Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Anon¥mus - 5 hours ago
Ironic that Trump wants to make it difficult to import foreign cars when it was so easy for him to import foreign wives.
John Conner
John Conner - 18 hours ago
so countries in the EU cant control their own products
Jay j
Jay j - Day ago
The real math that trump supporters are too retarded to understand so they eat anything they he says 😂😭.
al bone
al bone - Day ago
Hmmmm tariffs seem to have worked with Mexico and them keeping illegals from crossing the borders.
Cutie B
Cutie B - Day ago
John just puts it like no other does !! The melania factory worker part was awesome 👏🏽 😂
Nukacolared - Day ago
I took a single semester of economics and I can see that all of the stuff that has been happening is absolutely stupid regarding trump who says he knows these kinds of things. Thats pretty sad.
Colin Parmenter
Colin Parmenter - 2 days ago
Trump says a billion like dr.evil from Austin power's. Lol
Julie Marini
Julie Marini - 2 days ago
Wow!!! We r really screwed--
Lord help us!!🙏
Bleumoon Zen
Bleumoon Zen - 2 days ago
​so many ppl saying this is a great idea.. uhm really? how? ... you mean In theory? like when it was believed that tariffs would encourage U.S. companies to use domestic suppliers and labor to make products because foreign products have become more expensive. But that isn’t always how it works. Companies often lay off employees or increase prices to recoup some of the costs on their end.
When the Trade Partnership, speaks we need to listen they are a free-trade industry group, estimated that steel and aluminum duties alone would cost the U.S. 400,000 jobs, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimated millions of jobs were at stake. you realize its the businesses in America that will be raising their prices for the consumers in America? ... But u are correct, we will be buying less .. but for more money and when these American businesses are having to cut into their profits to move product.. how well do you think the smaller family owned, businesses will fare? How long could they stay afloat with the rising costs? Even now, we are seeing the effects .. We are going to have the 75th birthday of my Town in 2020 .. but this year may be the last year we can go to our annual fireworks display for free.. . Because they are going to literally be 5 times more than can be budgeted by our city council. All the ones we get are all from China. The American Pyrotechnics Association estimates that of the 250 million pounds of fireworks that annually make their way into the United States, about 95 percent are China-made.
Over the last several decades, domestic companies have exited the market or scaled back production significantly, ceding market share to imports, the vast majority of firework retailers and distributors now import these goods. So next year we will be feeling this.. Sadly, we are the only city for 30 miles that has one of these amazing 4th of July displays and its a bummer about our Towns birthday next year! Pus this week i heard that some of the smaller communities on the outskirts are saying this may be the last year they are hosting fireworka.. i guess what the ppl for the tariffs are saying is that we just go without. and yeah sure it's about what we need vs what we want... Easy to say if you don't have to live pay check to pay check... but some things we are going to pay for regardless, even tho it will hurt us in other areas this is just a tiny issue I am using for example. because there are soo many everyday goods we NEED and we will have to eat the cost somewhere!.'
Oh quick question, . u all do realize that by having U.S. companies increase prices for customers, this will make them at a competitive disadvantage to foreign rivals, you know why? Because they aren’t subject to higher taxes on the vital components they buy from China. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it? So who is this really helping? cuz increased pricing by these tariffs that people like me will end up paying the difference.. while knowing that money doesn't come back to our economy.. in fact, is going to be weakened by all of this.. so again, I ask, how is this helping America be great? unless the great depression is what this administration has been trying to achieve?, then kudos to you tRUMP!
The End
The End - 3 days ago
I just don't know anymore. How do people get so excited to hear someone talk like such a fucking idiot?
Marie Rosin
Marie Rosin - 3 days ago
This person is not that bright. The tariff on steel was necessary since the Chinese government subsidized their steel industry, allowing them to sell their steel on the market that undercut US production and makes it non-competitive. He never mentions this instead, he makes a moronic scenario which supposes that we had a level playing field to begin with. Obviously this person is bias but, you'd expect a little more research.
