JRE MMA Show #76 with Terence Crawford

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Kristian Martinez
Kristian Martinez - 15 hours ago
Great fighter
anthony rodriguez
anthony rodriguez - Day ago
When Terrance Crawford gets a big ppv fight this will blow up
Jolnichek - 2 days ago
Rogan is a cool as bish. I like this bro.
DocteurScrein93 - 2 days ago
42:20 till this day!
Mando Jr
Mando Jr - 3 days ago
I wonder how Crawford would do against a strong welterweight that can impose his strength. It's not so long ago that he was a lightweight
daz6704 - 3 days ago
Indigo man...the black Rambo...Marvin hagler
te - 4 days ago
Need Julian Edelman on here !
daz6704 - 4 days ago
Earl Spence’s people don’t want the fight, never mind earl
daz6704 - 4 days ago
The best fighter out there, Floyd would have a hard time beating him! FACT!
J.Marley - 4 days ago
Fam don’t get how black ppl play pool.... he talking bout if he skunk him on regular 8 ball
Cisco Cabs
Cisco Cabs - 5 days ago
TC a cool cat
Maniac50AE - 7 days ago
Ive chilled Bud once in the club and hes actually just as normal and cool in person!
Paulo Reyes
Paulo Reyes - 8 days ago
waiting for terrence vs loma
John Doe
John Doe - 8 days ago
Holyfield is a known steroid user. Just ask Dwight Quawi.
Mrjvc163 - 8 days ago
I like Terrence a lot. Wish you all the best in all your fights sir.
Ry Guy Fitness
Ry Guy Fitness - 9 days ago
I don’t play pool but I understood TC fully.
Matt Verville
Matt Verville - 9 days ago
Joe hasnt been around pool as much as he acts like if he thinks 8 ball is a simpler game. 8 ball takes way more strategy, 9 ball is a easier game
Anchy Melody
Anchy Melody - 9 days ago
Crawford ppv is not that good
Miguel Valle
Miguel Valle - 10 days ago
Terrance Crawford: "Furrr sirrr longg"
Full Auto
Full Auto - 10 days ago
Crawford vs Spence! make it happen already..........

i'd settle for Virgil Ortiz Jr. vs Bud too.
Neos Kro
Neos Kro - 11 days ago
This guy is awesome, great person and a great fighter!
Michael H.
Michael H. - 11 days ago
Spence is an elite fighter, but Crawford's too smart for him. I can see Spence winning the first two or three rounds, with the middle rounds more or less even with Crawford figuring Spence out, taking over, then dominating the last four rounds or so.
Adrian Ferrera
Adrian Ferrera - 11 days ago
Y’all remember joe rogan talking shit about boxing ? Now he loves it ?
big D
big D - 12 days ago
Crawford is a Kool guy.
BOBSMITH - 13 days ago
either Joe's trolling or he had a blonde moment trying to understand Terrence's 5ball bet
IMO Sports TV
IMO Sports TV - 13 days ago
Terence Crawford wrong about the Pacquiao fight. Jeff Horn wasn't landing actual punches. He roughed Pacman at the end but Manny was outlanded him by double the punches
ron aromando
ron aromando - 13 days ago
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman - 13 days ago
That’s why there running from TC/bud the man @147 🥊💥💨gay boys running Lol 😂
njt002 - 14 days ago
Mayweather doesn't train to fight. He trains to run. Like a coward. Will never respect him as a boxer. He's a pussy.
Steven Ellerbee
Steven Ellerbee - 14 days ago
For some reason, I was very annoyed at Joe this whole interview. In my opinion, he was interrupting or cutting off Bud a little too much.
Jeff Beaudoin
Jeff Beaudoin - 14 days ago
Omaha proud
Christian Barstad
Christian Barstad - 14 days ago
you should try to bring bernard hopkins on the podcast joe! :)
Michael Bonnard
Michael Bonnard - 14 days ago
😂😂😂 why did he have trouble understanding the pool thing
Dominic LaBonte
Dominic LaBonte - 15 days ago
Fuck a Tesla, Terrance knows the Demon is where it's at
Armin Heganovic
Armin Heganovic - 15 days ago
Bosnia in the building BiH
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
best boxer ever
KalizVeryOwn0 Entertainment channel
That’s Sus I’d be like bud gone put some shorts on I ain’t tryna see you in no boxers 1:10:36 this nigga Crawford coming down the stairs in his boxers that’s weird
Luke Peacham
Luke Peacham - 16 days ago
Holyfield must have done steroids to get that big and stay fit n cut
popseed2 - 14 days ago
Luke Peacham he did he was in the thing that went down in Florida with the CLear and cream his Name was Even Fields 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣In the paperwork with his Atlanta Georgia gigantic Estate as the Address to ship his stuff to 😂🤣🤣😂
byron mills
byron mills - 16 days ago
F. Rose
F. Rose - 16 days ago
Great podcast! ✌
David Shelley
David Shelley - 16 days ago
Terence sounds like a dolphin laughing at the flying fish
A to Z Entertainment
A to Z Entertainment - 17 days ago
Class act. And you can tell they have fun together while they work
Mujibullah Ghafar
Mujibullah Ghafar - 17 days ago
Fmd as much as I love Crawford as a fighter he needs to speak more
awis linear
awis linear - 17 days ago
Joe never learns not to talk about male physiques, being terrified of big muscular men, and moaning "Aaaahhh" repeatedly with the look of someone about to faint to enhance the expression of how terrified he is, when talking to black people (not counting nerdy blacks) ... I guarantee you this brother won't be back after seeing that gay shit from a 50 year old white guy. Like what the fuck? Stop.

