This improved my WiFi by nearly 300%

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Bitwit - 29 days ago
I hear you guys. To clarify, the two main issues with our old wifi setup was speed and coverage. In hindsight, the 4k demo shouldn't have been a focus since it mostly tested bandwidth. It was also a super unrealistic scenario, even though I was genuinely curious to see what the bandwidth limitations of my old router were. In reality, this setup works for *my* specific needs, which are pretty extreme compared to the average user. Sorry if I made it seem like everyone and their mom should go out and spend $600 on routers. I promise to do better in my follow-up video!
Howard Murphy
Howard Murphy - Day ago
Well you did
river rosinski
river rosinski - 19 days ago
By the way this router is using the newest version of wifi also know as wifi 6!
Joe Monette
Joe Monette - 23 days ago
I think this video was super great and informative!!! *applause* but I wanted to know what the internet speed you’re paying for, because I have spectrum too and I’m always disappointed.
Aidan Pryde
Aidan Pryde - 23 days ago
@Bas Veldhuis LAN (internal) IP isnt the same as WAN (external) IP. at any given time hundreds of thousands of devices have the same LAN IP because LAN IP's are not used to communicate directly the the outside world, they just talk to the router and other devices in your home/buisiness network.
Maurice Timmermans
Maurice Timmermans - 4 hours ago
Improve WiFi = remove roof. Thx! Im busy for the next week opening it up!
Random_Human - 6 hours ago
Hi Kyle, Can you recommend a good dependable Wifi extender?
Aaron L
Aaron L - Day ago
Much easier way to setup Aimesh. all you need to do is log into primary router you set up.. and their is a add aimesh button you can click and rest is done automatically.. also when testing wifi you didnt mention if you were on the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz
Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta - 2 days ago
11:11 its 378% not 278%
AluminumHaste - 2 days ago
To get an as accurate speed test as possible don't use the website.
They provide an app for windows which won't rely on Chrome/FF/IE thread schedulers etc.

Although, with speeds that "slow", it might not matter.
Young Bear
Young Bear - 4 days ago
Bruh, I can barely get my laptop to load a video at 480p when I'm home alone...
NoVa B Balln
NoVa B Balln - 5 days ago
Not paying $350 for a fricking router come on now 🤦‍♂️
Tajmin Lel
Tajmin Lel - 8 days ago
My man complaining while my WiFi sometimes decides to drop to 0,5 Mb/s download and 2mb/s upload
Edit: scratch the 0,5mb/s
Salty Desire
Salty Desire - 8 days ago
Dude I can’t load 720p, could u remedy my problem lol
Russell Baker
Russell Baker - 8 days ago
I'm runnin' a g wireless network, my audio streamers use g (54Mbps) and my 32-bit laptop runs g too - what u doin' bro? Oh, it was a sponsored video, ah I see now
DFA Badminton
DFA Badminton - 8 days ago
What is the netflix show shown at 1:32? I've looked online and through the comments and can't find it!
xxxtentacion is trash
xxxtentacion is trash - 7 days ago
Black panther
Flappergast 101
Flappergast 101 - 9 days ago
I would like to see the test with only the main router - to see what’s from a new router and what’s from the mesh. 2nd I would like to here if you have had any roaming issues - I have had unwanted roaming in my multi AP setups.
xDNRx - 9 days ago
That's Awesome, however, since I dont have $700 to drop on x2 routers. Wonder if they have a more budget option, perhaps a Repeater plugin? Just asking. Maybe I can work 7days a week....OT
Cyclonex1CA ca
Cyclonex1CA ca - 9 days ago
Try netgear WiFi expander from Walmart n300 for $30...or $17.00 for others
A. O'Hara
A. O'Hara - 10 days ago
Netgear Nighthawk by ASUS.
joebob2311 - 11 days ago
But ethernet though
Robin Storå
Robin Storå - 11 days ago
Run iperf tests
angsammar - 11 days ago
thought my internet was poo but it’s 221 down and 277 up but no it’s just a poo pc
SteveAkaGoatpile - 12 days ago
this is such a ridiculous Luxury problem its not even funny anymore.
