Fact-checking the fourth Democratic debate | The Fact Checker

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Vince Stithit
Vince Stithit - Day ago
Everyone but Andrew Yang's pants are on fire.
Karina Lujan
Karina Lujan - 2 days ago
Not surprised that Andrew yang is the only one giving facts
mark klein
mark klein - 3 days ago
Yang is brilliant use taxpayer money to buy votes
Gnoix - 3 days ago
Andrew yang 2020
Beastmanpowerking - 4 days ago
Seems like Washington Post is on Yangs side. Giving everyone an x except Yang seems a bit bias... But hey, lets go yang gang!
Brandon Phan
Brandon Phan - 5 days ago
Andrew yang tell the truth but I don't think he can win... Too honest won't pay dividend!
Populence - 7 days ago
This is the lamest fact check video ever - I cannot believe the Washington Post chose these items to face check. Just goes to show that WP is far from quality when it comes to news.
CartoonMan! - 7 days ago
The Asian kid gets the gold star again and the rest of the class is jealous!
koliikho ko
koliikho ko - 7 days ago
Yang is serious 😤
Grace Rosa
Grace Rosa - 8 days ago
Wagnerds Clan
Wagnerds Clan - 8 days ago
I love that constant fact checks of Yang always show that he is telling the truth
Universaldenker - 10 days ago
Yang for president
Frankie Sum
Frankie Sum - 12 days ago
It’s so good to be Asian because you’re aware of how picky and skeptical people get with Asians so you mustn’t lie or cheat and must do 100% homework at all time
Frankie Sum
Frankie Sum - 12 days ago
Andrew Yang, doesn’t have to lie or cheat to win
Luke Schelter
Luke Schelter - 12 days ago
Yang will win the presidency. I am calling it now
MLC - 12 days ago
Andrew yang is trying to buy voters with his $1k a month plan. Futher proof of democrat supporters being the broke bums of America that dont go to work.
Salt & Pepper
Salt & Pepper - 16 days ago
Someone needs to audit Washington Post to check their false facts when it came to WMDs in Iraq. And to audit the number of times they will defend anyone keeping the wealthy safe from taxes.
Jenn smith
Jenn smith - 16 days ago

did anyone make it even 1/2 way through?

looks like i'll be voting for the orange guy in 2020, cuz these people are frikkng deplorable!!!
Jenn smith
Jenn smith - 12 days ago
@Can We Get 169,000 Subscribers With Comments Only? Yang? is he the one with the big red nose & clown shoes that will give $1000 a month of other people's money to everyone? tell ya what --- you give me $2000 a month & i will give you $1000 a month, make sense? no offense but i don't see how any clear thinking, non-socialist, objective person can favor any of this group of morons.....no wonder the democrats want to impeach Trump!!! i'm voting for Trump. i wasn't gonna but he's doing a good job & at least he makes sense.
Can We Get 169,000 Subscribers With Comments Only?
Looks like you didn't see Andrew Yang's part.
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley - 17 days ago
Fact check this; WASHINGTON POST IS A BIASED DEFAMATORY COMPANY. You push lies, not facts. I hope your company goes under and you're all fired.
You're Nemesis
You're Nemesis - 18 days ago
Pity you dont do fact checking regarding Israel defense forces atrocities..instead of whitewashing the truth..
Yet you demand people give you sympathy for Nazi behaviour from WW2
SamBskate - 19 days ago
Yang NEVER 🧢s
Samuel Velez
Samuel Velez - 20 days ago
Once again Yang is the only one with the actual facts!!!
Agung Widi
Agung Widi - 21 day ago
everybody needs to watch this
TheMrmoc7 - 21 day ago
They should play this at the next debate and reveal that most of them up there are frauds.
Peridactite - 21 day ago
Doesn't Bezos own Washington Post? This is hilarious and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think Bezos just secretly backed Yang.
Maranda Snipes
Maranda Snipes - 21 day ago
I’m an Andrew Yang fan but cmon this is obviously biased
Scott Lyczkowski
Scott Lyczkowski - 21 day ago
Edmond Casasa
Edmond Casasa - 21 day ago
They want health cares for everyone but have idea on how to pay for it. These people are just a bunch of worthless saps!!
Lee - 21 day ago
Go Yang!
George Urrey
George Urrey - 22 days ago
I am a registered democrat. This selection no longer represents my values. These people should all "go pound sand"!
Andromeda of Spectrum
Andromeda of Spectrum - 22 days ago
These comments say it all, Yang 2020
Jacob Arriola
Jacob Arriola - 22 days ago
Hmm really wondering if yang should be my new guy. I’m split between yang, Bernie, and warren as my top 3
Adi Sharma
Adi Sharma - 22 days ago
I am happy to see a lot of online support for Andrew Yang. Make sure to make it count by voting for him in the Democratic Primaries starting in February.
PH L. - 22 days ago
Jesse Hiver
Jesse Hiver - 22 days ago
Only included yang to try and discredit Bernie, both of whom have been otherwise totally avoided by the corporate media who see them as threats
Rightawaytomoveon - 22 days ago
This is media I can support
Carlos Johnstone
Carlos Johnstone - 22 days ago
They couldn't find a lie from Yang. Lol nice.
Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams - 22 days ago
Warren ???
Dominic Gruss
Dominic Gruss - 22 days ago
A media outlet showed Andrew Yang and didnt criticize Tulsi Gabbard?! 😲
Nathaniel Gorman
Nathaniel Gorman - 22 days ago
Yang is the only good democratic candidate.
Justin Hensley
Justin Hensley - 23 days ago
I don’t get why people would rather vote for somebody that’s only been a politician their whole life. Rather than somebody like Andrew Yang that’s an entrepreneur, that’s owned businesses, and that actually knows how money works in the real world. Being a politician just means you’re a good spokesperson, and can win votes. Andrew Yang is the only one that would know how to manage the economy and not run US bankrupt or in the ground.
GPTDavid - 23 days ago
Anyone that thinks Washington Post is a non-biased organization you got your head in the sand.
Tension Vab
Tension Vab - 23 days ago
ill not lifeless
Rohit Kalaikumar
Rohit Kalaikumar - 23 days ago
Someone please tell Biden to get out of there
dethswurl117 - 23 days ago
PubFX - 23 days ago
Yang for President 🇺🇸
Rough Divide
Rough Divide - 23 days ago
Who would trust a fact check from the fake news lol.
Waynimations - 23 days ago
Yang got the data
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts - 23 days ago
Let’s go Yang!
Hawkeye - 23 days ago
Yang is always right
April Zahlman
April Zahlman - 23 days ago
YangGang 2020!
Super Super
Super Super - 23 days ago
Why is the Washington post still hanging on to the 500k Bernie claim which was proven right by the author of the study itself?
Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim Vaughan
_seriously who’s this YANG guy!? He’s a democrat speaking (a couple) conservative views?!? Haven’t seen this since Kennedy lol_
Blong Vang
Blong Vang - 23 days ago
People still think like it's the 20th century and they dont know how to see a vision for the present and future. They are afraid of it and so they continue to deny what is happening around them.
JustaFilthyCasual - 23 days ago
This actually doesn’t seem biased at all, good reporting this time Washington post
Li Hua
Li Hua - 23 days ago
1:36 thats no logical rebuff of his point...
Leave me alone
Leave me alone - 23 days ago
i love how Andrew Yand was the only one that was genuine
Iced Out
Iced Out - 24 days ago
Alright fellow youth voters, we must elect yang
bigbangnone - 24 days ago
If SATAN were to choose the 2020 Presidential Candidates......He would was these candidates who are already working for him:

