Here's Why the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Is Much Better Than the Old One

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June Yang
June Yang - 55 minutes ago
This person's car review is really different whether it was paid or not
Compared to other reviews so far, this is a personal review that is not neutral to anyone.
Cactus Bob
Cactus Bob - 20 hours ago
"Could be a problem if your going through a thick Forrest".......Nobody who buys that over complicated, computerized nightmare is going anywhere but to drop off the kids or to the supermarket..........because of they did and got a few inches of water would be totaled. this is no CJ/DJ ...and never will be.
hammertime - Day ago
O’Reilly commercial hitting hard in my Rubicon
Mafr0 - 2 days ago
With this Jeep, they've citainly nailed steep! Price-wise that is...
Digi - 2 days ago
Literally the only differences between these and the JK's is the lane change monitoring option, the automatic top, and windshield lowering. Everything else is the same with slight changes.
S G - 3 days ago
12 seconds for criminals to remove your glass, at the Supermarket, in the Mall or Parked overnight on the street and steal everything inside..Wow...thats impressive..
Sounds_Like_Pain - 4 days ago
Except that it’s structurally fucked compared to the JK. Within both Encap and Ancap safety tests, it scored 1 out of 5... wtf did they do
tremerefury - 8 days ago
After watching this video, I hate the new Jeeps.
tremerefury - 8 days ago
The back up camera is a horrible idea because most jeep guys replace the tire carrier when they replace the rear bumper.
Reese Foulke
Reese Foulke - 8 days ago
At 6:26, Doug mentions no other car manufacturer is so confident in their grille design that they do not put a logo on the front. The Wrangler JK (2007-2018) was, to this point, the only Wrangler to have a hood logo/ornament. Some people may say that the Wrangler TJ had 'Jeep' on the front and yes, they did, but it was on the plastic piece between the grille and the bumper. The direction that Jeep is going by sticking to fender badges and refraining from impeding on the iconic grille is a great move.
4B vEnOm
4B vEnOm - 8 days ago
Everytime I see a jeep wrangler them wall look like so thin and people can just break in. Feel like I'm driving an older car.
Peter Mhina
Peter Mhina - 8 days ago
What does it do when you lock or unlock the rear or front differential? I know nothing about off roading
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama - 8 days ago
not gonna watch 3 commercials to watch another one,
Peter Mhina
Peter Mhina - 8 days ago
Nobody cares
Lee Wescott
Lee Wescott - 10 days ago
A big BUT is it as reliable as a Toyota if so what are you based this is
Tofutaco - 12 days ago
I wonder if anyone makes a aftermarket grill to make a Wrangler have an OwO face.
TheBeaver50 - 14 days ago
Jeeps are so JUNK
Matthew Pepek
Matthew Pepek - 14 days ago
The back-up camera on these Wranglers is 1080p. Super clear and high quality unlike a lot of other cars.
Fun2 Drive
Fun2 Drive - 15 days ago
I drive the 18, 17 and 19 models but they are still crude and don't anywhere near match a Pilot. I do this day in and day out driving at least 2 per week. I just like the cashe' this has as it is a cult following and great resale value. But lets not kid anyone this is still a Jeep and pales in comparison to my Jeep Grand Cherokee. But the purpose is to be able to take this off road even with the gas mileage that sucks. I like them and you are just either want one or dislike them. Looks gorgeous to me in red!!
Jake D
Jake D - 15 days ago
You have to go to through a menu to dim your mirror? That's absolutely ridiculous. Not only are you blind and can't see because of the guy behind you, but you gotta distract your view further by going through the head unit to find the dim button.
fraxy 33
fraxy 33 - 17 days ago
I can and that car would be the hummer h1 ofc
Dr. Texas
Dr. Texas - 17 days ago
"Put the top up with one hand"
*Proceeds to use 2 hands*
Quincy Jackson
Quincy Jackson - 18 days ago
jeep flipping over
FBB - 19 days ago
Does the windshield actually snap down securely or does it just bounce up and down?
Attorney Attorney
Attorney Attorney - 19 days ago
FOertel - 21 day ago
I can imagine one, BMW, would say that grill design is even more disctinctive... still, you recongnize a Jeep when you see it, thats true :D
makarowce - 22 days ago
Orlando Obeso
Orlando Obeso - 22 days ago
Ok. This video sold me 110% now. I was debating between a Tacoma or a wrangler (this would be my second cause my first one was my first car) and I decided to come back to the Jeep family!!!! Counting down the days now to get a blue four door ❤️😊😊
Johnny Villanueva ramos
Johnny Villanueva ramos - 22 days ago
Review a Nissan Xterra Pleasee
B Smith
B Smith - 23 days ago
I dont know, electronics, plastic doohickeys and power thingies---and a v6. 4 door can't have much of a turning radius. So best for what? I might say the TJ rubicon 4.0 with e lockers and a manual transmission if you take rust precautions. YJs--no doohickey but a strong frame and galvanised. Not that people shouldn't enjoy them but the core purpose of a Wrangler is turning a corner now. At least they havent gone IFS yet.
