Everything Wrong With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

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CinemaSins - 7 months ago
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Nkule Mseleku
Nkule Mseleku - Month ago
Darksniper 1200
Darksniper 1200 - Month ago
I am a twilight fan, but after wstching the series I notice the things you said in the videos. This is coming from a 12 yo lesbian girl. Wow.
Wolf Gem
Wolf Gem - 3 months ago
Raw Potato
Raw Potato - 5 months ago
Mikyelle Mackel
Mikyelle Mackel - 21 hour ago
Imprinting doesn’t mean he’s in love with a baby. Imprinting just means he’ll be a protector. He’s more like a guardian angel. I’m sad they didn’t explain that like they did in the books.
Max Zapata
Max Zapata - Day ago
6:03 lmao
Mimah 101
Mimah 101 - Day ago
Gosh Jeremy you REALLY have it bad for Anna Kendrick geez, Twilight and Into The Woods as proof. Why not just ask her out or something, I mean yeah she's a celebrity and all but you really like her and she might say yes so...you can't know until you try.
Or you just could just fawn over her in every movie like an awkward highschool teenager.... that's cool too lol.😁😁
xxBloodyMoonxx1 - Day ago
Dexter Edward 😂
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - 3 days ago
I love how you mentioned hot 2 times on anna kendrick
Marella Franchesca Denise Mandigma
Really? that is why its a movie too many vital information was cut off. and Jacob explained about the pack mind in New Moon or Eclipse. So they have linked minds. What the other thinks will be in every other wolves mind...
And the blood in styrofoam scene? Its from the book they just followed it. and actually every other sins are invalid.
Char wall
Char wall - 7 days ago
This dude aviosesly dosnt remember or understand anything
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile - 7 days ago
Sin 1: it exists
*Sonictale* - 7 days ago
sin number 1: Sn Harry Potter's defense, that's a big-ass book.
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson - 9 days ago
Read the books. Then you'll understand the Ephraim Black thing
uncharted7again black king
Ok never did this but now u just hating I wish my only blood line of family could do this well except for when things are truly personal like ummm duhhh having sex thinking sexual things and the other weird shit but the rest ohhh yea I'll take that yo bro I'm here I knew u were in trouble because u kept thinking it all day so yea damn didn't think I'd haft to do this but yea my home boy here hating well something's I understand as far as let's see some thoughts but the rest naw I wanna know if my family in any kind of trouble fr fr no joke no lie
uncharted7again black king
5:50 now that's a sin she didn't shave her legs before the wedding smh all because she said ohhh wow the wedding dress can cover that lol lol lol
uncharted7again black king
3:42 yes pretty cool guy
Natalie Malik
Natalie Malik - 11 days ago
This is actually 18 minutes
Nub the nubbiest
Nub the nubbiest - 11 days ago
This movie would have been so much better if Nosferatu was in the mid credits scene.
Lani Dubois
Lani Dubois - 12 days ago
cinemasins grossly underestimates how quickly people can become stubbly. if she shaved the morning of her wedding, 12 hours later its normal to have leg hair!! let her shave dammit
Melahel888 - 12 days ago
bro the movie was shit. I was laughing the whole time when it came on cable facepalming the whole time and questioning what the F makes sense! that was fun but the movie was actually shit
Sarah C.
Sarah C. - 14 days ago
They played this movie on the bus rides to my camp with 8 year olds. And then the second one on the way back! I don’t know what they were thinking when they thought it would be appropriate.
Peppermint Green Tea From Trader Joes
What isnt wrong with Twilight
MariskaJayne - 15 days ago
Hard to believe I used to love these movies and books.
Rather proud of myself for outgrowing this contrived bullshit.
Lily - 16 days ago
t's even more awkward when you know Jacob is gone go old and renesmée isn't. She is gone stop aging and look like a 20 years old all her existence. Will she go out with jacob when he iwill be 60 years old and her looking like a 20 years old? That's why vampires stories are stupide. Same for Edward, his body is looking like a 17 years old guy but is mind is hundreads years old. And he fell in love with a teenage girl. So bassicly he is a dame old pervert..
Vanessa Koehler
Vanessa Koehler - 16 days ago
Cinemasins basically Jacob became alpha.
Katrina 101010
Katrina 101010 - 16 days ago
I was actually laughing with cinemasins upon seeing Yahoo.
