As Seen On TV Automobile Gadgets Tested!

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker - 14 hours ago
📢 Thanks for taking us on the Trending Train! TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD!
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Meem_04 - Hour ago
It's actually first on trending
Macro Fan
Macro Fan - Hour ago
All because of the open mouth thumbnail
ninjabowie1 - Hour ago
Lol you even called it too
Blue Charger36
Blue Charger36 - Hour ago
Wafflepop plays yo dude u got a instagram
Wafflepop plays
Wafflepop plays - 3 hours ago
Kendall Linden
Kendall Linden - 46 minutes ago
I mean... you could put that two-stroke gas from your mower into your car.
Or you could not destroy your engine.
VOLAIRE - 49 minutes ago
I’d like to vent. I bought a pan from ASOTV. Was supposed to be nonstick. Worked once. The end.
Duncan Custom Airbrush
Duncan Custom Airbrush - 51 minute ago
There's an As Seen On TV store in Sevierville Tennessee. It's pretty cool
GamingBros5117 - 55 minutes ago
1:45 Turn a bad rainy day into a golden shower. Uh.....
adamfrino - 57 minutes ago
I know GOD EXISTS!!!!!!
SupertekGaming - 57 minutes ago
Congrats on #1 trending lol
adamfrino - 59 minutes ago
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Dhanraj naidu
Dhanraj naidu - Hour ago
For car repairing scratches watch chrisfix
Jacqueline Arellano
Jacqueline Arellano - Hour ago
Congrats 🎉 number 1 on trending
HedgehogZombies - Hour ago
Woah, #1 on trending? Time to party!! 🎉
Boost_Therapy - Hour ago
Please help this guys keeps harassing me text him to stop his shit
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Hunter Madison
Hunter Madison - Hour ago
Thought the thumb nail was Adam 22, tho...
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - Hour ago
Hello, Humans.
"You came into my life, thinking you could shake me down 'cause I'm just some spoiled rich brat who needed his daddy's protection. Trust me - when I make things disappear, they stay buried."
~Lex Luthor Smallville TV Show
Commi Boi
Commi Boi - Hour ago
So does the turbo pump work well stealing gas from another car? Just wondering
Frost - Hour ago
*_#1 ON TRENDING_* 12 Hours ago
YouTube : Am I a joke to you?
Luna Asmr
Luna Asmr - Hour ago
Yay it’s number one trending :))
Trevor Baumgardner
Trevor Baumgardner - Hour ago
Nope Nope
Nope Nope - Hour ago
Ah yes, golden showers
dannyferraryV6 - Hour ago
Ayeee you trending
Yasmina Chammas
Yasmina Chammas - Hour ago
Omg number 1 on trending!!
Long, tan, and handsome
This truly deserved trending, good sir.
Eliana Polanco
Eliana Polanco - Hour ago
Wow 394k views and only 500 comments 🤦‍♂️
NWFlorida Storm Spotting
Why is this #1 Trending ?
DATHALOGUY 02 - Hour ago
Congrats on 1# trending! Love your videos!
DominusGlitch - Hour ago
“One way ticket to the trending page” I get the pun
They are number 1 on trending
Ƶ Bardock
Ƶ Bardock - Hour ago
stephen harris
stephen harris - Hour ago
When did this whole channel just become a meme
Skinny Daddy Mc Lovin
#1 on trending....ok
Jimmy Ghotra
Jimmy Ghotra - Hour ago
Just here for some clout. Check out the race on my channel
StylishRabbit - Hour ago
that face

