The Story of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65

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VICE - 3 months ago
What were the actual lyrics?
Anthony Fandiño
Anthony Fandiño - 5 hours ago
Aim blú dabadí dabaday xD
am mf
am mf - 10 hours ago
@strawberriesxo Lol calling a vine old just made all of us alive and cognizant when this song came out feel ancient, thanks.
Mr cucumber
Mr cucumber - Day ago
VICE I’m and I peed on a guy
Brent W
Brent W - Day ago
Im blue if I was green i would die
PIXELGamerz Xvlogs
PIXELGamerz Xvlogs - 3 days ago
I'm Blue, Da Ba Yee Da Ba Yeet
politica attacco
politica attacco - Hour ago
So ... those are the very first people that used the autotune for the voice. I remember when this came out, it was so ugly that it gives me the same feeling today... everyone that knows a bit of music still don't understand how is possible that such terrible pieces of sounds can make those guys famous. Good that we have a documentary about this now, so if there's some younger people that hate autotune knows who's the fault is. dan din da da din da du da du da du din da da da dan dun di da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... soooo stupid and ugly
Xepa - 2 hours ago
these guys walk through the streets every day. nobody recognizes them but they've probably heard the song before.
politica attacco
politica attacco - 2 hours ago
Broken Nose Media
Broken Nose Media - 3 hours ago
Blue is the colour
MaestroLives - 5 hours ago
So just to be clear... you took a melody/piano line from another artist that you could hear through the wall... and then got lucky?
Brandon Morrrison
Brandon Morrrison - 5 hours ago
19:01 just doing a bit of the ol sneef
KLUB RAIDER - 9 hours ago
i will forever love this song no matter how old it gets
Alexandra - 9 hours ago
wow definitely a documentary I needed. 😭 I was in kindergarten when this came out and it was/is the best song ever besides Barbie Girl lol
Kate Walker
Kate Walker - 9 hours ago
Now do Rhythm Of The Night by Corona
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale - 9 hours ago
*My nickname is BLU* this song was part if the Story!
nuggetsnig - 10 hours ago
dem jiggly tatas at 24:17
am mf
am mf - 10 hours ago
When I was in elementary school we had a module on the rainforest and a girl sang a song about bush babies to the tune of this song, I will always remember that. Also this was THE song to skate to at the roller rink in the late 90s.
david alberto
david alberto - 11 hours ago
If I'd made music...
Insider Light
Insider Light - 12 hours ago
To be honest it’s kind of sad gabry split up from Jeffrey and they other guy
norepetitivebeats - 14 hours ago
Very catchy bum gravy.
metalmichew2 - 16 hours ago
1 of april 1999, goddamn, youll be siting there like : Yeah april fools, but then it hits you, you hit the charts with an old song.
JoeyNice Matrix
JoeyNice Matrix - 16 hours ago
I lived in Spain in 99 through 2001 for 3 years and this song was like a tidal wave at the club. Fond memories. Thank you.
Mitsuo Mits
Mitsuo Mits - 18 hours ago
Worst thing was that I though they were actually saying sometjing and I was only hearind dabadi dadaba Hahahah I was so frustrated😂😂😂
Ernie Salas
Ernie Salas - Day ago
All i still hear is "I'm blue I'm in need of a guy" 😅
Sarah Kreller
Sarah Kreller - Day ago
I liked this video before I even watched it
Sharif Salem
Sharif Salem - Day ago
One of the worst songs ever but a relatively interesting documentary about it.
kaitlin white
kaitlin white - Day ago
i love this so much i want to see more documentaries on hit songs, bands, one hit wonders. not to say that this song is one. i love "move your body" and "my console" by them. but seeing other 90s tracks or oldies and how they were made would be fascinating.
LightningSFM - Day ago
omg i'm dying at Maury's comment "you're blue, like the color, so you're a smurf?"
Yourname942 - Day ago
I loved listening to their Europop cd. Still have them on Spotify
no1takethisname - Day ago
20 years later that radio host is still there? Respect
Michael Dolph
Michael Dolph - Day ago
Vice, keep doin what yer doin. 👍
Marissa - Day ago
This song and this album was everything to me back when it released! So many treasures and memories 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Brent W
Brent W - Day ago
What well made and memorable program. Nice job 👍
Ансар Космамбетова
Тут есть кто знает русский?
Jason Swanson
Jason Swanson - 2 days ago
They heard cher's believe and the clouds parted and the voice of an angel sang "DOOOOO YOUUUU BEELieeEeEeve IN LIFE AFTER LOOOVE?" and they thought "this is it".