EDIT: Now he's talking about swallowing semen ... wow
Maria Zhecoslovakia
Maria Zhecoslovakia - 17 days ago
crawford is not yet ripe to fight pacquiao spence and porter, crawford needs to fight thurman first broner bradley mikey and danny garcia , crawford is not yet on the level of porter pacquiao and spence. arum is avoiding crawford to fight spence porter and pacquiao becoz arum knows that it will be the end of crawford career if he fight porter spence and pacquiao, thats the real reason crawford didnt realize, if you want to fight top caliber welterweight in pbc to prove your worth and so that you will not rot in garbage beat thurman first broner garcias or bradley then you will be worthy now to fight high quality welterweights in pbc in the person of pacquiao spence and porter, thats it men dont divert deviate the people around in boxing they are thinking men you cannot fool them on your poor reasoning
D. Jinerson
D. Jinerson - 17 days ago
Crawford is very special, and one down to earth hell of a dude. Bo mac same! Buuuud!
Paper Tacos
Paper Tacos - 17 days ago
Please invite the Garcia family. Robert, Big G, Mikey, Pita!
Seth Skullsberg
Seth Skullsberg - 17 days ago
Bud might not be able to come up with the right words all the time but that dont matter because in the ring he cant be stopped.
Geddy Hess
Geddy Hess - 17 days ago
These are my favorite podcasts, watching fighters talk about their passion makes me want to start training a little bit
barnearmy - 18 days ago
big mamma
Jason Tom
Jason Tom - 18 days ago
Terence Crawford is definitely one of my favorite boxers right now. I love watching his fights! Probably the most if not probably one of the most versatile and all around boxers today. Keep up the great work Bud! -Jason Tom
Nick Cavazos
Nick Cavazos - 18 days ago
Look up asian carp in kentucky lake. And if u wanna bow hunt some 7'+ alaigator gar go to toldeo bend in tx & la. Can catch some giant bass to.
Muddytho - 18 days ago
Damn this dude is one of the best boxers on the planet, but his promotion stinks 😷 he needs to dump top rank
Mexico City
Mexico City - 18 days ago
Imagine thinking Max Kellerman is "great"...
Serab Khan
Serab Khan - 18 days ago
Thanks Terence for fkn up khan
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee - 18 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 Damn Joe coming with the Fire Interview!
gvg144,000 - 18 days ago
The Old school is implemented correctly, triumphs over the new.
Crawford a dying breed.
Joshua Middleton
Joshua Middleton - 18 days ago
Terence boring af with a walking Sea Elephant for a wife
Vlone thug
Vlone thug - 18 days ago
get Errol on the show man
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 18 days ago
Marvin Hagler? Try Mike Tyson.
And it's natural. Switching stances is just a form to close distance.
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