Beauty Busters: I Tried A Nail Art Printer! (CRAZY!)

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Octavia Hills
Octavia Hills - 35 minutes ago
This is Amy, you guys can pick her age. I’ll start.
Octavia Hills
Octavia Hills - 34 minutes ago
She is 1 right now, how old will she get? Like the comment to make her older. Every Like = 1 Year Added to Her Age
Naila Sandoval
Naila Sandoval - Hour ago
Because I always mess up my nails
Gacha ForLife
Gacha ForLife - 6 hours ago
Omg girl like yassss I need this I NEVER have time to do mah nails of go to the salon!!
Shaine Caasi
Shaine Caasi - 10 hours ago
What if Natalie used all 800 nail designs in a year lol
Pup Team
Pup Team - 11 hours ago
Woop 🙌
Bling Bling
Bling Bling - 13 hours ago
Can i have a go
Taliyah Cooke
Taliyah Cooke - 13 hours ago
I want it because me and my mom love spending time together so this will be the best thing for us
nerd bird
nerd bird - 15 hours ago
This thing is so cool! I would love it so much if I had it, and it would be SUPER HELPFUL because I am HORRIBLE at nail art, or even just painting my nails in general! I really would appreciate it if you picked me. Of course, it is your decision, it was a lot of money.
Reborn rascals 👼
Reborn rascals 👼 - 15 hours ago
Omg I want this I am horrible at doing my nails
Myhanh Truong
Myhanh Truong - 17 hours ago
Hey, I'm Kathy I watched your video every day your video is amazing and awesome. I would love to be in a shoutout. I would be so happy.
Myhanh Truong
Myhanh Truong - 17 hours ago
And I love your dog he is a cutie
satisfying slime by shellbi
I could have a little nail shop!!
Mulki Jele
Mulki Jele - 19 hours ago
ali berger
ali berger - 19 hours ago
Me pls because I always was a nail art lover and I always needed one because I am not good at nail art but I try
Humera Syed
Humera Syed - 21 hour ago
Plz me
Jazmine Angel
Jazmine Angel - 22 hours ago
I would love this product because I do my nail every week and I would love to put my dog on my nails and do nail art ( I’m really bad at nail art )
Angie Worthen
Angie Worthen - 23 hours ago
Carolyna Ruiz
Carolyna Ruiz - 23 hours ago
Wow i love it
Michelle Colledge
Michelle Colledge - Day ago
u r so beautiful amazing and u are so nice
Michelle Colledge
Michelle Colledge - Day ago
give it to me You are the best youtuber that has existed
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty - Day ago
Omg i want this so bad😲😲
De De
De De - Day ago
hey there natile can I have tat or one of those machince necause 1I can not afford it 2I m bad at doing my nails 3 I am your biggest fan 4 I m only 11
Victoria Shaffer
Victoria Shaffer - Day ago
I so want this
Ruby Holden
Ruby Holden - Day ago
Ruby Holden
Ruby Holden - Day ago
hollyberry172 - Day ago
you should pick me because i cant afford to go o nail salons x
Tara Avakian
Tara Avakian - Day ago
Lol 7:42
jean magcalas
jean magcalas - Day ago
Vanilla - Day ago
Who else loves beauty busters!
Speaking of Simonee
I just love doing nails because I want to learn so I can try to do acrylics on my sisters so they can have cool designs
Speaking of Simonee
Can I please have ittttt
Speaking of Simonee
I want ittttt🥴🤪
Please pick me XD I’m OBSESSED with painting my nails I NEVER have them unpainted! But it takes soooo long! 😖
Noly Estrada
Noly Estrada - Day ago
I couldn’t chat in the live chat
Samara Guevara21
Samara Guevara21 - Day ago
I really want it because is important to not wast money or get out of your house and do your nails and that’s the reason why I want it
Noelia Garcia
Noelia Garcia - Day ago
You should pick me cause im honestly not good at panting my nails 😁pleaseeeeee pick meeee 😄😥😅
Chocolate Monster
Chocolate Monster - Day ago
If it works then $800 for a life time or $800 for a month of using a nail salon
Xiomi Laughlin
Xiomi Laughlin - Day ago
Jordyn Knud
Jordyn Knud - Day ago
Alexa GACHA - Day ago
Can I have it?
Li Qing
Li Qing - 2 days ago
Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Ann
Jennifer Ann - 2 days ago
Madison Kuenning
Madison Kuenning - 2 days ago
Please pick me!!! I’ve been a sub since 1k!
Dastin Mudijana
Dastin Mudijana - 2 days ago
Can i win this please because every time i try to make a pattern for my nails it looks bad but i think its a woop👌👌👌👌👌and i have been watching your vids for 2 years love your vids
Lillian Kilroy
Lillian Kilroy - 2 days ago
Whoop 🙌🏻 whoop
XOXOgabriella - 2 days ago
I just wanna put billie eilish on my nails 🤠🤠🤠
salo - 22 hours ago
ahahah same
matte kiti :3
matte kiti :3 - 2 days ago
I wonder if this works for naturally long nails. ^∆^
Alejandra H. G.
Alejandra H. G. - 2 days ago
I would loove to have this so , I can take my family ( dog included) everywhere I go and never feel alone!
salo - 22 hours ago
aww same
Disney :v
Disney :v - 2 days ago
Chimmy Bt21
Chimmy Bt21 - 2 days ago
This is Lisa
Let’s see how old she can get!
