Doctor Reviews Meatless Burgers | Impossible, Beyond & More!

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cl0wnkid - 9 hours ago
dont mind my very late comment im just binge watching videos but i think theres definitely something to be said about the fact that regardless of how a company advertises a cruelty free option people will always confuse that with meaning it is healthy when the fact of the matter is the beyond and impossible burgers market themselves as sustainable options, not healthy options
Mike Mcmillan
Mike Mcmillan - 16 hours ago
You definitely eat like a fucking slob can tell you that for sure.
lj •
lj • - Day ago
Now I just want a burger lol.
Pacroid - 3 days ago
A more honest test would be to do a blind cheeseburger taste test (let someone else feed you bites) and grade accordingly. The catch is that they are all veggie burgers but you've been told nothing of the sort. Just that you are grading cheeseburgers taste. Would you notice that they are not meat?
It's like the expensive wine test. Blind fold the people and give them the same glass of wine over and over and they will always grade each sample like it's a different wine.
Human brain does funny things like that.
Zero Wing
Zero Wing - 3 days ago
Are the vegetarian burgers cooked on the same stove as the regular burgers?
betty lynch
betty lynch - 4 days ago
Well, as an actual vegan, I don't eat burgers or any meat replacements.
I believe it is healthier to eat meat than all those vegan replacements that are full of chemicals.
Emily Norris
Emily Norris - Day ago
betty lynch I'am vegan too, and meat is not that healthy too 😂 loads of hormones and antibiotics
Home Skillet
Home Skillet - 4 days ago
Dang. I need a burger now.
Beccameg 321
Beccameg 321 - 4 days ago
“We should have them only occasionally” *at 6 bucks a package I’m sure as hell not eating them every day*
Chevy sucks
Chevy sucks - 5 days ago
Why does every vegan go gay?
kryceksangel - 5 days ago
The beef burger wasn't cooked all the way. Gross
That girl has a nice rack
Elizabeth Pozo
Elizabeth Pozo - 6 days ago
I love when you speak spanish ❤😍 haha
joegabby08 - 6 days ago
Dude...check out its GMO and Roundup levels. If that's not of any concern to might want to do a little more research.
Matt - 6 days ago
It's just a fad. People may try vegan burgers, but they'll eventually switch back to the real thing. You're a beef vampire, and you need your beef. Vegan burgers are like water to a vampire trying to quench its thirst. I tried a Beyond Meat burger, and it's obvious that you're not eating beef.
Sara Long
Sara Long - 6 days ago
What about chicken?
Lynette Dundon
Lynette Dundon - 7 days ago
I would love to try the quinoa burger after your review. I won't try the impossible because it's GMO. I'll try the beyond though.
Victoria Sojkova
Victoria Sojkova - 8 days ago
i love you
Mary Abc
Mary Abc - 10 days ago
Guys be like : oh I don't like girls who go around half naked shoving their boobs at people's faces for attention .. They're everywhere nowadays .
the kind of gfs they end up with : ...
Amira Ezz
Amira Ezz - 11 days ago
I think more fats long feeling unhungry if regullar meals
Eyedunno - 11 days ago
I tried the Carl's Jr. Beyond and the Impossible Whopper, and I have to be honest, I was wanting to love the Impossible Burger based on the hype, and it does have the correct flame-broiled quality, but it smells funny and I didn't think it was as good of a beef substitute as the Beyond. Also, Beyond Sausage is wonderful, though personally I have only had the Hot Italian.
Donte Brown
Donte Brown - 12 days ago
Its disgusting
Lisa Elissa
Lisa Elissa - 13 days ago
I tried the Impossible Burger... I thought it was really tasty! Then I read the nutritional content... sodium, saturated fat... If you mix up enough salt and lard, anything tastes good! I wonder if they remembered to add "plants".
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw - 14 days ago
Dang you doing good Dr.Mike the delivery woman was Smokin hot!