that damn face

it got #1 on trending
Rhonda Type
Rhonda Type - Hour ago
Wow! Savage! I've subscribed.
_Paws_ - Hour ago
Should've said "But wait there's more!" at the end, missed opportunity.
Krampus - Hour ago
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo - 2 hours ago
How is this #1 on trending?
Deux - 2 hours ago
#1 on trending wow
kascey Eshom
kascey Eshom - 2 hours ago
The turbo pump easy convenience for someone to siphon ur cars gas haha
Ken Block
Ken Block - 2 hours ago
why does u look like em?
URDO Beatmaker
URDO Beatmaker - 2 hours ago
You DESERVE to be on trending! Good work!
hapsblog - 2 hours ago
Not that I think the Vent fan thing was a good product, a better way to test how well it works was to compare how much the temperature changed over 30 minutes in a car without the fans, vs how much it changed in your 30 minute test.
I'm betting that the temperature changes a lot in 30 minutes w/out the vent on.
Also, i would assume that the windows are supposed to be raised up higher than what you presented.
Kirinketsu - 2 hours ago
not so sure if having an electric pump that could fail and cause a spark or catch fire or more importantly can build up static discharge is a good idea to use with flammable liquids
An American
An American - 2 hours ago
Fill it till it drips 💧😈
Rust belt McCLanahan Crawling
It's becoming typical of the package being more durable than the product itself ! 😂
Kenny Davila
Kenny Davila - 2 hours ago
Ironically enough it actually got you #2 on trending
IphoneManager - 2 hours ago
how did he predict the trending page ?
SilentNinja334 - 2 hours ago
Am I missing something? 9:44
Kartono Khachun
Kartono Khachun - 2 hours ago
Jay Malone
Jay Malone - 2 hours ago
Open mouthed thumbnail worked!!! Lol
Logan Stettner
Logan Stettner - 2 hours ago
It would be useful to clean out fishtanks with the siphon tool
Grover Bundy
Grover Bundy - 2 hours ago
Number 2 on trending
Katrina Williams
Katrina Williams - 2 hours ago
Okay so I guess we're just going to ignore that he said to turn the cover inside out and reuse just like you do with your underwear. 😅😅😅
Logan Stettner
Logan Stettner - 2 hours ago
Im gonna siphon SO MANY cars now. Gonna save alot of money too
Sean T
Sean T - 2 hours ago
2:00 that's not my bag, baby
Jesse H
Jesse H - 2 hours ago
"We got the dent about 87.432% out!"
Okay. Really. Just round it to .43 😂 sounds like they paid to be in this video 🤔
That .002% matters!!!
Cj R.
Cj R. - 2 hours ago
I was sitting here waiting in anticipation for the underwear joke and you did not disappoint.
mudbug212 - 2 hours ago
the reason the dent wasn't coming out was because the metal was creased you would have to use a body hammer to do that . plus i used another type of the dent puller and i still use mine after 10 years .lol
Primus Original
Primus Original - 2 hours ago
In most cars I've been in if you unlock the door without the key and you just snake a hanger or even reach through the window and unlock it the alarm will go off.
John Brown
John Brown - 2 hours ago
Ready for you to invest in my invention.
Ayumo 77
Ayumo 77 - 2 hours ago
Okami - 2 hours ago
How to get your car jacked easier, leave an easy ass gap for the criminal to access
Kodak wK
Kodak wK - 2 hours ago
most are these are BULLS#!T
Kodak wK
Kodak wK - 2 hours ago
Household Hacker Tv has always had those weird and dumb ads
Household Hacker
Household Hacker - 2 hours ago
Kodak wK pretty much
Tobi Smasher
Tobi Smasher - 2 hours ago
Well you basically forced to stare right into bright blue lights with in 2019 they got rid of incandescence then they got rid of high pressure sodium now we’re stuck with LEDs in there blind and a fax so yeah screw in LED bring back incandesce sent and the other ones those are suck to look at
erikdravn - 2 hours ago
Awwww. You forgot a link to the windshield cleaner. Now I gotta find it myself. Sheesh! ;)
Cody Dodge
Cody Dodge - 3 hours ago
10:49 don’t know why, but I found this hilarious
KatanaClan - 3 hours ago
0:19 LOL
KatanaClan - 3 hours ago
hi papi
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner - 3 hours ago
You DESERVE to be on trending! Good work!
RON B - 3 hours ago
Solar ventilation fan so funny. Ty for the laughs.
BENDERISGREAT 22 - 3 hours ago
Bro household did you know you’re freaking video is number two on trending
Household Hacker
Household Hacker - 3 hours ago
I heard
Bryan Pascual
Bryan Pascual - 3 hours ago
Whoa Trending nice!!!
Kainoa Griffin
Kainoa Griffin - 3 hours ago
how and why is this on trending?
Household Hacker
Household Hacker - 3 hours ago
Open mouth thumbnail, we’ve been over this
Angelo Teran
Angelo Teran - 3 hours ago
Finally something good in the trending page
Household Hacker
Household Hacker - 3 hours ago
We like you
Blank Blank
Blank Blank - 3 hours ago
Steals neighbors gas
Creamy Boi
Creamy Boi - 3 hours ago
is it me or does the traffic light look blue at 1:31
Finessekid TV
Finessekid TV - 3 hours ago
Soviet Seagull
Soviet Seagull - 3 hours ago
Why are the street lights blue
Spam Sandwich
Spam Sandwich - 3 hours ago
Sure, that flimsy coat hanger activated the unlock button
Whaddya think we're stupid?
sir_eats_alot2448 - 3 hours ago
wait do you have blue traffic lights?
Bryan Hix
Bryan Hix - 3 hours ago
0:25 Those glasses could be used as computer glasses for thoses glary monitors.
Jocelyn Leclerc
Jocelyn Leclerc - 3 hours ago
Please make more
Kainoa Castillo
Kainoa Castillo - 3 hours ago
Please help me tackle my medical bills. My family refuses to help me and I'm about to go into debt soon by just relying on my savings
Todd Tourville
Todd Tourville - 3 hours ago
Why do you need to dry that last one after washing since you're going to get it wet again?
Winona Murray
Winona Murray - 3 hours ago
The turbo pump moved to aquatics and is being sold as a water siphon for fish tank that is supposed to rival the python... Honestly it's no contest python takes all
Arielle Nichole
Arielle Nichole - 3 hours ago
How to steal gas easily 101. LOL
Matthew Boan
Matthew Boan - 3 hours ago
Piggly wiggly. Ive never considered were you guys are located, but its nice to know your somewhere near me.
ton321 - 3 hours ago
Nope, Portland.
MI5 - 3 hours ago
6:00 you can give the product as a present to ur friend and loot their car, what a great gadget gift ;)
MI5 - 3 hours ago
5:23 well said buddy
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 3 hours ago
#2 on trending street
Erin applebie
Erin applebie - 3 hours ago
Don't use an electric drill to pump gas or BOOM ! Not sure how safe Turbo pump is with gasoline? ?
DrewDriver - 3 hours ago
didn't you already do the last one ?
Ellipsis of Triple Tap
Ellipsis of Triple Tap - 4 hours ago
Gotta love the white/black thumbs; sooooo current year...
MI5 - 4 hours ago
Can't wait to trick someone into thinking that my aluminum cube is made of gold using the glasses, thank you for this epic life hack
Perpetual Collapse
Perpetual Collapse - 4 hours ago
The thumbnail worked!
Raynesword - 4 hours ago
Wow you actually got onto the trending page
That Kid That Abuses His Phone
Ok so u guys aren't gonna mention the blue crossing lights?
Canned Asian
Canned Asian - 4 hours ago
Mortice Moe
Mortice Moe - 4 hours ago
Remember when this guy did science shit
ton321 - 4 hours ago
TRENDING at number 2.
blackdudemedia - 4 hours ago
Yall ni@@az crazy
NatureRecycleFlorida - 4 hours ago
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