How Katz’s Became The Most Legendary Deli In NYC | Legendary Eats

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Catherine H.
Catherine H. - 39 minutes ago
Jew York
Ch33ki Br33ki
Ch33ki Br33ki - 10 hours ago
here in turkey it is way better than that place
R2B x
R2B x - 15 hours ago
Since when Americans know something about good food ? Keep eating your crap and just shut up please.
Triggajunky - 15 hours ago
$30 for a lard sandwich or $30 for a monthly gym wonder America has an obesity problem
Weeb destroyer
Weeb destroyer - 16 hours ago
0:06 spiderman, 1$ pizza, 9/11
karadan100 - 17 hours ago
She can fit a lot of meat in her mouth.
wg 5he
wg 5he - 19 hours ago
Who tf keeps dat much meat on a sandwich jeez
Jovany De La Flamé
I'll give her another mouth watering religious experience 😂😜
n - Day ago
Mr.Shekelstein is proud.
kevin julius
kevin julius - Day ago
SUPERCAR *BRUNETTE, if you know, you know
NOODLES - Day ago
When u realize they dont toast the bread and they use white store bought bread
Francisco Benedito
Francisco Benedito - Day ago
damn. I´m hungry now
Julian - Day ago
what's ur presenter wearing, it's bad, plz stp.
GG Azpilicueta
GG Azpilicueta - Day ago
30$?? La puta madre!
Bukit Barisan
Bukit Barisan - Day ago
32$ for that crap, what a jews....
Sapien Solus
Sapien Solus - Day ago
Austin Kinkaid??!!!
James Yoo
James Yoo - 2 days ago
I'm from NYC. Honestly Montreal's corned beef sandwiches were just as good and wayyyyyy cheaper.
PSX Max-91
PSX Max-91 - Day ago
From Schwartz's ?
Stembeker back Stembeker back
Presiden Bitcoin PAPUA ❤😍 AMERIKA FOOD "👑"
clp za
clp za - 2 days ago
wtf is the point of eating half a cow of meat per sandwich.
bäver nyka
bäver nyka - 2 days ago
But is it kosher?????
Steven Nunez
Steven Nunez - 2 days ago
Best sandwich I've ever had.
Matthew Meditz
Matthew Meditz - 2 days ago
Those sandwiches look like shit
Sp SP - 2 days ago
You can't fix your face since you look like hulk
Ian Demontfort
Ian Demontfort - 2 days ago
100 years is not history. It's an incident.
Celeste Celeste
Celeste Celeste - 3 days ago
They have changed one thing... the price lol
Cary Meyer
Cary Meyer - 3 days ago
She’s dressed like a homeless woman
Watch Myjab
Watch Myjab - 3 days ago
I’ll take sams market in Pittsburgh pa over this Sunday and I’ve had both
Christine Camley
Christine Camley - 3 days ago
Katz's and Russ and Daughter's - the best two!!
Christine Camley
Christine Camley - 3 days ago
Mega food porn! I want one of these sandwhiches right now! They are the best. Extra mustard and pickles please!!!
Герман Цукерман
That food killing your healt
TheRedsun111 - 3 days ago
A bunch of Jewish people taking tourist dollar bills!
jo smith
jo smith - 3 days ago
sorry honey >>>>>>
Svennoow123 - 3 days ago
The amount of meat on a sandwich is ridicules. Only in America...
Kanser Makinesi
Kanser Makinesi - 3 days ago
İlkay zaman buraya gelmişti ;)
TTP 85
TTP 85 - 4 days ago
Heart disease rates are now explained
Biff Tannen, Esq.
Biff Tannen, Esq. - 4 days ago
2:34 2nd Ave Deli is better, not just a "dime a dozen" competitor
TheBatugan77 - 4 days ago
Lots of places do pastrami on rye better than Katz's.
Dan - 4 days ago
After paying all the overhead to own and run this place the owner maybe gets around 50 cents out of that $30.00. Maybe.......
11aloalo - 4 days ago
BAD coffee the worst we had in NYC, staff too friendly w young ladies. The pastrami is EXCELLENT! Just recommended for that. Price mmmmhhhh....🙄
Melvin Schoemaker
Melvin Schoemaker - 4 days ago
And that bread looks like cheap shit.. for making toast or someting!!
Original Vybe Promotions
This makes me want to fly all the way from the UK to NYC just to eat there!!!!
