Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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JT Voigt
JT Voigt - Day ago
Except. It didn’t happen. John Oliver, who is sometimes good. Is often wrong on things trump. Mainly because trump is a Cretan and Oliver a Democrat can’t even begin to deal with trump in a logical way
Psycho101 Person
Psycho101 Person - Day ago
Most of these make me laugh my ass off, but this one just made me depressed
Alex Fox
Alex Fox - Day ago
Morgue Original Music
John, just because you live in America doesn't mean you have to pronounce aluminium incorrectly.
Aluminium. Not Aloominum. Fucks sake,
vegass04 - 2 days ago
Although I agree with everything said in this video, especially the fact that Trump is a complete moron, I've never heard any solution about how to tackle China coming from the Left. What is Bernie's solution, Biden's, Yang's? You sporadically hear how we have to talk and negotiate with China but we've done that for the last 20 years and that's what got us where we are now. I am to dumb to even suggest a solution but the Democrats should have an answer, even if its not a solution they should at least pretend they have it.
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford - 2 days ago
*Trump is INCAPABLE of having a “good plan” about ANYTHING!* *Look at his time in the White House! Everything he touches turns to shit!*
Something Something Something
Americans use Chinese made shampoo and instant coffee? That's fucking disgusting.
Gonzonalized420 - 2 days ago
See man driving a German Whip, blacked out windows, leanin back.
35slayer - 3 days ago
The dollars special place = reason for most wars in last 30-40 years,bring back gold standard.
Ahyel Production
Ahyel Production - 3 days ago
Automation will only get worse. Vote Andrew Yang 2020
binomalia - 5 days ago
Yes, Trump organization HAS been in human trafficking business.
Maybe the wall should be built to increase Trump's income in that trade area...
(They do not earn to have "the")
Bob Joy
Bob Joy - 7 days ago
the average chinamen works for $1.50 per hour. made in china should be MADE BY SLAVES And this not a trade war , it is a police action.
Avery Blue
Avery Blue - 7 days ago
Found that B!?$& on Amazon? TF 😲😲😲
artroom151 - 8 days ago
My word was synonufious tubules. What was yours'?
artroom151 - 8 days ago
The words sex and Donald Chump never belong in the same sentence. I still can believe he has children. How, HOW?
artroom151 - 8 days ago
Tariffs are go up.
Jacob G
Jacob G - 8 days ago
This was one of his best bits and I was grateful that he cleared it up.
Michael Owen
Michael Owen - 8 days ago
Defending Soybean farmers is kind of tough, even for a condescending clown like Oliver. Maybe he hasn't heard that bean farming in the US may be the most environmentally practice we have going, and that's saying something. We cry about global warming but not chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides, diesel fuel. So TRADE!!! OMG. Democrats ought to at least try to think a little bit before they speak.
Edward Kimmel
Edward Kimmel - 8 days ago
I have a HUGE trade deficit with the Safeway grocery store. I buy $200 - $300 in goods from them nearly every week and they have never purchased anything from me. So I lose ten to fifteen thousand dollars every year to them?
Uno Mas
Uno Mas - 8 days ago
John, you're saying 'aluminium' wrong.
augenbutter - 8 days ago
"Israel and Facebook have agreed to set up joint teams to reach an agreement on how to fight online incitement.
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan met Monday morning with senior Facebook officials in an effort to jointly stem online incitement that Israel claims leads to terror activities."
Nicholas O'Connell
Nicholas O'Connell - 9 days ago
I love how liberals all of a sudden became pro-free trade upon the advent of Trump. Where were you people for the past 2 decades?
ifortyfive26 - 9 days ago
Oliver's a shill for corporate interests. His paycheck comes from the people who lose money from tariffs. This clip is so misleading. The proposed tariff's wouldn't apply to BMW's built in US. Oliver is a comedian with no actual understanding of economics. Maybe Trump is wrong, but I wouldn't get my advice on that from a comedian.
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy - 7 days ago
he mentioned the bmws in the first place to say that trump doesn't even know bmws are made in america
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy - 7 days ago
oliver never said that though.he said they are impacted by import tariffs by china for bmws and import tariffs by usa for raw material from china
SCGunDog - 9 days ago
*raises hand*
I can throw a rock and hit that BMW plant. Wish I could tell Trump that my damn self.
Bill Michalides
Bill Michalides - 9 days ago
This is what happens when you neglect the educational system for decades and don't provide the resources teachers need, an unbelievably stupid president elected by an equally moronic electorate.
Tom Nekuda
Tom Nekuda - 9 days ago
Am in all over going into the red and farm sales going up......AND I'll bet they'll vote for Trump again.....I don't understand it at all.
Luciann Brewer
Luciann Brewer - 9 days ago
Look, China IS a communist country! However, US manufacturers have embraced it. I feel Trump wishes to transport our foreign manufacturing companies to Russia.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator - 10 days ago
A comedian thinks he knows more about trade than an international businessman. Not even a funny comedian either the businessman is actually wittier.
Snow - 10 days ago
How is America going to have a functioning economy if we're imposing tariffs in a trade war with boomers as our economists.
Low-Tech Mods
Low-Tech Mods - 10 days ago
Orange Man BAD... amirite? Seriously, though.... we have to stop letting other countries from taking advantage of us.
