The Story of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65

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VICE - Month ago
What were the actual lyrics?
Alperen Barin
Alperen Barin - 3 days ago
+Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385 If he can say all this in that lyrics, he would be Eminem :) lmof
Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385
"I'm blue I'm I need of a guide if I was green I would die"
big boi
big boi - 4 days ago
+forgotaboutdres accurate
Alperen Barin
Alperen Barin - 5 days ago
II'm Blue - If I'm green, I would die - f I would be green, I would die
Man_ Bleach
Man_ Bleach - 6 days ago
I'm blue if i was green i would die, If i was green i would i, i would beat up a guy
Nigermany - 2 hours ago
This was a greaaaat anthem to my childhood!
Ronny Nilsen
Ronny Nilsen - 4 hours ago
im blue if i was green i would die in Aberdeen
DAVID GREGORY KERR - 6 hours ago
One of the guys sounds like Doctor Mix.
Lord DV
Lord DV - 9 hours ago
My childhood
Colton Usher
Colton Usher - 10 hours ago
Lyric Video of Blue:
Colton Usher
Colton Usher - 10 hours ago
1:19 when your computer is so loud that anybody inside a 100 feet radius can hear the music
กุ๊กไก่ รุ่งนภา
I miss you from fanclub in Thailand.
TheBlazingReshiram YT
TheBlazingReshiram YT - 14 hours ago
Thats what it sounds like😂
TheBlazingReshiram YT
TheBlazingReshiram YT - 14 hours ago
Im blue
I belive i will die
I belive i can fly
I would pee on a guy
I will eat some pie
Ill eat some dye
Ill eat some rye
TheBlazingReshiram YT
TheBlazingReshiram YT - 14 hours ago
Read more
TheBlazingReshiram YT
TheBlazingReshiram YT - 14 hours ago
Im blue
TheBlazingReshiram YT
TheBlazingReshiram YT - 14 hours ago
VBVNDON_BEATS - 15 hours ago
That studio is beautiful…. i like the new modern setups theyre goin with….i gotta upgrade.
Soumya Paramanik
Soumya Paramanik - 21 hour ago
Times were simple back then
Darksaige - Day ago
I remember first hearing this in the US and loving it. Then going crazy every time I heard it somewhere promo wise. So now it makes me wonder if they opened the door for daft punk in the US as we knew DISCOVERY before we knew HOMEWORK.
Antonieta De la Torre
Gigi D'Agostino, please
Lionheart Roar
Lionheart Roar - Day ago
Wow... amazing story!
scouse house
scouse house - Day ago
tune takes me back
calinfus80s - Day ago
Great!!! Now i want the story of Paradisio's Bailando.
il postino delle cazzate
Elizabeth Herrera
Elizabeth Herrera - Day ago
This song is about Racism. They are white if they are black they going to die or viceverse, on those years racism against gold black people was really hard.
Tristan Chopping
Tristan Chopping - Day ago
It’s a bit of a Mandela Effect where you can hear what you want to hear.
Robert FSociety
Robert FSociety - Day ago
Hear them say Cher made a good song, clicks off video. Lmao
kevinfitz89 - 2 days ago
I wish I could like this a thousand times I love that whole album.. good job guys. Fuck the noise, you all made it be it!
Chris Ahn
Chris Ahn - 2 days ago
Anyone know the song at 21:50. They also play it at the end of tottenham hotspurs videos
Marcin G.
Marcin G. - 2 days ago
3:04 song please?!!
D-Dub !
D-Dub ! - 2 days ago
I want the original that’s fucking siiiiick
Foudre - 2 days ago vogliono bene dai...
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez - 2 days ago
@Vice I got an idea for you guys. Let's do the history of Macarena.
Chi e italiano metta like
Firee24 AJPW
Firee24 AJPW - 2 days ago
JuniorzGT - 2 days ago
Shorty2Die4 - 2 days ago
i want a full documentary on them, my console is my favorite off that album. They should have been bigger than they were!!!
Faith Parker
Faith Parker - 3 days ago
I love that song
Pete Fragale
Pete Fragale - 3 days ago
Please do...
