The Battle Over Trump’s Tax Returns | The Daily Show

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Jorge Natal
Jorge Natal - 26 days ago
President Joe Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎✌👍👍😇😇😇
Stephanie Sweany
Stephanie Sweany - Month ago
Middle aged Millhouse 😹
Margaret Opine
Margaret Opine - 4 months ago
Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker - 5 months ago
But the taxpayers DIDN'T elect him. The Gerrymandering Electoral College chose him for us. Why are they still alive?
Kng Tch
Kng Tch - 5 months ago
Gutless chickens Trump and all his punk ass supporters
MrRottweiler72 - 5 months ago
So President Obama shouldn't have shown his birth certificate, school transcripts and other bs it tRUMP isn't transparent
Because I’m Batman!!
Because I’m Batman!! - 5 months ago
Unbelievable. First trump said that every candidate that doesn’t show their taxreturns is shady asf. Then he lies that he wil show itt. After that he says that he Will show them when Obama shows his birthcertificate. 8 days later,Obama shows it and trump comes with another excuse that he Will show it after Hilary shows her e-mails. THEN Hilary showed the e-mails and trump comes with the excuse that he is under audit and that he can’t show them when he’s under audit. And more then 2 years later the lying conmtf still hasn’t shown them. NIXON showed his taxreturns while under audit! Freakin nixon!! Trump is even a shadier Pos then freakin nixon!!
urno3 - 5 months ago
Their must be a law for lieing especially presidents lie just to make you or somebody feel good is just foul
tRonald Dump
tRonald Dump - 5 months ago
The IRS is still auditing him for being a Christian
Shazarah Ramesar
Shazarah Ramesar - 5 months ago
Damn that girl probably regrets turning him down
AlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle blogger
What dumb girl dumb and blind girl would turn down Trevor Noah for a date!?🙆🤦🤷
Antionette Wilson
Antionette Wilson - 5 months ago
Dont comply lock there asses up! I would love to see Congress use the power of the purse to ground air force & marine one on the weekends until ALL his bootleg staff comply with the laws!!!!! Fuck his dumb ass!!!
Lizard King
Lizard King - 5 months ago
I don't want to see a billionaires taxes, who is audited every year by the way. I want to see the taxes of government officials who become millionaires on a government salary.
William Alexander
William Alexander - 5 months ago
Ivan Kaz
Ivan Kaz - 5 months ago
Who voted for Trump saying "fuck it, lets see what happens" ? .. like Jim Jefferies
G Sera
G Sera - 5 months ago
Spirit Airlines of cable.... that was tooo much!
MD P - 5 months ago
review request equals, when the audit is done.
Richard Conner
Richard Conner - 5 months ago
Andrew Montenegro
Andrew Montenegro - 5 months ago
MAGA = My Accomplices Get Arrested!!!
"Oh my God, this is terrible, this is the end of my presidency,...I am FUCKED!!!"... the most revealing truth that will come out of the mouth from the most criminal, lying bastard ever in the WH!!!!
Eliott Toyota Tot
Eliott Toyota Tot - 6 months ago
Mnuchin’s tactic is to talk until everyone falls asleep
Diana Mccall
Diana Mccall - 6 months ago
It don't take a long time to audit he just don't want to show his taxes cuz he don't want the world to see what was wrong with his taxes cuz it's something that he's hiding
Jose Silva
Jose Silva - 6 months ago
Jaajaa American are dummies is they think that Congress will force Papi Donald Trump release his taxes, he is more smart than any fucking single person in USA , and he will continue fucking the system and get more rich while me you think that he will Make America Great Again!!! Jaajaaa people are really stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ellie Sings
Ellie Sings - 6 months ago
He didn't win the popular vote
pica - 6 months ago
Munchkin and all other enablers should be sent to jail, along with the ORANGE IMBECILE, for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE!!!!
pica - 6 months ago
That comparison to Sasquatch is spot on!!!! Thanks, Trevor, for your great show!!! Please keep it up!!!!
Big Red
Big Red - 6 months ago
I would pay good money to see Steve Mnuchin get an asswoopin by a gang of homeless bums. And when they are done they can all take turns urinating on him.
