Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans - CONAN on TBS

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin - 13 hours ago
i know conan works hard to stay in shape, dont let these young aussies deter you conan you look good as hell
For Kids By Kids
For Kids By Kids - 15 hours ago
This was great but it cool to see him really try at sumthing athletic see what he can do
albino shamrock
albino shamrock - 21 hour ago
How did Australia end up with the perfect white people genes?
AWF1000 - 23 hours ago
Foreigns for some reason makes bouncing the Sherrin footy look so hard.
Connor Haine
Connor Haine - Day ago
Nick Davis is one of my coaches at swans academy, I also train at that ground
Aussie Dude
Aussie Dude - Day ago
Best sport on the world
erica - Day ago
F*ck the Hemsworths. Gimme Lewis!
Hectic Erectic
Hectic Erectic - Day ago
Scientists are baffled at Conan's bio-fluorescence properties.
Gaming PTSD
Gaming PTSD - Day ago
175lbs dudes playing football YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E-MAN - Day ago
Such a great host
K - Day ago
Ooh! Hot guys!
meadealth reichdeain
the American comedian was a joke, shouldn't be allowed on tv
G Money
G Money - Day ago
That fookin kick mate
Pete West
Pete West - 2 days ago
Conan is a bit of a Ranga - should give him a hat when he's in the Sun
lola1704 - 2 days ago
trade Conan to the swans and maybe they'll get somewhere close to Top 8
Callum Baird
Callum Baird - 2 days ago
idk what you Americans talking about AFL been around for way longer then the NFL
Андрей Благодатских
lol There is only in the USA players wearing armor
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad - 2 days ago
Conan is damn fit for his age, plus being a talk show host. But man is he white!
Th I’m
Th I’m - 2 days ago
So basically a special version of rugby
Magooch86 - 2 days ago
Clearly you've never watched rugby
dzfz2100 - 3 days ago
solid kick
Gaming Network
Gaming Network - 3 days ago
Can you just drop the ball in afl???
majed elali
majed elali - 3 days ago
No you can't. You can bounce it. But just dropping the ball is a no no
Mr. Safranek
Mr. Safranek - 4 days ago
That’s the thing, Conan is 6’4 which means more than half these guys are either as tall or taller, that’s scary, rugby you scary
Bryan - 4 days ago
"i deal in facts"
jordi pluto
jordi pluto - 4 days ago
he says australia has made up there own version of there football first started in 1920 when ours started in 1896
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser - 4 days ago
Not entirely sure of your comment since you're clearly not a native english speaker, but Aussie rules footie dates from the 1850's.
Christoffer Waltersdorff
0:09 *assistant TO THE manager
Damon Sara
Damon Sara - 4 days ago
Perfect example of how you see Australians communicate with people from other nationalities XD
Lumi Johnstone
Lumi Johnstone - 5 days ago
Go Hawks.
Lechy_ - 5 days ago
Anyone else an Australian ? ❤️🇦🇺
grizzlytomahawk - 5 days ago
Conan indeed does have shockingly fair skin.
Jake_Ya_M8 - 5 days ago
rugby league is true aussie sport
Manuel Rubio
Manuel Rubio - 5 days ago
Owen Wright
Owen Wright - 6 days ago
Of couse Conan go's to the most poofta team in all the AFL
Owen Wright
Owen Wright - 4 days ago
Owen Wright
Owen Wright - 4 days ago
Nah mate
luke mus
luke mus - 5 days ago
that's collingwood mate
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi - 6 days ago
There's black, Hispanic, Caucasian then Conan.
Joel Koch
Joel Koch - 6 days ago
This guy suck
The Fairfax Family
The Fairfax Family - 7 days ago
He just ruins the purpose of AFL
Tawa Tini
Tawa Tini - 7 days ago
I wanna see Conan play rugby.
greenbeagle13 - 7 days ago
Wow, that kicker could have helped the Vikings and the Bears when they needed it most... That being said, THAT is football. WOW.
Lloyd Gill
Lloyd Gill - 5 days ago
There have been a number of Australian Rules players who kicked for NFL teams, distance and accuracy are critical in this game so they learn it young, truth is they can make more money as a kicker in the NFL then they can in the AFL.
MMaya - 8 days ago
Nick should be a co-host he's hilarious 😂😂😂 Also, dayuuum those Australian footy players 🤪🤪🤪 I mean wow!
Joe Mazzari
Joe Mazzari - 8 days ago
PJ Pointer
PJ Pointer - 9 days ago
Football + Good Football (US) + MMA Fighting + Chance of Kangaroo Attack = Australian Football
Mark Escobar
Mark Escobar - 9 days ago
Everyone knows Australian men are dicks to their women. That’s why they look forward to the marines showing up once a year 😜😎🤙🏽
Dr Bannter
Dr Bannter - 4 days ago
Mark Escobar well that’s not true
tammy holmes
tammy holmes - 9 days ago
The comment section on this one is beautiful.
Mat S
Mat S - 9 days ago
in all honesty, Conan is close to 60, so more than twice the age of these players.. hes in damn good shape
My opinion is invalid, but Thot
I never thought I would see Conan take a specie on Isaac heeny
My opinion is invalid, but Thot
At the start why did he blur the score
Jack Bastian
Jack Bastian - 10 days ago
He’s making a complete joke of the sport
Ozzie J
Ozzie J - 8 days ago
He makes complete joke out of anything
DIO - 10 days ago
That is AFL not rugby
ahmad rusydi
ahmad rusydi - 10 days ago
its called rugby not a football. typical american always try so hard to use different terms on general things.
BigManCharlie - 7 days ago
no, if it's used in australian football its called a football or sherrin...
Hugo’s vlogs And more
Hugo’s vlogs And more - 12 days ago
Is he american
sir capitano
sir capitano - 13 days ago
I knew Conan was white, but not THAT white.
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