Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Google Account
Google Account - 57 minutes ago
Quite possibly the most annoying movie ever made...
deep purple fan
deep purple fan - 6 hours ago
This was such a terrible movie. Barely any talking and entertainment? Why is it always about the damn apocalypse??
Ramon Mercês
Ramon Mercês - 8 hours ago
The main questions is, they can't see or anything similar, they don't even ecolocate, so they need the enviroment to be in constant noise how the f..k did they manage to get to earth, they are aliens right? there's no sound in space. that's just one of my questions.....
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 22 hours ago
I assume that's racist 😂😂😂
Mattee Garff
Mattee Garff - Day ago
I love the hearing aid screech, because finally that stupid feature has a ding dang use! ( I have a hearing aid and I hate the screech)
martyr - Day ago
thats a cochlear implant, not a hearing aid
owlygirlrowan - 2 days ago
The fastest labour and birth to the UNIVERS cause they wanted the character to live
Keisha Pierre
Keisha Pierre - 2 days ago
the monsters look like they're from stranger things
JM Romero
JM Romero - 2 days ago
Got thru one half hour of this, and my ears were ringing so bad from my tinnitus I had to play music over it, which destroyed the mood, so, I had to turn it off and do something else.
Raych 90
Raych 90 - 2 days ago
Sleep talking, that would be the death of me.
Corion2121 - 2 days ago
Dammit! He’s right.
Vincent Palerbro
Vincent Palerbro - 2 days ago
383 Days since Beau died
Enigma 7
Enigma 7 - 3 days ago
This was one awful movie. Should be renamed a boring place yuck
David Cheslek
David Cheslek - 4 days ago
Marska - 4 days ago
Hush: can't hear
A quiet place: can't speak
Bird Box: can't see
Sponge: can't..... open........ mayonnaise
LOGIC ! - 4 days ago
This is one of those movies that everyone loves except me. 🤷
Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox - 4 days ago
Fidel veloz
Fidel veloz - 4 days ago
I barely realized that this was directed by Jim from the office
Apple juice
Apple juice - 4 days ago
Apple juice
Apple juice - 4 days ago
312 days
Natasha B
Natasha B - 5 days ago
the thing about this movie is that its not that all sound is detected by the creatures, its just the risk of their proximity of the sound being too close to the family, so they need to be as quiet as POSSIBLE, in case there's a creature aorund at any given time. This is why they can make noise here and there, and they could probably get by full hours of making regular noises, but they never know when a creature is close enough to hear them, so they constantly need to be on guard. hope that cleared up anyone's confusion :>
jesus perez
jesus perez - 5 days ago
Giving pure oxigen to a newborn Baby can make it blind
Izzy Northcutt
Izzy Northcutt - 4 days ago
well i guess it can hear better later in life then... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Isabella Amz
Isabella Amz - 6 days ago
They didn't take the chips because it made too much noise lol. The wrappers crinkle.
Xy 999
Xy 999 - 6 days ago
Scaratron - 6 days ago
How can they cough?
Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon
RedLetterMedia predicted this retarded video perfectly. Fuck you.
HENDOCREW GAMES - 7 days ago
Deaf and dumb really made this story annoying especially with her lack of common Sense.
Dante Bond
Dante Bond - 7 days ago
I'd say that a couple some should be removed because "apparently" the creatures make an electrical disruption, kind of like an EMP and that's why the tv and the hearing aid were acting up.
Joelita Adley
Joelita Adley - 7 days ago
Parents: oh wow theres creatures that find their prey by sound... Lets have a baby!
frost yuri
frost yuri - 7 days ago
When they fell in the silo they didnt sink bc if you like be flat and have more space covered so yea thats why
What did beau say that was racist
Matthew Aguilar
Matthew Aguilar - 8 days ago
I wonder how Dwight took to this alien invasion
Fisuki29 - 9 days ago
When I saw this on TV, just from the beginning alone I know how stupid this movie going to be and I immediately stop myself and my whole family from watching this and ask them to search for another movie on different channel to watch. 🙄
Crying Cat
Crying Cat - 9 days ago
ey, does anyone think of flashbangs?! they couldve impaired the creature's hearing!, how tf does anyone not know of this.....
IsIt-HOT_inHere ?
IsIt-HOT_inHere ? - 10 days ago
No ones gonna point out that their power was solar and not from a generator?
jem Last
jem Last - 10 days ago
This movie sucked.
JustThatIdiot 9
JustThatIdiot 9 - 11 days ago
I watch horror movies through CinemaSins
Shane Radmuffin
Shane Radmuffin - 11 days ago
This movie was just as stupid as Bird Box.
0:50 I assume that *racist* 😂😂😂
DrAwiNg BeAsT
DrAwiNg BeAsT - 12 days ago
Here's a sin counter...
Why the fuck is this video over 13 MINUTES?