KingTen91 - 14 days ago
Doctor Mike: "this tastes weird.. let me get another bite of that"
Fanzindel - 14 days ago
Him eating burgers upside down makes me feel uncomfortable
Lofty Paragon
Lofty Paragon - 15 days ago
Most important is it's HALAL. Soon somebody will protests to add bacon in it.
yourr namee
yourr namee - 16 days ago
like that you see through why extra salt is added then to follow up, the protein counts are discussed. In my mind, they all vary in weight, so a larger burger may seem to have higher protein or even salt just because it is larger. Are you comparing per gram ie 100gms for each, or just quoting the serve because we can't ascertain the best info from that.
Mommy and Matthew
Mommy and Matthew - 16 days ago
Great food Palate👍 if you weren't a doctor, maybe a chef?
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy - 17 days ago
Doctor Mike binge 2019💚
Bella Rose
Bella Rose - 17 days ago
“CLENSING THE PALLET .... why am I yelling “ ahh I love him 😂
Bella Rose
Bella Rose - 17 days ago
Yeah I have an idea of something I want you to cover, who and why that girl was in the beginning 😂
JoJo Skye
JoJo Skye - 17 days ago
Real meat for the win! 🥇 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Diamond Delicious
Diamond Delicious - 17 days ago
They might not be the healthiest vegan thing but they will always be better then eating beef that is full of hormones n junk I do think they are need low sodium versions tho for people with high blood pressure
Maddy K
Maddy K - 18 days ago
my mom likes to make healthier burgers by replacing the bun with lettuce.
Josh Oakley
Josh Oakley - 19 days ago
"It's not a great burger. 4 out of 5 stars." ...what?
Brooke Palmer
Brooke Palmer - 10 days ago
He did say he was coming off the 30 day vegan challenge 😂
2muchtv - 19 days ago
Falafel burgers are way better.
Melllvar - 20 days ago
Meatless Burgers sound like an Utter catastrophe!
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
That intro was dr.mike and his gf doing some role playing
Artcore103 - 21 day ago
this doctor is retarded. beef is GOOD for you, in every way, period. total noob. his thinking about nutrition is so 20+ years ago. saturated fat is not bad for you. salt is not bad for you (obviously in reasonable, not extreme, amounts). a burger or steak is not a treat. SOY is bad for you. the worst part about a burger is the BUN, everyone who knows anything about nutrition today knows this. carbs and grains, keep to a minimum. if you're eating beef once or twice a day, you're golden. super ideal. grass fed > grain fed, antibiotic free of course.
JoJo Skye
JoJo Skye - 17 days ago
Artcore103 Thanks, I’ll look into the supplements for her. 😄
Artcore103 - 17 days ago
@JoJo Skye that's great. Only people that cannot absorb b12 at all need shots. There is an excellent liquid b12 supplement out there that is methylcobalamin, not cyanacobalamin. Multiple companies may label and sell it, but i get it from infowars life. Not sure if the politics might bother you, please you, or if you can ignore them and take the products for what they are in isolation, but they do have excellent supplements. I highly recommend their b12 "secret 12" or "ultra 12" (i guess a newer formula), and their nascent (atomic) iodine "survival shield x2". Just look at the amount of b12 in there... With a few drops she can supplement with thousands of % of the rda of the most bioavailable form. There are nutritionists and naturopathic doctors that could test her and guide her based on principles other than the food pyramid garbage. Statins are horrible and not good or necessary for anyone period. Dietary cholesterol is imperative for brain health and keeping the myelin sheeths on our nerves.
