What everyone missed re: Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till…

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robert punu
robert punu - 9 days ago
what's that saying Chael? oh, I know, its ''hindsight is 20/20.'' know what I mean.
paul fromphillie
paul fromphillie - 25 days ago
cormier is the goat. Brock gets shot.
seal869 - Month ago
Is this pure trolling? There is no super heavyweight class in pro boxing. If there were, monsters like Tyson Fury, Lennox Lewis, Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, etc. would be in it... but those are just heavyweights. And the reason cruiserweights aren't spoiling to fight those guys is... size definitely fucking matters in striking, dude. Nobody thinks heavyweights are actually the best fighters. The compliments paid to Ali were things like "he fights like a welterweight." Same in wrestling; everybody knows the most explosive athletes are at the lower weights. But that doesn't mean those dudes can actually beat bigger guys head to head. That's why we talk about "pound for pound" in weight class sports. Sure, mass CAN slow you down. But it can also make you harder to unbalance, put a little more heft behind your punches, lets you put more pressure in the clinch, and most of all it often corresponds to greater range. Meanwhile a slick BJJ practitioner can catch a monster in a triangle or armbar or w/e.
MrDanybe - Month ago
Forget size, The most obvious point missed by this smug cunt is that when boxers or MMA fighters like Jorge that have very good stand up skills meet the normal MMA fighter who don’t have a background in boxing they out box and normally catch them with that shot, till isn’t a boxer an masvidal near enough is, so going toe toe till was always going to come unstuck.
ramsy420 - Month ago
Chael is absolutely making brilliant points here. He is way ahead of journalism with his objectivity
mikeyboy - Month ago
Chanel never cared about 15 lbs because he was juiced for every fight
Kevbean - 2 months ago
I went to harrahs and threw 400 on masvidal I knew uncle chael... I knew
jimabbitt616 - 2 months ago
Tim Sylvia barely made 265
- dot
- dot - 2 months ago
There is no Super Heavyweight professional boxing champion
James Barthelemy
James Barthelemy - 2 months ago
Yea, but I know what time it is.
slim jim
slim jim - 2 months ago
daDaffmeistah - 2 months ago
It always favors the smaller guy, except Jon Jones cause he throws singles strikes so shorter fighters can't counter him.
Larry Lubbert
Larry Lubbert - 2 months ago
U are right. It's in you. It does hurt to fight.
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 2 months ago
This just isn't true. Size is almost always better until the point of demonising returns, which is only a factor in the heavyweight division and up.. Assuming a good skill set and movement (which till obviously has) size is a benefit. That's the reason we have divisions. The only advantage smaller guys have in their division is that they have forward pressure styles and are always trying to close the distance. It looks good when you're coming forward, while the taller guy will always be using his reach and keeping the distance, resulting in backward movement more often. It looks good to the judges and a lot of fans when you're the guy "going after" the other. Length is always a factor. How many champions in history are short for their division vs how many are tall for the division? Tall champs are much more common than short.
Toby Holland
Toby Holland - 2 months ago
8:00 I wonder if Chael drops little mistakes into his commentary on purpose. I think it's entirely possible. His second opponent was Jason Miller, and he then fought DAN Miller in his first UFC fight, at the MGM, not at the Hard Rock. He's also had 48 fights, not 45. Can't find Pat Healy listed anywhere on Chris Leben's page either.
I love this man, he's a brilliant troll. Gets me every time ;)

EDIT - Just considered that some amateur fights might not be listed on Wikipedia or Sherdog. I've had a few fights and they're on Sherdog. But my friend had a pro MMA fight in Taiwan that wasn't listed. So perhaps Chael did fight Dan Miller but the fight wasn't recognized on Sherdog/other outlets.
Toby Holland
Toby Holland - 2 months ago
3:25 - Tim Sylvia was at the 265 limit, was he not?
Toby Holland
Toby Holland - 2 months ago
@PuffTheMagicHobo Neither of them were champion though. Chael said that Brock is the only UFC HW champ that had to cut weight, but I think Tim S. also met those criteria.