russgoyer - 4 days ago
Irritating moron simpleton. Hey master of cheap shots and one liners. Go back to the damn UK where you’ll. Fade into obscurity where you belong
Or Hirshfeld
Or Hirshfeld - 4 days ago
The only postive outcome of trump's trade war is that it make Democrats endrose captilast view
Frannie Albaugh
Frannie Albaugh - 5 days ago
You really “nailed” this one!!! Kind like Mexico is going to pay for Trumps big beautiful WALL! Let’s “Factcheck” that moronic BS billionth LIE, now as of June 2019, 90% of His HUGELY Wall is being paid for by Trumps lying rants to Now Terrified “Americans Making Donations”!!! With DOORS!!! If some of these idiotic issues, and his family would cut back on flights to everywhere, including his overseas hotels and golf courses, we would ALL get free education (definitely needed, so we’ll never have an Orange LOSER in OUR WHITE HOUSE ever again) and free healthcare for all because by 2020, when he’s voted out and the American people find out how he’s been screwing us all up we’re all absolutely going to need mental and medical care!!! From Toxic Sea To To Toxic Sea 🌊 Poor Sinking 🇺🇸
Zach Bush
Zach Bush - 6 days ago
It's sad that we get more reliable news about the world from shows like this instead of our world leaders.
Mike Diaz
Mike Diaz - 7 days ago
if it becomes more expensive...I, an American, will stop buying. Then as in Capitalism, choose the next best.
Lenin Mendoza
Lenin Mendoza - 7 days ago
Let’s impeach the motherfucker
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal - 8 days ago
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal - 8 days ago
dainjahrus - 8 days ago
I love you, you're great. Haters gonna hate, remember that last video? With the hate. It's like yelp, most people who comment are doing so cus they're triggered.
All the best, keep it up and maybe cover some Canadian politics too, we need more stuff like this
Eric Black-Lovell
Eric Black-Lovell - 8 days ago
I think he's still living in the 80s... I think.. or maybe he's just that dumb.
Achaes - 8 days ago
Is that martin sheen narrating that garbage.....?
Ouranor - 8 days ago
Oh my god, I adore David Kaye so much someone help me lol. I've always wanted to hear Sesshoumaru say "fucking" lol
Yei Tochtli
Yei Tochtli - 9 days ago
Listen you motherfuckers!!!🤣
Luis Tolentino
Luis Tolentino - 10 days ago
.most of the people that believe in this guy is the ones that lack neuron cell growth, that is why they are unable to understand anything else.
Jay - 10 days ago
I watched this video before taking my finals, and got an A because I wrote what john oliver told me.
thank Mr oliver
Kurlzz fjärtson
Kurlzz fjärtson - 10 days ago
so my question is when is the us gonna put an age cap on running for office ? cus all these older people just keep fucking you over xD
Steven Fry
Steven Fry - 10 days ago
That last add needs prime time
Yo Daguy
Yo Daguy - 11 days ago
Was that Martin Sheen narrating the stabbing America clip?
George Orwell
George Orwell - 11 days ago
basically sanctioning themselves lol. I think it was a bet between Putin and Xi while who most belives americans are dumb as fuck. Putin said he get 100 rubel if he could get the americans to even put sanctions on themselves. I guess he won that bet.
nonamesleftdammit - 11 days ago
Martin Sheen must have been smoking some of Charlie's meth on the day he agreed to narrate Navarro's movie.
Terrence Cartwright
Terrence Cartwright - 11 days ago
Some points:
1. Read the HBR. Germany is pretty much carrying the EU. It's not a coincidence that Trump wanted to negotiate directly with them.
2. Macroeconomic stats like TRADE DEFICIT actually incorporate all factors before they are published. Great care is taken to make sure this is so, and they still lean in favor of supporting evil globalist agendas because of all the money put towards skewing information this way. So what if you pay double for an electronic scooter and the AMERICAN people who make it can afford to take their family on vacation because of it... and you can because your higher level job pays more because less educated Americans have more money to spend. Meanwhile in China, Chinese business men with Chinese interests at heart stoke the Chinese economy. Meanwhile also, an evil globalist fratard on a yacht in international waters where no law applies other than have enough firepower to fight off pirates and always have enough money to pay off GrunShielda the Transvestite prostitute and keep the coke flowing gets to discover GrunShielda's evil side.
Simon Commons
Simon Commons - 12 days ago
"I must have a bad case of the manucci's because the guy is looking like an absolute snack"
The guys name is Steve Manuccin, so maybe that's where the manucci's came from
Christian Lindau
Christian Lindau - 12 days ago
Let me save you 20 minutes of your life...
Oliver : Trump is wrong.
Me : Ok. So what's the solution to China's destabilizing behavior?
Oliver : Well it's certainly not Trump, because he sucks and if you disagree, you're stupid.
Me : Cool. Thanks for the nuance.
