James - Sometimes

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Bianey Lohe
Bianey Lohe - 2 days ago
This song reminds me of my beautiful dog
MaZi DonnieAmadi
MaZi DonnieAmadi - 21 day ago
Geoff Kydd
Geoff Kydd - 23 days ago
Brilliant group live xx
Oliver Morris-Jones
Oliver Morris-Jones - 28 days ago
When I was 6 I loved this song so much and I still do to this day
Mike Moore
Mike Moore - Month ago
James WHAT a band!!!! I listen to them everyday while I'm biking, AWESOME!!!!
Rosemarie Donaghey
Rosemarie Donaghey - Month ago
I sometimes love this tune.
Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor - Month ago
This band ! Love Love Love !
Jon Mac
Jon Mac - Month ago
Cheers, and all the best to you as well :) Best band back then!
na nana
na nana - Month ago
I love his songs it's amazing 😊
Steve Whitehouse
Steve Whitehouse - 2 months ago
What a load of bollocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Solano
Tony Solano - 2 months ago
Driving through the idilc countryside of the south of France in a thunderstorm in 1993 . Always loved this tune
Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor - 2 months ago
God. Where is this band ?
MaquiladoraIII - 2 months ago
This song is truly, truly wonderful.
Louise H
Louise H - 2 months ago
lekyim - 2 months ago
Great song, terrible video.
Alexandre Baptista
Alexandre Baptista - 2 months ago
There's a storm outside
And the gap between crack and thunder
Crack and thunder
Is closing in
Is closing in
The rain floods gutters
And makes a great sound on concrete
On a flat roof, there's a boy
Leaning against a wall of rain
Aerial held high
Calling "Come on thunder
Come on thunder!"
Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see your soul
Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see your soul
It's a monsoon
And the rain lifts lids off cars
Spinning buses like toys
Stripping them to chrome
Across the bay, the waves are something else
Picking up fishing boats and spewing them on the shore
The boy's hit
Lit up against the sky
Like a sign
Like a neon sign
Then he crumples
Drops into the gutter
Cut strings
Legs twitching
The flood swells his clothes
Delivers him on
Delivers him on
Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see your soul
Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see your soul
There's four new colors in the rainbow
An old man's taking Polaroids
But all he catches
Is endless rain
Endless rain
Endless rain
Endless rain
He says, "Listen!"
Takes my head
Puts my ear to his
And I swear I can hear the sea
Sometimes (sometimes), I look in your eyes, I can see your soul
(I can reach your soul)
Sometimes (sometimes), I look in your eyes, I can see your soul
(I can touch your soul)
Sometimes, I look in your eyes, I can see your soul
(I can hear your soul)
Sometimes (sometimes), I look in your eyes, I can see your soul
Sometimes, I look in your eyes, I can see your soul
Grover Bennington
Grover Bennington - 2 months ago
Beautiful lyrics and riff. Like their early stuff.
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant - 2 months ago
This song makes my heart sing when I hear it but when I hear it live and I get to sing along with Tim and thousands of others it makes my heart soar!
Pure, beautiful, wonderful music from one of the bands who have become the soundtrack to my life.
Kanipshun - 2 months ago
There was quite a bit of emotion, artistry, and soul that was lost when alternative was a mainstream desire. Those elements were consumed by the big markets and you rarely see them again. For a minute, in the 1990's we had free reign into incredible artists.
jerry mouse
jerry mouse - 2 months ago
My late brother Steven was into heavy metal like me but I hope he likes this, a guilty pleasure.
Johnny Jabsco
Johnny Jabsco - 2 months ago
2:40 I didn't realise Neil from The Young Ones was in James.
Robert Seager
Robert Seager - 3 months ago
I would hate to let anyone see my soul for what it is
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin - 3 months ago
Fucking genius
Eric Larrivee
Eric Larrivee - 3 months ago
Come on thunder ...
Ricardo Pinheiro
Ricardo Pinheiro - 3 months ago
2019 AND STILL AMAZING !!!! So many memories !!!
Fénix - 3 months ago
Mary-Anne Brink
Mary-Anne Brink - 3 months ago
Timeless - Its 2019 and this music is still to die for.
Fatima Almeida
Fatima Almeida - 3 months ago
manos negros
manos negros - 3 months ago
Μερικές φορές δεν ανασάνω είναι γιατί λειπεις
David Cherry
David Cherry - 3 months ago
WhT a talent
Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor - 3 months ago
That whole Album/CD is the best ! Very underrated band ! Love them !
Johannes Cloete
Johannes Cloete - 3 months ago
Sometimes I listen to this song
Anne Scholey
Anne Scholey - 3 months ago
September 1993
Jean-Philippe NEUMEYER
Jean-Philippe NEUMEYER - 3 months ago
Magic moments.
Thank you...
Luke Hamilton
Luke Hamilton - 3 months ago
Ev Hervey
Ev Hervey - 4 months ago
I was sent here by a video of a shirtless guy laying brick… YouTube.
De S
De S - 4 months ago
I was sent here because.. Way back I saw JAMES LIVE at PointFest in St Louis. And loved them ever since!! Way back.. way back. In the 2001! He was early in the lineup. So people were..I guess still asleep.. but JAMES rocked the crowd by coming in the audience.. it was awesome!!
coupe662 - 4 months ago
Never knew about this song, its freakin awesome. Thanks for soin what U do. Could not have been found on a better day than this. I kinda needed it
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson - 4 months ago
Great great song. Very moving and won't be forgotten. Thanks James.
Jlc Golrazz
Jlc Golrazz - 4 months ago
One of our favorites...broken hearted Sean :o(
Mike Van Roy
Mike Van Roy - 4 months ago
Such a beautiful song you almost forget it's about a boy who dies in a storm.
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