Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans - CONAN on TBS

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C.S.Allen - Hour ago
When you have a man that is 240 pounds of pure muscle running at you get the hell out of the way.
blossom 495
blossom 495 - Hour ago
Oh wow is appearance a qualification aside from athleticism? I literally had to rewind to take a second look at all the players.
Autumn Ortiz
Autumn Ortiz - 7 hours ago
He needs some sun
crnlsnts 4
crnlsnts 4 - Day ago
When I look at Australian Football of their own version it's mix with Rugby and soccer.
Marcus.R - Day ago
*Is it just me or does Conan remind me a lot of dwight shrute. He even sounds like him if you listen haha*
Fabian Salah
Fabian Salah - Day ago
Gold Coast should still sign him
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T - 2 days ago
The funny part is that these guys have the almost same bodies as Conan.
Eli_021 - 7 hours ago
Mr. T Mr. T “these guys have almost the same body”, clearly referring to physical appearance and physical ability. No other sport in the world has the physical demands of an Aussie Rules match
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T - 7 hours ago
@Eli_021 where the hell did u saw the word physically in my comment and yeah Joshua and Ronald are physically fit
Eli_021 - 7 hours ago
Mr. T Mr. T Your comment lost all credibility once you said that Messi and Joshua are some of the best physically fit athletes in the world
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T - 8 hours ago
@Eli_021 u said some if the best for me some of the best are Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Anthony Joshua. If they where the best I would know them
Eli_021 - 8 hours ago
Mr. T Mr. T Nobody knows them? I don’t see how that is the case
andyhello23 - 2 days ago
Why does aussie rules, look like a combination of gaelic football and rugby?
Ninbendo 360
Ninbendo 360 - 7 hours ago
Because it is, almost...
Storm Bear
Storm Bear - 2 days ago
Basically rugby
Edgeofreason - 21 hour ago
Storm Bear It is as close to rugby as NFL is to soccer.
Lachlan Briscoe
Lachlan Briscoe - 4 days ago
That's at Henson Park, Marrickville. Played footy there and walked the dog there when I was younger.
Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon - 5 days ago
Joshua Cordova
Joshua Cordova - 6 days ago
Zombie Jesus
Zombie Jesus - 7 days ago
Not bad for someone who's pushing close to 60yrs old
Kaeden Rosé
Kaeden Rosé - 8 days ago
And this proves me right on how pale conan is
PhoenixWrecker1115 - 9 days ago
Australians are some crazy sons of bitches
Cianisboss - 10 days ago
I love how he pronounces Nikes
veggiesaremurder - 11 days ago
God, why are Australian men so HOT?!!!
Ninbendo 360
Ninbendo 360 - 7 hours ago
The hole in the ozone layer is a massive factor here.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson - 11 days ago
That deamomry!
Celtic Ranger
Celtic Ranger - 12 days ago
sooo theyre playing gaelic football?
Edgeofreason - 12 days ago
Australian Rules Football. not gaelic.
Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees
Funny Stuff
dazwhatsap - 12 days ago
Will is a full course meal
Ann Sophiarobb
Ann Sophiarobb - 13 days ago
Australians have the most perfect skin tone
Josh Tri
Josh Tri - 13 days ago
Edgeofreason - 13 days ago
@Josh Tri Good to see you don't deny your gayness....thats healthy.
Josh Tri
Josh Tri - 13 days ago
Yeah 👍
Edgeofreason - 13 days ago
Yet you came here to watch it...hmmmmm
Welcome To
Welcome To - 14 days ago
Incredible 😂
The Symphony of Science
The Symphony of Science - 14 days ago
"Kick his head into the next century! " LMAO
airsofter2247 - 15 days ago
That Kicker at the end almost sent Jordan to the moon!
Odros#Gaming - 16 days ago
Were i come its called rugby
nobby5409 - 14 days ago
Aussie Rules Football is different. That's why it's called Aussie Rules Football.
Ana's Corner
Ana's Corner - 16 days ago
I'm moving to Australia.
sophsie b
sophsie b - 10 days ago
come to melbourne, it’s the sporting capital of the world i believe 😂
Carla Kazinoti
Carla Kazinoti - 17 days ago
Americans bro
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott - 18 days ago
👨‍💻 Good sport Conan - showing the usa a bit of aussie rules footy Again 👍🥇
Nuraby _
Nuraby _ - 18 days ago
lmao that Jordan Schlansky kick.
