the invincibility glitch..

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McCreamy - Month ago
i had to go god mode real quick
Nikki Akers
Nikki Akers - 3 days ago
Deez nuts
i Nieves
i Nieves - 20 days ago
Allah A
Allah A - 22 days ago
Chris Christian
Chris Christian - 19 hours ago
The bush has =power to the mario star
Invincible is cannot be killed lol
ImTheGuyUHate - Day ago
is this an XD montage
your average nonce
your average nonce - Day ago
i don't use that gun anymore. you ruined the sound. i heard it too much.
pH21 - Day ago
My favourite part is when he sniped that one guy
Stuart Pearson
Stuart Pearson - Day ago
No your related to stephen the sniper
Y33T Lake
Y33T Lake - Day ago
But it’s not a glitch
Tia A normal person
Tia A normal person - 2 days ago
This is satisfying bc he is just hitting a shot every second
JD69 - 2 days ago
Anyone else realize he only used GREEN HUNTING RIFLES NOT BLUE???? EXPLAIN
Like if u agreee
Connlad X
Connlad X - 2 days ago
Fortnite is fortshite
Winning Blader
Winning Blader - 2 days ago
I bet epic watched this do he can patch it
Nikki Akers
Nikki Akers - 3 days ago
Your gay like to undo
Ella Williamson
Ella Williamson - 3 days ago
I’m just completely satisfied w the snipes and the Coldplay tbh b
daltonico_exe - 3 days ago
Whats the song at the beginning? Plz answer (paradise remix)
Uddipta Bhaskar
Uddipta Bhaskar - 2 days ago
Cool Out-Paradise mashup
Sam P
Sam P - 3 days ago
The music is "No thots" ? I think it
Zachary Bastien
Zachary Bastien - 4 days ago
3:22 I actually thought that was the helicopter that keeps moving around the map😬
Devin_playz1234 ,
Devin_playz1234 , - 5 days ago
If u hit headshots it will kill them even with the bush
Lethalollie722 - 5 days ago
1 sub to my channel = just a little step closer to play with McCreamy.
1-800- Ava
1-800- Ava - 5 days ago
The music is such a throw back thank you so much I love you!😩❤️❤️
Uddipta Bhaskar
Uddipta Bhaskar - 2 days ago
It is a mashup of Cool Out by Imagine Dragons and Paradise by Coldplay not just Paradise.
Tinna Thorlund
Tinna Thorlund - 5 days ago
How do you have a so god AIM?
Stoofun - 6 days ago
I see these memes
Cameron Robinson
Cameron Robinson - 6 days ago
Lol u tu good fo fortnite
123DJ321 - 6 days ago
That ad at the very end of the video was SOOOOOO annoying because creamy's music at the end is really good.
Like if you got annoyed too.
Superior God
Superior God - 7 days ago
2:29 that transition tho 😂😂
DAniel Galit
DAniel Galit - 7 days ago
Your aim is so good(jealous) hahah hehehe
HADDEN_YT - 7 days ago
para para paralysed
Keli Ladhams-Prideaux
Keli Ladhams-Prideaux - 7 days ago
U killed my fren cameron at 2:08
Fortnite Banaan
Fortnite Banaan - 8 days ago
9:06 watcing 23 kills 22 🤔
Mah Gawd
Mah Gawd - 8 days ago
I'm glad to be in the same country as you GO NEW ZEALAND!! 😘
Franck Matthew
Franck Matthew - 8 days ago
Can we just appreciate Creamy’s choice of music?
joyce alvarez
joyce alvarez - 8 days ago
Use code creamy
trebor 2004
trebor 2004 - 8 days ago
This guys sick at one shot
ChildishBark30 - 9 days ago
lol killed streamer btw
Wiizers - 9 days ago
Thank u for making my day i just destroyed my phone
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 9 days ago
McCreamy is the best fortnite player
Nina Rose Pangilinan
Nina Rose Pangilinan - 9 days ago
Hillo im new hy ohh goodd that kills stacking
DJ KHALED another one
DJ KHALED another one - 10 days ago
How dare you kill Lazarbeam
Дïðäი - 10 days ago
Hecking clickbait
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez - 11 days ago
Do u fuckign miss!!!🤣
Sir Sirington
Sir Sirington - 11 days ago
Am I the only one that heard the background song and thought of the skydidminecraft parody song?
N1ghtN1nj4 256
N1ghtN1nj4 256 - 11 days ago
Edin Hamulic
Edin Hamulic - 11 days ago
He said the challenge is not to take damage and it will be his hardest yet, but considering he is playing one shot, he is basically just playing the LTM like it should be, not some extreme challenge?
ItzFlashy - 11 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about that Paradise montage?
Uddipta Bhaskar
Uddipta Bhaskar - 2 days ago
It's a mashup of Cool Out and Paradise.
Murtazah - 12 days ago
have u watched hacksaw ridge
Shooketh - 12 days ago
idc bout the vid but i love the song
Dnl - 12 days ago
5:34 i like how he takes a green hunting rifle over a blue one he like f*k that im good
Dnl - 12 days ago
whatever happend to not using a bush unless absolutly nessecary
Mitchell SCHOLES
Mitchell SCHOLES - 13 days ago
he didnt pick up one single blue hunting rifle and he went past like 4
Lachjb - 13 days ago
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Matti Kalli
Matti Kalli - 13 days ago
1v1 ninja
Adex man
Adex man - 14 days ago
Use code Medonja007
COOLBRO123 YT - 14 days ago
Use code lazar
Cookie the Catholic
Cookie the Catholic - 15 days ago
I read invisibility
FoX Fire
FoX Fire - 15 days ago
At 2:00 he got killed by thicc god chikk rip
ElizardBreath - 15 days ago
I liked mainly liked the video for the song. Lol I forgot how much I like the paradise song. Also those shots were great.
Chantelle Walters
Chantelle Walters - 15 days ago
Why doesn't he use blue hunting rifles???
PhaneSarkes - 16 days ago
Go from Attempt #2 and go back 10 secs
xtremelink123 - 16 days ago

