This improved my WiFi by nearly 300%

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Bitwit - 4 months ago
I hear you guys. To clarify, the two main issues with our old wifi setup was speed and coverage. In hindsight, the 4k demo shouldn't have been a focus since it mostly tested bandwidth. It was also a super unrealistic scenario, even though I was genuinely curious to see what the bandwidth limitations of my old router were. In reality, this setup works for *my* specific needs, which are pretty extreme compared to the average user. Sorry if I made it seem like everyone and their mom should go out and spend $600 on routers. I promise to do better in my follow-up video!
Fabulous Jokerz
Fabulous Jokerz - 28 days ago
Im workin for an isp as technician.I want this router too but that speedtest are ****.this is promotion.At least show you isp sync in modem interface and then you can compare just the wifi speeds in real time without cuts in video
GamesAndSuch - 2 months ago
speedtest dot net is shady. you should try some different places. they are in the pocket of most major isps to show good service that isn;t really there.
Gary Anderson II
Gary Anderson II - 2 months ago
In my opinion, you did fine, you were clear enough to me. I understood what you meant.
ignafiltro - 2 months ago
Hey Kyle no kidding I think with the single new router would had covered the whole patio. Could you test that? The router does look pretty interesting anyway.
Howard Murphy
Howard Murphy - 3 months ago
Well you did
Ryan Stout
Ryan Stout - 8 days ago
I’m curious how this product has been working for you these last four months? I only ask because I have to pull the trigger on the same thing. Thanks for doing what you do brother!!
Bkz81 - 10 days ago
Rough life.
PX Primary
PX Primary - 11 days ago
"This video is sponsored by Asus" - As in, this video is a complete lie and you can't trust anything in it?
I've been reading about people having a LOT of issues with this router and "300% WiFi speed" is such a misleading statement. What were you running before? A router made 15-20 years ago?
ANDRE MONROE - 11 days ago
I have 1G Comcast internet, I just purchased Asus Ax11000 Router also i purchased a Netgear CM1200 modem, But wifi am only get 450 down and 45 up, Hardwired getting 650 down 45 up is there any adjustments i should make on the router to get faster speeds?
Zane Woodson
Zane Woodson - 14 days ago
What is your internet provider
MR.Techroid - 14 days ago
That has nothing to do with your Wi-Fi.. you just simply used enough of your bandwidth with all those 4k TV's
Brian Loek
Brian Loek - 17 days ago
So I don't know if you did this Kyle, and it is a great way for WiFi users to see signal strength in different locations of their homes, but there are software tools for mobile devices so you can create a heat map to see where you are getting great signal and where it's dropping off.  A lot of people think that it's great to ramp up the power or add repeaters/nodes and use something that uses DMA but they forget about the security part of it.  What did you think about the security features and did it have anything built into the software that could help you build a map of your home with a heat map overlaid onto it?
Sayduzzaman Rafsan
Sayduzzaman Rafsan - 18 days ago
What's the answer?
对不起 - 21 day ago
1mbps down 0.4mbps up gang
Oneiros - 28 days ago
Ahah, if you're guest are all using their phones to stream 4k60fps videos, that probably mean they don't want to be there
Justin M.
Justin M. - Month ago
@1:18, who? Lol
OneCrazyDJ - Month ago
Mesh networks suck. Just run cat6 and use Ubiquiti access points. They are much cheaper then all those devices your putting in your home.
William Selk
William Selk - Month ago
Literally don't know how to feel about the start of this video as anything i do over 480p streaming on my kentuckyass internet takes a day to buffer on one device...sooo im sorry for all that 4k streams?
JIPJAP JIM - Month ago
500kbps... dont even
BillyGoatBoy - Month ago
A good router does not fix bad internet.
David Bergman
David Bergman - Month ago
Is that bedroom "kind of messy"? I suddenly feel really bad about my apartment...
aLvL73Fox - Month ago
Weird flexes but ok
Derpy Pixel
Derpy Pixel - Month ago
wait so 66 Mbps is ok and 250 Mbps amazing for you and I thought I was doing something wrong. thats my speed with my internet rn and I still need a faster router because my internet speed is actually 400 Mbps
Maurits vanKuijk
Maurits vanKuijk - Month ago
The moment I saw the phone loading the video, my wifi broke down and my video was loading haha 😂
cajunboycle - Month ago
this is all i can think of when i watch this
Moises The Entrepreneur
If you have any of the samsung galaxy s10 phones or note 10 it wiwll work its the first that came out with ax wifi 6th gen
Darrell May
Darrell May - Month ago
I think that the cat might prefer Sushi ?
Zeppy Brawl Stars
Zeppy Brawl Stars - Month ago
Omg! I NEED MY 50 mbps EVERYWHERE!!!!
Xenos 1010
Xenos 1010 - Month ago
@ Bitwit - Thanks again for the video. Just an observation mate, nothing more, but why do you have your Living Room TV on the floor? I’m sure you know, the TV should be on a cabinet/wall or similar, so that ideally your eyes, when seated, hit the middle of the screen. #Justsaying 😎👍
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson - Month ago
A safer , cheaper and much faster/secure/reliable method thats almost as fast as cat5 is internet over power line. Plug cat 5/6 cable from router to a small box that plugs into the nearest power socket on a wall. Next go to room with internet appliance and find the nearest electrical output and plug in the other wall mounted Internet over powerline unit. Plug a cat 5 cable into that and new device and you have ethernet speed without having to run new cable. You can also get them as wifi transmitters so items like phones or non ethernet jack ported electronics will work. You can also just plug a wireless repeater into the second wall unit for same result. You can use more than 2 units .... I think as many as you want but you cant use them on extention cords or power strips and only work one power main(wont send data to aparment next door). 2 cost around 20-60 dollars and in my case run the same speeds as using cat5/6 compared to almost no signal from a wireless $250 wifi router in my original setup.
DAKAHOLIC IV - Month ago
gets new free internet because phone doesn't connect properly
René Pouliot
René Pouliot - Month ago
Have you done the Ax test now? Do you plan to?
Steve Badolato
Steve Badolato - Month ago
What a crappy phone!
Dx_Kashi - Month ago
Tell me why i got 1 router and get 359 mbps
Ashton E
Ashton E - Month ago
Did you have to put your AT&T modem in a Passthrough mode for the Asus routers to work? @bitwit
Jalen Drouin
Jalen Drouin - Month ago
Damn, he actually got a really nice house, fuck the reason why I’m here look at that house
JC - Month ago
it sucks if you use ATT U-Verse and have to use their own router
John Furious
John Furious - Month ago
I upgraded to the Amplifi system which improved my bandwidth significantly.... You should mention that your service provider speeds subscription applies... I had 25 mbps but now have a 100 mbps with Comcast, and have nearly 25 connected devices. Test shows 130-148 mbps in farthest part of the house.
FC360D - Month ago
Wow complaining about inability to stream 4K streams on that many devices when most ppl struggle streaming 1 4K stream rofl. I wish I had half of this internet and network :(
Slavic Commando
Slavic Commando - Month ago
bruh people can’t be happy dawg I can’t even play a 1080p video without buffering and im the only device
Devin - Month ago
Lemme move in :3
Abisai Mendoza
Abisai Mendoza - 2 months ago
Which internet provider do you have?
Deviqx - 2 months ago
Any idea what SMB protocol is used in the router for HDD sharing? Most routers are still on SMB1 and windows 10 won't allow a connection anymore. Thanks
Sir Mista
Sir Mista - 2 months ago
how about don't stream 4k on 5 million devices
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