Seth Explains Teen Slang: Petflix and Chill, Bummer Camp

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Andy L
Andy L - 24 days ago
This segment just doesn't work.
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton - 25 days ago
This would be funny if teens talked, but they don’t. Teens just look at their phones and grunt.
Me Who
Me Who - 24 days ago
awww, do the mean young persons not like talking to you?
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt - 25 days ago
Seth is too Stupid to even explain himself.
Maia Hochheiser
Maia Hochheiser - 26 days ago
It's "rip" not "r-i-p"
One word, not three letters. Get it right Seth!
Clothilde - 28 days ago
Does anyone else find it difficult to keep up with the internet jargon used on social media etc.? For instance I still have no idea what people are on about when they say they ‘stan’ something. 🤷‍♀️
Clothilde - 21 day ago
Cheers pal! It all makes sense now...
Me Who
Me Who - 24 days ago
'stan' is formed from 'stalker' and 'fan'. it started off as an overzealous fan and has moved more towards using it like if you used 'fanboy' as a verb and a noun
Krystal Meth
Krystal Meth - 28 days ago
Oof I usually like his closer look segments and interviews with celebrities but this was cringe af
Hemond Khavalier
Hemond Khavalier - 29 days ago
Dude the jokes suck .
Dr. Dangus
Dr. Dangus - 29 days ago
can i just point out that "Camp Onawaga" is just one letter off from "Camp Onawana."
R U 1 2
R U 1 2 - 29 days ago
Painful. How did this make it to air?
Larry Panus
Larry Panus - 29 days ago
This "bit" gave my wife cancer.
roy dunn
roy dunn - 29 days ago
Can we bring back amazeballs
Ken - 29 days ago
I always feel bad for Seth lately when almost every joke he says bombs as no one in the audience is laughing.
I feel like there's a writer's strike going on and no one really wants to talk about it.
alexander williams
alexander williams - 29 days ago
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas - Month ago
J G - Month ago
These aren’t funny
corbeau - Month ago
McRib goes well with the reefcake I guess
Jacob Kaiser
Jacob Kaiser - Month ago
hashtags are not sentences
drockjr - Month ago
Nobody should get fired from these jokes; but nobody better get a performance bonus
drockjr - Month ago
Womp womp.....
Lee Higginbotham
Lee Higginbotham - Month ago
Jason Suydam
Jason Suydam - Month ago
Bummer Camp, a Christian virginity oriented camp where campers learn the the virtues of using a lot of lube and the butt
R U 1 2
R U 1 2 - 29 days ago
Try again. LAME.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones - Month ago
Teens sue Seth for "Defamation of Teen Slang".
Fitzgerald - Month ago
All the commenters saying how this isn't funny are so STUPID. It's not supposed to be funny, nitwit. It's supposed to be foolish, dorky wordplay jokes framed as "teen slang". Seriously, *Hunky Brewster*? *Petfix and Chill*? Y'all are either 13 or 75 if you think this skit is meant to be taken at face value.

Look at how Seth keeps giggling. He knows the bit's "bombing"; it's working perfectly. His infectious charm & slight improvisations are the real humor here, along with the ridiculous wordplay. Try to remember that you didn't get your comedy degree from youtubecomments dot gov, okay?

All of you dummies: "nOt FuNnY!!!!1111!!!!1@#!"