Black Rose
Black Rose - 17 days ago
I really wanted Bella to die, I thought it would have been a reason to force Edward and Jacob to actually grow character wise
Krystina Tusivili
Krystina Tusivili - 18 days ago
There’s basically many sins that should be taken off because they don’t even add up to why they should be added on and most them can be explained. From twilight to breaking dawn part 2 there’s heaps of sins that should be taken off✋🏼🙄
Karen Liu
Karen Liu - 18 days ago
I don’t really care about this, I luv twilight. It is way better than 50 Shades of Brain Damage
Karen Liu
Karen Liu - 18 days ago
I don’t really care about this, I luv twilight. It is way better than 50 Shades of Brain Damage
Bella and Edward Collin
Bella and Edward Collin - 19 days ago
can u please stop swearing I'm only 13 and say good things about the move
TheLeah2344 - 20 days ago
I still can’t believe some people justified Jacob falling in love with a BABY ! It’s a BABY !
Snowy Frost
Snowy Frost - 20 days ago
If you read the books, you would understand more. Just saying. Not hating anyone who doesn't like it. I actually like the books better.
Joan Winter
Joan Winter - 23 days ago
Yahoo 😂
Wellit'sElle - 23 days ago
soooo i think he’s trying to tell us that jacib fell in love with a baby
Bearded Hoppe
Bearded Hoppe - 25 days ago
please do “SONS OF ANARCHY”
loly lolita
loly lolita - 25 days ago
What is movie sin tally
Leah Headrick
Leah Headrick - 26 days ago
Julz XD
Julz XD - 27 days ago
Is that Jim parsons? 1:59
Julz XD
Julz XD - 27 days ago
"That reminds me, my shirt needs to come off"... Lol I love it.
Also, Jacob fell in love with a baby, hes fantasising about until she's 18 and they bang each other? That's extremely creepy.
Ashley Panzica
Ashley Panzica - 28 days ago
Jessica- Who else gets married at 18?
Me- I don't know, maybe people who are in love?
Is no one going to talk about how Edward wanted to kill Renesmee up until he heard her thoughts then went from 'the worst father ever' to 'the best father ever'? I get that he wants to protect Bella and he thinks the only way to do that is get rid of Renensmee, but THAT IS YOU DAUGHTER! If I were Bella, I wouldn't want my child anywhere NEAR a family that just tried to kill her.
Am I alone here?! I certainly hope not!
little demon Alexandria
little demon Alexandria - 28 days ago
"This fucking guy"
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan - 29 days ago
17:32 Are we just not going to acknowledge Jeremy watches House M.D.?
Kidus_10 - 29 days ago
Jacob said that they would slaughter the Cullen's because they hadn't drank any blood for weeks. Same reason that they were running so slow while being chased by wolves.
gor9027 - Month ago
There was absolutely zero creative reason why this needed to be split into two movies.
Waterlily Crane
Waterlily Crane - Month ago
5:24 lmao
Idol Reign
Idol Reign - Month ago
something must be wrong with me since I like these movies but hate 50 Shades of grey. My bad taste is so inconsistent.
Lily J18
Lily J18 - Month ago
9:22 although I am a big fan of the twilight saga (books and all) I 100% agree with this statement 😂
Parvathy Rajesh
Parvathy Rajesh - Month ago
The movies were shit but the wolf part read the book .the books are better.
A Bookish Obsession
A Bookish Obsession - Month ago
I'm going to add a few thousand sins to your American Beauty comment, because the writer of the books is notorious for plagiarizing other works.
Fab7 - Month ago
"stupid imprinting"... "stupid Jacob"... "Someone should write a law about imprinting on vampire children".. "too late now"... "stupid imprinting"...

I died. XD
Faith Kitchener
Faith Kitchener - Month ago
everything is wrong with it, period.
Mariam Gweely
Mariam Gweely - Month ago
“Someone’s dead body needs a sandwich” 😂😂😂
Tallada Sushmitha
Tallada Sushmitha - Month ago
a guy who coerces and force her into marriage by taking her innocence as an advantage .fakes his death to get her...and another guy who coerces and forces her to sleep with him simply because her other boy friend is an Asshole..WOW Bella wow.So much for female independence and strong women Shit.Gods I can't describe how much I hate this novels and movies..😖😖
A Dalton
A Dalton - Month ago
Okee can I just say that how the whole "transformation to vamp" thing works is nothing like you humans think it is?
Îlayda Илайда but I was born in Germany
Her dad is actually the one relatable person in this movie series
Îlayda Илайда but I was born in Germany
The last movie was actually the best and most sense making one
N B - Month ago
Sin 84. Jacob was actually the true heir of the older chieftains, one of which was his grandpa Ephraim, aka pack leader. But shit happened and it was passed to Sam Uley (black wolf) instead.