PuffTheMagicHobo - 2 months ago
Pretty sure Lewis and/or Nnganou have cut as well
唐淼 - 2 months ago
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dave - 2 months ago
Whoa Chael son. Ali was 230-245 in his prime. 198 was when he was very young starting as a heavyweight. You let yourself down with your lack of boxing knowledge. Also Till cheated his way to the top and the two times he has made weight he has lost. The rest of the time he has come on far heavy than his opponent and won on that advantage. Size does matter, especially at the lower to middle weights.
dave - 2 months ago
Maxvidal is a first cousin to the Diaz brothers.
Nick Giakas
Nick Giakas - 2 months ago
chael straight fucking up my betting odds -_-
subsoil007 - 2 months ago
If you thought this before the fight .. did you do a video on it ? Hindsight is a great thing
MR - 2 months ago
that's ridiculous jail because why do people drop down 20 pounds below their weight class that's right cuz there's a bigger fighter
joeyripswell - 2 months ago
best comment/point of the lot of us. weight cut indeed
Charles Vickery
Charles Vickery - 2 months ago
Didn't Carwin have an interim title at the limit?
Association of Free People
Till doesn’t move. His chin was hanging out there all night. The shot that brutalized him was an expensive education about head movement and defense.
brett warren
brett warren - 2 months ago
Tim Sylvia had to cut to 265, I think, but we all know that his ass was taking EVERYTHING in the mf god damn book!! That and he’s fucking 6’9” fuckin tall!
Izumabakumatsu - 2 months ago
I can't even imagine how big/ muscular/ fat a boxer needs to be for them to be 400pounds. Damn. I'm around pounds at 6 feet and already I feel slow as hell.
Danny from the beer store
Danny from the beer store - 2 months ago
Why are you yelling at me ? Jeezus peezus ! Gosh !
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford - 2 months ago
So a Floyd Mayweather beats a Mike Tyson if both in their prime??? ur off ur head on this one mate, spot on 99% of the time though so u get a pass.. ;)
Colby Chavez
Colby Chavez - 2 months ago
Chael is wild 😂 the enthusiasm is somethin Else , for every little thing too hahaha
Earl Green
Earl Green - 2 months ago
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Earl Green
Earl Green - 2 months ago
@TheTimbalanders The wheat and the weeds have to grow together until the appointed time friend - Matthew 13:24-30
TheTimbalanders - 2 months ago
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callmewisdom - 2 months ago
Chael is tripping. Every statistic (both in MMA and in street violence) shows, that size is a very important factor that greatly favours the heavier fighter (up to a point of course).
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams - 2 months ago
This fool is funny and insightful, yeah the dude is right, bigger CAN be better if the guy can use his reach well like Hearns vs Duran, but simply being bigger in boxing is not good vs a better dude... think Mcgregor vs Mayweather....Mayweather is way smaller and way better at boxing than McGregor...bigger alone doesn't make someone better...he's a crazy fool but he's telling the truth....the bright lights don't make the fight...fighters make the fight
drunxter g
drunxter g - 2 months ago
Chael when you cover badass Hispanic fighters your gonna get alot of likes#jorge masvidal,gilbert Melendez,tony Ferguson,the diaz brothers,diego Sanchez
Tim the Toothless
Tim the Toothless - 2 months ago
Masviday vs Aaron Till
alexaldana1991 - 2 months ago
Did Chael just mix up Mayhem with Dan Miller?
Freedom ForAll!
Freedom ForAll! - 2 months ago
Hidden Camera: Jim Jeffries Exposed
il ross
il ross - 2 months ago
So all the weigh ins are to protect to the bigger guys? This is ridiculous nonsense.
Young SauceDripperz
Young SauceDripperz - 2 months ago
Not always my boy
Must.Af.aalik - 2 months ago
Talking bullshit again. So why was he fighting middleweight by cutting weight when he should be light heavy??
dayvbui - 2 months ago
Hate to be the guy to say it, but isn't heavyweight in boxing absolute? There is no limit on how big a heavyweight can be, so how can there a super heavyweight boxing class?
Nigel Liotta
Nigel Liotta - 2 months ago
Well... 80 people would be a pretty big crowd for a dog park...
