Ruining Scribblenauts by having too much fun in prison

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RTGame - 3 months ago
Bad news lads, I'm using my imagination again. I'll also be streaming Tropico 6 on Twitch when this comment is an hour old! I've been sponsored by Kalypso to play it, because they think and I quote: "you'd make a great dictator". So we're going to make notCuba
TweedellNick2 - 12 days ago
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp - 13 days ago
finalism2 - 14 days ago
Your comment is 2 months old... *am I late?*
wyatt jenkinson
wyatt jenkinson - 26 days ago
I concur
Noah Cruz
Noah Cruz - 2 months ago
Mario is In the Wii U version
OliverFlameGamer - 36 minutes ago
Well brad isn’t the only snack, luftwaffle is also a valid snack choice
w0 it
w0 it - 4 hours ago
Magical John for MK11
[VEWM] - 11 hours ago
John activated my fight or flight response
Nathan’s super game Channel
You need the Wii U version to have Zelda and Mario things.
doge the brawler2008
Water dino teaching solution:put a ball in tank (worked for me)
no reason at all
no reason at all - 2 days ago
how did micheal jordan turn into magical john
Elias Ashford
Elias Ashford - 4 days ago
if theres a lesson to this then it is that magical john steals your stars and is terrifying
Plolsteg 770
Plolsteg 770 - 5 days ago
1:30 you can try humans
Fma is never wrong
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir - 5 days ago
What would happen if you made an old baby?
vjpearce - 5 days ago
In the Dinosaur Park, the archaeologist needs something that sucks blood to clone a dinosaur. I gave him a Lawyer and it worked.
R. L1MB0
R. L1MB0 - 5 days ago
Help me entertain the king
Me * 177013 *
Logan Furey
Logan Furey - 6 days ago
Good fricking God its Dragon Maid
Mason Argila
Mason Argila - 7 days ago
So in the game I just typed “rock”
AntBloxy - 7 days ago
8:54 a legend has been born
Harvey Brett
Harvey Brett - 7 days ago
*Attempts to save maid* *Stuffs her inside his backpack*
elio dsk vielle
elio dsk vielle - 7 days ago
Hey RT gaming I getting scribblenauts unlimited right now and I just going to do like you(dumb stuff/smart stuff) anyway I love your vids it's so funny
Wally Glascoff
Wally Glascoff - 8 days ago
8:58. The off-brand magic Johnson.
Lancer - 8 days ago
Id rather let out my weeb dreams with the mafia
Chicken nugget the rugged
That weeb probs be in there for lolicon
Lucas Walters
Lucas Walters - 9 days ago
Mario characters don't work unless it's on the Wii U version
Potato V2
Potato V2 - 11 days ago
3:55 i don't like that we skiped the evil bunny
Ben King
Ben King - 11 days ago
3:18 why is there a flat earth?
Kim Chi
Kim Chi - 12 days ago
Bailey little 64
Bailey little 64 - 12 days ago
Who made this game and how!??...
TweedellNick2 - 12 days ago
Lol, the video is funny to me.
darkmega97 - 12 days ago
the people that made scribblenauts are just at ultra ascended level of mega brain
Hipy - 13 days ago
Did u just type united uk? United united kingdom?
Maddy Evelyn
Maddy Evelyn - 13 days ago
*he ate the pillow and got tired*
Maddy Evelyn
Maddy Evelyn - 13 days ago
_i know a guy_
Octo 10008
Octo 10008 - 14 days ago
"Adult teal icky bad United affected bandit"
Sofia Sofia
Sofia Sofia - 15 days ago
Scribblenauts, the only place where Micheal Jordan, can be turned into "Magical John"
Sofia Sofia
Sofia Sofia - 15 days ago
When you wanted to give the Nerd Mario, and it corrected you, you should have selected "Mafia" That was at the top 😅😅😂
The Boat
The Boat - 16 days ago
a huge fan of anime to talk to
i know who

*Hatsune Miku*
spooky jones
spooky jones - 16 days ago
The santa is actually a schizophrenic man who believes he is santa and breaks into people's homes
Benjamin Marritt
Benjamin Marritt - 16 days ago
Magical John shall save us all

He actually does
Knarly Wisard69
Knarly Wisard69 - 16 days ago
7:10 mafia works, it just works.
