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Secret Superstar
Secret Superstar - 9 days ago
James how are u so talented I love u so much sisterrrrr
Kk L
Kk L - 11 days ago
Omg James I can never tell with hand you write with in your videos !
Maryann Passanisi
Maryann Passanisi - 12 days ago
Luisa Lopez
Luisa Lopez - 13 days ago
que talento omggg
Pilar Salguero
Pilar Salguero - 14 days ago
Love it 😍😍😍
Happy Sketch
Happy Sketch - 17 days ago
James: who made green?
Me: .......nature
NOTHING ! - 17 days ago
" ohhhhh Mah gosh I actually love thIs ohhhhhhhhaaaaahshhashhaahahahahahah
Evie Axtell
Evie Axtell - 18 days ago
James being relatable for 19 minutes
Isaac Ross
Isaac Ross - 19 days ago
I got the palette and imma try this look wish me luckkkkkk
Bellatrix lestrange
Bellatrix lestrange - 19 days ago
On the day where this Video came out was my Birthday
Scribbles art n’ gacha
Scribbles art n’ gacha - 22 days ago
Are you a girl or a boy? Just asking
Tragic - 18 days ago
Jessica Sierra
Jessica Sierra - 27 days ago
GREEN is my favorite color!! Its the color of trees and grass. Its also the color of my eyes. So i dont agree that its the ugliest color in the rainbow. I think grey is the ugliest. But love you still sister James!
Michelle Tetzke
Michelle Tetzke - 28 days ago
I LOVE the different colored polka dots!!!!!💜💋
Dipika Bhakat
Dipika Bhakat - 28 days ago
I think there's black on d bottom n upper lash line which u missed off
lele _1629
lele _1629 - 29 days ago
how i love this cutie♥️🤙🏿♥️
Kirsten Van Der Paelt
Kirsten Van Der Paelt - Month ago
My sis: Don't you have to study your English exam?
Me: But this is in English!
Giselle Bray
Giselle Bray - Month ago
Beatiful work!!!
salvador r
salvador r - Month ago
Can you do a face chart contest for amateurs lol
Loli Chan
Loli Chan - Month ago
Hi sisters :>
普一涵 - Month ago
Melinda Gallimore
Melinda Gallimore - Month ago
Sister james you are sooooooooo beautiful i love you you nake me smile everyday thank you you inspire me 😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😄😄😄😇😇😇
indie grey
indie grey - Month ago
This should've been his campy makeup look for The Met Gala.
McKenna Henninger
McKenna Henninger - Month ago
Oh my yay
Room340 - Month ago
Have you dressed up in Marilyn Monroe dress and done your makeup then pose for photo's? If so I totally missed it, if not..go for it...It would be so controversial to some and genius to others. You get my drift, not everyone is happy..I think a male version of Marilyn you could do it...With your hair though as you are kind of xxxx Thank you for being you
Anna Bayevska
Anna Bayevska - Month ago
its so amazing
Cameron Byington
Cameron Byington - Month ago
he's using his palette
Alexa Snowden
Alexa Snowden - Month ago
Green is beautiful... fight me!! XD
moonxchild - Month ago
hey james what palette u using there? 👀👀
Panic! at the Fall out of Pilots
I'm sorry I just love Ryans editing uwu
VGamerOfGamesYT - Month ago
James: that's really not that bad...
Me: TEA...*mind: First time this queen likes something*
J Daily Drawings coetzee
Are you marshmallow
Macy Monical
Macy Monical - Month ago
Green has left the chat
10,000 subscribers without any videos??? S
Hi sisters 🤗
Maria Campano
Maria Campano - Month ago
OMG you are gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨
gwynee gwyn
gwynee gwyn - 2 months ago
bYe shiSt3rs
Ionut Smerea
Ionut Smerea - 2 months ago
Couler s are pigmented
Lily Kadunce
Lily Kadunce - 2 months ago
Did anyone else realize how he was using his palette but it wasn’t out yet so he didn’t tell us where it was from
Chloe Savidan
Chloe Savidan - 2 months ago
Me Omg Sister James makeup looks so good. How does he do this!!
Sister James This looks awful. Don’t worry it will work out
Eimy Valerio
Eimy Valerio - 2 months ago
Has un vídeo con maquillaje de bisü.🤗
Saludos desde monterrey.🇲🇽
Eleanor 100
Eleanor 100 - 2 months ago
You are the god of makeup
Yandere -chan
Yandere -chan - 2 months ago
God made green
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith - 2 months ago
The fact that his hoodie has not a single speck on color from the makeup kills me, it’s even on his hand but no his hoodie,,,
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith - 2 months ago
11:50 lmao I see you “literally”..
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith - 2 months ago
5:10 I see you brother or cola I can’t remember which one that is, lmao but I see you James
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith - 2 months ago
I do believe this is the video that gave away his palette for me and not a lot of ppl noticed but I see you sis this is what had me ready for your sister palette, then the Halloween video with the sister squad.. tea sis,
Tye B
Tye B - 2 months ago
Sorry but green is the BEST color of the rainbow! Eitherway this makeup was amazing!! You're so talented
Awkwardlife 18
Awkwardlife 18 - 2 months ago
*Green Is Not A Creative Colour*
Giulia - 2 months ago
Please do an Egyptian makeup
Paris Boykin
Paris Boykin - 2 months ago
The amount of times he says tea 😂😂😂😂😂
Olivia Rhyne
Olivia Rhyne - 2 months ago
Is it weird that I love back to school shopping
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