David Jefferson
David Jefferson - 4 days ago
Just remember that the sandwiches cost up to 45 dollars when you arrive here in New York City.
dill bill
dill bill - 4 days ago
everytime I go to places locals like its average food is food
ryan anthony
ryan anthony - 5 days ago
Thats alot of pork!
Muslu Kolukisa
Muslu Kolukisa - 5 days ago
6:29 is he sleeping?
Eating so much Pastrami. :))
Ameer Hijjawi
Ameer Hijjawi - 4 days ago
lol funny..but he was on his phone probably lol
just normal guy
just normal guy - 5 days ago
Is that a mashed potato or cheese?
lockodonis - 5 days ago
Spencer looks like Ricky lake
Aleksandar T
Aleksandar T - 5 days ago
okkk I need someee bread
The Ghost of Mr P
The Ghost of Mr P - 5 days ago
Shitty tourist trap. Very anti American and pro Israel
Stefan Mironov
Stefan Mironov - 5 days ago
looks dri
jay jay
jay jay - 5 days ago
How did i not know about this place when I was in NYC !
Claudia odisho
Claudia odisho - 5 days ago
OMG why so much stuffing 😣
t0yx - 5 days ago
best food porn
Peter Max Hiensch
Peter Max Hiensch - 6 days ago
Hell YEAHH !! ... Don’t change anything !! ⚡️ |🇺🇸 N.Y.C |🇺🇸 ⚡️
DMB Kryptic
DMB Kryptic - 6 days ago
Hand me a napkin I NeEd to fix my face

Me: Hell yea you do
Derrick Small
Derrick Small - 6 days ago
She went home and threw all that shit up
Derrick Small
Derrick Small - 6 days ago
Seth Cane
Seth Cane - 6 days ago
I stopped going there when it was $22 a sandwich, and even then I felt ripped off. You can get the same elsewhere for half the price.
Meli Hampton
Meli Hampton - 9 hours ago
How long ago was it 22 bucks?
Sherlon Angriawan
Sherlon Angriawan - 4 days ago
would you recomend me another pastrami sandwiches other than Katz?
Twin Sticks
Twin Sticks - 6 days ago
If NY wasn't such a liberal shithole I would love to go to Katz's
angel murillo
angel murillo - 6 days ago
Looks dry .. I would need Cole slaw pickles Tom grilled onions
Marisol Caraballo
Marisol Caraballo - 4 days ago
It's actually not dry. This is my neighborhood actually very good
David Patricio Barrionuevo
Asquerosos un monton de carne a lo salvage
Conlan Nagy
Conlan Nagy - 6 days ago
New drinking game, everytime you hear the word "nostalgia" or "nostalgic" take a shot.
GR8 LAKES CRUSADER - 6 days ago
2nd Ave Deli is way better
Bad Apple Garage
Bad Apple Garage - 6 days ago
She looks just like Dana lashes sister
Don Flamenco
Don Flamenco - 6 days ago
Jewish deli but the meat isn't kosher
Michael Anon
Michael Anon - 6 days ago
One could not pay me to live in that city, never mind me pay to live there..
BladeChild - 6 days ago
Imagine getting a massive sandwich with a shit ton of meat to only ruin it with bollocks like sauerkraut and rabbit food. Definitely not for 30 dollars
Dark Artist 28
Dark Artist 28 - 6 days ago
these meats are made from arabs aka palestinian people
Gav HASTINGS - 6 days ago
NYC is a dream destination, AND a pastrami on rye is a definite bucket list item. Simple thing I know, but I like things simple.
One day I'll get there and do it. One day.
Now I'm hungry as a MF after watching that :-(
-AKO ANG BAHALA- Baby! - 7 days ago
Can a german nazi eat at Katz? Asking for a supreme race friend.
MR. PANDA - 7 days ago
Had it.
Overstuffed for no reason.
It's more a novelty and tourist attraction
Don't believe me? Just look around , you won't see NYErs there lol
sam E
sam E - 4 days ago
@Wang Dong it's tasty but definitely not worth spending 30 bucks. It's a one time thing for me just to see what the hype was all about. Its mainly tourists and people on business trips who go there.
20the20 - 4 days ago
well yeah seems like a pretty bad place to go on new years eve...
Wang Dong
Wang Dong - 6 days ago
How's the taste?
