Crossing Off My Bucket List Before 2019

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codeine based life form
codeine based life form - 3 months ago
How about a ragular bucke list because it means you're death list
madelon mesman
madelon mesman - 7 months ago
mine is HUFFELPUF ❤ i love your video's. I really want to start doing more too. I'm so scared that i will never do it in my life if I never plan everything
Lavendaire - 10 months ago
French subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributor listed in the description 💕
zahra shaker
zahra shaker - 10 months ago
You should always take your make up off before your workouts because your pores open up from the sweat so all your make up and dirt get seeped up into your pores so it’s always best to take off your make up before hand! Love your videos though🥰❤️
Kia OneTwoThree
Kia OneTwoThree - 11 months ago
rly loved to see u crossing off ur bucketlist was a good inspiration for my own and would love to see what else you’ve got on there
Camila Klein
Camila Klein - 11 months ago
I badly want that planner 😢 is it also available for shipping in the Philippines?
Anurag Attri
Anurag Attri - 11 months ago
i live in india
シBella - 11 months ago
Naomi Lewis
Naomi Lewis - 11 months ago
Happy New Year!
Suryani Guha
Suryani Guha - 11 months ago
Hi, I'm from India, let me know when you're coming to India 😊
Mollie Tai
Mollie Tai - 11 months ago
Let’s celebrate 2019 with a BIG move together!
kookies n milktae
kookies n milktae - 11 months ago
3:57 oh god i thought you were Lisa😂😍💜
Hind Omer
Hind Omer - 11 months ago
Literally I love ur videos 😍😍you r inspiring 😘😍
King Drake
King Drake - 11 months ago
ShanaJahsintaWalters - 11 months ago
What is your book going to be about?
Tori Wood
Tori Wood - 11 months ago
This is awesome!!! I'm def doing this for next year!
Deidre [Day-Dree]
Deidre [Day-Dree] - 11 months ago
You’re growing boo boo 👀👀 😄 yay!
Deborah Moscatelli
Deborah Moscatelli - 11 months ago
Get my ears pierced is a 2019 goal for me. And I'd try my best to get my first tattoo done!!💪
Vidita MorePatil
Vidita MorePatil - 11 months ago
Hold a meet and greet in Mumbai!
miracle is on d way
miracle is on d way - Year ago
Wen u cm to India
Do meet and greet
Really want to meet u
Lots of love from India
roro daoud
roro daoud - Year ago
ur hair 😍😍😍😍
Shweta Kshirsagar
Shweta Kshirsagar - Year ago
Aileen!!... Please do visit India!!.. You will just love love it here!!
Nandini Tamang
Nandini Tamang - Year ago
I'm a gryffindor!
A Bookish Ride
A Bookish Ride - Year ago
I love this idea ! Definitely going to do this next year ! I receive my Artist of Life Workbook this week and it looks amazing, I can't wait to plan 2019 ! Thank you for creating it !
Muskan Singh
Muskan Singh - Year ago
Hiii aileen when ever u come to India for visiting taj Mahal please meet me I live in India near by taj Mahal it is sooo near by my home I will guide u in Agra I live in Agra 😊 u r most welcome to our country 🤗 😊 🙏 💐 ❤️ I am a big fan of your 😉😊😘😍 I am waiting to ur reply 😋
Pooja Prabhakar
Pooja Prabhakar - Year ago
If you are coming to India let's Meet up
Ana Wilkinson
Ana Wilkinson - Year ago
This was a great video!!! Loved seeing this!!
Cible Mari
Cible Mari - Year ago
Lol it’s so funny because finish my book is on my list too and I’m going to in these two weeks. Lol I can’t leave it off.
Prabdeep Kaur
Prabdeep Kaur - Year ago
Hey!! M frm india n really love your videos 😊
Tabbasum Ali Khan
Tabbasum Ali Khan - Year ago
please do visit india you are gonna get tremondous love from here i just love your videos you make me feel like nothing in this world is impossible..
jacqueline b
jacqueline b - Year ago
loved this so much!!! thanks for the inspiration aileen! :)
nada aouiti
nada aouiti - Year ago
Love your energy 😍
Romina Toledo
Romina Toledo - Year ago
This video made me feel really motivated to work on my bucket list but I don't have any haha however, I do have a 25 before 25 so I might start with that :) thank you so much for another great video. Keep sharing your light!
Nadezhda Sarafannikova
You always look gorgeous! Also I love your outfits, can you share sources where you get your clothes from, please? 😊 And thank you for the video, what a change in your appearance! ❤️
Gillian Bryan
Gillian Bryan - Year ago
I'm also a Ravenclaw and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Osaka) this year as well! Seems to be on a lot of bucket lists.
Bindi Naik
Bindi Naik - Year ago
Please do a video on all your filming equipment and laptops etc
Georgia Petrou
Georgia Petrou - Year ago
What software/website did u use for the tick off list? :)
diki Sherpa
diki Sherpa - Year ago
I will come to receive you when you decide to pay a visit India....... Just msg meh..... 😉
Kertu Meldre
Kertu Meldre - Year ago
Hufflepuff 🐾
Bernadette Carson
Bernadette Carson - Year ago
I love Harry Potter couple years ago my husband took the to the Studio and I’m thinking about getting Harry Potter tattoos bucket list must learn to drive and pass my test
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