S2E1: "Mercy Part II”

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nando benitez
nando benitez - 4 hours ago
and the third season for when, I need it now... Please....😭😭😭
the best series away...😌
WOGLE - 4 hours ago
Lütfen Türkçe alt yazı eklensin.
Edson Melo
Edson Melo - 8 hours ago
Que pena que não tem em português
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill - 10 hours ago
Kreese aint no dummy.
ROBERT Forsythe
ROBERT Forsythe - 10 hours ago
I really like this movie it's soo powerful it's amazing.
jacob mayer
jacob mayer - 12 hours ago
God this show just loves to pluck my nostalgia strings
MrStaley2152 - 16 hours ago
Lmao! Daniel is still whiny holier than thou fuckboy.
Juvic Izaguirre
Juvic Izaguirre - 18 hours ago
Ok I did not like the first part I mean I thought you were dead
Cableguy818 - 18 hours ago
Miyagi-Do Karate
1. Hilary Swank is no Karate Kid
2. See rule #1 if there is any questions
Jamie Glibert
Jamie Glibert - 10 hours ago
Who's better her or Jaden Smith
iexclipse - 23 hours ago
I’m over here rewatching season 2, for the 7th time while eating a bagle lmaoo
Around 24 min mark I thought to myself .... I hope Star Wars the rise of Skywalker blows my mind. I hope the writing is as good as this cobra Kai episode.
Perhaps during the editing post production the writers and directors of this episode could do a once over with Star Wars.
Good episode
srikanth madhavan
srikanth madhavan - Day ago
NO MERCY.......
Jailson bento da silva Jailsom
Muito bom mas não tem legenda
Wassim Mohmmed
Wassim Mohmmed - Day ago
Magno Santos
Magno Santos - Day ago
Um dia minhas séries estarão neste espaço!!
Savvas Kalimeris
Savvas Kalimeris - Day ago
When Daniel never grew up..
Tyler Goellner
Tyler Goellner - Day ago
For some reason I want Johnny to win. I don’t know why like I think he is a good guy now.
Green arrow
Green arrow - Day ago
Here’s cobra Kai summarised
Strike first strike hard no mercy
Cobra Kai never dies
Green arrow
Green arrow - Day ago
If kreese was this hard for Johnny and he’s like 80 years old imagine how hard he must have been in his prime
Craig Tulloch
Craig Tulloch - Day ago
30 mins in that's a form if Zen Sedona and your doing it right
Craig Tulloch
Craig Tulloch - Day ago
Do the 5degree Ninjas test you get on your knees facing front ways and man stands behind you with sword and use your 6th sense and roll out the way use a Cain too do it and dodge it by using your 6th sense roll out the way
Kc Fox
Kc Fox - Day ago
Moon is hot 2 bad she wasted it being a carpet munching lesbian
ZanTooSaucy - Day ago
Everyone who disliked is a mouth breather
Judy Chang
Judy Chang - Day ago
Okay, is it me, or do we now sympathize with Johnny, while Daniel Laruso gets on our nerves with his snobbish ways??? Back in the 80's, we LOVED Laruso and cheered him on in any battle. But now, he's kind of a prick. Hell, I'm over here cheering on Johnny. Something that I would have never done 35 years ago.
Scott Ross
Scott Ross - 2 hours ago
Judy Chang that’s the idea I think
Márcio Ferreira
Márcio Ferreira - Day ago
Parabéns pela iniciativa de compartilhar esta série que foi EXCELENTE nos anos 80's. Meu muito obrigado.
Barone B
Barone B - Day ago
who fuk right mind watches this bullshit
Donnie Locklear
Donnie Locklear - 2 days ago
I like the series but, they should find some other kind of enemy to battle. The whole thing with Danny vs. Johnny is getting old.
Mohamed Yahya
Mohamed Yahya - 2 days ago
I was crying when the season of the falling legend omg cobra Kia vs idk really but they fighted hard and then that guy was down when cobra Kia made him fall it was op so when cobra Kia sayed I’m sorry then he was angry then punched him hard that cobra Kia falled down the second floor of the school then he fall into his back and I think he died 😿😭I was sad I cried the hell
nathan burgos
nathan burgos - 2 days ago
All this time I was waiting for season 2 and I didn’t know it’s been out for 4 months 🤦‍♂️
Craig Tulloch
Craig Tulloch - 2 days ago
The deanadans of Israel son of jacob see are real deal
Chrismatt Gardner
Chrismatt Gardner - 2 days ago
A Cobra doesnt strike an opponent when he's weak but when he's at his strongest.
Me: then whats a snake's venom for though
leandro pinheiro do nascimento
um filme muito bom
D Goody
D Goody - 2 days ago
Well I’m a few months late but I’m off work rest of today and tomorrow so binge watch time.
Gilbert M
Gilbert M - 2 days ago
Cuantos son fan despues de ver la repeticion de Karate Kid como 50 veces en canal 5 mientras creecian 🤣
FaZe KFC - 2 days ago
There is one day YouTube was fun there were no ads and we can watch show for free but now in 2019 we have to pay that’s bullshit emagine what’s gonna happens in future 3019
Stop Blocking The Truth
I love how it took all of two seconds to rehabilitate Robby's character. Hilarious.
tertius esterhuizen
tertius esterhuizen - 2 days ago
Why is the rest of the Season episodes not available? if i try to play them, even with premium activated?
Euphoric Rain
Euphoric Rain - 2 days ago
tertius esterhuizen could be a regional issue. Go to troubleshoot or google it.
Aseem Akef
Aseem Akef - 3 days ago
Ik wil de tweede S2A2 IK wil dit plies
LightningBoyXXX - 3 days ago
next season 3 is going to be long time im still waiting for trailer comes out first!
Kc Fox
Kc Fox - 3 days ago
Johnny should make Mongoose kaido they love to eat snakes
Kc Fox
Kc Fox - 3 days ago
If Krease was an assain Johnny would be dead
fibbsabaddy - 3 days ago
David Mazuca
David Mazuca - 3 days ago
“Sensai said we have to be ready to discuss over the top after watching it at hawks house”
I find that amusing considering the main character of that movie’s name was Hawk as well. Lol it just occurred to me.
Algo Facil
Algo Facil - 3 days ago
Pague premium para ver contenido aburrido? Qué bueno que robe la cuenta jajajajajajajaja
Gnorf - 4 days ago
Surprise, he found the weakness.
Mikkael Jordison
Mikkael Jordison - 4 days ago
i hate that little punk smirk robby has.
Rare - 4 days ago
Did he said “Afghanistan “ ?
DEEP Mart - 4 days ago
Like si piensas que chingue su madre el donal trump y que viva millagi
Alma - 4 days ago
i like jhonny hhe is
Aaron Tappen
Aaron Tappen - 4 days ago
This is so much better than i thought it could be!!
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