Keren And Khoa's Wedding Video Trailer

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Mama bear Vlogs
Mama bear Vlogs - 3 days ago
What song is this?
GenysWorld - 17 days ago
nalline raghoo
nalline raghoo - 22 days ago
Congratulations to you both. ...long and happy life together always ❤❤
vanessa k
vanessa k - 24 days ago
I got tears watching this.... beautiful
Madhavi Singh
Madhavi Singh - 25 days ago
Lovely 😍
food - 25 days ago
Lovely couple. Beautiful
Tamaya Chenille
Tamaya Chenille - 26 days ago
Securing the bag by posting a trailer !!!!! I know that’s right
Aurelia Michelle
Aurelia Michelle - 26 days ago
GONNA DECORATE MY ROOM AND WEAR A DRESS AND.. pretend I'm at the wedding😢👗
Ra Ra
Ra Ra - 26 days ago
You may kiss your beautiful, smelly bride!😂
MelinaGamez - 27 days ago
Who else already watched this video like a million times? 😂😂😂
AB - 27 days ago
Sameera Kola-Lawal
Sameera Kola-Lawal - 27 days ago
I love them I mean this they are my favorite youtubers
Amber Toler
Amber Toler - 27 days ago
Trailer??? Wth?!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 27 days ago
cannot wait for the full video! Also, not having y’all daily vlogs...makes it so hard to get through the day...but! y’all deserve a break and more. I hope you enjoy the Maldives!
Anjel Amaro
Anjel Amaro - 28 days ago
Omg 😮😱 this just gave me chills and it was only 33 seconds 😍😍
demi gregory
demi gregory - 28 days ago
When is the actual wedding video coming out
Rae Rae M
Rae Rae M - 28 days ago
I'm so anxious without yallllllllll adlxpsmxklamxsmowxoxmanssms
l u n a
l u n a - 28 days ago
no one :
keren and khoa when they
come back from the honey moon : we’re pregnant!!
Susan Ustaitis
Susan Ustaitis - 28 days ago
Alls i can say is ... AWE!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
CONGRADULATIONS!!! I PUT IN KKANDBABYJ AND A FEW WEDDING VIDEO'S POPPED UP...I WATCH THEM (FF THRU TO GET TO THE MINISCULE WEDDING SCENE S ) THEN I DECIDED TO CLICK ON YOUR VLOG AND SAW YOU HAD A WEDDING VIDEO!!!! Didnt notice that it was 33 sec long alls i saw was 3 DAYS AGO!!!!! and i had to check my notifications cause i thought you uploaded and i missed it!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!! so i watched the "VIDEO" ( CLIP 😖) AND realized no i dd not "MISS " A video.... But i DO...miss THE videos.. 😞
Enjoy your moment ! Dont give it away ,right away !!! Ty for sharing your lives with US each day !!! and again CONGRADULATIONS!!
C J - 28 days ago
metro boomin
metro boomin - 28 days ago
Deep hug
Deep hug - 28 days ago
Does anyone else keep watching this over and over again?
Alejandra Juarez
Alejandra Juarez - 28 days ago
Ahhh I'm so excited for this videooo , I'm sooo happy for yall, I've been watching yalls vlogs for a long time and everyday and it feels weird not watchinggg themm at the moment ❤❤
Karoline P.
Karoline P. - 28 days ago
Anyone see Kerens instagram story? The wedding video is uploading now and i can't wait!!
Karoline P.
Karoline P. - 28 days ago
@shuktija n haha i'm just trying to find other videos to watch while i wait. I hope it's almost done!!
shuktija n
shuktija n - 28 days ago
Honestly just sitting here refreshing their page lol
shuktija n
shuktija n - 28 days ago
Akina Ward
Akina Ward - 28 days ago
shuktija n
shuktija n - 28 days ago
g j
g j - 28 days ago
Liselle Valenzuela
Liselle Valenzuela - 28 days ago
Awwwww 😭😭😭💗💗💗
Just Shay
Just Shay - 28 days ago
I can't wait to watch!! Keren and Khoa forever!!♥️
Rose A
Rose A - 28 days ago
Oh man that sounded like “You may kiss your beautiful smelly bride” 😂😭
jenny catherine
jenny catherine - 28 days ago
I’m sobbing I love u guys so much
Eva Palos
Eva Palos - 28 days ago
I am so anxious to see the actual wedding video 👰🏼
Rock girl
Rock girl - 28 days ago
OMG😭😍. Y’all are the most beautiful couple ever❤️.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover - 28 days ago
Oh my goodness this is so beautiful, I cried such happy tears for you both and your family! Wahooooooo! You guys are married! Hope your enjoying your honeymoon! ♥️💙🎉🎊
Karlin Bennett
Karlin Bennett - 28 days ago
Congratulations, Keren and Khoa!! I’ve been watching y’all since the beginning, and I’ve been with you through ups and downs. I wish you nothing but the best! Bright blessings for you on your wedding day and for the rest of your lives!! Keren you looked stunning in your gown, Khoa, you looked so dapper in your suit! The boys’ all looked handsome! I cannot wait for the full video! Also, not having y’all daily vlogs...makes it so hard to get through the day...but! y’all deserve a break and more. I hope you enjoy the Maldives!
Tiffanny Paulino
Tiffanny Paulino - 28 days ago
Oh Im gonna cry, I just know it 😂
Forever Flourishing
Forever Flourishing - 28 days ago
MontanaMama - 28 days ago
Awwwh finally! 😍
Kayla Rubio
Kayla Rubio - 28 days ago
I already started crying in the first 10 seconds
Benjamin Chung
Benjamin Chung - 28 days ago
Youtube monetizes for $1. per 1000 views.....the channel gets around 250,000 views every upload....that is about a $200 per upload income stream for the 3 boys...Lando, J, S R.
Bunny Love13
Bunny Love13 - 28 days ago
So excited!
Aubreys World
Aubreys World - 28 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Karen and Khah are so cute together I love you guys so much May your family be blessed with so much love
Tammi Martinez
Tammi Martinez - 28 days ago
Does anyone else keep watching this over and over again?
Starlight Tasha
Starlight Tasha - 28 days ago
I'm really excited to see the new wedding video. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for it 🖤
Stacy English
Stacy English - 28 days ago
Chills 😭
Allison Ly
Allison Ly - 28 days ago
I miss you guys so much!!❤️ can't wait til daily vlogs come back!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Breana Bear
Breana Bear - 28 days ago
Omg guysssss CONGRATULATIONS 🎈🎊🎉🍾
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez - 28 days ago
Stefan Pigford
Stefan Pigford - 29 days ago
Good luck 👍👍😘 much happiness in your 💓💙😎 marriage.
From North Carolina..
Nil A.
Nil A. - 29 days ago
Üzgünüm İngilizce bilmiyorum. Çok güzelsiniz 😍
Mishila Ashlyn
Mishila Ashlyn - 29 days ago
Next videos