Beauty Busters: I Tried A Nail Art Printer! (CRAZY!)

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Donte Family
Donte Family - 4 hours ago
Mőøny blue đăţ
Mőøny blue đăţ - 16 hours ago
"Maybe baby" or "poop" idk

Girl I loveeee your vidsss
Harry Potternews
Harry Potternews - Day ago
Credits to cristine ......?
priyanka rai
priyanka rai - 2 days ago
Everthing was good except that screaming as kind of annoying.....
Caydence Keever
Caydence Keever - 2 days ago
Im subscribed
rosa Mejia
rosa Mejia - 3 days ago
Me because I always wanted to win but I never got the chance too
It’s juzt Emma
It’s juzt Emma - 3 days ago
Can I pls have it I have been wanting one for a while but I can’t afford one right now I do understand if I don’t get it tho love your content bye
LittleLovelyLauren12 - 3 days ago
You should give it to me because i have watched every single one of your videos... Since the very first one
Alaina Stanisci
Alaina Stanisci - 3 days ago
Pick me because my mom has the same breast condition. You are insnpiring
Magicalmermaidwater - 4 days ago
Woop woop
Do i need say more ?
Kumi Anderson
Kumi Anderson - 4 days ago
Maybe baby honey 🍼
Alexis Starner (Student)
I would love it if I got the product,I’m not very good at doing my nails and I like doing them so I would like to have the product! #notificationsquad !
Ava Hogrefe
Ava Hogrefe - 5 days ago
Technology has come a long way
Kristine Pena
Kristine Pena - 5 days ago
MIA SANTOS-ARANDA - 5 days ago
Please I need this MACHINE
TherealErick son
TherealErick son - 5 days ago
Kristina Richards
Kristina Richards - 6 days ago
Im just watching this video and relized it came out on my birthday!!!
Vivian Krucek
Vivian Krucek - 7 days ago
Cause I want it and I am horrible at nails
Tracie Parra
Tracie Parra - 8 days ago
Omg that so cool I just need it and it is a woop
Amber D xyngular
Amber D xyngular - 8 days ago
I Love Your VIDS
Hamilton starwars Yay
Hamilton starwars Yay - 8 days ago
Have a good day everyone
Joseph Sealey
Joseph Sealey - 8 days ago
This is Lisa and her boyfriend Damion
Each like = +1 boyfriend she will get
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Ruben Serrano - 9 days ago
can you please give me a shout out i never had one
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Khloee Chisari - 9 days ago
Because I love ur videos and I really want it
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Narinder Kaur - 10 days ago
I subscribed
Ivy Mirandilla
Ivy Mirandilla - 10 days ago
How to order plzzz....?
Ivy Mirandilla
Ivy Mirandilla - 10 days ago
I realy like it, im a salon staff here in kuwait
Abigail Camille
Abigail Camille - 10 days ago
OMG. I am in love with the nail printer AND your videos!!! My favorite nail is the one with Jupiter's adorable little face!!! Thumbs up if your with me!!! :0 :)
Olivia Melendez
Olivia Melendez - 10 days ago
You should pick me because.... it’s a beautiful day!It’s also my birthday in a month, and I went to one of your concerts!🥳Thank You for thinking of us!
Yahri's World
Yahri's World - 10 days ago
Me I need help my nails are ugly I need it
XHYPERDRIVE - 11 days ago
This is amazing I need this right on my house
Ada Eda Yalçınöz
Ada Eda Yalçınöz - 11 days ago
The box moved
Erika Minafee
Erika Minafee - 11 days ago
U should pick me because I am not allowed to where fake nails and I'm your number one fan have a good day god bless
TATIANA'S CHANNEL - 11 days ago
Pick me please and I'll make u on my nails
Li Gigi
Li Gigi - 11 days ago
You should do it when you don't know what picture you will get and let your friends pick it! ❤
Anna-Maria Beck
Anna-Maria Beck - 12 days ago
Barbie sells a nail printer thats waaaay cheaper and does the exact same thing just fyi lol
Golden Bangtan
Golden Bangtan - 13 days ago
Heh I would print bts pictures on my nails
Wendy Montiel
Wendy Montiel - 13 days ago
* raises hand *
Erne Cuba
Erne Cuba - 14 days ago
I think you should send it to me because I spend more than 3 hours on one hand and it will make my life easier
María Antonieta Pérez
María Antonieta Pérez - 14 days ago
This is Alejandra
Fire_wolf_12 34
Fire_wolf_12 34 - 14 days ago
You should give it to me bc I am #natificationsquad
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Lynnsey Johnson - 15 days ago
this is a whoop whoop
amy - 15 days ago
Add me on insta plz
Willow's Wild ADVENTURES
Willow's Wild ADVENTURES - 15 days ago
I love you
Alki Hannah63
Alki Hannah63 - 15 days ago
This is poo poo how old can she get
Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron - 15 days ago
Hi I am poor
HeyItsShandi - 15 days ago
How do you buy it? I can’t find it XD
HeyItsShandi - 15 days ago
I mean where on the site?
dwhite51289 - 15 days ago
I want that
alondra camacho
alondra camacho - 15 days ago
It’s not Japanese it’s Chinese
Samantha Buxton
Samantha Buxton - 15 days ago
I love you and I would love to try it
Suzie McLeod
Suzie McLeod - 15 days ago
You're dog is so cute
Nina gamer
Nina gamer - 16 days ago
Hit or miss out
Mía :P
Mía :P - 16 days ago
I will print me xddddd but it’s sad bc i don’t think no one will like to buy me that xd
Warda Ahmad
Warda Ahmad - 16 days ago
#natificationsquad you are great
Alvin Gronning
Alvin Gronning - 16 days ago
Wow that's awesome 😮
I love ANIME
I love ANIME - 17 days ago
I want it because I never was a loud to have Neal polish so I never got my nails done
Sonya Bagwell
Sonya Bagwell - 18 days ago
Please pick me because i suck at painting my own nails
lil one
lil one - 18 days ago
Do a picture on your nail of Jupiter
Vila He
Vila He - 18 days ago
It's from Chian and costs 580 dollars in China
Nicholas Molale
Nicholas Molale - 18 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 give me that thing
Greydy Grape
Greydy Grape - 18 days ago
Ally Playz
Ally Playz - 18 days ago
Hello Natalie! I hope you pick me..... because my family is a bit poor, and how I got this iPad from my dad, but my dad is not really there for me,so I hope you pick me!p.s. I subscribed and turned on the bell , and gave you a big thumbs up!❤️😍🥰
Autumn Salazar
Autumn Salazar - 18 days ago
Please I don’t get Anything because like my dad he doesn’t Let me because yours has to go to work please I’m your biggest fan I love your videos I subscribed turn on my notification and I joined your squad
kawaii slimes
kawaii slimes - 18 days ago
You should pick me because I love you so much I watch your videos all the time and you are such an amazing person and so generous and thoughtful I love you so much so please pick me 😁😀🙏
famalbright - 19 days ago
Please pick me because I am a disaster at nail art
Feroz Khan
Feroz Khan - 19 days ago
Give it to me coz I don't know how to put nail polish by hand
genevieve sheldon
genevieve sheldon - 19 days ago
plaese pick me
Frendsel Giel
Frendsel Giel - 19 days ago
Hi I am iza wooooow
Kotryna Gied
Kotryna Gied - 20 days ago
I love you’r videos ❤️💕
Princess Mel
Princess Mel - 20 days ago
I want it bc I love to do nails
uwielbiam psy
uwielbiam psy - 20 days ago
Letmesleepinpeace - 20 days ago
It’s not Japanese its Chinese....
Nice video :)
grace rosceth
grace rosceth - 20 days ago
This is Ariana candy
She is alone -1 like = 1 friend
Arianna Garcilazo
Arianna Garcilazo - 20 days ago
You should pick me because I love your videos I love acrylic nails and I only got them once I just want more I just wish that you give to me I love you videos I love you I love everyone I love you so much I wish I could do more videos and I can you do video no budget challenge nature videos by
Ella Smith
Ella Smith - 20 days ago
Mumtaz Sewag
Mumtaz Sewag - 20 days ago
Me over here spend hours to do a nail art and she is doing it in seconds 😵😵😵
Elin Thomas
Elin Thomas - 21 day ago
OMG I love that I need it 😂
DJuan Swinney
DJuan Swinney - 21 day ago
I want to try it out please pick me please pick me l subscribe to your channel I love you I’ve been watching you ever since I was the age of six I love you
Yanitza Visciglia
Yanitza Visciglia - 21 day ago
I think u should pick me because I’ve always wanted pretty nails and I always bit them and they really get on my nerves I am like obsessed with biting them I can’t stop so maybe this might work to make me stop, also I have never win anything from any YouTuber and I am pretty sure I may be wrong but I am pretty sure people got stuff from you tubers so pls I really hope u pick me I love u so much and sry I wrote a lot I do that but I get good grades so that is good but yeah I really hope u pick me ok bye love u❤️❤️🤞🤞
Sena - 21 day ago
I want it
Hayley Yupa
Hayley Yupa - 21 day ago
I want it
sarah Torres
sarah Torres - 21 day ago
It'll be a woop
Jessica Rose Atmajaya
Jessica Rose Atmajaya - 22 days ago
if ya see this I saw this vid first hahahaha
Margaret Herrera
Margaret Herrera - 22 days ago
Wait no me
Margaret Herrera
Margaret Herrera - 22 days ago
Mingma Kyipa
Mingma Kyipa - 23 days ago
Nat sounded like rosalina in 7:22??????
Aliyannie Valencia
Aliyannie Valencia - 23 days ago
Me I can never get the perfect thing
sana mua
sana mua - 23 days ago
Read the first word 💙💙💙
HESSA ALMUTAWA - 23 days ago
MARGARET MAYOTTE - 23 days ago
I think it is a maybe baby