JayUppercase - 2 months ago
Jesus Chael talks some amount of shite, he would be a perfect politician if he hadn't the dodgy past
Sheng Yeh Soo
Sheng Yeh Soo - 2 months ago
BullSh!t Till was definitely faster than Jorge ... experience win & Jorge don’t get shaken ...
evildeadmitch - 2 months ago
Super Heavys are fun to watch.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 2 months ago
Hello, Humans. Ice cream melts in the heat and the heat consume the soul. When the soul is gone, aan evil force takes hold. The reality of ice cream creating a dark void in the human body.
iain* - 2 months ago
Chael P Sonnen: biggest arms in West Linn Oregon....... the original G. Love you chael 🤘🤘🤘
iain* - 2 months ago
Masvidal is a savage. Did the UFC rush till I don't know guys.......
luigi velarde
luigi velarde - 2 months ago
finally im agree with u
Rational Guardian
Rational Guardian - 2 months ago
What I see happen constantly is that some UFC fans only know the UFC roster and believe that those fighters are the "elite" of MMA and no other organization has any great fighters on their cards. It's laughable and just goes to show that sheep don't know shit about MMA around the world.
En5an3 - 2 months ago
damn straight chael
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last - 2 months ago
Chael is the GOAT!
mike santini
mike santini - 2 months ago
Chael you count interum titles as world titles so what about carwin
Dave Mieze
Dave Mieze - 2 months ago
Don’t fuck with Jorge. In the ring, or backstage.
Dave Mieze
Dave Mieze - 2 months ago
Jorge Masvidal. End of story.
Sean Alger
Sean Alger - 2 months ago
Chael always popping up on trending
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia - 2 months ago
Jorge is a beast!
Dave Curry
Dave Curry - 2 months ago
I get your point with the HW division. 170 is a different deal. Tall and long makes a huge difference in standup.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#40 on trending
Max Moore
Max Moore - 2 months ago
Casuals said that shit.
If you know Jorge he was here knuckle in backyards fighting at 185 guys over 200lbs....and winning.
I knew Jorge was gonna get him
Edward Jones
Edward Jones - 2 months ago
Till top 5 in the world?! WTF
jai nayyar
jai nayyar - 2 months ago
Was dada 5000 cutting weight to fight kimbo at heavyweight?
Jazz Buzzard
Jazz Buzzard - 2 months ago
Ali in his prime was about 210 but i got it
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon - 2 months ago
Boxing analogy about size is nonsense. Wlad and Vitali dominated heavyweight due to size. Lewis dominated heavyweight due to size. Even now Wilder 6'7", Fury 6'9", Joshua 6'6". Smaller fighters for 15-20 years haven't got close to being top level heavyweights.
Chris Frederiksen
Chris Frederiksen - 2 months ago
Ayy Chaels on trending
ajsilva78 - 2 months ago
Cael looks the Godfather
david bell
david bell - 2 months ago
TheLynxer - 2 months ago
Shane Carwin was 265 lbs when he won the Interim Heavyweight Title against Frank Mir, who was also 265 lbs in that fight. But aside from Lesnar, I don't think there's ever been an undisputed heavyweight champ to max out in weight.
JBOM9000 - 2 months ago
Dude how long are you going to talk about that fight?
Mibsam Malik
Mibsam Malik - 2 months ago
this fools crazy if a guys bigger and longer they have an advantage already in reach
Beastly Rivers
Beastly Rivers - 2 months ago
Tim Silvia
Broken Native
Broken Native - 2 months ago
I don’t think size only matters when grappling.. for example look at Fedor throwing giants about like Barbie dolls.
Peter K
Peter K - 2 months ago
Been saying pretty much the same thing all along. Guys like Masvidal have been in the game for ages, dude had his first pro fight way back in 2003 FFS. All those years in the octagon pay off, it's not just about skill and talent. But the UFC press machine likes hyping these upcoming guys, with perfect, shiny, padded records to get those PPV's in. So when I was talking with people about this fight they were like "loool, Masvidal's been out for ages and he has a record of 32-12, he's gonna get smoked". Bruh, first of all, check out the names on that record, then consider that when you've been in the octagon for almost two decade,s you're bound to take a few L's.