Razor n Guido- do it again
Alice Deejay- Better off alone
Edward Byard
Edward Byard - 3 days ago
Would love to see more of there for some older dance tunes. Snap Rhythm is a Dancer, Culture Beat Mr Vain, etc. Some of the 90s classics.
James Guardiola
James Guardiola - 3 days ago
You gotta do one on 5 hours that one is a classic
jdawg746 - 3 days ago
story behind one of the most bizarre songs ever made lol
Furkan Salieh L
Furkan Salieh L - 3 days ago
I looked I’m blue da at 2013.
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez - 4 days ago
Do ATC around the world next pleaseeeeeeeee 🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo - 4 days ago
Y tuve la fortuna de verlos en vivo en i Love Dance Mexico!!! Thank you for all Eiffel 65
Lil_gxccii _
Lil_gxccii _ - 4 days ago
been listening to stuff like this since i was born which was 14 yrs ago
Audio Duran
Audio Duran - 4 days ago
I’m blue and with out my weed I would die without my weed I would die
Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385
Someone made fun of me today for listing to I'm blue today and i said "you know what,your probably making fun of your parents"
Pewdiepie shall win
Pewdiepie shall win - 4 days ago
Why were they not all playing together at the end
Pewdiepie shall win
Pewdiepie shall win - 4 days ago
He had a very villianous victory laugh after reading better than decpacito,
I dont know why im mentioning this tho i just thought it was instresting
Pewdiepie shall win
Pewdiepie shall win - 4 days ago
Why did the one guy start to say daba dee daba doo instead of die
Pewdiepie shall win
Pewdiepie shall win - 4 days ago
So it needed april fools day for people to be able to laugh at the lyrics to like the song
AdrianlolXD24 :3
AdrianlolXD24 :3 - 4 days ago
If your blue your depressed like me.
pappoSCWr - 4 days ago
goosbumps from 0:00 to the end. thank you.
U Nwokorie
U Nwokorie - 4 days ago
I know why they were losing money.
@19:02 gotta clear your sinuses sometimes
AdrianlolXD24 :3
AdrianlolXD24 :3 - 4 days ago
Wtf it says I got the feeling ima die WTF?!?!?!?!
jacob f
jacob f - 4 days ago
i love your song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"
harusaurus - 4 days ago
blue is my ultimate favorite song. it was my favorite as a kid, and it still hasn't gotten old. every time i heard it on the radio i'd crank it up; i was so sad when the station slowly stopped playing it. i love other songs too, and i have lots of favorites that are timeless to me, but this one will always hold that one place in my heart. didn't know how much i needed this documentary💙
Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson - 5 days ago
This is the video that I needed in my life but I didn’t knew.
Jay C
Jay C - 5 days ago
I’m blue (I would beat up a guy I’d beat off or die I would beat up a guy I’d beat off or die I would beat up a guy I’d beat off or die I would beat up a guy)
Kenny ngo
Kenny ngo - 5 days ago
@21:50 ID!????
Chris Ahn
Chris Ahn - 2 days ago
Also wondering the same thing
fernando torres torres
fernando torres torres - 5 days ago
Good story!!!
Nia Pogue
Nia Pogue - 5 days ago
my brother is starting to talk and he hears this song, and says im boo. *;3*
Sito Saprino
Sito Saprino - 5 days ago
Can you make this song as documentary movie?
Jan_Shane - 5 days ago
those guys seem to be so nice
TechnoMulen - 5 days ago
I loved Gabry Ponte before he even got really known here in Denmark =)
We are so slow with great music here :(
Amir Abeid
Amir Abeid - 5 days ago
James Ring
James Ring - 5 days ago
Nice lip syncing 23:40
Peasnug - 5 days ago
Keef jo
Sean Norman
Sean Norman - 5 days ago
My ex-girlfriend actually did Shuffle dance to the music...
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi - 6 days ago
Can you please do Daft Punk documentary
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers - 4 days ago
That would be awesome.
dantheman1998 - 6 days ago
Blue was a great song but the Album Europop is soooooo criminally underrated its insane. TONS of great songs on that album that you will come for Blue but stay for everything else. And Contact was also great! These guys had serious talent that kinda gets overshadowed by Blue.
