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Cyrious - 13 hours ago
But Martin tried to warn Tisha about Duwayne... THE now I dont know cat but Tisha wasn't even at Tachina's wedding so they even fell out... Tachina had bounced back well!
Jazzy Qeturah
Jazzy Qeturah - Day ago
"In Living Single" lol
capping aint easy
capping aint easy - 2 days ago
My Goodness she was So SO DAMN FINE TO ME as a Kid!!
Tee BeeJay
Tee BeeJay - 2 days ago
Pam over Gina 🤷🏾‍♂️
Sexy Ladyzz
Sexy Ladyzz - 2 days ago
Never say Never 🤞🤣
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen - 3 days ago
Shamar Martin weezy welch Martin Raymond Washington Detroit Atlanta Newark ymcmb 2k20 roc nation crown Englewood summit mommunth county rich land County larry Lawrence boys weequahic high school bill cosby run d mc mc bride beamon gordon boys owww
Denise Mosby
Denise Mosby - 3 days ago
Marti n Lawrence, you know that you are not authorized take my littles premier out on a truck root leaving she in her birthday suit. I am writing to let you know that she is home safely and doing well.
Florian Geyer
Florian Geyer - 3 days ago
Martin got #metooed before #metoo became a thing.
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker - 4 days ago
MAN!!! We are in a court of law! Now tell us what does GTD stand for!!!???
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker - 4 days ago
Martin wanted to fuck, but Campbell didn't wanna fuck wit him like that. I have a feeling they fooled around for a bit but Tisha wanted to cut it off so Martin decided to act super petty about the whole situation.
Hen - Dogg
Hen - Dogg - 4 days ago
The best Martin episodes was when they was on vacation with that big ass rat in their room and then when he fought Tommy Hearns! 😂😂😂
KLJ - 4 days ago
His name was cole* not cold 😂😂😂
Shane G
Shane G - 4 days ago
Get a pop filter
theresa webb
theresa webb - 5 days ago
New york undercover came fjrst they di d nt say that in this.
Tonya Davillier
Tonya Davillier - 6 days ago
I don't know why people fall for this race baiting BS. Pam was Martin's woman. He got on that sh!t and went crazy. He constantly criticized Tisha Campbell's man so she filed a complaint and quit.
Charles Harris
Charles Harris - 7 days ago
Alllll my wife and children with Damon wayins they are in the bedrooms
silver fox
silver fox - 7 days ago
So martin is really a prick..
Anthony Webb
Anthony Webb - 7 days ago
Damn, sad story. I never heard that they really dated. I understand how Martin felt, they were a couple on TV and in real life, but the $ & The power went to his head and I guess he didn't want her dating someone else. He gave her a chance and made her famous and rich, but I get it....... she wanted to date and get serious with someone else.
At the end of the day who knows what really happened. Maybe she asked him to settle down and get married and he wouldn't so she did what she had to do. Idk.
All that really matters is they made peace and "Pam" is getting finer every year. She was always my favorite too. Sexy but tough enough to handle Martin.
dezinechic - 8 days ago
so they actually did have an affair.......?
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons - 8 days ago
I never like this show because it made people move with their girlfriends
Xavier Shaw
Xavier Shaw - 9 days ago
Oscar and trudy
옿케이HeyOhKei - 9 days ago
Why are there so many comments comparing Gina to Pam? That is not what this video is about. They are not in competition with each other. They are both strong, talented, beautiful women. Stop talking about their hair. Stop criticizing their physical features. Stop making this a beauty contest. Absolutely ridiculous... and you wonder why so many women have body image issues.
shelisa sells
shelisa sells - 10 days ago
The very last clip 😂
cdubbtonice wit it
cdubbtonice wit it - 10 days ago
Illumanati sign she just through it up twice
Raresnce - 10 days ago
This totally glossed over (forgot to mention) there was an affair between the 2 and Martin was pissed when it came out Tisha's hubby was HIV+ and he (Martin) had been subjected to that disease. That's the real reason why they fought 🤷🏽
SANCTUARY - 10 days ago
6:47 LMFAO!
G Baby
G Baby - 11 days ago
I love that show
batman west
batman west - 12 days ago
He was fuckin gina before she got wot duane then wen she did she haulted all tht n martin was mad abt it n it went frm there
Adam West
Adam West - 13 days ago
While I Do Think That Gina Was And Is Beautiful, Pam Is Finer Than Her
Adam West
Adam West - 13 days ago
Black Sitcoms Are The Best Sitcoms(No Disrespect To Other Sitcoms Tho)
theresa webb
theresa webb - 13 days ago
Believe martin lawrence & tisha campbell are made for birds when they both p layed m i nd games with each other.
Thriller26 - 13 days ago
I’ve Always Heard The Show Ended Due To The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By Gina But Never Heard Any Rumors Of Her And Martin Having Any Kind Of Affair. I Wonder If There’s Any Truth To That?!
Lebo Mok.