Ryan King
Ryan King - 16 days ago
✖️ —✖️
Linus Illing
Linus Illing - 17 days ago
big chunglisem
big chunglisem - 17 days ago
2 hours later later creamy gets banned
T - 17 days ago
I don’t get impressed often but let me say this, You’re insaneeeee at sniping🥴🥴
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez - 17 days ago
The song is paradise by coldplay
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez - Day ago
+Uddipta Bhaskar thanks bro
Uddipta Bhaskar
Uddipta Bhaskar - 2 days ago
It's a mashup of Cool Out and Paradise.
aditya shankar
aditya shankar - 17 days ago
Any coldplayers😍😍😍😍
Acer/ Dylan
Acer/ Dylan - 18 days ago
I used your creator code
Hiritikk Kumar
Hiritikk Kumar - 18 days ago
Console or PC?
zXy nO
zXy nO - 18 days ago
Is it that snipers are easier in this mode or is it that ur just rlly good
Buckle;\ - 18 days ago
Who remembers when mccreamy used fake headshot sounds
Selectring - 18 days ago
4:47 pit in 0.25 the bullet changes direction??
ZEALAN 155 155
ZEALAN 155 155 - 18 days ago
0:47😂😂one like = 1bush
Hydro Bros
Hydro Bros - 18 days ago
Dakotaz 2.0
gracebomberger - 18 days ago
Micheal23 Is gaming
Micheal23 Is gaming - 18 days ago
When are you going to play creative destruction again
Impertowl - 18 days ago
Love that you are so good and do extra effeckt u is a good youtuber
ABZB109 - 18 days ago
This guy is like another ceedayw
Lemon - 18 days ago
4:18 you kill lazarbeam
Benjamin Searle
Benjamin Searle - 18 days ago
this is the game mode that you get 11 kills and die
oP.Aydin - 19 days ago
nerf mccreamy
JAMES-2908 - 19 days ago
0:23 fake lol look at the time he cut it so it looked like he no scoped him

Jerry Aguilar
Jerry Aguilar - 19 days ago
Ninja who
Miguel Valenzuela
Miguel Valenzuela - 19 days ago
EMILIANO8 - 19 days ago
ZenZed - 19 days ago
If your reading this

Have a great day and make your dreams come true
JAMES-2908 - 19 days ago
Hahaa tried to get hundreds of likes like the other guy lol
J0yful - 19 days ago
When he said teddy I thought he said “tiddys”
Xavier Taestensen
Xavier Taestensen - 19 days ago
Why did u have to ruin this, now I'm gonna see everyone doing this. I've been doing this since the changed it :/
Patti - 19 days ago
When he hits a noscope : no reaction
When i hit a noscope: o my gaaad !!!!!!!! I hit a noscope mom get the camera am going toooo fazeeeee!!!!!
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 20 days ago
To everybody that isn’t subbed to McCreamy. Sub right now or he will dominate you in a 1v1!
Deshan Padayachee
Deshan Padayachee - 20 days ago
you are the funest you tuber
Silver Wheelchairiot
Silver Wheelchairiot - 20 days ago
I want to do this and just goof off.
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - 20 days ago
When you see Mc creamy in a game
Oh I’m screwed I may as well leave now bye world
MicahTheSavage - 20 days ago
Bruh you edited the part of the rift no scope it was clear
Olga Lamas
Olga Lamas - 20 days ago
Here we have a SWEAT in its natural habitat don’t be to loud or else he can here you
Keagan Campbell
Keagan Campbell - 20 days ago
I'm T.TVStreamer_BTW
xD TOMATOiNabAG - 20 days ago
6:23 lol
Monika Pełka
Monika Pełka - 20 days ago
You are so good sniper
Kym Blankenship
Kym Blankenship - 20 days ago
do you want to 1v1 my friend his fortnight name is deadpool924 if it dosent work he dosent play fortnight and are both yousing your code creamy
t0xic drama
t0xic drama - 20 days ago
If u use creamy in the itemshop u actually get a good game it just happens to me luv u creamy no homo
shärky - 21 day ago
6:23 TIDDY
RG Wolvezzz
RG Wolvezzz - 21 day ago
That Coldplay is lowkey a vibe
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