he messed with
Miasha Beasley
Miasha Beasley - 8 days ago
This some bullshit cuz they just All was with each other not too long ago saying they wonted to do another Martin
morgan Layton
morgan Layton - 8 days ago
Did she really call him "Cold"? COLE is what dey called him..😋
Ericakm - 8 days ago
This is sad that she had to go through this with Martin & Duane who became abusive
kenya kinard
kenya kinard - 8 days ago
I love watching Martin and also the Jamie Foxx show I love them both
theresa webb
theresa webb - 8 days ago
N e v er t h o ught mmm artin & tisha had an affa i r w i th m artin it's crazy.
theresa webb
theresa webb - 8 days ago
T i sha is nuts to listen martin lawrence. to leave her hus b and..
ONEIDA JACKSON - 9 days ago
Rxmpge x Poggers ツ
Rxmpge x Poggers ツ - 9 days ago
I like when shanaynay made Pam sing old McDonald for some tickets
ATLien 1985
ATLien 1985 - 9 days ago
So.... is it still a “conspiracy” that when you’re on top in Hollywood, you go crazy from the things you’re exposed to and expected to do for that fame?
K B - 9 days ago
Has anybody ever admitted that Campbell and Lawrence were having an affair? I've heard rumors and flat out denials, but never saw a reputable source say its true.
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 9 days ago
3:52 - holy shit....she looks JUST LIKE Tisha Campbell. Maybe Martin saying "you're gonna play my girlfriend" was motivated by feelings?
askaboutdannyb - 9 days ago
Does anyone remember Martin and Pam really kicking that big half puppy/half giant rat ASS!!! Lol but it kept coming back for more LMAO
askaboutdannyb - 9 days ago
I'm surprise he wasn't hitting both of them!!
Legion - 9 days ago
1) the name of the show was "Living Single", not "In Living Single"
2) Carl Anthony Payne's character was "COLE", not "Cold".
3) Tisha and Martin were sleeping together and were in a relationship. She "allegedly" cheated on Martin with Duane and left Martin for Duane. Of course, Martin was upset.
4) Tisha and Martin were STILL having sex (allegedly) even after the lawsuit and they very much loved each other, despite what was said to the public. The reason why Tisha didn't leave Duane was because he was allegedly beating her and he allegedly coerced her to file that lawsuit.
Bernard Macon
Bernard Macon - 9 days ago
It was a good comedy.l hated that it ended..Both Martin and his girl on the show..should of hit it off for real off the show.l had the feeling that both wanted each other.And should have kept it real and the show..If you want someone.Tell them.But lm glad they can get alone in real life now..
Eseercam - 9 days ago
1:15 - 1:23 When that one person in your group is being hella extra & all you can do is stare 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣 Pam was suppose to get her own spin off series after she got hired at Keep It Real Records but it never came to fuition. That's was why that one episode with her getting that guy signed to the label was mainly focused around her & no one else was featured in the episode
InstaTea Reality
InstaTea Reality - 9 days ago
Martin was one of the Greats!
theresa webb
theresa webb - 9 days ago
Tich ii mmm lna arnold d oesnt k n ow the real story.
dustin illplaya622 smith illdplaya622
an ebony princess from job corp belongs too irwin married cash scott
dustin illplaya622 smith illdplaya622
what starts with k and ends with s at the movie theters me and this gurl from job corp watched this movie together and shes an ebony princess
theresa webb
theresa webb - 9 days ago
They shouldnt reboot martin because tommy ford passed.
Floriansue - 9 days ago
You gooooo girl
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield - 9 days ago
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield - 9 days ago
Wendy Baeza
Wendy Baeza - 9 days ago
I love martin
Jarkerien Giddens
Jarkerien Giddens - 10 days ago
1:46 did she call him ColD? Lol
Donovan Jones
Donovan Jones - 10 days ago
Jalen Prioleau
Jalen Prioleau - 10 days ago
All time classic man. Ain't no shows on TV today the same
louis - 10 days ago
Damn Conan been at it for a long time
Arrean Whitehead
Arrean Whitehead - 10 days ago
Imagine the Martin series, if it would have never went off air. It would've been like the next Cosby sitcom... and if they were to gone bring it back it wouldn't be the same because Thomas Ford gone... RIP
Jan J
Jan J - 10 days ago
Was sooo good seeing those two reunite! Life's too short to hold on to past hurts..
Jan J
Jan J - 10 days ago
Those were the days ..

Now, I want to watch an episode. Hello Youtube!
ce_ce_rule - 10 days ago
I LOVE Martin
Derrick Mays
Derrick Mays - 10 days ago
Selfish One
Selfish One - 10 days ago
Who really cares?
theresa webb
theresa webb - 11 days ago
Martin qanted tisha but didnt want him.
eliasmoalose lethata
eliasmoalose lethata - 11 days ago
Get to stepping😂😂Get out!!! 🤣
theresa webb
theresa webb - 11 days ago
It's crazy martin scared his wife away like tisha campbell. B wt he was controlling.
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor - 11 days ago
Who ain't know this 😒 I thought I was gonna found out some new shit
Dont Talk To Me
Dont Talk To Me - 11 days ago
I can't even watch season 5 because you can feel the drama through the screen.
took back
took back - 11 days ago
Did u just call Cole "cold"
CHOCOLATE LEO - 12 days ago
Currently re-watching season 1 & will continue until I'm done with the series.🤗🤗🤗
reptar cereal
reptar cereal - 12 days ago
I had no idea they actually had an affair :O
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton - 12 days ago
I love Martin .😆
Rick James
Rick James - 12 days ago
Seems like Martin has Borderline Personality Disorder. He doesn't know how to let go and the fact that his ex wife and Tisha look alike proves my diagnosis even more. Dude is obsessed with that template. People with BPD are worst people to get into a relationship with. If you try to break the relationship off with them, they'll tell you they want to commit suicide or they will kill you, because seeing you with someone else is the worst thing for them. And they will NEVER trust you, because they're the most insecure people in the world.
Arabia Mashack
Arabia Mashack - 12 days ago
I have all the seasons of Martin
Gman T
Gman T - 12 days ago
Blessed Beyond Measure
Blessed Beyond Measure - 12 days ago
Get to the point, quickly!!!
JoJo potato
JoJo potato - 12 days ago
We still love you Martin, you a legend!
Ernest Jackson
Ernest Jackson - 12 days ago
"that aint no damn puppy"
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