Lebo Mok. - 13 days ago
Damn I had no idea Martin Lawrence was so wild back in the day. No wonder his marriages/relationships always failed. But I think life has humbled him now coz he's not getting acting jobs anymore.
pawlos negussie
pawlos negussie - 13 days ago
from Ethiopia: I started watching martin in 2017 and its great.
VBL - 14 days ago
But then why did he have to have Shanaynay shaking her butt in the video
Melänye Pataki
Melänye Pataki - 14 days ago
Wow. I didn't know this stuff about his personal life. Makes me look at him differently now
RealParadiseBlue - 14 days ago
Do Family Matters
bekkiboop100 - 14 days ago
Still one of my favorite shows!
riikerman - 15 days ago
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was more popular than Martin in the 1990s.
Felicia Anthony
Felicia Anthony - 15 days ago
So they was doing the nasty and gina wasnt in love... 🤔. See now look she divorcing her non having job actor husband. And Martin Lawrence still getting paid. You married the wrong Martin 😂
Carlyne Sainphor
Carlyne Sainphor - 15 days ago
Anyone else annoyed that she keeps say names wrong. It's not "In living single" it's "LIVING SINGLE" His name is not "cold" it's "Cole"
Birdys Army
Birdys Army - 16 days ago
Gibby Cash
Gibby Cash - 17 days ago
They should make a new Martin
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga - 17 days ago
RIP Tommy
Nobantu Sibeko
Nobantu Sibeko - 17 days ago
Lol... “pack up your camel and go.” 😂😂😂
Loyal Philly fan
Loyal Philly fan - 17 days ago
It’s too late to bring the show back now. I would cry if it did cause tommy is gone, and it ain’t the same without him. 😢 RIP Tommy
Iama Bingham
Iama Bingham - 16 days ago
Loyal Philly fan
Loyal Philly fan - 17 days ago
The ending of Martin was just terrible. The shows writer were obviously struggling and running out of ideas. Those episodes when Martin accidentally married Pam and when they were on a cruise were so bad imo.
Sonya Bowles
Sonya Bowles - 18 days ago
Martin holds a place in American history period. I know I'm not the only white person who primarily watched Fox for the majority of the 90s. Too bad the Fox Network went rouge with their right wing propaganda bullshit. Effectively fear mongering against minorities, and brainwashing a good portion of the American population. Once upon a time, Fox had the best programming on television. Now the network lacks integrity and is morally bankrupt.
semi world
semi world - 18 days ago
Tisha was doin wat above the rim boyfriend of hers Dwayne told her to it's like it's all good we can cut n cheat on our relationship till we get caught now u need something or someone to blame and it's repeating wit the chi and Jason Mitchell now smh
Tosha Crooks
Tosha Crooks - 18 days ago
Masters shows.........
AstralPixie - 18 days ago
There's something really beautiful in seeing Martin and Tisha connect in a positive way. I hope that they have both forgiven and let bygones by bygones ;D
Ravy Savy
Ravy Savy - 19 days ago
We are all beautiful ❤️
No matter the shade
Hair type
Or whatever else
D Parrish
D Parrish - 19 days ago
No digggggiiiitttttyyyyyy, No dooooouuuubbbbbbttttt!!! 🤣🤣🤣
90s lover
90s lover - 19 days ago
Martin is a classic show I still have the seasons on dvd and I know every word line from line
Shapree Mallory
Shapree Mallory - 20 days ago
But why was Pam always all up on Martin in them pictures tho??...more than Gina!
Kyla chamb
Kyla chamb - 20 days ago
Now there back cool when she divorced 😭😂they definitely had a affair
TheTexasViper - 20 days ago
The 90's ..the last era of 'watchable' tv...
Thunder Rush Movie
Thunder Rush Movie - 20 days ago
Dude was crazy about him some Tisha...
Wild Child
Wild Child - 20 days ago
Idc what nobody says about Martin that man knows how to put a smile on people faces they always trying to tear a black man down
Doobie Kyo village
Doobie Kyo village - 20 days ago
"huge impact on black culture" what impact buddy?
Shawntae Boleyjack
Shawntae Boleyjack - 20 days ago
Great video with alot of great info
Promise Adams
Promise Adams - 21 day ago
Arthur Watt
Arthur Watt - 21 day ago
Did she say cold lol. Maybe I heard her wrong. But I guess there was friction between Gina, Cole and Martin.