Josue Guzman
Josue Guzman - 7 days ago
Honestly $30 for a sandwich seems like a lot on but really it’s not that much considering NY is expensive as hell
Gabby S
Gabby S - 7 days ago
Bob Gunner
Bob Gunner - 7 days ago
The whole video could have just been the guys cutting the meat and I would have still been entertained.
AndreeAase seas Allardsqeqees
once you try Montreal Schwartz smoke meat you will never speak of their pastrami
Electric Jellyfish
Electric Jellyfish - 7 days ago
Their Reubens look orgasmic
Ricardo Carriere
Ricardo Carriere - 7 days ago
Spencer, you have to go try the Montreal smoked meat at Schwartz's in Montreal Quebec
Frandroid88 - 2 days ago
Exactly ,I live in MTL and it's the best smoked meat
Lenka K
Lenka K - 7 days ago
stupid amount of meat on a piece of bread.
Mick Mick
Mick Mick - 7 days ago
I hear it's pretty expensive
BigWater59 - 7 days ago
Don''t forget cash because they don't take CC. $90 for 3 sandwiches....Only in NYC
sam E
sam E - 4 days ago
They actually started accepting credit cards a few years ago. They do check ID for credit cards which was a bit funny. Also yeah, the food is tasty but super expensive. I've only had it once just to see what the hype was all about.
Ottawa West Jack
Ottawa West Jack - 7 days ago
PLEASE, I'd take a Montreal smoke meat sandwich from any of the Jewish delis in Montreal over an overpriced pastrami sandwich from Katz's any day.
jimmy tiler
jimmy tiler - 7 days ago
The reason so many people cant stand NY'ers is they think its the only place that serves good sandwiches.They are kinda like people who live in Dallas think suits and cowboy boots look good together.
D's Que Backyard BBQ
D's Que Backyard BBQ - 7 days ago
Looks great but not for 30.00
D's Que Backyard BBQ
D's Que Backyard BBQ - 7 days ago
@james brown its borderline a lot for a 1 person dinner where the restaurant doesnt have cloth tablecloths! Lol
james brown
james brown - 7 days ago
for a sandwich thats alot
oh no
oh no - 7 days ago
Of course a Jewish deli would have 30 dollar sandwiches
Joe Young
Joe Young - 7 days ago
I'm all about pastrami but those sandwiches looks nasty. That's overkill on the meat.
Pieter de Komen
Pieter de Komen - 7 days ago
Delicatessen is a Dutch word, not jewish!!!
puertodelta - 7 days ago
But jews love stealing shit from others.
Pieter de Komen
Pieter de Komen - 7 days ago
6:27 at yur right guy sleeping, WTF!!!!!
Pieter de Komen
Pieter de Komen - 7 days ago
Yanks are the fattest in the world, wonder why that happened?
james brown
james brown - 7 days ago
amazing that they freed your country
Nikolay Asenov
Nikolay Asenov - 7 days ago
Dont tell me jews dont rule thhe world.
Billie Bleach
Billie Bleach - 7 days ago
30$ 😳🤣😂. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
pushpa boja
pushpa boja - 7 days ago
Those portion sizes are ridiculously HUGE! My cholesterol level jumped up by just watching those sandwiches
Energetic fan Boy 2
Energetic fan Boy 2 - 7 days ago
Making pastrami from scratch is we better then processed pastrami, the pre-made pastrami doesn't taste very good.
john dferfr
john dferfr - 8 days ago
Nah I'll stick to jersey mikes
Chang Kwang Oh
Chang Kwang Oh - 8 days ago
I’m now jonesin’ for Katz
Jeremy James
Jeremy James - 8 days ago
Hell yeah
Burro B
Burro B - 8 days ago
Prices are indicative of the cess pool that is NYC.
Threcmay Gaia
Threcmay Gaia - 8 days ago
Was there any real need to said a
"Jewish Deli food "
You guys just really help don't ya?
Steven H.
Steven H. - 8 days ago
For a better (and less expensive) sandwich, head north to Montreal and get a Schwartz' smoked meat sandwich.
J Martinez
J Martinez - 8 days ago
Over priced, overrated, out dated.
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch - 8 days ago
How did this Dude come up with enough money to buy the restaurant ???? Inheritance ?
Humpty Dumpty lookin’ ass
Trevor Graham Welch Probably
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch - 8 days ago
There is a restaurant in NY where the Hamburgers Are $350 !!!!
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