The Democrats are attempting to remove the focus from their initial Clown Car by adding an unprecedented number of Democrat Candidates. But it will not work. We are going to take the House from these insidious Democrats and keep a Republican President in office....otherwise the Dems will use Fake Global Warming to steal our wealth by Forcing Carbon Taxes while shipping in millions of Muslims and busing in massive numbers of Mexicans to buy votes as your tax dollars pay for all the Welfare and other services of these No Skill invading Democrat illegal voters who will replace the less subservient Patriots of the West !!!!
The New Green Deal hides the Agenda 21 Enslavement !!!

DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PAPER MONEY PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers who are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control.......those who want free stuff now - at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

You Democrats have such a great line-up for SATAN this year:

1) Kamala (the adulterer for profit) Harris... Arrested 1300 pot smokers - yet laughs as she admits that she is a pot smoker. The man hater who attacked Kavanaugh, and she supports genital mutilation of under age girls.
2) Beto (Please like me...because I changed my name from Bob Orourke...the drunken DUI driver who almost killed and tried to leave the scene like Ted (I can't let them see me drunk) Kennedy.
3) Pocahontas who jumps to the front of the line as an American Indian
, then lies about it.
4) The black guy "Booker" who runs out of meetings when the going gets tough.
5) Breadline Bernie Sanders the socialist hidden communist and anti US Constitution maddog.
6) Creepy Plagiarizing Joe Biden...smelling and kissing your daughter.....while trying to get his wife killed on his own balcony. Biggest Gun Ban Writer in US History, with his cocaine snorting, communist China son, who Biden got out of jail by holding-up USA Gov Allocated Money and using it as a bribe to get Creepy Joe's cocaine snorting son out of a court investigation by forcing the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating criminal behavior of Bidens coke smoking son !!!
7) Yang the Cry Baby.

And all of them want to disarm American citizens and force our borders open to buy Migrant Democrat votes...along with Agenda 21, and Sanctuary Cities with no ICE Agents .....which attracts the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel, which is now the primary drug dealer in the USA thanks to the Democrat vote buying immigration policy.

And it is your Welfare tax dollars that paid for those migrant Democrat Voters...which are being bused in every day now !

El chapo named Clinton and Pelosi as two of his bribe money recipients.

Yea, keep trying to figure out who should lead the treasonous Democrat party.... while Republicans take back the House and hold the White House in 2020 !!!!

You Democrats are doing such a great service to the USA. lol

Greedy Dems have never been good at analyzing anything.

That's why their position is so bad on this 2020 chess board.

I guess all the wasted tax dollars that Democrats used for:

1) Press-Gate
2) Russian Collusion
3) Kavanaugh Attacks
4) And all the current Democrat litigation against every move your sitting US President makes...

These Democrat attacks have somewhat back-fired on the Democrats.

Maybe it is best that you use this time to plan for the 2024 elections.... because it seems to me as you Dems....... have been screaming, crying, and fighting since Hillary (Snipers on the tarmac) Clinton fell down.

And now all you can do is attempt to make the 2020 election a woman against Trump election. And look at all the ignorant women that are marching in droves...but when interviewed on the street, they know nothing.

But it seem that the intellectual women who know about the Globalist Agenda to disarm and enslave are voting for Trump,
and not the ignorant Democrat women on the street aligning with Linda Sarsour.

DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers who are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds
that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control.......those who want free stuff now - at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

Remove all Democrats from Congress in 2020...Especially the Women in White.

A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero - Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C)

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.
An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,
heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,
he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.
Alec G
Alec G - 24 days ago
I guess we know who the honest one was... YANG GANG 2020
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