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Yacoob Sader
Yacoob Sader - 18 hours ago
How many times James said tea☕
100k subscribers without a video challenge
Did anyone notice that his hand looks like a bruise with some blood by it? 11:16
Vimal Shrestha
Vimal Shrestha - 3 days ago
Love you sister James Charles you save my time and make my makeup easier James Charles please heart this but love you sister
Kylieanneh - 3 days ago
There is no such word as guysez 😂
duck smuck
duck smuck - 5 days ago
Yo I'm like really late but James looks so freaking amazing in this vid
Dana Alnaqbi
Dana Alnaqbi - 7 days ago
your the only man that i now that wears make up?
BLartFart - 8 days ago
im waiting 4 these special moments when he SHUT UPS
Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters - 11 days ago
James Charles: that horrible

Me: that’s beautiful
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle - 15 days ago
I love Sister James so much... you should make a tutorial on how to draw James Charles
Naomi Martinez
Naomi Martinez - 16 days ago
anon anon
anon anon - 17 days ago
Does anyone know where he makes his avatar at the beginning??
Jaki Poloai
Jaki Poloai - 20 days ago
My brother to me: “sToP sAyInG sIs, HoNeY aNd TeA!”
James charles: “hold my mac112 brush!”
Original comment dont copy
Mitchele Payot
Mitchele Payot - 23 days ago
shadow pallete please
Quiltver _
Quiltver _ - 27 days ago
Its funny how i enjoy this guy putting on make-up even though i hate make-up
Mari Eliozashvili
Mari Eliozashvili - 27 days ago
James , you are really , really , really TALENTED !
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis - 28 days ago
He’s doing such an amazing job ❤️
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis - 28 days ago
He thinks he’s doing bad and that it’s just “okay” like does he know that he can do makeup so it’s pissing me off not he’s dissing what gorgeous job he is doing! James you’re amazing at doing makeup quit dissing yourself sis! 😂
kayla chan
kayla chan - 29 days ago
Ir so ppretty
Min Kayla
Min Kayla - Month ago
Nikkie hates green, James also hates green, whats going on?
Jemma Lawrence
Jemma Lawrence - Month ago
Omg my mom just said I can get the James Charles pallet
ZUHRA MOH - Month ago
Yes u need to do more give ways
Gert VB
Gert VB - Month ago
Do your who face with one colour
Iqra Laraib Ayaz
Iqra Laraib Ayaz - Month ago
Bombest look
Lolita Huwisa
Lolita Huwisa - Month ago
Strong 💪🏻 sister
Kayleigh Johnson
Kayleigh Johnson - Month ago
Nikki is that you?! Nikkititorials?! That's you right?!
It’s rifle Fox
It’s rifle Fox - Month ago
He looking like Rudolph 😂😂
Marinette Borja
Marinette Borja - Month ago
Omg 😮 u are so cool
Annabell White
Annabell White - Month ago
Love it
moum tomboy
moum tomboy - Month ago
woooooohhhhhhhh i love your makeup woooow 😍😍😍
very stunning 😍😍😍
Maria Iosif
Maria Iosif - Month ago
*Omg James! Green is my beloved colour and it will always be! It has been my fave colour since nursery and I'm 29 years old now! No offence though I still love you and I still think that you're the best but I had to bring this up after I heard what you said about the colour green.*
Safa Kouser
Safa Kouser - Month ago
I love you James Charles
Delaney Archuleta
Delaney Archuleta - Month ago
7:19 fhirst and 15:19 heawwww??? aHaHaHaHaH
Eline - Month ago
Do your makeup with kids make-up
Madeline Ojcius
Madeline Ojcius - Month ago
“we love a polka dotted sister for a real one, you’re literally kidding me, hello...” lol all of James Charles in one sentence.
Sara’s life
Sara’s life - Month ago
why did u put ur hair black again
Lemush18 - Month ago
I love how you struggle doing this kind of videos but I know that at the end you will end up looking like a princess from a fairytale!!!!!
Angie's FF
Angie's FF - Month ago
"Who made green?"
Me:...ahhhh GOD
Αλεξανδρα Σ'
Milagros Bello
Milagros Bello - Month ago
me gusta tus vídeos y no entiendo nada de lo que hablas :( jajaja pero amo aaaamo con locura tus técnicas y tu arte innato que llevas.
Milli Rose
Milli Rose - Month ago
one year anniversary 🎉
Jessica Ginova
Jessica Ginova - 2 months ago
Who’s here after James Bleached his hair!?
Mario Burkett
Mario Burkett - 2 months ago
"Love it!"
AskAngel28 - 2 months ago
Oh My God

Anton Hanson
Anton Hanson - 2 months ago
I wish he picked a smaller mua. It seems kinda like he was playing favorites
Sister Fleur
Sister Fleur - 2 months ago
Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez - 2 months ago
You are so cute 💜💜
Fg Gf
Fg Gf - 2 months ago
James I am the first time I follow you and I liked your video Soo video about your routine😭😭❤️❤️
rose losoncy
rose losoncy - 2 months ago
SISTER, IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU HATING IT!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! IT LOOKS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! SO STOP HATING IT!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!! I LOVE YOUR MAKE UP!!!! AND I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO SHOUT OUTS CAN I PLEASE HAVE A SHOUT OUT!!!!! 💖❤💚💜💙💛💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Brystol Clark
Brystol Clark - 2 months ago
Can’t tell if your making fun of the first girls art or your makeup
Karen Marenco
Karen Marenco - 2 months ago
I like some video, but speak a lot and this drive me crazy!
Ella Freiberg
Ella Freiberg - 2 months ago
Drink everytime James says tea. Lol.
Kate&Nigel Hughes
Kate&Nigel Hughes - 2 months ago
Hey James, love u so much! If you do recreating video can u please put the picture you are recreating in the corner?😘😘
SilverDragon Gamez
SilverDragon Gamez - 2 months ago
Sister, I feel you about the shading makeup and all that.. Its a real struggle XD
Using my dads phoneee
Mizuki Yamamoto
Mizuki Yamamoto - 2 months ago
Am absolutely in love with this look
Piper Horne
Piper Horne - 2 months ago
Who else is noticing he’s sneakily using his unreleased palette
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - 2 months ago
Like.. Oh my god that's perfection
The Emo Rat
The Emo Rat - 2 months ago
lol James is just making a regular beauty video after the community crashed
rose gabrielson
rose gabrielson - 2 months ago
James is so talented my mind is literally blown every in every single video he makes and how much he has improved . I’m sister proud! His recreation of the look he picked turned out absolutely amazing. Also the artist who won is also very talented
Pretty_ Qamar_
Pretty_ Qamar_ - 2 months ago
You’re so pretty good at making nice makeup Like OMG 😁😄
Grace Pospisil
Grace Pospisil - 2 months ago
Your pallet stains. It's the most terrible thing. Peasant
Hi #Cool
Hi #Cool - 2 months ago
Grace Pospisil wtf why do u call him peasant
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