Aussie Dude
Aussie Dude - 19 days ago
I’m an Australian and I find this funny as hell 😂😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Phillip Charleston
Phillip Charleston - 19 days ago
That’s Hensen Oval - I play footy there! Great park!
apples2apples - 20 days ago
Basically rugby 🏉
Ninbendo 360
Ninbendo 360 - 7 hours ago
@Edgeofreason Ha yeah, like netball is basically basketball.
Edgeofreason - 13 days ago
That is bit like calling NFL "Basically soccer"
Heil Omar
Heil Omar - 21 day ago
It’s funny though because he’s still taller than almost all of them
bryan pitchford
bryan pitchford - 22 days ago
go back to ireland and try gaelic football!!!!
Hi Peeps
Hi Peeps - 22 days ago
5:20 so funny
renzo7575 - 23 days ago
‘Who’s laughing’!!😂😂
Dr. Ford
Dr. Ford - 23 days ago
Conan in his element
viola - 24 days ago
damn will can like ,, get it
M. F.S
M. F.S - 24 days ago
“Put him down, Louis” I didn’t hear Conan complaining 😂😏
Derek Placeholder
Derek Placeholder - 25 days ago
"leave it to Australia to come up with their own version of football"

Ummm.... Aussie rules is the *oldest* version of football. The original? It predates soccer and rugby. I'm shocked he didn't mention that.
Kombi Rat
Kombi Rat - 17 days ago
liam denson The laws of Aussie Rules were codified before the laws of soccer or rugby, though both founders of Rules had been to Rugby and played “proto” rugby there.
liam denson
liam denson - 19 days ago
yikes, english football or soccer was around before australia was colonized
{ W.J. Saxton }
{ W.J. Saxton } - 27 days ago
Lmao he can literally be like Willy wonka crossed w/ the candy man 🍭 sometimes. The way he uses his body towards his comedy is hilarious! love ya Cone-dog
Richard Coronado
Richard Coronado - 27 days ago
There is no one like Conan. Literally in my opinion there hasn't been anyone like him. I am glad he had the tonight show experience because if that had worked out he wouldn't have really become something completely fresh.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - 27 days ago
your a rude person! "i deal in facts"
Sayak Choudhury
Sayak Choudhury - 28 days ago
He should have tried cricket too
wyunaboy - 29 days ago
Is there no sun where conan lived?
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle - Month ago
I thought Cali was a very sunny state. So why Conan? Why?
KomakiChan - Month ago
My friend plays footy but I don’t really I play oz tag also I go for a lot of teams I’ll give you some, Swans, Tigers, Eels, Sharks and many more
Ignatius Rocky
Ignatius Rocky - Month ago
it give you the illusion of speed, even if the speed not there.
Veronica M
Veronica M - Month ago
Damn those are some gorgeous men. 😊
Laurance Emory
Laurance Emory - Month ago
By chance I had dinner with ex Collingwood player & GF, before footy became my favorite sport. Damn that guy was buff AND really nice bloke. This was in Thailand, FWIW
Sir Spencer
Sir Spencer - Month ago
Laurance Emory Are you from the UK ?
Fireball - Month ago
4:23 Conan is 1.93 lol
Jack Morsey
Jack Morsey - Month ago
Afl players have bodies but no Brains and this is same for Australia has a whole
jack perry
jack perry - 28 days ago
Jack Morsey no brains but invented Wifi
Anthony Cotter
Anthony Cotter - Month ago
Conan is in amazing shape for his age though
Epsilonsama - Month ago
I never even heard of this form of football. I know Rugby is pretty popular down there though.
Edgeofreason - 13 days ago
This form of football is way more popular than rugby...Bigger crowds and a lot more money.
Amit Yadav
Amit Yadav - Month ago
Conan for president!🤘🏻 make the world laugh again! 😂
Casey Fowler
Casey Fowler - Month ago
"I deal in fact." Perfection
Razaleigh Wiseman
Razaleigh Wiseman - Month ago
Edgeofreason - Month ago
Australian Rules Football...very different from rugby.
qween-zee - Month ago
Nick Davis, stealing the show since 2005 👏
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