Star_1_Man - 12 days ago
Wow! If you want to sell a product to china and they mark your product up 50%, how many people are going to buy your product? Econ 101!
Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia - 12 days ago
D. Hump is doing the job of marxists: by bashing free merket he is destroying the US economy (unintentionally?). Ridicule, isn´t it=o
Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia - 12 days ago
D. Rump believes in rough trade: tariffs to allies, and open doors to enemies. They willl learn how to dea with America watching only its wallet.
Phil Serna
Phil Serna - 13 days ago
Go ahead farmers keep voting for Trump. Let's see how long before they that he couldnt care less about them. You can reap what you sow in more ways than one.
George Gates
George Gates - 13 days ago
Great video!!
John Scott
John Scott - 13 days ago
Hey mr Oliver have you seen this?
Phillip Christopher
Phillip Christopher - 13 days ago
Trump supporters are feeling really really really stupid.
saeed a
saeed a - 14 days ago
is Trump Irish or polish ?
ian Hendries
ian Hendries - 14 days ago
Damn YouTube sent me too this 7 months later and I watched 15 minutes before I caught on... 🤦🏼‍♂️ no matter what point in time Trump sucks
Bakr York
Bakr York - 14 days ago
growbear - 14 days ago
wantafanta01 - 14 days ago
i mean china does not need the USA much longer... they have a middle class that is growing.. the USA, opposite
Larry James
Larry James - 14 days ago
Umm. Spartanburg won't pay tariffs twice. China importers will pay the second "tariff tax". Oliver said so himself when he rightfully corrected Trump's statement that China will pay the tariffs. I like John Oliver, just wanted to point out that rare flaw.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez - 14 days ago
2:19 It's eerie how much that sounds like Jared Kushner
Lawrence Cole
Lawrence Cole - 14 days ago
IT EXPLAINS SO MUCH! ps Stupidity is plenty fucking sustainable.
Lawrence Cole
Lawrence Cole - 14 days ago
Ya free trade is pretty horrible, buuuut we never really had that after the industrial rev anyways.
Helen B
Helen B - 14 days ago
It'd be great if you could do an update on this! 😉
what kenyan
what kenyan - 14 days ago
Second Time I watch this since August and so many people can't see what shit is about to hit the world If America falls there will be chaos almost every where even in the unimaginable places and right there in front of our Eyes it falls through utter effort of the pretentious knowledgeables and stupidious support of drone minds.... Just know this for every action there is a reaction and for the moment we live in this temporally balance the pivot of which it is America which was built on reasoning and compromises of real patriotic and visionary people on all nations but now It is at risk of being destablelised by the corporatism, partisanship and individual greed of Americans....
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy - 15 days ago
The metal plate in Trumps head... you guessed it - Made in China.
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy - 15 days ago
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure. Ty-rump , Ty-rump , Ty- rump - rump. Don't let fat-ass march back into the Whitehouse.
SealTeam Ryx
SealTeam Ryx - 15 days ago
First 1stLady with nudey pics anybody can look up.... or is she the 1st??!! Pretty sure Ladybird Johnson did some artsy shit before politics... n Nancy Reagan looked like she might've been into it too... hmm Wikileaks should definitely get to the bottom of this
Thomas Ridley
Thomas Ridley - 15 days ago
China can't steal what we gave away.
Todd Beaulieu
Todd Beaulieu - 15 days ago
Wait. What’s wrong with Dane Cook?!
matt thomas
matt thomas - 15 days ago
this video was good until you started cucking for the ccp...thumbs down.
Reid Oakes
Reid Oakes - 15 days ago
Must upsetting part of this, the movie is narrated by West Wing favorite, Jeb Bartlet ... who's a nobel winning economist. SMDH
Nathan Skreslet
Nathan Skreslet - 15 days ago
How much money did they pay Martin Sheen to do the voiceover on that Death by China video? He should be ashamed for taking it.
Santtu Kähkönen
Santtu Kähkönen - 15 days ago
and sadly no one is surprised everything doomsayed in this video, happened and keep on escalating
Leroy Worsley
Leroy Worsley - 15 days ago
Trade, Dwight
Harmon Swartz
Harmon Swartz - 16 days ago
Wait... Was that Martin Sheen narrating that Orwellian Trade propaganda... Wtf Ramón?
William Perrigo
William Perrigo - 16 days ago
the enduser always pays the final cost. our friends in Europe use tariffs all the time.