Reins Legacy
Reins Legacy - 2 days ago
23:00 Real life words.
Paula Wolf
Paula Wolf - 2 days ago
Do more music of the 90s/00s pleeeeaaaase!!!!!!
Rich Colon
Rich Colon - 2 days ago
I love this song
clarkeysam - 2 days ago
As an English guy I was convinced it was "I'm blue if I was green, I would die if I was green, yeah, I blue if I was green I would die"
I then went on a night out in Aberdeen and heard the DJ sing over the record "I will die in Aberdeen" ... which was an interesting spin.
Wichard - 3 days ago
I used to think it is "I'm blue, I believe I will die" 😅
Grimjazz25 - 3 days ago
I grew up with this song, I enjoyed the song, it was nice to know more about this song and the people who wrote it in the stories behind it. So from me to you thank you guys for doing this
Kev Bow
Kev Bow - 3 days ago
They were so ahead of their time, now every song on the radio that is HipHop & RNB, or RAP sounds uses the same vocal sounds. Sounding like a robot, and very artificial ;)
Greg Wisa
Greg Wisa - 3 days ago
Vice - Do the Mortal Kombat Theme song!
SpiderFlashChompy - 3 days ago
I love this song
John Damage
John Damage - 3 days ago
Great tunes come from melodies
john Jones
john Jones - 4 days ago
worst song ever written, interesting.
Tiger playz
Tiger playz - 4 days ago
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards - 4 days ago
I admire what Eiffel 65 did. They seem like a group of self aware guys that were realistic about their success and what would come after. They don't talk about the song like it was the greatest masterpiece ever. I think a lot of people compare works of art to other, more critically acclaimed works of art and that's not fair. Not everything needs to be "Stairway to Heaven." Sometimes it's great just to make something fun that can lift people up or make them go "what the hell is this? lol" Personally, I thought the song was fun, but I had no idea what it meant lol until now.
Money Mike
Money Mike - 4 days ago
Ohhhhhhhhh take horse to the ol town road.
Laura Martin
Laura Martin - 4 days ago
will forever associate with the roller rink... good memories of pixie stix and endless loops.
am mf
am mf - 10 hours ago
Yes! This song and the smell of stale popcorn are forever linked to me.
Mo Hawk
Mo Hawk - 4 days ago
Nice to see the guys, who made that cool single.
Dsl Dsl
Dsl Dsl - 4 days ago
To the end it gets from informal to gangsta :)) man it was so hard to lip sync every single day :)))
kre 1
kre 1 - 4 days ago
Vice 2012: Cannibalism

Vice 2019: I'M BLUE DA BA DEEE
Gabriella Nagy
Gabriella Nagy - 4 days ago
I'm kind shocked , I listened sooooo much to Gabry Ponte back then and I just realised that he was a part of Eiffel 65 ... thank you :)
JoshL117 - 5 days ago
I was only 8 when I first heard Blue, and I loved it.
I remember wanting so much to see them live, meeting them, backstage passes, everything. lol
Seeing how they are in this documentary, they seem like cool guys.
Edgar Abraamyan
Edgar Abraamyan - 5 days ago
How'd they come up with the name Eiffel 65?
I find Anime Hot
I find Anime Hot - 5 days ago
Music from late 90s or early 2000 are the best in my opinion
M M - 5 days ago
The end is a bit sad. But Gabri Ponte is clearly a giant, he had a huge impact.
Sepi Pepa
Sepi Pepa - 5 days ago
It's still a hit in my family 💙
John Lloyd Villaruel
John Lloyd Villaruel - 5 days ago
Ya same
TurTleguy123r - 6 days ago
Why does this exist... Why am I okay with it...
202 Fredo
202 Fredo - 6 days ago
most iconic song of the 21st century
em - 6 days ago
2:56 umm HELLO
Blake17 - 6 days ago
Took 2 hours to write ???? hOW??
Dario YT
Dario YT - 6 days ago
Me as an Italian/German I'm asking myself: how the fuck is their English so good???
King P
King P - 6 days ago
So weird how as soon as you hear that melody you can here Da ba dee da ba da immediately and it’s like you cant put any other words or sounds to it except da ba dee.
UniQueLyEviL - 6 days ago
why does this make me so happy!?
Mike D
Mike D - 7 days ago
@ Circa 23 mins: "It's not that we made the song in two hours, it's that we made a life that leads you, in those two hours, to make a song" - what a powerful message
Jewn Ersey
Jewn Ersey - 7 days ago
Todd in the shadows did this first, and better.
Becky - 7 days ago
Im blue, if i was green i would die.