A Happy Life
A Happy Life - 6 days ago
I need a dee d Jackson documentary “automatic lover “
Karim Sinanovic
Karim Sinanovic - 6 days ago
So they feuded because they didn't think Gabry made any real contribution... And Gabry ended up being the most famous
bapjap - 3 days ago
Karim Sinanovic yes, exactly. Over the years Maury has ‘claimed’ to make demos upon demos for a new Eiffel album and it has never came to fruition. For a guy who wants to have his music ‘more famous than himself’, maybe he just should release music anyway. Gabry has been famous for many years and many Eiffel fans are happy for him.
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia - 6 days ago
“ Bluetooth me that song “
Kiara Verona
Kiara Verona - 6 days ago
Alexey Savushkin
Alexey Savushkin - 7 days ago
Thank you! Hope to see stories about other good songs too!
Lucas Bitencourt
Lucas Bitencourt - 7 days ago
"We needed to make a test"
"So, we went to this club"
_it must have been awsome_
"It was a disaster"
||° 0°|
Sören Hagemeister
Sören Hagemeister - 7 days ago
I Love this Song so much it's one of the best on the world.
Roux Man
Roux Man - 7 days ago
I got a ad about the 10 year challenge and the song was made 2009 now it’s 2019
Koshteg - 7 days ago
This song was and still is extremely popular in Russia. Even despite the ambiguous translation of the text. Here “To be blue” means “to be gay” literally.
SC Styles
SC Styles - 7 days ago
We need the story of Around the World (La La La La La) by ATC
Swiatlocien - 3 days ago
You may find it shocking but ATC's piece is actually the cover of "Pesenka" by the Russian band Ruki Vverh. Check it out.
Stefano Pedretti
Stefano Pedretti - 7 days ago
When Italy was rocking the scene ✔️✔️
mgmg - 7 days ago
aHA! KNEW it was a harmonizer!
Nick Dansie
Nick Dansie - 7 days ago
I wa green I wou die (da ba Dee da ba die)
biskitz86913 - 7 days ago
"The first time I heard the piano arpeggio I was like wow, that's beautiful - I can't wait to put a cheesy saw tooth synth and some shitty lyrics over that"
Money Over Bitches
Money Over Bitches - 7 days ago
90's trash music
iron tailed kid
iron tailed kid - 7 days ago
Who else went and watched im blue again
Insane GodFP
Insane GodFP - 7 days ago
It’s a story about a song that is a story???
Michael Streich
Michael Streich - 7 days ago
Do a video on Alice Deejay "Better off alone"
Citizenshane81 - 8 days ago
Lol, so AWESOME. This song definitely takes me back to the 17-18 year old me sneaking into night clubs going to all age clubs in Toronto & Chicago with a whole crew, looking around the club and seeing one of our buddies getting dragged out by security for fighting or smoking weed, we all got dragged out or denied entry by security at one point or another.
Enough about me...
Good for you guys. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. You created something immortal that will never be forgotten and DJ’s across the globe have you guys to thank.
Stick to your vision, pursue your dreams, get motivated and never give up. Starting today at 37 with nothing materialistic but the clothes on my back and this studio apartment I rent for $700 a month, I intend to do the same. I’m not a musician but I have a gorgeous 7 year old daughter to give me purpose and have been told I have a creative mind.
Hey, you never know, tomorrow might just go different if you put yourself out there.
Very inspiring. Thank you for posting!
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 8 days ago
Why do I feel like my life is complete
EJ M - 8 days ago
@13:13 what is her name? Damn I remember thinking she was hot ass hell.
Matteo Sabato
Matteo Sabato - 8 days ago
Drew - 8 days ago
This reminds me of my earliest experiences with computers and the internet.....napster.
andrex99 Channel
andrex99 Channel - 8 days ago
Ma sono italiani????
Valerie Cumming
Valerie Cumming - 8 days ago
God, Gabry is sexy.
miketalife - 8 days ago
Alexandria Sanders
Alexandria Sanders - 8 days ago
Man I remember when the video had dropped😅 that song was made for me!
NurSpass - 8 days ago
Well done
Mountain Prairie West
Mountain Prairie West - 8 days ago
Thank God Eiffel stuck it out and gave us this song. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it, became instantly hooked, and knew it would be big. And actually that whole album Europop got me thru my teenage angst too. Still have mad love for Eiffel ❤
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