Nayder Bayder
Nayder Bayder - 22 days ago
I thought it came out that her husband is the one who wanted her to get the lawsuit or he would end things with her and then she did get the lawsuit
DPEART6475 - 17 days ago
Duane Martin and Will Smith have been lovers for years
Briana Harvey
Briana Harvey - 22 days ago
Everyone knew that an affair was going on. I always felt if he sexually assaulted her she wouldn’t have done the show anymore. I think maybe her husband found out. Now Tisha is down for a reboot this doesn’t sound right
King Neptune
King Neptune - 22 days ago
1:16 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Booker Williams
Booker Williams - 23 days ago
martin must be the reason y lark is crazy
Booker Williams
Booker Williams - 23 days ago
pam killin gina
Amy Boo
Amy Boo - 23 days ago
John Stolback
John Stolback - 24 days ago
The most popular black sitcom of the 1990s?? Umm... have you never heard of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and FAMILY MATTERS?
cj wins
cj wins - 24 days ago
Aw I had no clue they weren’t getting along at the end. They hid that well. Now that I think about it she wasn’t around in the end...
Ms Bojangles
Ms Bojangles - 24 days ago
My favorite show! Bought all the season dvd's twice!!!
Fabrice Izzo
Fabrice Izzo - 24 days ago
1:16 that was the janitor in FRIENDS (Trigger).
Coco Champagne
Coco Champagne - 24 days ago
Why can’t I get past 1:19? 😩🤣
LINDA JONES - 24 days ago
Its crazy. Now she is doing the same thing to her soon to be ex husband. Tisha is crazy....
FUZZII EVERLOVE - 24 days ago
Tichina Arnold could out sing Tisha Campbell ANY DAY.
Tisha Campbell always sound like she was screaming. She can sing but she had nothing to Tichina Arnold.
Tre’ Dillard
Tre’ Dillard - 25 days ago
What’s the Music background?
michael truthson
michael truthson - 25 days ago
Who didn't see the chemistry between them. But I am 50 years old and never knew that Martin Lawrence and Lark Voorhees were alleged to be married. But damn Tisha looks like Martin wife and I always found it weird that Tisha got with a dude who's last name is the first name of the man who was jocking her but she didn't want him. 🤔
TruBlue82 - 25 days ago
This video is years late! The majority of Martin fans already had known for years why the show was cancelled and what happened between Martin & Gina.
salim said
salim said - 25 days ago
I realy need to know...wat did tommy do for a living???🤣
Quetta Logan
Quetta Logan - 8 days ago
ɦɛ աas a ɖʀʊɢ ɖɛaʟɛʀ ʟօʟ
Ming Lee
Ming Lee - 25 days ago
Had no idea Martin and Gina had an affair...I guess that's why they had so much chemistry on the set.
flak jac
flak jac - 26 days ago
I think it was racism
Truchrissy76 - 26 days ago
Thanks for the info but is it me or does his wife kinda looks like Tisha 🤔😐
Steve Espinola
Steve Espinola - 26 days ago
So the show was cnxld because of Tisha and her lies, it figures.
dronetalk 316
dronetalk 316 - 26 days ago
Females r trouble. Especially that redbone
Brandi Mitchem
Brandi Mitchem - 26 days ago
It's Cole
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson - 26 days ago
Good man
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson - 26 days ago
She is a good women
2Blessed2BStressed - 27 days ago
Martin told his WHOLE side of the story.. And I really Believe it.. There is Much Much more to this story.. That has to do with the Powers That Be. They Played a Major Roll in Martin's Outburst.. Or waving a 🔫 in the street screaming "They Tryna Kill Me!!!"
It's true.. They were. He wasn't having a "Mental Breakdown" they put that Jacket on EVERY Celebrity that Resist.. Or try to fight back.💁
Dayna Dayn
Dayna Dayn - 13 days ago
Where can we find the interview? I definitely remember hearing that part about him in the street.
shevrone trotter
shevrone trotter - 15 days ago
sonya mabeya
sonya mabeya - 27 days ago
Lies they never had mess around tf
charles walkes
charles walkes - 27 days ago
Didn't know Martin was fighting some serious demons
rod brown
rod brown - 28 days ago
cosby was a sculpted version of blackness? there are no college grads that marry, while black? Someone needs to tell that to all my cousins.
rod brown
rod brown - 28 days ago
what are "artisis?" THIS IS WHY I FEEL I NEED A BETTER JOB! @8:22
itz Roslynworld
itz Roslynworld - 28 days ago
My ten year old son knows all episodes lol THATS STILL MY SHIT
norcal savage
norcal savage - 28 days ago
Didn't pam and gina also play significant roles in little shop of horrorS?..
1986 flick..was a play made into a 🎥
I am the universe of all music
I didn't like the fact that Martin💩 was picking on Pam, and calling her all those derogatory 😡names.
I lost🙄 interest in the show because of it. Not funny at all. WTF💩 Fuck Martin, and that show😤😈👿👹
Kieyanna Moman
Kieyanna Moman - 29 days ago
I still Live Martin!!!
Dingfelder Smurfalot
Dingfelder Smurfalot - 29 days ago
Not a good guy.
BeastMaster210 - 29 days ago
I still watch this everyday LLTOMMY My Boy Got Hired By GOD 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Omni J.
Omni J. - 29 days ago
Why Patricia look like Tisha Campbell though????
martindl1986 - Month ago
Tichina Arnold is Beautiful in my opinion.
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