love you
Anna Schoenemamn
Anna Schoenemamn - 23 days ago
What Next!?!?
What Next!?!? - 24 days ago
I really want this. My mum and dad would never spend 800 on it tho
I love you soooo much. I watch u all the time!!!
Edit: sorry I'm English (mom)
Team Morris
Team Morris - 24 days ago
I’d love to have one sent to me because I never get included in things like this
AlohaGamer 62
AlohaGamer 62 - 25 days ago
you should pick me because i want acrylic nails
J Rico
J Rico - 25 days ago
This video is awesome 😍😍🥰😘😍🥰😘😍😋🥰
Jasmine Rodriguez
Jasmine Rodriguez - 25 days ago
It’s Chinese to fan from China here 🇨🇳
Mika Ella's Tutorials
Mika Ella's Tutorials - 26 days ago
7:20 - me when my crush sends me a pic of him
Pretty 23
Pretty 23 - 26 days ago
Love it
Ayesha Mohsin
Ayesha Mohsin - 26 days ago
My mom loves nail art and I want to give it io her and her birthday is also about to come please give it to me for my mom 😇😀 I also have subscribed
Ayesha Mohsin
Ayesha Mohsin - 26 days ago
Thirupathysiva Worldwide Dart
Dear sir, I need details for nail printer machine this is my mail id
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