Ruining Scribblenauts by having too much fun in prison

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RTGame - Month ago
Bad news lads, I'm using my imagination again. I'll also be streaming Tropico 6 on Twitch when this comment is an hour old! I've been sponsored by Kalypso to play it, because they think and I quote: "you'd make a great dictator". So we're going to make notCuba
Noah Cruz
Noah Cruz - 19 days ago
Mario is In the Wii U version
The Spy149
The Spy149 - 20 days ago
RTGame magical John is Magic Mike’s brother. XD
Boi Nigge zzz
Boi Nigge zzz - 21 day ago
RTGame did you know instead of making wings, you can add a "flying" adjective to maxwell
Kyle Parkins
Kyle Parkins - 25 days ago
What if it’s 4 days old?
YuriThePlayer - 3 hours ago
pioneerpassenger - 17 hours ago
Magical John is short for George Oscar Bluth.
Hashtag Rice
Hashtag Rice - 18 hours ago
Who would've thought that Scribblenauts, out of all things, would make me laugh the hardest :D thanks for the giggles
Mason Wright
Mason Wright - 20 hours ago
I'm 17 years old and started watching this. How sad
Menturian AwesomeCakers
3:38 the poor maid 😂😂
Pewdi eye
Pewdi eye - Day ago
Yeeehh! Ima go rob a bank with a butcher knife now
BuBear - 2 days ago
Just replace the word "Scribblenauts" with "My Life" and you basically have my childhood
Sarcastic Noodle
Sarcastic Noodle - 2 days ago
I think one of the reasons I love watching his videos is he does such chaotic things in a nonchalant manner..
Ian Velazquez
Ian Velazquez - 2 days ago
If he plays prison architect I can just imagine all the hell that will break loose
True Awkwardness
True Awkwardness - 2 days ago
6:20 He sounds like he just choked on an ice cube 😂
Eric Davis
Eric Davis - 2 days ago
could you just type starite and then give yourself all the ones you need to do anything ?
Asian Hitler
Asian Hitler - 2 days ago
0:16 the ring huly mothurfrucker
Silvan Appelo
Silvan Appelo - 3 days ago
Ryan - 3 days ago
In the interrogation room
Investigator: **Slams files on to desk** WHY DID YOU COMMIT THOSE CRIMES
Me: (Stressed out) I-I-I
Investigator: *SPEAK UP!*
Me: (nervously)

*I-I heard jail was fun. You can get your own best friend here*
Breyden yew Ka hei
Breyden yew Ka hei - 3 days ago
Who plays this game?
I have ALOT of things in my bag
Skyblue 05
Skyblue 05 - 3 days ago
I wonder what kind of anime?
Silver Eye
Silver Eye - 4 days ago
He sounds like moriarty from the Netflix sherlock Holmes series
alex lucchesi
alex lucchesi - 4 days ago
ive been following this "watch another video. or else" thing for at least three hours.
Fluffy Shit
Fluffy Shit - 4 days ago
God this makes me want to play this game again
NerdHerd - 5 days ago
4/20: weed
4/20: Hitler's Birthday
WilE04 Boi
WilE04 Boi - 5 days ago
Mario works on the Wii U version
Jorma oy
Jorma oy - 5 days ago
You can actually create mario in the 3ds version.
Oliver Pyke
Oliver Pyke - 5 days ago
This video is so funny I nearly choked on my bread
Frozentic GD
Frozentic GD - 6 days ago
Scribblenauts predicted the college admission scandal
Ignite Light
Ignite Light - 6 days ago
Magical John runs an ice cream van with free WiFi in his free time c;
Axel Dornelles
Axel Dornelles - 6 days ago
Want to make a criminal into a cop?
Just give him a gun and call him officer.
A cop is just a criminal with a badge and even kid's games know that.
Wombat Steve
Wombat Steve - 6 days ago
I don't know much about this game, is John actually John Douglass?
Naasir Bakari
Naasir Bakari - 7 days ago
Rip magical John-Eaten by dinosaur
MrMrpengRob - 7 days ago
Magical John is Magic Johnson in an Alternate Reality
Juniper Mystic Vlogs
Juniper Mystic Vlogs - 7 days ago
7:02 ThATs HOWsw MafIza! WôrKß
likira111 - 7 days ago
9.03 os that Johnsfilms?
Samuel Emery
Samuel Emery - 7 days ago
cats are great pets too ;(
Samuel Emery
Samuel Emery - 7 days ago
You _can_ spawn Mario and other Nintendo characters on the Wii U and Switch versions of the game, for obvious reasons.
elijah kolsrud
elijah kolsrud - 7 days ago
what exactly is magical john?