Ah, yes, how dare a comedy show be slightly innovative. Unheard of!
R U 1 2
R U 1 2 - 26 days ago
Well, that,s your take on it. Usually, on a comedy show though, the material is designed to be funny, regardless. This had that innate high cringe factor, that usually spells disaster. The bit just didn't work- and, I still love Seth Meyers."Closer Look", makes my day, every day.
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan - 27 days ago
Aww, what!?! I thought this was the educational segment!
lloyd gray
lloyd gray - Month ago
Maybe time for new writers
J G - Month ago
lloyd gray They just need to kill off that segment
Iblou Idlar
Iblou Idlar - Month ago
"Seth Meyers kept Americans coming back during the depression."
Christina Masson Creations
My daughter use the term extreme sports during her senior year to refer to doing her homework right before the class when it’s due. Super extreme sports was doing her homework at her desk while the teacher was collecting it.
Advocatus Diaboli
Advocatus Diaboli - 29 days ago
I guessed most of us have engaged in extreme sports at some point in life 😂😂😂
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller - Month ago
i always like "Punky Brewster"... AND her dog "Brandon" .. even the old man "Henry"
💓🧡💛💚💙💜💗 #FryingBrainCellsIsaMyth 🌱
Kaitlin Russell
Kaitlin Russell - Month ago
For some reason I always expect this to be actual teen slang.
J G - Month ago
Kaitlin Russell that might actually be funny
NekoMouser - Month ago
I like how these slang-slinging teens still refer to ":longshoreman" as a point of reference...
Isabel Martin
Isabel Martin - Month ago
Exactly 😂😂😂😂😂🤘
Jim's videos
Jim's videos - Month ago
I'm ok with this petflix amd chill idea.
Boathousejoe D
Boathousejoe D - Month ago
That was hard...watching you die on air.Did you actually go over that material before airtime?
J G - Month ago
Boathousejoe D They need to stop
harlemdeni - Month ago
This show is getting the opposite of funnier and funnier.
Flame Beats
Flame Beats - Month ago
Growing up, I experienced "eggs out legs out."
Marek Lilleleht
Marek Lilleleht - Month ago
Hashtags still don't equal using it in a sentence.
skyson b pei
skyson b pei - Month ago
Just_ RaY
Just_ RaY - Month ago
Gonna start using bummer camp lol 😁✌️
C Betts
C Betts - Month ago
Lol I'm a teen and more than half of these had me very confused
I guess I need to look up more 80s TV shows to get these pop culture refererces
J G - Month ago
You just need to be 40+ to get them
C Betts
C Betts - Month ago
@Sheri Robinson I know, I was kidding😂😂 The slang in my generation really isn't worth it anyway lol. Have a great day anyway!😁
Sheri Robinson
Sheri Robinson - Month ago
C Betts - NO NO... don’t bother... he was joking because it’s only 35+ year olds that get these jokes... This is actually “humor” for us... sorry 😐 🤗
Jason Gastrich
Jason Gastrich - Month ago
Malcadon - Month ago
If I said the last one, "eggs out legs out", to a German in Deutsch, it would actually be funny as _eier_ (eggs) has a whole other meaning in that tongue.
gnshapiro - Month ago
It's also Hebrew slang for what I'm guessing is the same meaning.
Laurent D'Hondt
Laurent D'Hondt - Month ago
#Bombedy - when a succesful comedy segment seems to have run out of gas
Laurent D'Hondt
Laurent D'Hondt - Month ago
harlemdeni there’s no shame in it 😎
harlemdeni - Month ago
Twilight Gardens presentations
Oh, so I’m a reef-cake! Sativas make me comfortable and cheery even while carrying sandbags, hauling mulch or digging tree pits! Beef Time!
VianneyCreates - Month ago
"Seth gets through it" should be the name of this section!
Tonabillity - Day ago
Nice save at the end though...😝😂
Melissa Perry
Melissa Perry - Month ago
Yeah, those weren't funny. Sympathy laughter.
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen - Month ago
Do teenagers actually know what a “longshoreman” is tho???
Kaitlin Russell
Kaitlin Russell - Month ago
As a teenager: no, not at all,
KittySnicker - Month ago
LOL I love the Chairnobyl one. Are these for real?
J G - Month ago
Are you for real asking if they’re for real
DeptBookDave - Month ago
From what I understand, it is 100% deliberately made-up. Sometimes they'll even work jokes into the skit about how unrealistic the slang is. It is a really fun bit, though!
Pitman 4Life
Pitman 4Life - Month ago
Ela Mongrella
Ela Mongrella - Month ago
Eggs out Legs out ... In Germany we refer to testicles as eggs, so that just makes the definition even more disturbing.
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan - 27 days ago
LMMFAO & SMMFH...oh dear, I thought the dad-in-tighty-whities was disturbing.🤢 Now the nuts are playing peek-a-boo where I'd make a sandwich!?!?! 🤮
X Zhang
X Zhang - 29 days ago
In Chinese as well 😳
Ela Mongrella
Ela Mongrella - 29 days ago
@spiel station Du fändest es nicht verstörend, wenn jemand dir in Unterhosen Frühstück macht, wärend seine Eier raushängen? :P
spiel station
spiel station - Month ago
nicht wirklich ^^
Kevin Urrutia
Kevin Urrutia - Month ago
Lol im a reefcake
Jay Bravo
Jay Bravo - Month ago
thabk god for, “a closer look,” because that was painful to watch.
Chris Kriskovic
Chris Kriskovic - Month ago
Nobody wants to see the eggs out. #Balls
Deathnote2539 - Month ago
Please you don't know what teens use has slang and even if its joke it's just poorly constructed
Randika Gunaratne
Randika Gunaratne - Month ago
Wow...weak crowd today
J G - Month ago
Randika Gunaratne More like weak jokes
Sovereign Sentience
Sovereign Sentience - Month ago
no man ... chairnobyl is taco night .
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