JoJo Skye
JoJo Skye - 17 days ago
Artcore103 That’s ok, I was really vague when I asked, so I can see why you thought it was someone who was anti cholesterol asking. Haha I eat a whole foods omnivore diet, so I try to stay away from processed foods. I’ve actually shown mom some info of how red meats and shellfish have more B12 in it. She’s having to get B12 shots every 2 weeks because she’s deficient. She takes the mainstream advice about limiting meat and eating chicken or turkey instead of eating red meats. Since I showed her the info, she is now sending me photos of her red meat she makes when she cooks, showing me she’s adding it into her diet now. But I’m concerned if she tells her doctor she’s eating more red meat, the Dr may scold her for it. She hates getting the shots. I will start talking to her about the butter. See if I can get her to buy the Kerrigold. 👍🏼 People definitely started getting all of these diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes when they told people to stop eating the full fat dairy and fatty meats. They replaced those natural foods with processed vegetable oils and low fat food but added sugars instead. Ugh I never took the advice and continued downing gallons of full fat milk, full fat everything, eating the pork chops, steaks, etc. I stayed thin eating this way and everyone always asked me how I could eat like that because they were overweight and eating the low-fat stuff. Anyway, thanks for answering with real facts. I’ve asked this same question to quite a few others and no one could answer. You’re the first one who gave me some solid proof that these foods are in fact healthy. When my family and friends question me, I can have something more solid for them now. 👍🏼
Artcore103 - 17 days ago
@JoJo Skye I'm sorry i came off wrong, i misinterpreted where you were coming from. You are exactly on the right track, and i can relate with your experiences. Quality kerigold type butter is practically a medicine it's so good for you (in reasonable quantities of course), especially for older adults for a number of reasons. It's full of the best form of natural K2, healthy nueroprotective fats, fatty acids, and other nutrients. It's a great low glycemic and dense energy source for seniors who might not be able to eat enough too. There is no positive nutritional benefit to margarine - none! Besides the argument about fat, which is merely a claim that it's less "bad" for you, there's nothing else positive one could say about it. That's the definition of empty calories. Butter has real positives, and the view on fats is simply false. Previous generations were healthier overall, but even considering those who had heart attacks or strokes or whatever else, there's so many factors to consider. Environmental factors, personal health factors like smoking, and other areas of their diet, their work etc. The supposed link between their breakfast choices and a heart attack is utterly foolish. Everyone ate that way, so obviously everyone who had a heart attack ate that way too. Now explain cancer diabetes and obesity in modern times and modern diets. Keep reading, maybe they'll listen to something you can show them, maybe not. But you and your family can be healthy and confident in your choices. Nutrition can get as complex as you want, supplements galore and new fads daily, but that can burn you out and give you the personality of a vegan... Doom and gloom about a specific common food, or too good to be true promises of some other ridiculous food or thing. I've indulged in that and also seen it go too far. Who has time for that. Eat things that are natural, listen to your body. Keep sugars and carbs down unless you're going biking or something and burning serious calories. Steak, eggs, bacon, cheese, butter.... These are staples! Eat some diverse veggies and salads, buy raw milk (look into that if you haven't, it's cheap in many places, incredibly delicious and crazy good for you... You know, like nature provides to its own growing infants! Duh.) Some fish and seafood, and as many spices as you can handle. Get pink salt or another natural salt, and a good multivitamin unless you really want to spend hours and hours getting more specific about that. Magnesium and other rarer minerals, other things modern soils cause foods to be deficient in. C, d, e, b... Can't go wrong with boosting the basics.
JoJo Skye
JoJo Skye - 17 days ago
Artcore103 Thank you. I found 5 studies from a link on the page on the first website you posted. After searching myself I had only found websites claiming cholesterol wasn’t harmful, but they never posted links to sources of any studies to back up what they were saying. The closest thing I had been able to find that related to studies were people saying the past studies showing cholesterol was bad for you were flawed. Most of them use the Ancel Keys study. I’ve been watching cholesterol videos today, like from Dr. Berg, but still they never pointed to actual studies. The reason I’ve been looking for this information is because I’ve ate these saturated foods my whole life and sometimes people make negative comments about how I eat in spite of the fact that I’m healthy and in a healthy weight zone. I recently had a friend over and I was making breakfast and I asked if she wanted bacon and eggs, she said, “no way, that stuff causes heart attacks”. I said no it doesn’t. She said, “my grandpa ate bacon every day and he died of a heart attack so it’s true”. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The doctor has my mom on statins and told her to replace butter with some fake butter stuff (I forget the name). On the front it says no trans fat, but the ingredients say partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Ugh
Artcore103 - 21 day ago
omg that girl was insanely hot.... disgustingly painfully angeringly hot. screw you.
