Episode 211 - 6/24/19

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Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams - 7 days ago
Gary & that Chinese 🐱!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Makeup Mess SA
The Makeup Mess SA - 7 days ago
Geeez they are loud!
Mary Denise
Mary Denise - 10 days ago
Bring Porsha ♥️ back!! This was just a tease 🙃. All the other videos have Eva 😢
Elaine Bird
Elaine Bird - 14 days ago
Da Brat got me saying Thank ya🙌
Elexis Coby
Elexis Coby - 15 days ago
Gary so messy 😂😂😂 he know how to show out
Rozelyn Parker
Rozelyn Parker - 15 days ago
I missed Porsha too!
Katrina Kardashian
Katrina Kardashian - 15 days ago
Tyler will be flotus so can he do both😩😂
Bosslady Wesley
Bosslady Wesley - 15 days ago
Was that a girdle with hips in it?😂😭
Kae D
Kae D - 16 days ago
yasss porsha! Give it to em
Niya Harris
Niya Harris - 16 days ago
Okkk pastor brat 😂😂😂
tosha0508 - 16 days ago
Brat realllllllllllllllllllllllllly gets on my nerves on this show. I wish she’d rap again instead
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell - 17 days ago
Her like like im not feeling this new life mama
Laura Baker
Laura Baker - 17 days ago
Yeah Porsha is back... tone welcome to ATL studio.
YouTube streets
YouTube streets - 17 days ago
@4:01: Porsha:look at her little baby hair ya'll.
Me: Well Porsha she is a baby right? 👀
Elaine Bird
Elaine Bird - 14 days ago
Duh that's why she said it...ugh you tried
Gino 1028
Gino 1028 - 17 days ago
Baby girl is beautiful porsha
Amethys Stones in High Priest Robe
Please.. Please...don't make fun of GOD'S PRAISES...GOD is Better than GOOD ! HE is EXCELLENT FULL of MAJESTY ! Unlike what any of you have. Porsha while GOD BLESSED you with that beautiful little girl and you say you pray for her...Hollywood glam...and statue quo has tremendously changed you. Remember this: The World and it's system WILL let you DOWN
Shawn Gill
Shawn Gill - 17 days ago
Welcome back Porcha😘😘😘😘😘
Madeline Montgomery
Madeline Montgomery - 17 days ago
No headcrack did.nt say an be his on first lady.
Chanelle Humphrey
Chanelle Humphrey - 17 days ago
Porsha is 38! Time to mature!
Sherron Mcfadden
Sherron Mcfadden - 17 days ago
thats who she should have got preg by!!!!
Blaze Brown
Blaze Brown - 17 days ago
Welcome back Porsha.🎊🎊
Pilar (PJ) is beautiful & precious.😇 🍼
Ladies are Worth it
Ladies are Worth it - 17 days ago
Welcome back Porsha , you are irreplaceable
mikeg1634 - 18 days ago
Y'all ain't catch when he said Tyler Perry can run for president and be his own 1st lady
Sherree P
Sherree P - 18 days ago
Just a load of noise let each other speak
mikeg1634 - 18 days ago
Love me some porcha
Lee Grant
Lee Grant - 18 days ago
Y'all are so silly!!! I love the show. Lol too funny💝💝💝💝
Judah Reign
Judah Reign - 18 days ago
That intro irked the shit outta me
Toni Twitty
Toni Twitty - 18 days ago
I'm so happy for Porsha. She's finally a mom and she will be awesome ❤
KD King
KD King - 18 days ago
Tone Capone is fine! Lol
Myrtle Syd
Myrtle Syd - 18 days ago
She is one baby girl who don't smile.
Jenny Winter
Jenny Winter - 18 days ago
So happy she’s back was not feeling Eva
Mavis Jones
Mavis Jones - 18 days ago
Congratulations so happy for Porsha
Tamatha Wilson
Tamatha Wilson - 18 days ago
Love the show
shaquanna ford
shaquanna ford - 18 days ago
So nobody noticed that tone Capone is Phaedra man lol
Shayla Washington
Shayla Washington - 18 days ago
Well Porsha not wearing that engagement ring 👀 guess them hot dogs weren't that satisfying after all 🤔
Sophie - 18 days ago
Whys is it so frickin loudddd ????
e ben
e ben - 18 days ago
I am dying over that lil Kim look like a Chinese cat lol 😂
Da’Ladybug E
Da’Ladybug E - 18 days ago
No talk about H.E.R SONG !
They not READY
Petty Crockett
Petty Crockett - 18 days ago
Umm that light skin dude is cute/ fine 😂
#JawshTV - 19 days ago
I love Porsha’s genuine spirit
Debra Charleston
Debra Charleston - 19 days ago
Baby is gorgeous but I still don't like her cause she dirty with what she did to Kenya
Freely KeetWeet
Freely KeetWeet - 19 days ago
Gary said OK BITCH! 😂😂😂😂
Rene 1111
Rene 1111 - 19 days ago
I don’t care how old Porsha gets. I will always enjoy her twerking lol
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones - 19 days ago
PILAR❤️ she so cute beautiful baby
dontfuckinbotherbitch - 19 days ago
that's love Porsia heeeeey with your beautiful baby! 🚼🍼That's how I feel when I see everybody I be soooo happy biieeeeeeeeeeeeee🙋🙋
Guyanese Girl
Guyanese Girl - 19 days ago
LMAO!!!! A hot mess! They are hilarious!!!😂😂😂😂
Annette Radcliffe
Annette Radcliffe - 19 days ago
Happy Belated Bornday Porsha! I was 38 when I had my child. Celebrate LIFE to the fullest, you only have one. Pilar is too adorable😍
jill scottman
jill scottman - 19 days ago
She really bought baby pj 🥰🥰🥰
giselle joseph
giselle joseph - 19 days ago
Porsha looks lovely baby pilar is cute
Sabrina Simms
Sabrina Simms - 19 days ago
Wow she's gotten so big and she so cute god bless her
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