Marcus Webb
Marcus Webb - 17 days ago
Maid worked... W h y
Jeremy Alston
Jeremy Alston - 17 days ago
Magical John looks like jacks films
undertale freak
undertale freak - 18 days ago
Nerd culture...
1 furry
2 kirito
Purple Dragon 9
Purple Dragon 9 - 16 days ago
Roblox men.
Daniel B
Daniel B - 18 days ago
Subscribe for more magical john
Mad Monkey
Mad Monkey - 18 days ago
4:05 Soooo aren't you supposed to be doing good things to get 🌟?
Edit: I put emoji because I kept getting autocorrected
THE RISER - 19 days ago
Would've been more funny if he put cat ears on the maid.
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude - 19 days ago
_ jude802 _
_ jude802 _ - 19 days ago
The musician IN JAIL needed someone to play with... Why not a Smooth Criminal?
STOP IT - Stahb It
STOP IT - Stahb It - 3 days ago
@just a smøl tøwn gir And im the first to lije yours heh
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir - 5 days ago
_ jude802 _ nice
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir - 5 days ago
STOP IT - Stahb It I’m first to like YOUR comment :D
STOP IT - Stahb It
STOP IT - Stahb It - 19 days ago
STOP IT - Stahb It
STOP IT - Stahb It - 19 days ago
Im first to like your comment
Yuuki Takemoto
Yuuki Takemoto - 20 days ago
I just play Scribblenauts Unmasked because you can too have fun in prison if you get Scribblenauts Mega Pack. Their version of Unmasked has Belle Reve as a stage!!
SSS - 20 days ago
Magical John has will take over the world if kept unattended.
Mark Root
Mark Root - 20 days ago
Take it from someone who watches anime nearly 24/7 WE DONT NEED MAIDS
Marcus Rhodes
Marcus Rhodes - 20 days ago
2:31 I think I know a guy
“Go to prison guys! There, you too can have your very own maid and live out your weeb dreams!”
...I have the weirdest boner right now.
“You disgusting person!”
...Still have a boner.
Andrew Monske
Andrew Monske - 21 day ago
“Let’s give him a maid...
ProtoTag Teaching
ProtoTag Teaching - 21 day ago
"Every villain needs a loyal animal companion!"
RT be like: "Cthulhu time."
Jordan Beach
Jordan Beach - 21 day ago
Ciel Da Shotgun Sturmtiger! Mendoza
Magical John is very terrifying.
Banana Juice
Banana Juice - 22 days ago
magical john looks like a pedo
Netflix and Poptarts
Netflix and Poptarts - 22 days ago
“ All super villains have a evil animal companion! I need one! “
“ ... “
*_” You want Cthulhu? “_*
MgaDrkSkll - 22 days ago
I can't tell which ones better,
putting a maid in a anime geek fusion nerd thing guy person
putting the maid IN THE BAG
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir - 5 days ago
MgaDrkSkll with the magical john
KENNY MCCORMICK - 22 days ago
Rt’s reaction when he was able to use a blimp XD
FuturisticGEB - 23 days ago
Magical John:*picks up starite
Breaking news! Magical John saves lily!
Maxwell is unemployed!
Just a small town bicycle
0:30 do I smell starkid
Zachary Valois
Zachary Valois - 24 days ago
3:36 im like "No...." "dont do it!" "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"
Alpha Dragon
Alpha Dragon - 24 days ago
Just wondering, but how would everyone feel if god came into your maximum security prison and gave you a maid
Carpalini Tortelini
Carpalini Tortelini - 25 days ago
Your videos are so funny my mom questions if I need therapy.
