Kobe’s Bargain Bryants 💰 Ridiculousness | MTV

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The Crow
The Crow - 23 hours ago
Kobe Bryant 💯
Josh Richard
Josh Richard - 5 days ago
Aliens ARE among us
sugarcat1997 - 7 days ago
Steelo went crazy at that last clip.
That one was insane.
joao Soares
joao Soares - 8 days ago
Arn Naul
Arn Naul - 8 days ago
That last video is maybe the greatest video clip i have ever seen. EVER
shadow the cat
shadow the cat - 10 days ago
The girl has a cringey laugh
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness - 12 days ago
Dont think i heard kobe talk ever
Nancy tavale
Nancy tavale - 15 days ago
Dance Dance Revolution 3:37
Xxx HUSH Xxx
Xxx HUSH Xxx - 15 days ago
Literally the only show on mtv.
Sergio Echalar
Sergio Echalar - 18 days ago
This is so bad
RILEY ON THAT BEAT - 19 days ago
Y'all can't tell that the last man who jumped in those hoola hoops isn't awesome. Like 😱😱😱😱😱😱, I didn't think he would have made it but he did
Gabriela Hernandez
Gabriela Hernandez - 19 days ago
Erick Sierra
Erick Sierra - 23 days ago
Is that westcoast??
Charles Ginter
Charles Ginter - 23 days ago
Who are calm kobe fucking Bryant is on here
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão - 24 days ago
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão - 24 days ago
Kobe Bryant his really ridiculous the programs suits him well...look at his maneirisms....HORRIBLE YOU ARE a no sucess friend os a famous guy a anted to be like that ....but biig fail and....I KNEW YOU WERE GAY JUST LOOKING AT YR HANDS OPEN LIKE THAT !!! LOL
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores - 24 days ago
They should've showed the video of Kobe jumping over a car at the end.
hd _4kt
hd _4kt - 26 days ago
Chanel laugh is annoying and funny
joel lopez
joel lopez - 26 days ago
I see ridiculousness ain’t slowing down but how do u top it from having koby
Dona Payne
Dona Payne - 26 days ago
1:31not funny that tiny little pup could've broke his neck and die not funny at all
Rasta Fonz
Rasta Fonz - 26 days ago
whos that gurl in purple 48 sitting i wanna *BONE* HER
Success Attractor
Success Attractor - 28 days ago
The last video is me . When I see my bed after a long day.🏃‍♂️😂
xXMEGA_ _CHRONICXx - 29 days ago
That ddr scene kobe was like 😦😦Lol 🤣
Roman D
Roman D - Month ago
That ping-pong match was good!!!
AE 10
AE 10 - Month ago
The last category was breath taking and awesome
No Name
No Name - Month ago
This is by far the best show on MTV right now! Love the clips, and the cast couldn't be anymore perfect together in my opinion...
Jermaine Mapp
Jermaine Mapp - Month ago
Kobe at 5:49!!!!🤐
Fernando Paz
Fernando Paz - Month ago
Just to let you know Kobe astronomical means it's a large chance it would happen.
yo Nismo
yo Nismo - Month ago
Is it just me or has ridiculousness gotten funnier? The comments he makes/narrating got funnier lol makes the show better
Mike Rice
Mike Rice - Month ago
Am I the only one who watches this when theres nothing to watch
J G - Month ago
Either put the damn hood up or put it down
toni cruz
toni cruz - Month ago
De mal gusto el programita.
chaotic twig
chaotic twig - Month ago
fucking dude is like 40's making money off of others youtube videos. and has a brand new dress on every episode. hes a robot that is directed by the media.
Kayden - Month ago
Armando Polanco
Armando Polanco - Month ago
5:49 kobe face 🤣🤣🤣
Cullen Hart
Cullen Hart - Month ago
I can just picture Rob discovering Chanel and her laugh for the first time.
Devin Burg
Devin Burg - Month ago
This is a funny tv show
Shane Torres
Shane Torres - Month ago
Mamba mentality? Tf happened to ginger power?
Only OGs know what I’m talking about.
JohnSarr - Month ago
Dude somebody please the outro music the song 6:02
Ballz Deep
Ballz Deep - Month ago
Why Chanel West Coast got on a Lakers jersey knowing she dont know shit bout basketball. She just tryin to dribble on them nutz. Lol
BodhiZaffa - 2 months ago
Wow... just when I had started respecting Kobe .
Denise Nunja
Denise Nunja - 2 months ago
Humble dude 100
Chris Stevenson
Chris Stevenson - 2 months ago
For that ping pong clip at 5:15 the guy at the next table didn’t even care he was getting served on and neither did the ref haha they had to see that play out
Charles - 2 months ago
the ping pong one surprised Kobe the most
Monee Nash
Monee Nash - 2 months ago
Lol, now that's some awesome shit
How is this a show? You take random clips from the front page of reddit, probably don't even pay the original publishers for the rights to use their clips (and even if you do, who cares? The bulk of your show isn't original content), and then you get some boring celebrities to make tepid commentary over them? That's your show, huh? I don't think anybody thinks Rob is a funny person. Not even the people who watch his show. I don't even think his friends or family think he's a funny person. How could they? I watch Internet shit with my friends all the time and our jokes are a millions times better than this. How is this something that people watch? I feel like I'm going insane.
