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Em Simpson
Em Simpson - 2 hours ago
Your makeup for Halloween 🎃 is so sister spooky sorry if your mad at me I dint mean do that
Fatima Hassan ibrahim hassan ahmed al ali al ali
afhba sgsdgsdgd
afhba sgsdgsdgd - 10 hours ago
Sister Cringe xDDDDDDDDDDDDD (help me)
Alexa Elena
Alexa Elena - 12 hours ago
Kiran Bains
Kiran Bains - 13 hours ago
Funny video 😂
Deborah O
Deborah O - 14 hours ago
That nose ring on him oh mo
Emmeline Cammille Ayaskov
Emmeline Cammille Ayaskov - 16 hours ago
It literally hurts my heart to see this young man sit there and tear himself down like that. This world is raising a generation of extremely insecure young adults
Sammy Cat
Sammy Cat - 16 hours ago
It's actually pretty good ( ◜‿◝ )
royce wilson
royce wilson - Day ago
Why is he so girly
Michelle Lundgren
Michelle Lundgren - Day ago
I've watched you react to another of your old videos....I wish you would love that boy. You will someday, when you get a little older and stop hanging in the shame of it, but you were adorable and charming, and that kid got you to here, so he was definitely doing something right. I think on some level you do love that kid, and maybe you're a little ashamed of THAT, too, because you think other people are judging him, and that if you unabashedly love him you will be judged for it.
Similarly, all of the kids who are following you and where he is are looking to you for how they should feel about where they are - which would hopefully be intent on doing better, but also comfortable and proud of where they are, and that they are brave enough to do it.
Jamie Deck
Jamie Deck - Day ago
까누Kanu - Day ago
I just love you😘
Glynn Norton
Glynn Norton - Day ago
i love the fact that he says..... "light brown tone" for his shadow, and doesn't tell you what pallette he's using, veuase he used the morphe 35k in the old video. That makes you really many videos where he DIDN'T tell you what pallette he's using, do you guys think that he was using the james pallette. because this video was uploaded close to the launch of the pallette/.
I'm NeN
I'm NeN - Day ago
Queennn 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤
Asrath Upreti
Asrath Upreti - Day ago
9:34 lol
Christine Suiter
Christine Suiter - 2 days ago
I don’t know if this is supposed to be funny? But I love your reactions from you watching your past self. Us think of how far you have come since then?
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 2 days ago
"Oh my God I literally thought it was the funniest person since sliced bread"
James Charles 2018. Lol
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 2 days ago
I can't believe how fast James Charles has grown as a Creator I'm just so proud of how far he has come love you sister!
Jayden Freeman
Jayden Freeman - 2 days ago
N_eva_ thapa
N_eva_ thapa - 2 days ago
James Charles recreating his MET GALA look in his ear...that safety pin👀👀
N_eva_ thapa
N_eva_ thapa - 2 days ago
Its also...reacting to my first video!💫
Ohiosweet Bit
Ohiosweet Bit - 2 days ago
I love the color just saying you look great love
Heidi Dupuis
Heidi Dupuis - 2 days ago
its looks cute if it was reel i love who it looks on u love it SISTER
Heidi Dupuis
Heidi Dupuis - 2 days ago
u had a noes persing at 16
Isabella Vito
Isabella Vito - 2 days ago
James "Even then I hated my 5 head" Me "I HAVE A FRIKIN 6 HEAD" XD We love you james❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Cassidy Murphy
Cassidy Murphy - 2 days ago
James:Omg I literally thought I was YouTubes next Comedian
Me:that still hasn’t changed
Triggered Iero
Triggered Iero - 3 days ago
I’m living for the tøp song in the back
Jake Paine
Jake Paine - 3 days ago
I hate u
Kristina Dobyns
Kristina Dobyns - 3 days ago
why does his tbt video remind me of Matty Healy from The 1975?
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello - 3 days ago
I think there is too much color under the eye on the “current” look. The rest of course is 1000% better.
Harper Stevens
Harper Stevens - 3 days ago
James Charles I love you so much and Piper rockelle she loves you too she even has a makeup palette like yours she really loves you and I'm subscribed to your channel cuz I love you too and I'm not a hater but I'm also new
LeyLey41 - 3 days ago
And whomever disliked your videos....I dislike you!
LeyLey41 - 3 days ago
Omg you are so amazing. I adore you sweety!
Ellise Cooper
Ellise Cooper - 3 days ago
i feel like if you watched James charles non stop then you wouldnt understand a word his old self said bc he's talking too slow
Admor 6004
Admor 6004 - 3 days ago
You are girl or goy?
Tim Graham
Tim Graham - 3 days ago
Dont say that because my grandmum beleeves in god
phoenix feather16
phoenix feather16 - 4 days ago
Tatiana Aa
Tatiana Aa - 4 days ago
Omg!! I love your nails!!!!
500 Subscribers Without A Video?
500 Subscribers Without A Video?
4:48. Subtitles:
“That is yellowwww”
“that is literally y e l l o w.”
Marwa Sabry
Marwa Sabry - 4 days ago
Sister changed ayeeeee boooooo btw this makeup is beautiful!!!!😗😗😗😗😗
Ranya Awad
Ranya Awad - 4 days ago
I bet you James will literally look at this in like another 3 more years and cringe at this, sister James wasn't even that bad :) Love you James xoxo Sister Ranya ❤️
yashika yadav
yashika yadav - 4 days ago
How tf do you even do that sister... God I wish I had that superpower of yours. Make up gurl- James Charles... Okay that is lame... Sorry🤣🤣🤣🤣
sketchys - 4 days ago
who's watching in 2019??
Unicorn Slimey
Unicorn Slimey - 5 days ago
You look better without makeup
Liam Obenchain
Liam Obenchain - 5 days ago
I love ya
armies bts
armies bts - 5 days ago
15مليون شخص عم يتابع هذا الملعونن؟؟ والله لو كلمة الله ما تجيب هاذا العدد
mittens kittens
mittens kittens - 5 days ago
Hello James Charles!! Love ur videos I’ll would spend all my life liking and subscribing to you❤️😝
Deanne Revolus
Deanne Revolus - 6 days ago
6:48 that face tho
xXCheetahXx - 6 days ago
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