When the title says 13 mins or LESS
tickdog3 - 12 days ago
well, glad that I dont have to watch this one.
CrushingAnime K
CrushingAnime K - 12 days ago
73 sins since the other 2 ignored the fireworks
lol ingram
lol ingram - 13 days ago
during the raccoon scene one of the raccoons do die so the sin that was added was wrong and also I would have given the movie an extra 50 sins just for killing a cute little raccoon
Smiley 12
Smiley 12 - 13 days ago
I assume that's racist
Elvira Ibrahimovic
Elvira Ibrahimovic - 13 days ago
10:20 wakanda forever
spell I C U P
spell I C U P - 13 days ago
2:49 they use solar panels
Matthew Kyle Gan
Matthew Kyle Gan - 13 days ago
These guys are land creatures right!?

*gets helicopter and flies away*
Joseph Weiss
Joseph Weiss - 13 days ago
Sound found to compound the frowns. Outstanding
Ilham Sheikh
Ilham Sheikh - 13 days ago
This video is for pussies
Jason Zastrow
Jason Zastrow - 14 days ago
One thing that bugged me is the amount of corn in the fields. Where I live, corn is planted every spring and harvested late summer / early fall. It doesn't simply grow like trees - it's more seasonal than a permanent entity. I guess it could be different in a hot climate, I don't know.
Also, from the very beginning when the family is leaving the store and there is a newspaper flapping in the breeze.... Shouldn't that cause the creatures to attack?
Kushagra Sharma
Kushagra Sharma - 14 days ago
How the creatures know the difference between sound made by human voice box and any other sound? If their weakness is a specific frequency of sound then nature have all frequency of sounds, tectonic plates makes sound of various frequencies, how the creatures can survive on this planet?
John Rose
John Rose - 14 days ago
Like 13 minutes or more
Andrea - 14 days ago
That’s what I said. The little one should have been in the front.
Andrea - 14 days ago
“I assume that’s racist!” 😂
Srdjan Jatic
Srdjan Jatic - 15 days ago
aliens invading earth and beeing defeated by high piched sound.... is this a gritty mars attacks remake?
Abhigyan Sati sati
Abhigyan Sati sati - 15 days ago
You can find only negativity and you will produce it your channel is garbage bro
I like turtles
I like turtles - 15 days ago
lmao was playing dark souls 3 when watching and the dark souls comment caught me off guard
Shapeshifters 23
Shapeshifters 23 - 15 days ago
Cinema sins: *makes call back to signs and water destroying aliens*
Jack Oglesvby
Jack Oglesvby - 15 days ago
Hi cinema does all movies make mistakes????
Char Branch
Char Branch - 15 days ago
I love this
Statera - 15 days ago
the problem i have with this movie is the fact that ok humanity figures out that these things have a super incredible hearing why did no one ever say "hey so you know how we humans with high pitched noises hurt right? So if there hearing is like 10x more sensitive then ours shouldnt high pitched noises or incredibly high feedback super hurt them?" like i understand if someone asked the question the movie cant happen but i thought of this when i saw the first trailer to think no one in their universe did makes me hate the movie. You cant be smart enough to find out what level of sound they cant hear but not question could sound hurt them. its dumb and i hate it.
Green bean Salad gaming and vlogs
The monster was actually Dwight hunting down Jim and his family because Dwight finally snapped.
Dear Belgiffle
Dear Belgiffle - 16 days ago
*also tetanus*
Mate 2017
Mate 2017 - 16 days ago
Well at the convenience store most of the items left behind are loud like pick up a full pill bottle or open a bag of chips but I do think at least some of them should probably have been taken in the first few days of the aliens.
mohammad khan
mohammad khan - 16 days ago
Disappointed about no “Matt Daaamon” sound byte over Reagan being pulled from the corn
katherine avakin
katherine avakin - 17 days ago
What's wrong with this is the death scenes, like a baby ? you know how sick that is to think of a BABY death scene ? 😐🥺
lupe8302 - 17 days ago
And another thing, unless 1/2 billion of them aliens came down at the same time, they wouldn't stand a fucking chance. Why? cuz we got more guns on This planet then we got people. Good luck aliens better bring more then a good sense of hearing.
lupe8302 - 17 days ago
This dude had a gun! Guns do one thing, they are not hammers or saws, they do one damn thing! I'm sorry he's not noble, he's stupid.
Jerrold Borbe
Jerrold Borbe - 17 days ago
Your wrong ib one of the scenes there is a solar pannels
Sammiches25 - 17 days ago
Why didn't the monster sink in the corn? What with it's tiny feet and all.
David Greensmith
David Greensmith - 17 days ago
If these extra-terrestrial creatures are blind, why would they have ever left their home planet? How would they even know there is a universe out there if they can't see it?