Dave Dörenberg-Veltman
Dave Dörenberg-Veltman - 12 days ago
Grrrr! Damn you! Now I also want to have those router's. Off to the shop then....😉😋
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa - 12 days ago
I can't do one 4k stream xD
PogsRcool - 13 days ago
DAVESREEL - 14 days ago
All i got out of this video is seeing how lucky u are and what a life u must have
Usame Yilmaz
Usame Yilmaz - 15 days ago
i cant stream 8 4k streams at the SAME TIME!!!!! WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY !!
Crimsonspike - 15 days ago
don't worry in Australia i was lucky enough to get 32 mbps down and thats all thats the cap for my area a moderate middle class residential area 1st world country my ass
Xanode - 15 days ago
poinguan - 16 days ago
Crying at 64kbps from my ISP. 802.11n 2.4GHz is overkill in my house.
Henrik Holm
Henrik Holm - 16 days ago
Ever heard of electrosmog?
Multishun - 16 days ago
Imagine having anything over 5 mbs internet... am I missing out😂
DEMONETIZED - 17 days ago
$650 Canadian... I’m gonna pass and go for a cheaper option
Cam - 17 days ago
I live in the mountains and get 0 to 7 ping while playing fortnite.
Daniel Doucet
Daniel Doucet - 18 days ago
For only 350$
Robi Dawn
Robi Dawn - 18 days ago
....... at least you can watch something past 480p streaming..............
Hermes - 18 days ago
im fine with 2.4ghz wifi n speeds, but i need a lot of coverage so i just use a tp link high power router and huge 12 dbi antennas and now i laugh at my neighbours interference
JP - 18 days ago
Kyle, as people mostly complained about the price, could you do a follow-up on cheaper solutions for better value, like that powerline video from a while ago? (That one was really useful!)
Cyclonex1CA ca
Cyclonex1CA ca - 9 days ago
NetGear has WiFi extender for $30 or $17
tom noordermeer
tom noordermeer - 19 days ago
Was the test on the mesh router or on the ethernet connected router? @bitwit
The Great Eldian Empire
The Great Eldian Empire - 19 days ago
when you're homeless, just buy a house ...duh...
Witter PC
Witter PC - 19 days ago
Yeah I would like to see a follow-up
awesomeashkan - 20 days ago
My wifi can't even run ONE 4K video......
1tzOrzo - 20 days ago
Hey Kyle I wanna buy a wifi adaptor but my parents won't allow me until they know for sure it will fix my wifi connection. So plz tell me will it?
Cyclonex1CA ca
Cyclonex1CA ca - 9 days ago
Get a WiFi extender netgear model
Bruno Mucciante
Bruno Mucciante - 20 days ago
This man needs to shush I can't play 720 in my room bro stfu
Mike - 20 days ago
Really? $700 worth of ASUS routers to deliver quality WiFi throughout what, a
Agent LokVokun
Agent LokVokun - 21 day ago
10:21 AT&T?
Filipe Viola
Filipe Viola - 21 day ago
Kyle, to really improve internet speed and packet delivery, build your own Pfsense Router with an old Quad core platform and make a video out of it.
Angel C
Angel C - 21 day ago
That's my speeds daily here in NYC, lol.
Kamil - 21 day ago
Am I the only one that can’t watch a video on 480p without it buffering
Marc M
Marc M - 22 days ago
Bitwit! You got your TV in the living room on the ground?! Get some milk crates dude
SC Prepper
SC Prepper - 22 days ago
good lord 8 4k videos? I can't even watch youtube in 720p???
edwin k
edwin k - 22 days ago
No Anti-malware software on the router ??
ian kim abanco
ian kim abanco - 22 days ago
1st world country problems.
b888 - 22 days ago
Meanwhile linus at LTT complains about getting 9000mbps and 3ms ping coz he wanted 10Gbps and 1ms ping on cina datacenter router xD!
Don Jones
Don Jones - 22 days ago
Kyle has no idea how networking works, we already knew that, lol.