ThatOnePotato - 25 days ago
Goats are evil
Kadia Justice
Kadia Justice - 25 days ago
Steve, that’s not how you pick up a dinosaur
Trubbish - 25 days ago
Boi A human
Boi A human - 25 days ago
"When in doubt thrust in Brad" - Rtgame a man who should definitely run the world.
John O Reilly
John O Reilly - 25 days ago
5:35 a guns fursona
Amy - 26 days ago
Magical john is my fursona
miniwy01 wyatt
miniwy01 wyatt - 26 days ago
I love going down the organ trail
AndreiGamer Five Nights At Freddy's
03:27 I think you invented the Wii U ports before Nintendo.
Paper Mario
Paper Mario - 27 days ago
i just made a magical john stage in smash stage builder.

*H e l p*
Official Gacha Rater
Official Gacha Rater - 29 days ago
Fortnitenoob 1.0
Fortnitenoob 1.0 - 29 days ago
Someone goes to prison because of this video
Beast Syver
Beast Syver - Month ago
let me get this straight
A dinosaur ate a pillow, fell asleep instantly, Steve picked up a dinosaur by it's bare ass and put it in a cage, 2 magical Johns appeared, one died into the void, and the other stole a star..
Scribblenauts people
Beast Syver
Beast Syver - Month ago
Why does a doggish gun work...
How do you live with a doggish gun?
What someone breaks into your house and you can just say "Doggish gun, attack"
*Gunshot noises and barking*
Ted - Month ago
Albert Almodal
Albert Almodal - Month ago
Surprised at how often "gun" is the solution.
FuryCS - Month ago
*_maid café_*
DemonicWeeb AMV
DemonicWeeb AMV - Month ago
Hey if you remember the scene in the vid
"Weeb dreams you dicusting person"
Darthplagueis13 - Month ago
Am I the only one who finds the title in combination with that thumbnail worrying?
Glitchy Glitches
Glitchy Glitches - Month ago
You made this video while you were in prison?
Pink Mermaid
Pink Mermaid - Month ago
I love how handgun is the answer to 70 percent of problems
Imperial Weapons Technician
3:19 God and a scientist
Wait what's that?
Virus Sans
Virus Sans - Month ago
Everybody: *pizza time stops*
TheDark Demon
TheDark Demon - Month ago
dat Dumbledore? 1:33
Meme Rings Spoons
Meme Rings Spoons - Month ago
John was the real Scribblenaut thats why he got the star
Pontiff - Month ago
Scribblenauts logic:
Prisoner eats an entire other person: Ah that's fine, he's just a light snack, got any more?
Prisoner eats some raw steak: *INSTANT FOOD POISONING*
Babyback the Butcher
Babyback the Butcher - Month ago
I can’t believe one of the devs added a maid as one of the solutions for the nerd. Jesus Christ...
f**cking turtles
f**cking turtles - Month ago
10:30 if you cant sleep eat a pillow it only costs around 20$ but sleep is important
Mr PIZZA CHEESE - Month ago
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor - Month ago
You can actually create Nintendo characters in this game on the Wii U version
Joe the Coyote
Joe the Coyote - Month ago
Magical John make my pp hard
Dark infiniZ
Dark infiniZ - Month ago
spoiler magical john killed thanos in endgame
Purple Gladiator
Purple Gladiator - Month ago
let us talk about how by 3 minutes in he already was holding a maid hostage in his backpack
elgnairtatsuj - Month ago
Prison fun is the best kind of fun.
Bob The Duck
Bob The Duck - Month ago
mario is available in the wii u version
MinerGlitch25 - Month ago
Dora Explora
Dora Explora - Month ago
2:45 is that O.J Simpson
Spy boi
Spy boi - Month ago
That fun gun is really fun because is a fun gun.
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