TheDreamStealer999 - 7 days ago
“Magical John” could be interpreted as Magic Johnson... which would actually be a pretty good answer
Paula the Koala
Paula the Koala - 7 days ago
7:04 Why? Because that's how mafia works.
love_girl3060 The T-pose god
Every time I see this I see GOD
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco - 8 days ago
Goddamnit John
despacito master
despacito master - 8 days ago
8:57 that’s how magical John was born
The Real Negative Legend
7:05 that's How mafia works.
Drift gameplay YT 117 117/DRIFT
Try a nuke
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 8 days ago
He ate the pillow!
FishTaco 650
FishTaco 650 - 8 days ago
I bet if you spawned the weeb one of them weird pillows he would talk to it for hours.
ty brestovansky
ty brestovansky - 9 days ago
Mario and Zelda characters are in the Wii U version
The Garden of Eatin
The Garden of Eatin - 9 days ago
Is magical john related to magical trevor?
SinnohSquid - 10 days ago
8:03 is that ridley?
That One Dog
That One Dog - 10 days ago
I played scribblenauts and gave them brexit. They all died!!
Kra Z Kapin
Kra Z Kapin - 10 days ago
*_magical john!_*
Ryan Kyo
Ryan Kyo - 10 days ago
Magic Johnson?
Datdude - 10 days ago
AXE BURGUR - 10 days ago
prisoners should be killed on sight and not helped by anyone as they suffer
DragooKnight - 10 days ago
~Magical John is back once again, he's doing tricks that will _drive you insane_ ...~
RMM_Toxic - 10 days ago
That’s how mafia works
YeetVonOof - 10 days ago
Magical John is a master at shooting hoops.

*He scares his opponents off with his eyes, then he has no competition.*
BluePuppyStudios - 11 days ago
Make magical John and god fight I want to know who will win
Fancy Toaster Arcade
Fancy Toaster Arcade - 11 days ago
Fun lill sisters L Gaming and more
*wait- give that back john!*
The true Genius
The true Genius - 11 days ago
The Life Of Hoopkins
The Life Of Hoopkins - 11 days ago
Braindoner101 - 11 days ago
No, Santa didn’t serve time for b&e, he served time for being a pedophile.
Nazim Hilman Hashim
Nazim Hilman Hashim - 11 days ago
Basically the plot point of Paddington 2 2:47
Bill Ebright
Bill Ebright - 11 days ago
the purple pterodactyl looks like ridley from metroid
Moopuss Poopuss
Moopuss Poopuss - 12 days ago
2:50 is that kamina
Jackson Sparks
Jackson Sparks - 12 days ago
I love how he completely ignores “mafia” but instantly looks at “maid.”
Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks - 12 days ago
The first one second of the video hits hard man
Eric Mollison
Eric Mollison - 12 days ago
i'm crying
Ong Yin Zhe
Ong Yin Zhe - 12 days ago
SCP 001: Maxwell
Object class: Apollyon
Containment procedures: SCP 001 is uncontainable. Research is ongoing to find suitable measures to separate SCP 001-2 from SCP 001-1. In the meantime, Foundation personnel are to monitor SCP 001's movements around the globe and ensure that all potentially situations with immoral outcomes are neutralised before SCP 001 encounters them.
Description: SCP 001 is the combination of a boy, designated SCP 001-1, armed with a reality-bending notebook, designated SCP 001-2, and its backpack designated SCP 001-3. SCP 001-1 usually writes in SCP 001-2 to create objects or induce attributes in existing objects. There are no limits to what SCP 001-2 can create, and its power seems to be limited only by SCP 001-1's imagination. Judging by the objects it has created so far, SCP 001-1 appears to have extensive knowledge of many subjects, but its actual intelligence cannot be determined as it struggles with basic puzzles and situations sometimes.
SCP 001-3 is a backpack owned by SCP 001-1, which contains a limitless amount of space and capacity. SCP 001-1 has been observed to store various objects that it creates in SCP 001-3, including people, phenomena, and even eldritch entities such as Cthulhu from the Lovecraft mythos. It is unknown whether entities SCP 001-1 creates are subordinate to it. Objects that are stored in SCP 001-3 appear to be perfectly preserved in it.