Little Bit
Little Bit - 6 months ago
Ever notice how all trump workers sound like robots,
R Mad
R Mad - 6 months ago
Ok total transparency as long as the Dirty Dems, Congress & Senate, Governors, etc. show their taxes too! Yes that means the Pelosis, Schumer, and the rest of the Dem creeps. Viva la REVOLUCION TRUMP! Gracias!
Signs - 6 months ago
Teacher: "Hand over your phone."
Me: 3:17
Pieter Niemandt
Pieter Niemandt - 6 months ago
Trump revealed his tax returns before and won. Now the stupid Democrats want to be owned again. Meuller report~owned. Tax returns~owned. Watch this space. Liberal biased media never asked Obama's returns. Try the Clinton Foundation for starters and get some real results. A trump basher will always circle around Trump issues like a fly around a turd. And so remain behind to the real issues on hand.
adonisduque - 6 months ago
Trump hides andl
Exaggerates what he doesnt have, lots of money and hands.but he wishes he was like Obama nobel peace prize time cover magazine, abs, real intellect, and the look of lust Melania gives Obama.she wants a schlong not a shor. Trump lies to make him look as good as Obama.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 6 months ago
😒I believe this that if you are a Trump/GOP supporter then your either racist, ignorant, or both as the GOP has done so many things to protect this man like with the Russia investigation and his taxes and this man has done so many things that unpresidential like bashing people on Twitter, demanding to see Obama's birth certificate but won't release his tax returns, called African third nation's shitholes, cusses like a sailor but if any other person of color or Democrat cusses like a sailor, all hell breaks loose, and more😒
R R - 6 months ago
Hey douche bag lemon, why don't YOU show YOUR tax returns. otherwise do the world a favor and jump into the ocean, go to the bottom and breath deeply.
L W - 6 months ago
Does Mulvaney understand the meaning of "litigated"? Spanky never went to court over his taxes. He just lied and evaded, as usual. Not the same thing.
conan Smith
conan Smith - 6 months ago
They could not find “Russian Collusion”, so now they want to go after his tax’s? These corrupt people are just trying to keep him busy protecting himself, so that they do not get investigated themselves! Really though, when was the last time that, for no reason at all, a President was investigated for tax’s? I think if he is investigated, then we need to pull the tax’s on all the people on the list that wanted to have him investigated, and not just their tax’s, but also family members of them and any non-profit foundations they may have!
LovinLife - 6 months ago
Trump stack his Administration with people who protect him at all cost, instead of being loyal to the American people. The worst part is that Trump base believe this is the way it should be, know deep down inside they would call for President Obama execution for treason it he did the same. Face it, Washington D.C. is a reflection of American voters.
Nikola Tasev
Nikola Tasev - 6 months ago
If Mnuchin is refusing to hand over the tax returns, he needs to cite what prevents him from following the law. Otherwise he is an open criminal and belongs in jail.
Republicans loved the law when they used it to obtain and make public various tax returns. They just don't think it applies to them.
Nikola Tasev
Nikola Tasev - 6 months ago
@Dustin Lynne irs code 6103 "(f) Disclosure to Committees of Congress (1) Committee on Ways and Means, Committee on Finance, and Joint Committee on Taxation Upon written request from the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, the chairman of the Committee on Finance of the Senate, or the chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Secretary shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request" Obviously. Please educate me.
Dustin Lynne
Dustin Lynne - 6 months ago
Nikola Tasev you obviously know very little about the law
Dragonetta - 6 months ago
After all the SHIT he gave Obama about his birth certificate??? GTFOOH!!! How the fuck is he allowed to get away with this BULLSHIT? This government is so crooked, it's a damn shame! Obama done showed the damn birth certificate and moved on, and this BITCH Trump is refusing to show his taxes. I'm sorry, but I don't accept that. I think the IRS should release them to the public, if he won't do it himself. THEY OWE US!!!! I'll even make a deal: If his taxes are in order, he can build the wall. I'm not worried about that happening, because NO FUCKING WAY his taxes are in order lol. That's why he WON'T show them!!! That's it, Trump! Taxes UNEDITED for the wall. That's the only deal you'll get from me, Orangina!
Muli Tony
Muli Tony - 6 months ago
Are you saying girls in your school were Trump
Mike Moklak
Mike Moklak - 6 months ago
The faux fox news conservatives are just making Trump look bad. Now we know this is a guy who was nothing but bankrolled by his dad and jewish bankers.
ivyshaolin - 6 months ago
every other president has given their tax returns which is why congress hasn’t had to ask. it’s their job to make sure there isn’t conflict of interest or foreign countries buying politicians
Ds. S.