Sin 108. Because they fear it's an immortal child. An immortal child is a child turned as a vampire (duh). Their understanding is just as good as children's but with massive strength and unpredictable behavior so they see immortal children (both the wolf pack and any vampire coven in the Twilight series) as dangerous. They think Bella is carrying one, not knowing it's half-human.

Sin 128. Not personally justifying it but as the movie/book had said in later scenes, Jacob got so attached to Bella because she was carrying Renesmee. Like, when Renesmee was a fetus, she was already trying to connect with Jacob through Bella, so Bella was so fucking clingy to Jacob when she was pregnant.
Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts - Month ago
85 no, its because when the leader is challenged the others stand down until the fight is over. its instinct.
Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts - Month ago
84 yes it means something. jacob was the biological line from the previous pack leader. he should have been leader, but was not yet old enough, and when he was, he did not want to take over from Sam, who was already leading in his stead. he never had to bow down to the pack leaders command, but always chose to. now he chooses not to.
(i swear all my comments arent nit picking. just trying to help!)
Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts - Month ago
81: the wolf pack is mentally linked and they hear eachothers thoughts whether they like it or not.
Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts - Month ago
55 she shaved like 4 times, out of nerves. also showered a couple times, and brushed her teeth several times.
Irish Hearts
Irish Hearts - Month ago
16: that was the time before he followed in the 'vegi vamp' lifestyle. he ran from Carlisle first. for a long time. the movie gives us a clue to what time period this particular moment was.
depressed_ sadchild
depressed_ sadchild - Month ago
Edward bit the umbilical cord off your welcome
depressed_ sadchild
depressed_ sadchild - Month ago
6:02 just wow 😂😂😂
Sana Aamir
Sana Aamir - Month ago
Tbh I'm not a huge Twilight fan but a lot of sins could've been removed because some things were mentioned and pre-establishrd. Like, the pack being able to know each other's thoughts
Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox - Month ago
just a fan
just a fan - Month ago
that house is something.
Kiera Rose
Kiera Rose - Month ago
Soooooo how exactly does Edward get an erections he has no blood 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
Kala Denae
Kala Denae - Month ago
The “Yahoo!” part made me laugh right along with him 😂😂😂
Bella Epolito
Bella Epolito - Month ago
"BABY IT'S JUST A LITTLE BABY"...not for long
Ron Ruddick
Ron Ruddick - Month ago
She's trying something...
Another Random
Another Random - Month ago
When I saw the sin count 144 all I could think is that the square root of 144 is 12. I think I’ve been doing too much school lately.
Sharon Stratton
Sharon Stratton - Month ago
Fuck shit
TiLT - Month ago
I'll teach you how to talk to people using your angst!
If you use (Z) Targeting, you can talk to people from a distance, like we're doing now.
Tommy Graddy
Tommy Graddy - Month ago
Looks like Bella was making peanut curry chicken
Liongirl169 - Month ago
“Jesus. You kiss your mother with that mouth?” 😂😂😂
annie odear
annie odear - Month ago
the only reason why is because Bella faints at the sight of blood
Raquel Tiongson
Raquel Tiongson - Month ago
Didnt you know that the movie is fantasy or fictioanal...
Raquel Tiongson
Raquel Tiongson - Month ago
Ah k i got your point
Xehanort10 - Month ago
It being fictional doesn't excuse what's wrong with it and doesn't mean that people can't criticise it.
Sap Ghosh
Sap Ghosh - Month ago
"This fucking guy" lmfao xD
Sam The Lion
Sam The Lion - Month ago
The real sin about these movies is that you need to read the books to understand a lot of the story.
Sam The Lion
Sam The Lion - Month ago
@Xehanort10 Yeah I totally agree. Growing up I couldn't afford the books so I watched the movies first and I really really hated them. So I stayed as far away from the books as possible. But then one day I read a little of the first book and thought why not? So I borrowed the first book from the library and it was definitely better, but ya know, not amazing. All the stuff they left out of the movie made so much sense when I actually read it, and not having to watch the actors just stare at each other uncomfortably made it so much better. The movies are definitely awful but they are always good for a laugh so I put them on when I'm feeling down. Watching Bellas mouth hang open the whole movie makes me burst into laughter all the time. Lol
Xehanort10 - Month ago
That's the mark of a bad adaptation. If you have to read the book to understand its film adaptation then the film's failed as an adaptation. Film adaptations need to be more accessible to people who haven't read the books and the film should explain the plot as they watch it. Twilight's a case of shitty books made into even worse films though.