SCP 001-1 usually wanders around the world via various means produced by SCP 001-2, and it generally tries to assist people who are in need and require assistance. Due to SCP 001-1's apparently amoral personality, it helps all manner of people, from old ladies to terrorist cells to as-of-yet uncontained keter-class entities. Because of the reality-bending nature of SCP 001-2, objects or attributes that are introduced to other objects have the potential to heavily alter reality itself. See Interview Log 001-A for the most prominent discovered example of this effect.
To date, SCP 001-1 has given itself various attributes, including but not limited to: immortality, extreme strength and speed, immunity to memetic effects, and 10th-dimensional physiology. SCP 001-1 has also been definitively linked to the creation of various other SCPs, including but not limited to: [REDACTED]. Due to the reality-bending nature of SCP 001, it is impossible to discern how much of current reality has been changed due to its effects, and it can be expected that it will only change further. Current containment procedures will focus on preventing it from encountering situations where outcomes tend to be immoral, such as assisting in prison breaks, killing people, or causing property damage. Doctor [REDACTED] proposal to make SCP 001 a Thaumiel-class entity by reeducating it to react only to moral situations is pending approval from the Ethics Committee.
Addendum 001-A: Object class was upgraded to Apollyon due to SCP 001-1 producing an exact copy of SCP 4005. Foundation personnel were quick to neutralise all resulting instances of SCP 4005-1, but the copy of SCP 4005 was stored by SCP 001-1 in 001-3. Its motivations for creating SCP 4005 are still unknown. How it acquired knowledge of SCP 4005 is also unknown, and until proved otherwise this incident will be considered an information breach.
aktavist [NavaL54]
aktavist [NavaL54] - 12 days ago
*types in a bar of soap*
Alpine For You
Alpine For You - 12 days ago
look, i'm just gonna say it. Magical John looks like JacksFilms
Gguyviugvi yfvyfyuugfvfyu
You trust in brad. But what about Chad?
Dario Moreno
Dario Moreno - 12 days ago
Rt literally lives to kill video game people
alphavivi - 13 days ago
“I can’t do an air show without something to fly..”

Core Frisk
Core Frisk - 13 days ago
3:39 "put her in the bag"
The Supa Gamar
The Supa Gamar - 13 days ago
Pause at 3:17 there is a flat earth XD
Pyromancer 1232
Pyromancer 1232 - 13 days ago
I'm sorry I disliked it but I am a huge anime fan. 3:45
Gucci Lobster
Gucci Lobster - 13 days ago
RT after this play scribblenauts unleashed
DeadShadozer - 13 days ago
I just found your channel and I laughed too hard
Omega Galactic
Omega Galactic - 14 days ago
That’s how mafia works
Queena Yang
Queena Yang - 14 days ago
Is THIS why Santa never comes to my house
Carlo Lim
Carlo Lim - 14 days ago
Here is an idea
Try filling a room with fake starites
Raven the Dragon
Raven the Dragon - 14 days ago
Magical John is the hero we all deserve but not the one we need right now.
Griffin2008 - 14 days ago
Prison YAY!
marlon mercado
marlon mercado - 14 days ago
Put him in the back
GeoXGaming - 15 days ago
ThaT's HoW MaFia W0rKs
TacoBombastic - 15 days ago
"Brad is just a snack" OwO
jem klemence
jem klemence - 15 days ago
7:04 thats how mafia works
sand砂 - 15 days ago
To hideous to love is my life moto
Gabriel Heller
Gabriel Heller - 15 days ago
9:40 answer is pickle
Nick Faulk
Nick Faulk - 16 days ago
Should have wrote PETA
Leticia Padro
Leticia Padro - 16 days ago
0:21 Samara got her!!
KittenBosher - 16 days ago
"nerd culture"
Me: Draco Malfoy
chickenoidi - 16 days ago
i love you
John Smith
John Smith - 16 days ago
prison isnt realistic enough... they're all white
Jolie - Jo
Jolie - Jo - 16 days ago
I Have Hepatitis
I Have Hepatitis - 16 days ago
8:03 when the task is too specific where rt can’t make a joke about it
kermit sewer slide
kermit sewer slide - 17 days ago
are we just gonna ignore the fact that he can SUMMON FUCKING GOD AND HEAVEN AT WILL? i mean he is stronger then god if HE CAN FUCKING PULL GOD DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS TO CLEAN A HALLWAY...FUCKING RAD DUDEEEE.
kapitan Mikolok
kapitan Mikolok - 17 days ago
Mafia works.
Being dead doesnt
SANE SSS - 17 days ago
** M A G I C A L J H O N **
Pan-Cake - 17 days ago
"I want to talk to someone who will help me down the right path"
RT: ".... I know a guy." *summons god
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