Zizile Mgabhi
Zizile Mgabhi - 2 days ago
I need that product so I can print my nails the reason is like I love looking at your videos if I have data but now I come late when you have given someone your give away products so that's the reason why😘😘
Angela Acosta
Angela Acosta - 2 days ago
Can I try
little lilly
little lilly - 2 days ago
Can I please have one I'm meeting my cousin soon and want to look nice and also I think it would be easy to do and fun it's fine if u don't but at least reply to my comment thanks
Mills On Wheels
Mills On Wheels - 2 days ago
That is definitely a whoop 🙌
Mills On Wheels
Mills On Wheels - 2 days ago
This is Bridget pick her age
Kathy Wong
Kathy Wong - 2 days ago
OMG! Meeeeee wwwaaaaaanttt! Meeee jeeeeelllllyyyyy! I really want thaaaaaat!
lolly.s. life
lolly.s. life - 2 days ago
Can I have it ? I don't need a reason. Just going to ask
Claire Cgdashl
Claire Cgdashl - 2 days ago
Pls do I bye ever thing my dog touches
xennia perry
xennia perry - 2 days ago
Show Dennis!
Rupert Pearse
Rupert Pearse - 2 days ago
🙋🙋I raise my hand!
Kristi Gehrt
Kristi Gehrt - 3 days ago
Can I have because my nails are plain and I don’t have nail polish
XxMidnight curly xX
XxMidnight curly xX - 3 days ago
Did she swear
Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir
I need this
Emelly Lol
Emelly Lol - 3 days ago
It's made from china
Because there is china writing
Missy Chen
Missy Chen - 3 days ago
It's from china
Alyssa Pazos
Alyssa Pazos - 3 days ago
Girl send me won
Llonoire Kim Ramos
Llonoire Kim Ramos - 3 days ago
i wish i have on(╥╯﹏╰╥)ง
Melissa Ranft
Melissa Ranft - 3 days ago
That things crazy I would love to try ur nails Natalie (my lil sis is also James Natalie thought u might want to know)
OmqItzKira XX
OmqItzKira XX - 3 days ago
EEK tysm for letting me know this i have to keep this thing FREAKING FAR FAR AWAY from my big sis, she'll beg my mum lik,e crazy for one if she finds out also the instructions will be hella no problem for her she's chinese ;-; (im scared)
PS: btw the words on the box is chinese
Miss Unicorn Rainbow
Miss Unicorn Rainbow - 3 days ago
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃🙂🥰🥰🥰🥰 I’m in loooooooooooooooove
Andre Fennessy-Crane
Andre Fennessy-Crane - 3 days ago
💩 maybe
Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards - 3 days ago
J family
J family - 3 days ago
Because i dont have money for stuff like that and i suck at nails. I want it so i can put you on all of them
Poppet Princess123
Poppet Princess123 - 3 days ago
Please do more morning and night and sleep hacks or tips
Elizabeth Sanders
Elizabeth Sanders - 3 days ago
Cause I'm broke and I don't know how to paint my nails please please give it to me I'm really broke I really don't even have one cent I'm broke I really have to put on these fake nails cuz I don't know how to paint my nails and spa broken these are the love of my friend I'm crying because I'm broke and I have nothing to do and I and there's nothing to do and obviously I have a phone so I can print it and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah singing Macabre please thank you
Andra Rusu
Andra Rusu - 4 days ago
I have a reason you can send me this...I am so bad at nails and I can never get them done and I don’t have much money currently my puppy died he was 3 months old and we tried everything we already spent £850 and we don’t have much left I had him for only 2 days but he died.......
Hailey Clark
Hailey Clark - 4 days ago
I don’t have very expensive things so can I
Shaylee Carrillo
Shaylee Carrillo - 4 days ago
I want to please 😭😩😩😩😩😩
LifeAsBrooke - 4 days ago
I think I should get this because I watch almost everyone of your vids and I think you are bootyful and amaaaazing
Kendra Osterbur
Kendra Osterbur - 4 days ago
Cheyanne Williams
Cheyanne Williams - 4 days ago
I love it and you are the best
Miguel Brito
Miguel Brito - 4 days ago
At 7:42 you can see anjelica as Jupiter
Isabelle’s Weird Life
Hey Natalie!Ive benne watching you for years and I’m on #notificationsquad ! I’ve been trying to save up money for your sweatshirt mercy and I’m still working on it❤️
Martini AnimalLover2007
Omg I want this!!!!!!!! Plzzzzz
Emilio Marin
Emilio Marin - 4 days ago
This is Becky
How old is she
Daniella Deighan
Daniella Deighan - 4 days ago
I want you to send me one because I can do a picture of you on my nails
Catherine O'Hara
Catherine O'Hara - 4 days ago
I think 🍼also I love your channel
Roblox Player
Roblox Player - 4 days ago
Ummm who need it because ur nails look as bad as ur face and ur face is ugly like meh Potato XD
Edit: u probably look better way better
Carol G Hill
Carol G Hill - 4 days ago
Because I'm poor :not I I don't have cute nails
Grecia Quixtan
Grecia Quixtan - 5 days ago
Juego&aprendo please check it out
Aldreen Belino
Aldreen Belino - 5 days ago
Niamh Hyslop
Niamh Hyslop - 5 days ago
And I hate my nails without something on it
Niamh Hyslop
Niamh Hyslop - 5 days ago
Please send it to me u don’t have enough money to even paint my nails my Instagram is @niamh.unicorn
Helima Chowdury
Helima Chowdury - 5 days ago
Maybe baby
A J - 6 days ago
Sooo cool! I would love to do that to give my mom and little sister a spa day!
Lilly Brents
Lilly Brents - 6 days ago
Who won it
Julia Whiskers
Julia Whiskers - 6 days ago
I love you so much I don’t have enough money for that but I’m sure other people have a better reason to want it but all I know is that I would love to have that 🌈
Jaylee And perla
Jaylee And perla - 6 days ago
👄. 💋
Wolf Squad25
Wolf Squad25 - 6 days ago
So cool
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