Dmichoacan - 21 day ago
Am i still vegan if I eat pussy?
Sam - 21 day ago
Kaitlin Hussey
Kaitlin Hussey - 22 days ago
Thank you Dr. Mike for clarifying that the impossible burger (and beyond) is meant as a treat. Even people who are vegan seem to think that because the burgers are vegan, they are healthy. Vegan doesn’t equal healthy, and this is from a vegan of many years.
Thank you always for your honesty and transparency
Floof The Bird
Floof The Bird - 22 days ago
I'm actually curious about the black bean patty. Then again I kinda like beans.
Sean Avery
Sean Avery - 24 days ago
The point of them is to help the environment, for people that don’t like eating actual dead animal or needed to drop red meat from their diet to have that option, etc. Not to try and be healthier. Of course it’s not going to be. It’s a burger still and they don’t claim to be. If you want to eat healthy go eat a salad or something. So many hardcore meat eaters out there that say this dumb stuff just to try and belittle it.
Catherine C.
Catherine C. - 24 days ago
"Time to hydrate"
Ruchir Rawat
Ruchir Rawat - 24 days ago
the first time i've heard a doctor publicly talk about ordering 6 burgers just for himself and yet being being the only doctor with those abs under that shirt
Ryan Privee
Ryan Privee - 25 days ago
I doubt this guy's a real doctor...
CheshireKat - 25 days ago
Okay, it's nice to know about the nutrition of each of these. I've been wanting to try meatless burgers and tacos but haven't wanted to waste my money on something I might not like or might not even be any healthier than beef. I actually don't eat beef but do eat a lot of poultry.
marcelle beall
marcelle beall - 26 days ago
Vegan burgers are for ethics and sustainability. Never claiming to be heath foods.
Edgar Nello
Edgar Nello - 26 days ago
the whole point of a meatless burger is to be healthy. If its not healthy then whats the point its still killing you slowly. Isnt that the whole point of going vegan to be healthy? Either way i see veganism as another diet fad like going glutten free. Some people might continue the diet but most people wont. By next year people wont even care about meatless food.
Edgar Nello
Edgar Nello - 26 days ago
@marcelle beall yeah but everyone already knows about those
marcelle beall
marcelle beall - 26 days ago
Lol you forgot about ethical and environmental reasons for veganism.
VoltaireLives - 26 days ago
The beef burger still looked pink, ugh!
Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel - 26 days ago
bwingh - 26 days ago
That's cause you gotta flavor the crap outta vegan stuff to make it not bland
Taylor Reimers
Taylor Reimers - 26 days ago
bwingh do you eat your meat plain? without any seasonings? no? oh...
Hannah Merrifield
Hannah Merrifield - 27 days ago
That plastic bottle is problematic. If you want sparkling water you can get it in an aluminum can.
Asmr Apple Lover
Asmr Apple Lover - 28 days ago
Dude Go Vegan!!!!
Beef burger yuk! How can you continue to eat death when you can eat a vegan burger!!!!wtf dude!
Go Vegan World♥️✊🏽✌🏽💪🏽🍎
seana roddan
seana roddan - 28 days ago
Ok I have to ask.. I love watching Dr. Mike videos, but I can't help seeing the Medical Cross in the background. So I'm wondering, were the pictures placed like this on purpose? or is it just coincidence?
Malin erikstad
Malin erikstad - 28 days ago
Who tf was the burger delivery woman?! Mike is mine
Love my Husband
Love my Husband - 5 days ago
Malin erikstad lol not g/f but dating someone but isn’t the woman in video
Marqan - 29 days ago
Not the best video to watch while fasting...
Shelby Droege
Shelby Droege - 29 days ago
the tiny clip — “do i have something in my teeth” killed me
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