Comforting Kitten
Comforting Kitten - 17 days ago
3:45 Surely hearing isn't their only sense. xD
Sammy!! Caldwell!
Sammy!! Caldwell! - 17 days ago
Who cares it's a awesome movie and I'm sure there's some explanation like they could of wrote not the paper before it became a wasteland think about all I'm saying is this movie is a awesome movie and leave it alone
Eliya - 18 days ago
I'm a snorer, I'm doomed
Nate Reid
Nate Reid - 18 days ago
And the end is amazing
Nate Reid
Nate Reid - 18 days ago
They hung onto the door duh
Niñoel Castro
Niñoel Castro - 18 days ago
Dude... If the creature attack you you die instant. Thats why there is more drug/pharmacy.
Jessica Bohe
Jessica Bohe - 18 days ago
why didn't the monsters attack each other? they were probably the loudest things in a 10 mile radius
Prince Lionfart
Prince Lionfart - 22 hours ago
Finally someone agrees with me
Darth Baker
Darth Baker - 4 days ago
+Lady Kinsei yeh auto spell kept saying that so I gave up
Lady Kinsei
Lady Kinsei - 4 days ago
+Darth Baker u mean friends, right?
Darth Baker
Darth Baker - 8 days ago
Because they are freinds
Jacob Rynne
Jacob Rynne - 18 days ago
I doubt this will be seen since this was 4 months ago, but why the fuck didnt the dad just make a noise then silently move off to the side? Like, honestly what the fuck? You're wounded SURE, but you literally could have yelled, then stepped literally 2 feet to the right and survive. And speaking of why didnt that yell bring the other monsters?
ALBUMOF2008 - 18 days ago
Literally some women give birth in like 5 mins so it’s not that unrealistic
exodus_ZAE THE GRENINJA - 19 days ago
It will be a bad time to far5 during that time
Bluepark Bluepark
Bluepark Bluepark - 19 days ago
Father sacrifice to protect there children but y he make his wife pregnant? U can't keep the baby mouth from crying lol!
drewski west
drewski west - 19 days ago
only watched for john krasinski. hated the daughter for giving a noisy toy back to the youngest after parental denial in post apocalypse depending on soundless survival.
shoulda sinned the first born for that rocket scene. is was on her and the movie tried so hard to redeem her and show the parents don't blame her. in that situation , it's possible not to blame her like they say, but today? no she would be hated. resented. every second.
the discovery of frequencies being the aliens? demons? weakness is FAR too late and FAR too random situational circumstances.
all the running. all the gasping. sharp gasping.
they will live only because they have the 1 conditional set up to kill the creatures. what are the creatures it never says?
so much wrong with the movie but so much good about it. the 2nd born is the 2nd smartest. the mom is a badass for living through nail in foot while labor pains while being hunted inside. that was well done.
Lilly Howe
Lilly Howe - 19 days ago
He said some hearing aid....bish that’s a cochlear implant there is a difference
Emily Chertos
Emily Chertos - 19 days ago
I cried over Lee’s sacrifice tbh.
Ozment James
Ozment James - 20 days ago
It was 383 days since Beau died.
Pancake Studios
Pancake Studios - 20 days ago
This movie did not get many sins you go movie
Joel Garza
Joel Garza - 20 days ago
Half in the Bag called out all these obvious “sins” (along with a wonderful EWW troll) a good 8 months before this video even posted hahaha
melan choly
melan choly - 20 days ago
identity theft is not a joke jim
Gamer ASMR
Gamer ASMR - 21 day ago
I do wonder about the stuff you mention till this day
Evan Queen
Evan Queen - 21 day ago
The reason they don’t have a door is so that don’t make noise
Xd Jorge
Xd Jorge - 21 day ago
DJGaming 357
DJGaming 357 - 21 day ago
They should have stuck to their guns and made the movie NO TALKING all the way through.
DJGaming 357
DJGaming 357 - 21 day ago
SMALL PROBLEM: That shotgun probably has 4 shells after Lee loads it (you can see him pump it and he wouldn't do that if there was one in the chamber already). After his wife shoots the monster in the basement, she only has 3 shells left and you can see more than 3 monsters coming for them on the monitor. Unless she has shells hidden in her dress and time to reload, they're all gonna die.
Also, that baby totally has tinnitus from that gunshot and the several more that will follow.
insane gamer
insane gamer - 21 day ago
I watched the film and its funny for me...😐 alian keeps saying"PEEEM"
Klaani K
Klaani K - 21 day ago
9:25 it is impossible to pull a human out of the grain. Plus she would be pretty much dead
Emma_becool 123
Emma_becool 123 - 21 day ago
Wait how does the monsters know which person to kill!?!?!
C N - 21 day ago
Having a baby or just being around kids in this type of apocalyptic scenario is literally the worst thing you can do.
hot meat
hot meat - 21 day ago
A lot this guy says is wrong but I still like him no homo
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