R L - Month ago
Tiana McColl
Tiana McColl - 2 months ago
*Jacob enters the chat*
*Child protective services enter the chat*
*Jacob leaves the chat*
K.J. Nap
K.J. Nap - 2 months ago
Read the book before watching the movie. It explains alot of the 'sins' you covour in this video
Susan - 2 months ago
of course jake is mad he has feelings for bella and he just got an invitation to her WEDDING WITH EDWARD so he might just be a little bit pissed i don’t know and he takes his shirt of because when he turns into a wolf his clothes gets torn. so that didn’t count as a cinematic sin. i think just that alone shows how lazy and honestly stupid your videos are.
MGMajorWolf - 2 months ago
kayla terrell
kayla terrell - 2 months ago
yall really out here saying stuff when probably barely any of you have actually watched these movies lmaoo
kayla terrell
kayla terrell - 2 months ago
some of these are literally just stupid and you're just stopping it at random points to say something stupid that isnt even really a movie "sin" just to give your opinions so that your movie sins counter has a bigger number like come on now, fr ?
Ana Docherty
Ana Docherty - 2 months ago
You guys realise that most parents or carers are "in love with the baby" i really don't find that yo be the weirdest thing from this movie
Ana Docherty
Ana Docherty - Month ago
@Xehanort10 in not actually a fan but what you're saying makes no sense. You realise it's fiction right? So yea if the writer said "he's a werewolf" then as readers we would believe that and if she said "He will be what she needs him to be whether it's brother or best friend" then yes we would believe that too because it's her IMAGINATION for fuck sake 😂 it's her world so she can make up all the rules if she wants. If this was a depiction of reality then you could argue that point but since it's fiction It IS EXACTLY what she said it is. 🙄 totally agree about Edward being a stalked but then again he's not human so normal rules of etiquette don't really apply. To a vampire we're food. That's like us watching animals sleep in the wild and get called stalkers 😂😂😂😂
Xehanort10 - Month ago
No. The creep sees a newborn baby and drops to his knees then imprints on it. You Twilight fangirls will believe anything you're told won't you? Instantly believing Meyer when she said Jacob wanted to be a brother or a friend to the kid. Edward's a creepy stalker and obsessive control freak yet you Twitards think you finding him good looking makes him a good person and loving boyfriend. It doesn't. If another pack member did it then that means it's just a pack of shapeshifting paedos with Jacob as head kiddie fiddler.
Ana Docherty
Ana Docherty - Month ago
@Xehanort10 look I get that her writing wasn't fab but that was in one of the earlier books when another pack member imprinted on a 2yo and it was explained very clearly then. I think people just have very dirty minds and jump to sex all the time 🙄🙄
Xehanort10 - Month ago
Meyer just pulled that shit out of her ass when people started pointing out the paedophilia. Just like that "mind shield" bullshit she made up to explain why Edward couldn't read Bella's mind.
Ana Docherty
Ana Docherty - Month ago
@Xehanort10 no he doesn't 😂😂😂 like he said in the movie it means he will be what she needs him to be. A carer and protector and if she never loves him back then he will be her best friend and support her. It was never about sex ffs
Ana Docherty
Ana Docherty - 2 months ago
"Should see what her vagina looks like " 😂😂😂😂 died
Søren - 2 months ago
Twilight's main characters (by that I mean Bella, Jacob and Edward) are definitely in the top 10 of the most shittiest and unbearable characters in all cinema history
Tallada Sushmitha
Tallada Sushmitha - 2 months ago
3:20 yeah exactly Anna Kendrick character is the only sane one in the whole franchise..
white wolf 209
white wolf 209 - 2 months ago
I hate this youtuber cause he ruins movies for me like marvel and other movies I like
evenstar04 - 2 months ago
I really wanted her to die... in the first one. Kristen Stewart is such a shitty actress... there was zero chemistry between either one of her suitors.
DirabreemGaming - 2 months ago
I couldn’t hate these more...
That cat productions
That cat productions - 2 months ago
Why does evrey movie based on a book the last book is in 2 parts why why
Xehanort10 - Month ago
So the studios can make it last longer and get more money out of it.
Kiera Rose
Kiera Rose - 2 months ago
Woah Woah technically Edward can't get a bone he has no blood
Kiera Rose
Kiera Rose - 2 months ago
Jess she is not pregnanttt!!!
Shreenidhi Poojary
Shreenidhi Poojary - 2 months ago
I just love the narrator's voice
Queen Torres
Queen Torres - 2 months ago
You missed a sin where the whole damn audience disappeared during the wedding kiss
Kaitlyn Mckinley Lentz
Kaitlyn Mckinley Lentz - 2 months ago
#ALDC Luv - 2 months ago
10:52 where is the camera
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