Dizzyish - 24 days ago
Why is Doug on my internet!! 😩
L0WlifeS10 - 24 days ago
In sweden though, the cool factor is 10 and above!
Robert - 24 days ago
The slot between the cup holders is for the key while your driving.
1badawg 66
1badawg 66 - 26 days ago
1badawg 66
1badawg 66 - 26 days ago
Call it a car again nerd boy. 😡
qasim chaudry
qasim chaudry - 26 days ago
Wrangler is the only variant keeping jeep alive. Because all other things they made are totally fucker
Riley Weaver
Riley Weaver - 27 days ago
Doug: ehh the c5 corvette is quick but not as quick as modern cars, acceleration 1.
Also Doug: the wrangler gets a 2 for acceleration.
Junior Haingura
Junior Haingura - 27 days ago
Do a video of a Jeep Patriot please
Drove a 2018 Jeep Cherokee Limited for a couple weeks. Felt like it was trying to imitate a Porsche Cayenne, but managed to fail on all the best points of the cayenne, handling, acceleration, comfort, suspension. It felt like a fly by wire while the old 94 Jeep I drove for years felt like it was steering direct to wheel. the 2000s Porsche Cayenne I drove felt like a tightened up old Jeep with impeccable suspension. So Jeep or in this case, Chrysler, really pulled a epic fail. I wouldn’t pay 15k for that piece of poop...
American car manufacturers need to get their head out each other’s butts, they’re just making a fool of themselves. I could come in and tell them everything that’s cr*p on their new vehicles but would they listen? Probably not. That’s why I would recommend a Toyota Camry over anything American besides a corvette. You name it, foreign vehicles are generally better than American cars for Americans.
I think tommy boy really nailed it. I could poop in a box and label it guaranteed, people would buy it. But it doesn’t change that American cars are basically poop in a box...
daddyfatsack68 - Month ago
Can u put the back seat down?
Iwo - Month ago
I build one and it came up to 60K, I rather get a Raptor
freespirit - Month ago
can you fold the rear seats down?
Jim Bruni
Jim Bruni - Month ago
Jeep boot licker!
Fred Hoffman
Fred Hoffman - Month ago
Looks like the Munsters car if you paint it black.
sailorashore - Month ago
Another Fiat?
justvettn - Month ago
Why do some jeeps built in 2018 still have the old body style? Wonder what moth was the cutoff point?
Lucas Van der Veen
Lucas Van der Veen - Month ago
I'd love to get one but unfortunately I live in the Netherlands, where a basic wrangler with a 2.0L petrol engine costs 100.000 dollars...
Doug is the type of guy to sneeze and say bless you to himself LOL.
Synyster Goose
Synyster Goose - Month ago
The slot between cupholders is actually for the key fob
SonOfMyths73 - Month ago
You forgot the electronic sway-bar disconnect. Such a useful thing, that.
kurt franklin
kurt franklin - Month ago
I like the styling of the Wrangler but it sadly fails as a choice for tall drivers I went shopping for a new one and I couldn’t get in even with the drivers seat retracted as far as possible. I’m waiting for the new Toyota TJ Cruiser.
Jonte Tomte
Jonte Tomte - Month ago
It's better when it actually runs..
Rebel Pryde
Rebel Pryde - Month ago
How bout them elll eee deees?? 😆
Becker Inal
Becker Inal - Month ago
Doug gets my Score of 3 out of 10 with this boring video ;)
Chris bo
Chris bo - 2 months ago
Hey doug some of those things are only on the Jeep Wrangler Sahara! Not The Rubicon or Sport Please Review them!
Usonian Fasces
Usonian Fasces - 2 months ago
This one. Hard top. Manual trans. Lifted, big tires. Attachment for a plow (very much needed, I’ll do it myself at no charge) All the options. Heavy duty primer white. With big sonic eagle branding. I promise I won’t ever smoke in it.
cbthethird - 2 months ago
That's a barbie jeep pal.
John Milks
John Milks - 2 months ago
It surprised me how many people don't actually understand the dimming mechanisms in the rear view. They'll drive around with lights beaming into they're eyes lol. I've trained people to drive and it's common for people to not know how to adjust outside mirrors too. You shouldn't have the back of the vehicle in the mirror but the lane next to you.
John Milks
John Milks - 2 months ago
The original windshield was foldable to accommodate stretchers. They used to just lay flat and rest on some rubber feet. Humvees do the same however it's very difficult to lay a military Humvees Windows down. Compared to the cj, which would lay down with just 2 large wingnuts.
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito - 2 months ago
I actually do like the Rubicon trim with the Powered top.
Brian Haney
Brian Haney - 2 months ago
It’s a Fiat. They pulled their junky cars out of the US market. What’s that say.
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