Yeah, people are just too fixated on records and money fights these days, but the old-school fighters like Masvidal and Sonnen for that matter, come from an era where that shit wasn't as important and people just came to fight. That's the real difference and I think Masvidal vs Till demonstrated that clash of generations perfectly.
Cody Roden
Cody Roden - 2 months ago
Man I felt like I was listening to Dave Ramsey the Seriousness and Tone Chael Speaks with makes you shut up and listen. Love it lol
Richard Dunmire
Richard Dunmire - 2 months ago
Ummm Conor in the 145 division
Smoked all smaller guys. The list goes on.
Kill3r Killz
Kill3r Killz - 2 months ago
Masvidal vs Woodley
andrew packard
andrew packard - 2 months ago
Wrong Chael!!! lol Wonderboy lost to Till because of size. Cerrone got destroyed by Till because of size. Masvidal could have one of the best chin's in MMA and weathered the storm and then took him out. To prove your point you would have to say that if you fought a smaller version of yourself, in stand up, that you would be at a disadvantage. Now that I think about it, you may indeed say that just to prove your delusional point lol.
MannElite - 2 months ago
I predicted Masvidal to K.O. Till in the 1st or 2nd...
Spider Mink
Spider Mink - 2 months ago
Let's not pretend Till wasn't winning the fight before getting clipped. That's the fight game. Till is still a beast.
Brian Swarbrigg
Brian Swarbrigg - 2 months ago
Did everyone say masvidal was to small ?? Don’t think so . “What everything missed” ah thanks Chael we are all dumbasses 😂😂😂 he always thinks he knows more than everyone
Sean Prana
Sean Prana - 2 months ago
The fire was stomped out by Chael
Kenneth Bailey
Kenneth Bailey - 2 months ago
Goes to paint store and when they ask what color are you looking for sir? Cheap answers back “SHIT” will work just fine !
adam withers
adam withers - 2 months ago
i think carwin was 265, overeem when he was on juice was 265
mitchell dring
mitchell dring - 2 months ago
Chael,you must understand.....Only you and a handful of other americans ( Including Trump) speak an iota of sense.Your undeveloped and lesser evolved minds dont see what the rest of us do
English JD
English JD - 2 months ago
Yeah brock , and Shane Carwin
Pawel Sych
Pawel Sych - 2 months ago
Size doesnt give you advantage in standup fight? What is he talking about? So why there is so many divisions in boxing? Watch Spence vs Garcia. Or Tyson vs Lewis.
Nate Hartsell
Nate Hartsell - 2 months ago
Casting Couch Chael
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Askeren out striked Robbie too
Dawood Bartlett
Dawood Bartlett - 2 months ago
You so right ,Chael.....👍
Solaxer - 2 months ago
And people wanna say Rory lost to Moose because of size alone
Dennis De Vera
Dennis De Vera - 2 months ago
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 2 months ago
David - 2 months ago
So a smaller guy has an advantage over a bigger guy if it is a stand up fight?
That's bollocks. May they be a little faster but what about the strength! And the reach!
Mike Conrad
Mike Conrad - 2 months ago
Should of said this before the fight easy to say after
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 2 months ago
Saying fighters don't care about 15 pounds, but Till cares enough to put himself through a painful weight cut
Scara Mouche
Scara Mouche - 2 months ago
99% of the time the bigger dude wins.
Anush Gopalakrishnan
Anush Gopalakrishnan - 2 months ago
I love how Chael can always come up with the perfect explanation after the fact. Hindsight is 20/20 after all
Bearded1 YT
Bearded1 YT - 2 months ago
Never forget, Chael called it, after the fact.
Blank - 2 months ago
Chael there is no super heavyweight divison in profesional boxing thats why no one talks about it. Super heavyweight only exists in amateur competition and is merely the equivalent of the heavyweight division in pro boxing.
Blank - 2 months ago
yea it kinda tilted me chael should stick to mma where he knows what he's talking about
Les Chino
Les Chino - 2 months ago
Blank I was just about to type this glad I see your comment first he’s spouting shite valuev big hairy Russian bastard of a man was about 800lbs and 9ft tall still fought at heavyweight to be fair not much head movement tho
Fire - 2 months ago
Dude chale said the same shit
Tyler C
Tyler C - 2 months ago
"Cooking with Chael" - make it happen!
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