Ds. S. - 6 months ago
Wow he talks alot of shit but when he's in the hot seat he turns into a big bitch,screw Trump!!!!
m8 - 6 months ago
Does any one else find Trevor Noah since the last 2016 election extremely boring.
It’s the same recycled jokes (Trumps bad,Republicans are bad lets not listen to their viewpoint)
Red Hunteur
Red Hunteur - 6 months ago
Mick Mulvaney looks like he has lipstick smeared around his mouth. I'm guessing Trump is sporting the exact same shade somewhere on his body.
A Warrior of Christ
A Warrior of Christ - 6 months ago
How is it that these wharf Rats have the name Honorable in front of their names, there is nothing honorable about these vermin!
Esther Odawn
Esther Odawn - 6 months ago
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Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti - 6 months ago
Everybody spoke too soon
It was clear Trump is a fucking criminal
He switches from mob boss to performance artist to idiot who can't remember all the lies he tells second by second. All he knows is take care of himself first.
🇺🇸 America has always idolized criminals
Trump's address is 666
No kidding. That should tellyou everything you need to know. Trump has told 9,576 lies and counting that we know about in the last 2 year's. Can a President be indicted on crimes that he committed to help him get elected President?
Clearly U.S.🇺🇸 laws are extremely flawed. Hundreds of lawsuits. Trump is a knowing Russian agent.
199 different charges
35 plead guilty already
2 just got indicted
Jared Kushner and Don Jr are next
Ivanka after that, Trump and Rudy
They will be talking about this for the next 100 year's
Biggest Crime Family in the History of the Modern World
Melania gonna end up going into hiding because the Trump name will be toxic like Hitler's
Has there been any President in US history that has been blatantly committing treason and committed dozens of crimes daily like this monster has. Putin is POTUS. And America is under attack by the Trump Crime Family. This is unheard of. America is a joke. The writing is on the wall. Any intelligent human being can see what's going on. America will never be the same again. Every dictator in the world is celebrating this victory. The fall of Rome at the hands of its own leader. And Trump is proud to be a treasonous traitor. Crimes aren't crimes anymore. Facts aren't facts. Legend has it Trump has nothing to do with Trump or his family full of criminals. They should let everyone who's committed all the crimes he's committed out of jail Now💯💯💯 Trump is the National Emergency. More fake caravans coming to America. This orange clown lies like no one in the history of the U.S.💯
Esther Odawn
Esther Odawn - 6 months ago
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Kevin T
Kevin T - 6 months ago
Hi Trevor I used to like this show with Jon Stewart. Sad to see you have twisted this and made this unfunny
Vivian Tonnu
Vivian Tonnu - 6 months ago
Outlander from STARZ is pretty good?
Adrian Buenrostro
Adrian Buenrostro - 6 months ago
He hasn't been under audit, just another lie his goons will be ok with.
L Magee
L Magee - 6 months ago
Nikita Elizarov
Nikita Elizarov - 6 months ago
Holy shit, The Daily Show, as a fellow liberal, let me say to you that you cannot both rightfully criticise Trump for parodying a journalist with a disability and then mock Mnuchin for his Tourette syndrome. This is some next level hypocrisy and double standards.
Jonathan Brady
Jonathan Brady - 6 months ago
Trump has so much to hide.... If there's nothing there, then release the Muller report and your team returns, you orange turd.
Kenny Drew
Kenny Drew - 6 months ago
I would go to the prom with you Trevor:)
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - 6 months ago
And he's still the president, making america great😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
dma69nyc - 6 months ago
Great Mnuchin impersonation.
Arslan mughal
Arslan mughal - 6 months ago
Khoon oka khomo
Arslan mughal
Arslan mughal - 6 months ago
Business don't stuvk we o hvin stoke meat
Jay Cliinuy
Jay Cliinuy - 6 months ago
People in the electoral college unfortunately voted for him to get him voted in.
Cecilia Moncada
Cecilia Moncada - 6 months ago
People see this video of this Muslim woman that says that Cair is extremist, and she agrees with the ban. She explains why.
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