Everything Wrong With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

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CinemaSins - 10 months ago
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Nkule Mseleku
Nkule Mseleku - 4 months ago
Darksniper is a BTS A.R.M.Y
I am a twilight fan, but after wstching the series I notice the things you said in the videos. This is coming from a 12 yo lesbian girl. Wow.
Wolf Gem
Wolf Gem - 6 months ago
Raw Potato
Raw Potato - 8 months ago
Sofietje 864
Sofietje 864 - Day ago
Omg 5:24 hahaha
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
They said it was because he loved Bella so much but nobody knew it was because of her future baby that is why he loved her because she was going to carry the girl he was going to imprint on and no he can not control it
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
He knew because he knows that they want him back In the pack
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
Because the wolves are afraid that if it is born it will eat every human and wolves are meant to protect humans
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
When he said I can't live without you it was a metaphor and he could start a fire and jump into it
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
Well to wolves vampires stink so that is probably why but both have super hearing and also if you read the book eclipse it tells you Jacob keeps his clothes tied to his leg but you don't see it because they want you to focus more on the movie instead of Jacob and his clothes
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
They are speaking in their minds but they also needed us to hear what they were saying so that is why you hear them and again they are speaking in their minds
dragonlover 49
dragonlover 49 - 2 days ago
No he did not tell them in his howl if you watched the movie eclipse you would know they can read each other's mind when they are wolves and they also changed into wolves when they heard him howl so...... Yeah
ReallyCoolSami - 6 days ago
"officially kicking off Hollywood's fascination with splitting up movie adaptations of final novels in a series"
Deathly Hallows Part 1: released November 2010
Breaking Dawn Part 1: released November 2011
kirara2516 - 6 days ago
Everything wrong with the Twilight Movies: The ENTIRE DAMN THING!
Zaraiah Valois
Zaraiah Valois - 9 days ago
Jacob was the true Alpha of the pack, but didn't wanna lead. Hence why Sam was the leader. So when he mentioned his grandfather, that's why it mattered. He is the true leader, not Sam.
Dark Miss
Dark Miss - 9 days ago
Everything wrong with this movie..The fact that it and any of its trash sequels prequels whatever the f*ck exist!
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - 13 days ago
Way way way too many people in the comments section whining that this video does not do the movie Justice because if you read the books you'd understand the movie. Come on people if a movie cannot stand on its own then it should not be made. A movie should not be dependent on people reading the books to understand the movie. But then again people like the rider of these books is counting on fools wasting their money on this garbage.
Brian Michael
Brian Michael - 15 days ago
Plus that is Lestat's vampire story.. Lestat killed guilty people..
He knew they were evil because he could read their minds haha
Emily Harvey
Emily Harvey - 16 days ago
9:01 I don't know if they ever explained this in the movie, but when they're in their wolf form the pack unintentionally shares all their thoughts. He was thinking about the pregnancy, and so everyone instantly knew about it.
I still remember this, even having left the fandom 10+ years ago @.@
Mountain Warrior
Mountain Warrior - 17 days ago
How about a sin for every minute of the movie.
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - 13 days ago
A sin for every second the movie exists
Purple_ Dreamer
Purple_ Dreamer - 17 days ago
That cold feet line...

It literally took me years to figure out what that meant....i couldn’t figure out that it meant to check if she was having second thoughts about the wedding...

Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen - 17 days ago
I love Twilight. I'm not offended at all. This is hilarious
guna rahull
guna rahull - 18 days ago
Edward says he is 107 years I think but he still doing his graduation.
Skylar Noire
Skylar Noire - 19 days ago
Actually, Harry Potter started the trend
Dragica Milić
Dragica Milić - 19 days ago
A sin fir you for adding a sin for you being a vampire
Musa Style
Musa Style - 20 days ago
There’s Twilight.
And then there’s *After*
Do After. Please.
Madame Nox
Madame Nox - 20 days ago
“Nothing makes sex better than complicated birth that could kill the mother”
jude steiner-hall
jude steiner-hall - 21 day ago
"Explain to me" Jake has the hereditary right to rule, which he relinquished in his initial disgust with being a dangerous werewolf
jude steiner-hall
jude steiner-hall - 21 day ago
"I know I can do this" means she's confident she can resist the urge to feed on humans. Natch.
Dibyanoor Shrestha
Dibyanoor Shrestha - 21 day ago
Most of it is true but if you read the books you'll be more clear
Itz Holzipop
Itz Holzipop - 22 days ago
I’ve only seen one twilight movie and well...I NEW TWILIGHT WAS JUST A WEIRD GROSS THINGY THAT I NEVER WANTED TO WATCH!!!
Ted Cleveland
Ted Cleveland - 25 days ago
Twilight movie teaching young girl to have sex got pregnant, leave your friends and family, school all behind
GAME GAME - 25 days ago
1:12 this f**king guy
Jangkar Suci
Jangkar Suci - 25 days ago
Idk how many times i watched this sin video, still laughing 😂😂😂
AJ Awesome
AJ Awesome - 27 days ago
I hate that she ends up with Edward instead of Jacob
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - 13 days ago
I hate that the books and the movie exists
Justlov4 - 27 days ago
I just want everyone to know...Jacob fell in love with a baby. I was dying at this part. So freakin funny
Lunch vlogs
Lunch vlogs - Month ago
Edward and Bella didn’t book a place to get married, they got married in the vampires backyard.
Brianna 0927
Brianna 0927 - 29 days ago
Thank you 🤦🏽‍♀️no body under stands this 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
88smjls - Month ago
This narration is the only thing that makes Twilight bearable.
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - Month ago
I think these are the other reviews I can tolerate of yours other than the Fast and Furious I mean I can't believe this was a fucking movie how long was it lucky from me I never watched this one I did see the last one though and my God is that awful no except the climactic fight which really didn't happen so why I had it I mean my gosh how the fuck did you stay awake during this
S S - Month ago
you talk too fast
Nomad Gacha
Nomad Gacha - Month ago
The whole thing was meh
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown - Month ago
Do everything wrong with emoji movie
The Black Sea
The Black Sea - Month ago
Fuck this bike.
Bethking149 - Month ago
I don’t really know the answer so twilight fans I ask you, how does Edward get a boner, they occur by a buildup of blood and Edward doesn’t have blood
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - 13 days ago
Rigamortis? Since he's dead wouldn't it always be stiff?
God Of Confusion
God Of Confusion - Month ago
This is a question.... Only the author can answer, because nobody understands it either. :/
AuroraisXayde - Month ago
Literally a whole fucking hour I will never get back 🤣.
Oh and don’t start me on Titanic.
Justin Cicconi
Justin Cicconi - Month ago
“Oh, shut your f*cking whining, Jacob.”
Lulu 2018
Lulu 2018 - Month ago
“So with absolutely no doctor on the premises...”Carlisle is a doctor
Graciela Montano
Graciela Montano - Month ago
Imprinting money shot lmfaooo
Sommy Bunny
Sommy Bunny - Month ago
I think he has a crush on Anna Kendrick
Ana None of your business
I’m laughing so hard i have tears coming out of my eyes lmao 🤣
Dark Flower
Dark Flower - Month ago
4:21 "How the f*ck does she kniw who that is at shirt wearing distance?"
I don't know, he's usually shirtless
Khudeja Kamran
Khudeja Kamran - Month ago
Lyra Saruman
Lyra Saruman - Month ago
darkwolf262 - Month ago
Why is the wolves speaking telepathically in English stupid? They speak perfect English as humans so why would their alternate form be any different?
J - Month ago
worst movie ever
Salah Usufi
Salah Usufi - Month ago
9:36 Jacob gave up his title as Alpha to Sam because he didn’t want to lead a pack. However by blood, regardless of oral agreement; Jacob is in line for the quote on quote throne. That trumps his opinion over Sam’s.
Also sin removed because Edward bit through the umbilical cord
matthew mackenzie-betty
In the entire twilight series, there are 24 full minutes of just staring
Blue Lexi 'Alex' AMCV
Blue Lexi 'Alex' AMCV - Month ago
🎼 step on a crack, break your mother's back 🎼 13:07
sorry not sorry
dolphin - Month ago
*this fckin guy* lmfao
Avaril Basnight
Avaril Basnight - Month ago
Can’t stop laughing 😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
sal bazaz
sal bazaz - Month ago
Covet the house? Those are biblical terms
Abigail Woolls
Abigail Woolls - Month ago
Kiddy Binz
Kiddy Binz - Month ago
The imprinting on the baby is super creepy, like what the heck??? It makes me sick
But technically Bella and Edward are almost a hundred years apart. Not creepy at all.
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