Drew B
Drew B - 10 days ago
The whole purpose of the Filibuster and the 60% vote was to keep both sides of the aisle talking and negotiating. When the Democrats had the majority of the Senate, they pulled the "nuclear option" (eliminated the 60% requirement). Now, at the minority, they have virtually no say in Senate by their own doing. The are in the minority in every branch of government except the lower house of Congress (House of Representatives), yet they continue to attempt to eliminate procedures which protect the minority party. They really have no idea how any of this works...
Tracey Knutson
Tracey Knutson - 10 days ago
Love the aluminum malaina lol
flying Snow
flying Snow - 10 days ago
What a total nonsens about this movie chinese trade war. The thruth is, greed was the driver. US Jobs needed to be tranfered to the east or south, bcz wages were much lower than in the US. And working Slaves are available ad much you want. The cinese didn't put the pistol on the heads of all those company owners. No, pure greed was the driver for this sell out of labour jobs. And with it all the knowledge has been gone as well. Now to blame the chinese for it is just not the thruth. For sure, they steal inellectual properties, or manufacturing cheep copies of trade mark goods, but at the end it is also the west who buys theese goods. Or is it wrong. Our political and business elite sold out everything, as the whole System is rigged. Its a giant self serving mentality. And what you think at the really end, what is waiting for you??!! I tell you what, a riffel. That you able go and kill all those bad enemies of the US. But think oncr about, what thr US does to the whole world - surveillance, industrie spionage, overthrowing foreign ellected governments. Better be calm, and find a way to get rid off your President and leaders. Just image if you would use all your cash you invest in military and wars into something good. You would have parnters and friends. Not enemies - would that be so bad?
Aquatic Borealis
Aquatic Borealis - 10 days ago
Trump is a Russian asset. Constantly trying to break NATO and the European union apart, while promoting the interests of Putin
Erika Welindt
Erika Welindt - 10 days ago
That shithole is still there
Josh & Jenn Gaming
Josh & Jenn Gaming - 10 days ago
Did anyone else notice that the party that wanted to stop the civil rights acts was the DEMOCRATS?
Jack Crow
Jack Crow - 10 days ago
Josh & Jenn Gaming yeah, the southern democrat. The people the republican are leading now
sinklairlewis - 10 days ago
It is true, Trump doesn't know anything.
mccarraa - 10 days ago
but Europe and EU are two different things
Jason Hensley
Jason Hensley - 10 days ago
Did you get the voice guy from idiocracy? Amazing 🤩
Nick - 11 days ago
#presidentialingiseasy #greatnegotiator #sponsoredbybetsydevos #sponsoredbytrumpu
ManOWords - 11 days ago
tRump is tanking the great economy president Obama gifted the lying grifter. In just over 2 years, America is within inches of a banana republic with an insane Putin installed fraud destroying everything America stands for. I don't get polled but my personal poll is: Impeach Indict Imprison the Trump family crime syndicate.
Osama Number5
Osama Number5 - 11 days ago
Honest Government Ad:
barefootwt - 11 days ago
Somebody need to tell him Mercedes has a plant in Talladega Al
rose novel
rose novel - 11 days ago
And u know all those farmers are going to vote for him again. Imma buy a farm in the next recession. watch.
Opinunate ted
Opinunate ted - 11 days ago
Actually, Melania and Ivanka a scheming to have 45 silently assassinated and replaced by Alex Balwin. Asked if they were prepared to "go all the way" with Balwin, the co-conspirators both said in unison " why not? It would be better than what we are doing now."
Tzen - 11 days ago
This is my 3rd time watching... Why? One, because is hilarious, and two, because, one year later, nothing changed. US is still gettin' fucked by its own president.
uyg kjyglyg
uyg kjyglyg - 11 days ago
All you fucking sheep....Trump2020 Barron2040!
madadh the wolf hound
madadh the wolf hound - 12 days ago
Also be very careful were your money is cause when the shit hits the banks will be the first to robb you and all because of one total moron the fucking orange freak with a peanut for a brain
madadh the wolf hound
madadh the wolf hound - 12 days ago
What a fucking twat. Just imagine him trying to talk trade with the Chinese government or angala Merkel. They'll have to explain to him things that are bey his comprehension. Embassed America you should be. This dick head president is so fucking dumb and unbelievably ignorant of fucking everything. Prepare for a depression.
Matt Bass
Matt Bass - 12 days ago
Lol John’s joke about Dwight Howard is even funnier now rip lakers (yes Ik he wasn’t traded there but still)
Buzzman - 12 days ago
12 months later and the economy is fine. People have jobs.The Chinese are at the bargaining table and the US is still the greatest economic power. And of course John Oliver still has a kingsize dose of TDS. Sounds like a Tuesday to me.
John Allen
John Allen - 12 days ago
Tariffs used to be a democrat thing... We're in the upside down.
Lumby1 - 12 days ago
Now your trade deficit is at $889 billion a year. And rising by a thousand dollars every few seconds. You will be paying for Trump for a long time, and in more ways than you may be aware of.
Russ442100 - 12 days ago
Miss you in Britain John :(
Rixar13 - 12 days ago
Irish Bunny & Irish Honey Badger -> #Priceless
D C - 12 days ago
Watched the Navarro video true nut no solutions😁
STK - 12 days ago
I bet all those farmers voted for Trump too. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star
This is the segment you were looking for...
Madyetmellow - 12 days ago
How can a Brit pronounce aluminium so incorrectly?
Black Orfice
Black Orfice - 13 days ago
John is being ironic. Obviously they are consulting economists. That dude is just filling a govt messenger position.
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