That's what we would all sing to it back then hahaha. That song was a really big part of my childhood and always brought joy. So thanks for this! Never thought id get to see something like this :)
Kenny Jordana
Kenny Jordana - 7 days ago
I remembered this song. A lot of good memories for me back then
Eric LeBlanch
Eric LeBlanch - 7 days ago
Happy to see this guy's again in 2019. 20 years later.. damn I'm getting old.. I remember this song when I was in grand 8. And now I'm 35 years old and a father of 4..
Kongo for life and Afrika for life
Macadoodle123 - 7 days ago
Bady89 - 7 days ago
Can remember the time of Eifel 65 , MTV and Jamba - Thank god it´s over.
Daxent - 7 days ago
I'm blue and i would beat off a guy
ckrause81 - 8 days ago
Lol one hit wonder
Johnny Speedy
Johnny Speedy - 8 days ago
I mean the song was cool but just imagine riding that wave of ONE song? Performing One song over and over and over must get boring after some time. And they never made anything else. Kind of sucks, I wonder how much money did they exactly make form this one song and if they become rich? I doubt it.
nzoomed - 8 days ago
this is now 20 years ago, man i feel old!
Gail Adie
Gail Adie - 8 days ago
This song was original, just like that I'm a Barbie Girl song. They have a unique energy and it is a fine line of timing, audiences and way you promote it. The world can't handle so much for to long or to many at the same time. But these songs have lasting people. Like many of Queens songs. You hear it in it it doesn't bring you to a memory of a time and event, it transcends you to a feeling, an energy. These types of songs have unique properties that never become outdated. And that is why they are so powerful.
Correcto34 - 8 days ago
Awesome Documentary. Brings back really good memories! Need more of this!
Leonardo de la Vega
Leonardo de la Vega - 8 days ago
Metal Gear!
Paumonsu - 8 days ago
x1expert1x - 8 days ago
absolute legends. Thank you vice for this, subbed.
Danny Motta
Danny Motta - 8 days ago
Europop is the very first album I ever owned as a child. that song really embodied the pop culture essence of my childhood. this music group deserves the best recognition they deserve and I thank them very much
DS 4 Productions
DS 4 Productions - 8 days ago
I’d love to get my hands on those stems!
Jose Saavedra
Jose Saavedra - 8 days ago
I thought for the longest time that the chorus was "I'm blue, if I were green, I would die." Lol
koi tuipulotu
koi tuipulotu - 8 days ago
My family is related by Blood.. but some are BLUU CRIPs . Inside and outside ..
Mattie V
Mattie V - 8 days ago
In the car my 10 year old nieces were singing this. I was shocked. My childhood hit me in the face lol
MyCars - 9 days ago
Licka - 9 days ago
Europop was the soundtrack to my childhood. I love these guys.
Jelly Much
Jelly Much - 9 days ago
What what in the butt documentary
Zach Uzzell
Zach Uzzell - 9 days ago
This song is the song of my childhood, Saturday cartoons, and always chanting “I believe imma die” (because he’s blue and depressed) instead of the actual lyrics because the internet made robot fucking sounds when you started it up. Good times
Polymer - 9 days ago
he was blue and he beat off a guy
DoubleDee YT
DoubleDee YT - 9 days ago
Hey, usually I avoid Vice. But this was a pleasant documentary. Good job !
Brian Shannon
Brian Shannon - 9 days ago
13:02. I spied Godsmack. 1998!
Annie Lanier
Annie Lanier - 9 days ago
The first time i heard this song was on the very first Kidz Bop album, how sad and young I am
Just A Random High Schooler Clout
Vice making good docus? WHAAA

JKJK y’all make good docs dw
Iberville Music
Iberville Music - 9 days ago
I'm afraid I just blue myself.
Lil Draven
Lil Draven - 9 days ago
My wife is a bit younger than me and she hates when I put this song on.. lol I'm a 90s kid for life
Justin Garrison
Justin Garrison - 9 days ago
In 2014: Was at Lake Garda in Italy and heard the song begin. They were playing live at the amusement park and the crowd freaked out.
Melissa Gordon
Melissa Gordon - 9 days ago
Europop was a great album. I still listen to it. 🤭
R osso
R osso - 9 days ago
It was so bad music
d1p70 - 9 days ago
Typical one-hit wonders. Too many dot the musical landscape to merit a mention really.
RussianLearnsYou - 9 days ago
Blue (голубой) means 'gay' in Russian. This song caused a lot of confusion in my mind back on the day
Ryan D'souza
Ryan D'souza - 9 days ago
Absolutely loved this! Thank you Vice. This brought back memories from my childhood.
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