Alan Curson
Alan Curson - 22 days ago
That's crazy awesome...
cliff hulsey
cliff hulsey - 22 days ago
damn your upload is great my is 20 up
Valini S
Valini S - 23 days ago
"Paul you've never looked so good" 😂😂😂😂
Axel Irizarry
Axel Irizarry - 23 days ago
If only it was affordable
Verzula - 23 days ago
So essentially you don't have a problem you made up a problem to make us watch a video that is an infomercial. Congrats man. Congrats alot. Seriously we don't need this kind of high end crap for the normal person.
Mike McKinlay
Mike McKinlay - 23 days ago
I'm interested in knowing the rated speed of your internet service and what type it is.
jmathew_5 - 23 days ago
If i use a ethernet cable will it increase speeds for that?
Cyclonex1CA ca
Cyclonex1CA ca - 9 days ago
No but it would be more stable... Can use a USB wireless adapter
Lazarus - 23 days ago
4K 60fps, Bitwit we got that. My family holy F@%%$@ SH@@@@T 1080p i F@uc$i$ng ************ sexy. my family good shit but bad shit at the same time.
Timothy Simon
Timothy Simon - 23 days ago
Um my download is 10 and upload is .8 with AT&T. This is some bull shit
Improves nearly 300% for 300$
XCID BEATS - 23 days ago
Logan Field
Logan Field - 23 days ago
Watching this videos make me mad because you r complaining about wifi speeds which are good when I’m over here at 0.5 mbps and over 500 ping
Calin Balan
Calin Balan - 23 days ago
Here we have some Amazon Prime streaming at 1080p
*_Shows Chernobyl_*
TheHavokWarrior - 23 days ago
Do you have ATT fiber? I tried connecting my archer 5400 router to the ATT modem and my speeds were cut down to a 4th of the speed. how did you fix that?
Jack Phill
Jack Phill - 23 days ago
Why would all your tv be on streaming 2 4K 60 stream though and lots of Netflix and amazon streaming
Jack Phill
Jack Phill - 23 days ago
Wow the upload speed though
Jack Phill
Jack Phill - 23 days ago
My house get 217mbps download and 25.2mbps upload. Without any of this stuff. I would love to try this and see how much I could push my WiFi
Chase Snell
Chase Snell - 23 days ago
His PC game is 🔥but his phone game is💀💀💀
Thandrick - 24 days ago
I think you took all that sponsor money and just upgraded the internet. lol You know what would be a good test, the difference between one of those routers and then the advantage to adding the second to a mesh network.
Samed Tetik
Samed Tetik - 24 days ago
Hey bitwit just wanna say thank you. my pc broke 2 weeks ago and i kinda tried to figure out what might be not working correctly and i thought i fried the whole system because suddently my psu seemed to be dead. so i gave up and got a used pc from the internet. since then ive been watching your vids every day because i was upset that i couldnt fix it and grew some genuine interest in pc building and stuff. today i saw my old pc standing around again and thought -hey lets try our luck- et voila its working again, no idea what i was doing wrong the whole time but all i needed to do this time to make it work was plug in all cables and go. thanks for providing your knowledge and giving me the courage to work on my old pc
Lucas Duys
Lucas Duys - 24 days ago
I get a solid 2mps
But my uncle gets 1gigabit per sec
Linda H
Linda H - 24 days ago
I get 296mbps on my laptop that I'm on now. Isn't California getting 900mbps yet?
Linda H
Linda H - 24 days ago
And you could use a TV stand in the living room. lol
Linda H
Linda H - 24 days ago
You could build about 20 gaming PC's and have a garage sale. Most expensive Garage sale lol.
Yuri Nikolai
Yuri Nikolai - 24 days ago
Are you fucking kidding me.. the beginning legit got me tilted. Imagine complaining about your wifi cuz you can't watch 50 4k videos at the same time. I'm happy if I can watch this in 1080p.
LotsOfStuff 123
LotsOfStuff 123 - 24 days ago
they sure do like screens and wifi!...
Matthew Clements
Matthew Clements - 24 days ago
Please do a follow up with the new MOBO! Interested to see the results
Calvin Halliman
Calvin Halliman - 24 days ago
When you came for the wifi fix but you end up having the urge to rewatch chernobyl and black panther
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