KingNeckbeard - 2 months ago
Lord TraeD Izzo
Lord TraeD Izzo - 2 months ago
That dog has me in tears
Keyboard Gaming
Keyboard Gaming - 2 months ago
5:48 Them showed the three stages of reaction when seeing a cool video. Chanel: happy, Kobe: can't believe it, then Darnell: amazingly star struck
ThusIsBrad - 2 months ago
is that chanel westcoast?!?
Angela Hernandez
Angela Hernandez - 2 months ago
You Should Do 5sos PLS
AKA TOGGLE MUTE - 2 months ago
Burrito Sexy
Burrito Sexy - 2 months ago
Mr. Londos
Mr. Londos - 2 months ago
Chanel West Coast waiting to get dunked on the couch with that mamba anal.
Emp - 2 months ago
He old
Dante Barnum
Dante Barnum - 2 months ago
Last clip all about physics and faith lol
Dante Barnum
Dante Barnum - 2 months ago
"You can't win without a great coach" thank you for proving Lebron over Jordan
Brayden Young
Brayden Young - 2 months ago
That last clip was insane 😂🙏🏽
Mharti McDonhalds
Mharti McDonhalds - 2 months ago
This show still exists?
Sleepy Lewis
Sleepy Lewis - 2 months ago
What number is Kobe?
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 2 months ago
this would be a lot better show without the racised remarks all the time and every show..........
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 2 months ago
dose any body eles think celo brilo is a racised just listen to his remarks everything is black or white. you hear me bra........
Stephen Tempest
Stephen Tempest - 2 months ago
He’s a wizard!
Christian Dujali
Christian Dujali - 2 months ago
bruh what the hell is this its like watching instagram memes/vines on big screen with a celebrity with poor writers sheesh
mario orellana
mario orellana - 2 months ago
What kinda kicks is Kobe wearing.......???? Gotta find those asap.........
Ebodrac - 2 months ago
Haha I know the guy at 3:38, really funny seeing him on tv lol
ericsomeone - 2 months ago
Kobe lookin like KG with his hood on like that
Ian James
Ian James - 2 months ago
The second one happened to me training
Ando - 2 months ago
So this show is just Unilad with commentary... Incredible. Reposts videos and has a crowd watching.
unsub - 2 months ago
Kobe is such a legit media influence now! Haha what a legit requirement life he's living after the NBA, he's doing it all!
SDBROOKS08 - 2 months ago
MTV has to mute chanelle westcoast laugh. It’s cringe worthy
Mauricio Huerta
Mauricio Huerta - 2 months ago
3:05 😂
GoBrady 12
GoBrady 12 - 2 months ago
Sterling look like a lil kid sitting next to Kobe
strings31 - 2 months ago
nobodycan believe shit about this video. might not even be real
Ya Boi Roach Dogg Jr.
Ya Boi Roach Dogg Jr. - 2 months ago
Jesus rob is so not funny
PennyWhysTV - 2 months ago
I barely noticed the girl to the right of Kobe until the end of the video lol
Boston_Mama84 - 2 months ago
I hope the ping pong kid atleast got laid after that 🤣
jonathan kobe
jonathan kobe - 2 months ago
Rob funny ass shit
ryennjay abag
ryennjay abag - 2 months ago
lot of cools stuff :)
DirtHenningOnThaBeat - 2 months ago
This was probably the best episode y’all had in a minute
Eazy Zoey
Eazy Zoey - 2 months ago
For me i think Lebron is better in this show.
Mike Walko
Mike Walko - 2 months ago
What is this shit lmao
Larry Lopez
Larry Lopez - 2 months ago
Love this show.
Clifford Farley
Clifford Farley - 2 months ago
That last dude was going for broke. What a crazy amf
Priest - 2 months ago
2:34 LOL his face, thats the same face he makes when he passed to Kwame
Abdi Jama
Abdi Jama - 2 months ago
How's is this show still on mtv?
Joe Bl
Joe Bl - 2 months ago
Kobe is really reinventing himself. Goat
Fatima Machado
Fatima Machado - 2 months ago
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yoongi Uchiha
Yoongi Uchiha - 2 months ago
Bet...Imma join Lakers
iamfear2k - 2 months ago
Teronta Smith
Teronta Smith - 2 months ago
Kobe jumped over a convertible before , they shoulda added that after the last clip .
Ryker Jet
Ryker Jet - 2 months ago
Them: I can’t believe they got Kobe to come on the show.
Me: I can’t believe they asked Kobe to be on the show.
Rob has more talent in his pinky finger than Kobe has in his whole body.
Ahriman S
Ahriman S - 2 months ago
This is still a thing? Whyyyyy
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez - 2 months ago
Kobe is hilarious!
Detroit 6mile highland park
Aye rob you should bring me on the show that world be legend bro
Calique Richards
Calique Richards - 2 months ago
The fact that Kobe got surprised by the last clip shows how mamba mental that is
Paolo Miguel Villegas
Paolo Miguel Villegas - 2 months ago
the last one dude is dope
MrAnon - 2 months ago
this show is the best.
Real Black Goku
Real Black Goku - 2 months ago
Best show on tv
Kj Willis
Kj Willis - 2 months ago
They should’ve showed Kobe jumping over that car
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