"Deal with Europe" Well if that is the case, why waste time meeting with Angela Merkel then? Why not just meet with the politicians the people didn't vote for directly?
S Venter
S Venter - 16 days ago
Weeellll, farmers, you probably voted for Dumdumb so you get the government you deserve.
james fiaco
james fiaco - 16 days ago
Birds of a feather flock together. They are feebleminded and physically inadequate which makes them submissive. This is the primary reason these Republican have no respect or appreciation for  all the American soldiers who lived, fought and became partially or completely paralyzed,                                                                                dying on the battlefield of the Cold War, American soldiers who fought for its citizens to be able to govern and dictate its own laws without the interference of hostile countries such as Russia. Sadly   These Republicans are the type of people that would shield themselves with their mother's, wife's, and daughters.                                                                                                                                         They don't understand the difference between a sexual failure and a sexual crime.                                                                 Keep in mind sexual crimes are classified as the weakest form of criminal conduct.  Donald Trump is a prime example of those two extreme worst-case scenarios. May their souls and spirits never rest in peace. Until we improve upon maintaining the quality of   life in a way, that allows each person's generation to become stronger, smarter, healthier, happier, better off physically, mentally financially possibly spiritually than the previous generation case closed. Mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare are not changing those facts.             If life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper? In layman's terms souls and spirits are paying out! Being implemented Are being managed directly maintained in accordance.   To all the pain, suffering, misery, abuse, neglect, hunger,and torment that has been allowed to occur manifesting throughout the history of mankind into what it is today thanks to people like Donald Trump guaranteed.                now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable! To the statements I proclaim  I guarantee you never see here another body man in power persons of legal religious authority leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty.    One reason they don't have the best interest of the majority of the population's needs at Heart  another reason could be they come from a breed of cowards  or simply have a lifestyle that suggest confirms validates them as being physically mentally submissive subservient, feebleminded physically inadequate it doesn't get any worse than that.  One is genetic hereditary the other is a generic learned behavior either way it is physically mentally spiritually useless to live and die in a self neglected low-quality manner.  S..R.F.
Luke y
Luke y - 16 days ago
11:30 Why didn't John mention Audi's?
Aziza SIMMONS - 16 days ago
He knows. He wants Americans to make their stuff here and he wants us to pay more and he wants China to keep its crap in its country. He is using tariffs as a bargain chip for making China abide by international laws and ethics and he wants China to stop stealing our technologies and give American businesses access in China without the unethical control of the Chinese. So I am one of those people who thinks that China needs to be put in its place even if we pay more.
George Costarica
George Costarica - 16 days ago
Munuchin is a spitting image of that egyptian pharmacist I know
George Costarica
George Costarica - 16 days ago
I closed my eyes and saw a sandwich. Trump doesn't now how to sandwich
George Costarica
George Costarica - 16 days ago
Colbert can't compare
Jonjo Senna
Jonjo Senna - 16 days ago
‘The munu-cheese’
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała - 17 days ago
Trump's intuition is spot on, actual ideas are less so, execution is botched and decade or two too late anyway. This manufacturing 'twice as much' in country that since 1984 added 80 mln (Germany worth) of population, turned from world's largest creditor to world's largest debtor and LOST entire branches of industry is NOT THAT GREAT... yeah, US might be putting together more stuff per volume, but not necessarily per value or tax revenue and where the revenues, patents and control and power are going. Poland is manufacturing hub of Europe, and for its trouble has twice the power usage per EUR of GDP created, polution, artificially lowered wages, rampant imigration from even poorer countries and constant ostracism from rest of EU for one thing or another. At the same time, neither polish companies (deprived of workforce, capital) nor government, nor people actually control anything. Poland is NOT South Korea. And yes, Mr. Oliver, US trade deficit and debt ARE different figures, but one comes from another: US borrows (prints) money to buy more stuff it doesn't really need from China, while China uses this very money to buy literally rest of the world from Africa to European harbors like Pireus. Tarrifs & taxes are ONLY tool that allows protection of domestic manufacturing capability and there are things more imporant than money / accounting balance or self-indulgance of citizen who will have to change smartphone every 2-3 years instead of one. US used to do it itself in time, by controlloing to whom it sells its agricultural surplus. Others needed this food more, than US needed their money. Others need US weapons which they can't buy elsewhere. List goes on. If you delegate ability to manufacture, you delegate ability to decide, than you delegate POWER AND INFLUENCE. USA made one crucial mistake: it consolidated internal economy and now it either has to open to external competition or face monopoly and prices and stagnation. When McDonnel Douglas and Lockheed competed with Boeing, US didn't need Airbus to keep competition going.
