I Bought The WEIRDEST eBay Products So You Dont Have To

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Pullin Slack
Pullin Slack - 3 days ago
Dye’s hair yet wants to talk shit on mullets
Ryan Calkins
Ryan Calkins - 4 days ago
Crig Thompwo for president, 2020:
Lucifer The Gamer
Lucifer The Gamer - 8 days ago
I grew out an actual mullet and I'm a little upset at you CRAIG
Noah Jensen
Noah Jensen - 9 days ago
Miro_AIIB - 10 days ago
Do Wish next.
morsiggles fire
morsiggles fire - 10 days ago
7:05 is just hell ya
Billy Happ
Billy Happ - 10 days ago
Crig ThompWo
Big Boy Huandisimo
Big Boy Huandisimo - 12 days ago
Thank you Craig Thompson
Hunter Nation
Hunter Nation - 14 days ago
Wow i love crig thompwo
ishaboi pizza
ishaboi pizza - 18 days ago
Crig thompwo
Eetu Cook
Eetu Cook - 19 days ago
9:31 Someone's going to haul peta on you
Amy Lou Rogers
Amy Lou Rogers - 20 days ago
"Hold onto your ovaries."
Craig 2019
MojoNoahGamer - 21 day ago
Do Vat19
jaida rice
jaida rice - 22 days ago
Aye shoutout to Renton ,Washington
Bomber OG
Bomber OG - 22 days ago
You microwave It and use it at night when you sleep
Somi ii
Somi ii - 23 days ago
When u said fanny pack and mullet i said 🤰 (im kidding pls kill me)
Noah Walker
Noah Walker - 24 days ago
I’m 99.9% sure humans are made of human parts
Lauren - 24 days ago
Why Craig look like he just developed leukemia tho👀(10:05)
Squibidy - 25 days ago
human made out of human....
hmmm yes this floor seems to be made out of floor
Momo Sulais
Momo Sulais - 25 days ago
Try wish next mini
FadedQuill7 - 25 days ago
Try AliExpress next... Lol. Lots of Crazy stuff...
hailie nicholl
hailie nicholl - 25 days ago
Craig: I'm gonna type my name.
Keyboard: Crig Thompwo
Th3Leet Duckling
Th3Leet Duckling - 25 days ago
Fukien Mathias ova here.
TwilightDay13 シ
TwilightDay13 シ - 26 days ago
*Crig Thompwo*
Liam Craft
Liam Craft - 26 days ago
Your mum hay
Dish Man
Dish Man - 26 days ago
Why so serious? 2:29
Neydzz - 26 days ago
Ah, my favorite YouTuber, Crig Thompwo.
Spy Sniper
Spy Sniper - 26 days ago
Microwaving Giraffe... if somebody can make an good ad for that... pls... teach me
Yin botdf
Yin botdf - 26 days ago
Giraffe hands down
Comedy Plays
Comedy Plays - 26 days ago
"Crig Thompwo"-2019-2019
fishy gaming
fishy gaming - 26 days ago
Crig thompwo
Jack Carson's Railroad Videos
0:31 BRO WTF?! 😂😂
CoolsomeBman !
CoolsomeBman ! - 26 days ago
Ah yes my favorite Youtuber.
Crig Thompwo
Easy HQ
Easy HQ - 26 days ago
Hi Im Crig Thompwo
Truly Meaningless
Truly Meaningless - 26 days ago
Crig Thompwo
DRAKEnN342 - 26 days ago
Crig Thompwo
bethnicz - 26 days ago
7:53 or guys... just saying, i'm swooned
Gu57avo - 26 days ago
I NEED that giraffe
Renrut - 27 days ago
Hello, my name is
*Crig Thompwo*
CoDHype 25
CoDHype 25 - 27 days ago
Crig Thompwo. Not Crag, not Creegy, Crig.
Kirsten Bitner
Kirsten Bitner - 27 days ago
If you ever experienced cramps, you would LOVE and understand that giraffe. Lmao
Yumi - 27 days ago
c r i g
The Doctor0223
The Doctor0223 - 27 days ago
woah, @miniladd, you got something against mullets?
The Chamberlain
The Chamberlain - 27 days ago
That laser keyboard is for gaming
Scotty DC
Scotty DC - 27 days ago
where am I able to get this hoodie??
ur boi uncle JOE
ur boi uncle JOE - 27 days ago
Bruh i live in Renton Washington. Gotta say... I’m proud of my people.
Noah Iverson
Noah Iverson - 27 days ago
Just in Mini bakes Giraffes!!! PETA get him!!!
Jared Anthony
Jared Anthony - 27 days ago
Crog. Give Giraffe.
Vn K
Vn K - 27 days ago
TyDesi Lompe
TyDesi Lompe - 27 days ago
Keep giraffe
Dark _Crusader123
Dark _Crusader123 - 27 days ago
Mini's new name will now be crig thompwo
Hissing Faun
Hissing Faun - 27 days ago
laser keyboard
Halliex Shea
Halliex Shea - 27 days ago
Craig don’t disrespect mullets like that I LOVE MULLETS 😂😂😂
T. W. Gamers
T. W. Gamers - 26 days ago
Halliex Shea his name is Crig
Kreed Eclipse
Kreed Eclipse - 27 days ago
humans are made out of human parts
Yung Biscuit
Yung Biscuit - 27 days ago
ahhh yes mulletladd
Charlie Elwick
Charlie Elwick - 27 days ago
Crig thompwo
JuKaMC24 - 27 days ago
Let's just hope that giraffe won't get bugs if it had rice in it
Gwen Maechling
Gwen Maechling - 27 days ago
5:04 aren’t all humans made out of human parts
LoneWolf 14720
LoneWolf 14720 - 27 days ago
My sister has one but it's a hippo
Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald - 27 days ago
Got dam giraffe
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