Trump's 2016 Victory? Samuel L. Jackson Called It

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Parl Kilkington
Parl Kilkington - 4 days ago
Colbert is obsessed with Trump.
Rivers Bliss
Rivers Bliss - 7 days ago
Cloning confirmed.
Jaxson Burke
Jaxson Burke - 10 days ago
And he's gonna win again if the two of you don't drop the smug pretentious talking head pandering. I'm not wrong.
Noneya Bitness
Noneya Bitness - 17 days ago
I love that line "It's my duty to please that booty."
Brian Wattanga
Brian Wattanga - 18 days ago
Mr. Samuel L Jackson is a film icon
BC Bridges
BC Bridges - 18 days ago
TRUMP 2020!!! TRUMP 2020!!!
Will '
Will ' - 21 day ago
Body language drama anyone?
MASTER BLASTER - 22 days ago
Hay Sam you get to be pissed again when Trump wins in a massive landslide 2020
Thomas Erlandsen
Thomas Erlandsen - 23 days ago
9:47 I'm such a child...
PixelGlitched - 24 days ago
If Darth Maul could survive being severed in two, and a long fall, Mace Windu can survive losing a hand and a long fall. And apparently - according to the trailer - Sidious might still be still around. So I've been on the fence with that one too. Star Wars canon has done crazier shit.
Weirduncle Bob V
Weirduncle Bob V - 24 days ago
He was either never vegan but only plant based for his health or the environment, or his moral compass exploded. Disappointing. Plenty of ways to bulk up as a vegan. Smart people research. Lazy people take the easy way out. :P
Jaxson Burke
Jaxson Burke - 27 days ago
So is there any legitimate reason anymore for actors to go on Colbert or Seth Meyers or Kimmel other than to bitch about Trump? What the fuck has happened to late night?!?! It's tiresome.
mjimih - 23 days ago
Jaxson "So is there any legitimate reason....other than to bitch about Trump?...It's tiresome. --trumpite WE NEVER GET TIRED OF CHUMPEE BASHING! IT WON'T STOP UNTIL WE GET OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM EVIL GREEDY STUPID REPUGS & THEIR MORON IN CHIEF.
Daniel Le Roy
Daniel Le Roy - 28 days ago
Samuel Jackson is phenomenal on so many levels. Love him.
Amm Uganda
Amm Uganda - 28 days ago
“See u around like a donut Carl"
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien - 29 days ago
Oh my God, that would be so amazing to see the two of them in The Odd Couple on Broadway. It would win every fuckin' Tony
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien - 29 days ago
He's such a good actor. It's a shame he hasn't had more important significant roles.
Ranger Trails
Ranger Trails - 29 days ago
Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) Eats at SHAKE SHACK!! the best thing I've heard all day!
Pierre Rheeder
Pierre Rheeder - Month ago
How are people still talking about this election? GET OVER IT AMERICA!!!!
Tom T
Tom T - Month ago
They say stress ages you. Samuel Jackson at 70 confirms that.
RextheRebel - Month ago
I can't believe he's 70? That's crazy to me
What's also crazy is that he isn't "inspired" by any of the candidates... BERNIE?? C'mon Sam. Why about Yang? Tulsi? C'mon bruh.
PineapplGames - Month ago
Sammy is ma boi
Wither - Month ago
''equal opertunist ass whooper'' yes i love it!
Ing Elia
Ing Elia - Month ago
I wonder what would Happen is Samuel L. Jackson ran for president...
zindi1138 - Month ago
Jesus Mace ! wtf
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez - Month ago
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez - Month ago
He loves to be called boy come here boy read these lines
Obi Dark
Obi Dark - Month ago
"I don't wanna be right" 😂 I feel him
K M - Month ago
70? Wow, black really doesn't crack.
Abdiel López Torres
Abdiel López Torres - Month ago
Samuel L. Jackson likes “doing gun movies”. Hollywood is intrinsically tied to gun violence in this country and around the world.
Jai - Month ago
Jen Soon Ng
Jen Soon Ng - Month ago
Yes he deserved to die, and I hope he burn in hell
usernamesareforidiot - Month ago
Mr. Jackson is a classy dude. Can't believe he's 70, he doesn't look over 55.
Quak3cry - Month ago
08:35 and onwards for the star wars part!
RDJ410 - Month ago
Good Christ almighty these lefties are obsessed with President Trump, do they every not think about him for a few days?
James Suraci
James Suraci - Month ago
I wonder if SLJ has seen @starwarstheory 's Vader fan film...
For those unfamiliar, check it out. It's the first part in a series of suprisingly high quality fan films about Vader in the months following Revenge of the Sith and it's based on the fact that George Lucas told Samuel L. Jackson that Mace Windu could still be alive. Basically the next part to come out will be about Vader facing Mace Windu. (That's not a spoiler as Star Wars Theory was open about that before the first part started filming. He even shared concept art in his videos)
It was insanely successful for a fan film that he couldn't make any money off of and had to fund himself. He got permission from Lucasfilm (and they even had his back when one of the rights holders to the music in Star Wars tried to get him with a copyright claim) He wasn't allowed to crowd fund or get donations directly for making the film, but was able to fund it through donations to his channel overall since he put out a lot of content unrelated to the fan film.
ANYWAY, my point in saying all that is that if he is not contractually obligated to not participate in fan films (he probably is, and that sucks), Samuel L. Jackson should totally play Mace Windu in Star Wars Theory's Vader fan film. That would seriously be awesome. Highly unlikely, but awesome nonetheless.
If you haven't seen it, here is the link:
Ben Ngumi
Ben Ngumi - Month ago
So Mace Windu did not die like some punk?
Ghost EndGame
Ghost EndGame - Month ago
Shaft looks good but he will never play a better role then the one he had in the matrix.
AWildBard - Month ago
that would be a great odd couple
4th HorseMen
4th HorseMen - Month ago
Wait when they loss again in 2020 ...that's gonna be comical !
Tulio Cortés
Tulio Cortés - Month ago
Hear Samuel saying that about Mace Windu almost made me cry. I would kill to see him again as Mace, but I would be scare of directors ruinning it. Directors are such assholes lately.
Tyrant-Den - Month ago
I called it based on Dragon Age Origins.
Kevin Pope
Kevin Pope - Month ago
If shaft had a lightsaber and was named mace windu, I would totally want to see that film!
Cytaris - Month ago
I’ll go vote for Trump.
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson - Month ago
That man's face sums it all up when told "It's a different world..." at 3:24
mista gregory
mista gregory - Month ago
He was never vegan, he was "plant-based". Someone who is vegan is ethically and morally driven to no longer torture and kill animals, which is what he has gone back to doing because his bosses told him to.
Zeljko Serdar
Zeljko Serdar - Month ago
Raider Nat
Raider Nat - Month ago
I love Samuel Jackson, but his politics are out of whack! Guess I can't really blame the man since he is part of the Hollywood elite, he has to tow the line like most other celebrities of his status, or be cast out, literally. He had to sell his soul to Hollywood to be able to do what he does, which is a shame. Trump 2020
Muse Khadir
Muse Khadir - Month ago
They deed voted,and Hillary won but i am from Europe and couldn’t understand how he became your president.Maybe this time they shouldn’t vote
James Morgan
James Morgan - Month ago
Thanks Jackson you did get people to go and vote and Trump will win even bigger in 2020.
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