Pushing 30
Pushing 30 - 17 days ago
jolly good show there
Inglorious Basterd
Inglorious Basterd - 17 days ago
Give Trump "a big ol' hug" around the neck until he dies.
SuperUbermensch - 18 days ago
If Trump would pay his taxes America wouldn't be losing 10's of millions of dollars.
BT Trade
BT Trade - 18 days ago
So buy local, buy USA to avoid the high cost!! This is what the tariffs are designed to do, to entice people to buy local so USA manufacturing will be revived. Trump is actually trying to revive a sector in the US economy that has been badly hurt by the unequal trade terms in global trading. China has been adding massive tariffs on foreign imports for years and still do in order to protect local producers and nobody has complained about them. The liberal media really has no idea what they are talking about. They are just picking on this trade issue because they hate Trump without actually evaluating whether what Trump is doing is really correct or not.
Dustin Rohrs
Dustin Rohrs - 18 days ago
The narrator from Idiocracy was a beautiful touch.
Swift Well
Swift Well - 18 days ago
Such a good episode...especially now that Trump is talking about tariffs on Mexico products as well because of Central America immigrant...since can do his stupid wall ...Im now shameful to say I voted for this dumbass 🤦‍♂️🐒💩
Nik Halaszi
Nik Halaszi - 18 days ago
I feel like they hired a graphic designer from Scientology to make those movie clips.
DWYS WYSD - 18 days ago
I'm glad this president is at least trying to figure out trade all I know is that everything is made in China and all the customer support centers of the stuff has made in China are located in India and Thailand. so I guess here in America we simply cannot make nail clippers and we simply cannot answer phones. This has been a problem going far back
Jeffrey Bull
Jeffrey Bull - 18 days ago
OMG! Y'all are in trouble.
Seth VanderLouw
Seth VanderLouw - 17 days ago
Brent Ekstrand
Brent Ekstrand - 19 days ago
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Captain Phoenix
Captain Phoenix - 19 days ago
If Melania were lucky enough to switch bodies with someone, she would never want to go back, I suspect.
acester86 - 19 days ago
that story about Melania and the Aluminum worker switching bodies is still a better love story than twilight.
Tara - 19 days ago
I feel like we need Trade 2 to talk about the ongoing trade war with China and now with Mexico.
Brent Walker
Brent Walker - 19 days ago
Don the Con actually thinks that he's a mafia boss-stand-up comedian from 1950. But he isn't at all funny.
Atom Manhattan
Atom Manhattan - 19 days ago
Wow, Jared is dumb as fuuuuuuck.
Never heard of WARREN BUFFET, NOTHING BOY?!?!?
Fucking tard.
santiago Ibarra
santiago Ibarra - 19 days ago
Can somebody please find a way to send this video to that stupid guy Navarro. He might learn economics 101 in less than 30 minutes in this short video.
R3dM3g - 19 days ago
Why doesn't the nail manufacturer that's right down the road from the steel manufacturer buy from their neighbor?
Seth VanderLouw
Seth VanderLouw - 17 days ago
Thanks Obama
elephant room
elephant room - 20 days ago
Actually, China’s economy is a mixture of socialism and capitalism
Carson Merkwan
Carson Merkwan - 20 days ago
Cool. Now do income tax
Der Grosse Jakmannob
Der Grosse Jakmannob - 20 days ago
Is that bite sound at 20:38 from Donkey Kong 64?
Nicholai Denholm
Nicholai Denholm - 20 days ago
I used to work for that bmw plant!
binomalia - 20 days ago
Ashley Rhodes
Ashley Rhodes - 20 days ago
Can we make Trump watch this??
Fier Space News
Fier Space News - 20 days ago
I just realized on the map of China they included the Koreas as a part of it.
Zaraki Kon
Zaraki Kon - 20 days ago
China itself probably does as well 😂😂.
OldieBones - 21 day ago
Ziggy Shelldust 2020!
Alex Mattaliano
Alex Mattaliano - 21 day ago
the reason for the tariffs are specifically for China's complete disregard for intellectual property, which literally steals billions of dollars out of american workers, entrepreneurs' hands. Nothing else has worked, and nothing else will work.
harmadikszem - 21 day ago
lol. one year later the trade war just escalated so as stupid...
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