BALLER ROULETTE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Favour Uzor
Favour Uzor - 15 days ago
Aadhu Jacob
Aadhu Jacob - 16 days ago
You are so epic crainer. Now l am starting to like you more than sundee.
El chico Duro
El chico Duro - 21 day ago
I feel bad for flash
El chico Duro
El chico Duro - 21 day ago
Play with flash
Daimy Keppels
Daimy Keppels - 24 days ago
Artemio Davalos
Artemio Davalos - Month ago
What happened to shark nation
Isaac pro 71 Hayward
Isaac pro 71 Hayward - Month ago
You best yt
PA 2024 Maxwell F
PA 2024 Maxwell F - Month ago
I picked purple for your SMG
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - Month ago
Lacey Tillery
Lacey Tillery - Month ago
RedHunter10 MSP
RedHunter10 MSP - Month ago
Runic cursed before crianer said come on hand cannon
Ghoul Faded Soul
Ghoul Faded Soul - Month ago
I still love you
TFUE - Month ago
Gerry Burkett
Gerry Burkett - Month ago
Daniela Ruiz
Daniela Ruiz - Month ago
FortniteGod Know
FortniteGod Know - Month ago
Presents are a consumable
Caden Roeming
Caden Roeming - Month ago
Asaad Ebid
Asaad Ebid - Month ago
If you think crainer smells hit that like 1 like=crainer smells more
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry - Month ago
Anyone notice the big fat 0 ping at the top
Nazeefa Malik
Nazeefa Malik - Month ago
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T - 2 months ago
There is grey flint knock pistol
TheHappyjack1969 - 2 months ago
Baller Rarity Rowlett
Panda Nation
Panda Nation - 2 months ago
Umm I just saw a ad with Ssundee as dad and someone else as mom
Rory Guy
Rory Guy - 2 months ago
Do random duo shotgun only biggest fan
Rory Guy
Rory Guy - 2 months ago
Do random duo shotgun only biggest fan
Rory Guy
Rory Guy - 2 months ago
Do random duo shotgun only biggest fan
not me
not me - 2 months ago
Jullier Lawan
Jullier Lawan - 2 months ago
Sp - 2 months ago
Pewepie Is fast channel
KYIA Swiftz
KYIA Swiftz - 2 months ago
Did I hear a cuss word at 8:45
STANNYBOY 12345 - 2 months ago
Grenades do 100 damage bro why you sad
Stefanie Ritchie
Stefanie Ritchie - 2 months ago
15:30 he got green and he said he got grey? Lol
TBD Fire Playz
TBD Fire Playz - 2 months ago
If this is grey you are a T-Series supporter

Braden Larsen
Braden Larsen - 2 months ago
SYQ Diamond
SYQ Diamond - 2 months ago
What is the point of disliking. If you don’t like it then leave please sub to my friend TTV Lazar
AwesomeBro Great Timing
AwesomeBro Great Timing - 2 months ago
Ssundee is
Devante Stewart
Devante Stewart - 2 months ago
When did u *stop* playing Fortnite?

Like = 3-5
Comment = 5-8
Obviously not a small growing YT
Warrior Blade
Warrior Blade - 2 months ago
But I do like or the vids, and just spammed the comments but.Just build lol😂
Warrior Blade
Warrior Blade - 2 months ago
Trying to name stuff like Sundee it’s so hilarious
Warrior Blade
Warrior Blade - 2 months ago
I wish Crainer wasn’t trying to copy Sundee it would be legendary
michael tucker
michael tucker - 2 months ago
Don't dislike crainer like this if you think I'm right 1/10
MissyBooze Jay
MissyBooze Jay - 2 months ago
im fan of you
Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan - 2 months ago
Pewdiepie is growing faster
Anne Wheeler
Anne Wheeler - 2 months ago
You think you’ve been touching your ball to much I’m now traumatized
Cayway 49
Cayway 49 - 2 months ago
Did y’all hear what I heard at 8:43
Hussein Akhdar
Hussein Akhdar - 2 months ago
Why does he have a little but of green hair or am I the only one who noticed it
Seng Rath
Seng Rath - 2 months ago
8:47 runic say f*** gray.
PenguinsRock310 - 2 months ago
O yay I get to keep my gray tac
The Dragon Lord
The Dragon Lord - 2 months ago
Here is a name “Baller roulette”.
Saad and mohamed Saad
Saad and mohamed Saad - 2 months ago
TBNR frags called you STUPID
Katering Aguiar
Katering Aguiar - 2 months ago
14:28 what's 9+10=21 meme meme meme meme meme
Venkata R
Venkata R - 2 months ago
Dude PewDiePie is the fastest growing
Wesley Gessner
Wesley Gessner - 2 months ago
I used the code but I can't show you a pic My name in fortnite is Mighty176Grape
Mason Voth
Mason Voth - 2 months ago
I’ve got 200IQ I guessed that crainer would get a 10 in the third round
Billy Som
Billy Som - 2 months ago
like ssundee
bjørn killer
bjørn killer - 2 months ago
What is the code
Brendan Calvert
Brendan Calvert - 2 months ago
gold cobblestone and your ❤️
Jack Young
Jack Young - 2 months ago
Heavy AR suck
Justin Z
Justin Z - 2 months ago
The first island
Justin Z
Justin Z - 2 months ago
I want to use it to 1v1 my brother
Justin Z
Justin Z - 2 months ago
What is the code for that island?
Joseph Preece
Joseph Preece - 2 months ago
You guys should take gray out of these challenges or at least make less of them like if you agree
Emma lynch
Emma lynch - 2 months ago
Who remembers

Like if you do :)
(And by the way is it just me or does crainers hair look green)
Meredith Whittle
Meredith Whittle - Month ago
Emma lynch yea his hair does
GamingC00KI3 - 2 months ago
Oh wait, forgot to add 100 ways to die. My favorite, i wonder how that cat food tasted like
GamingC00KI3 - 2 months ago
Remember his fake voice that i think sounds better than his real one? Remember sky factory, remember trollcraft, remember crundee craft? I could go all day
Siyar Barwari
Siyar Barwari - 2 months ago
Emma lynch i agree i think his hair is green but im not OG on this channel so i dont know that
Peter Idestam-Almquist
Peter Idestam-Almquist - 2 months ago
Its Green Is He Shrek
baby pand737
baby pand737 - 2 months ago
Runic said f***
Bubble gum simulator :3 Pixle Art
Did anyone here runic say f!ck when he landed in a grey?
The Gladiator
The Gladiator - 2 months ago
Nice tomato shot runic
Khalid Bader
Khalid Bader - 2 months ago
Crainer who do you think is better in fortnite
King Anshu
King Anshu - 2 months ago
Pause the video on 3:14
Jonah Lee
Jonah Lee - 2 months ago
Give this comment 420 likes and 69 replies
Lizzard Tyty
Lizzard Tyty - 2 months ago
You said it was the dumbest emote ever my music teachers husband made the music😡
DriveTrueAutomotive - 2 months ago
i just realized this video is exactly 26 minutes
Dean Is Satisfied About Games & Songs
runic shouldnt have got a present
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore - 2 months ago
Nate Hill
Nate Hill - 2 months ago
4:11 look at his face
Cutest Animals
Cutest Animals - 2 months ago
1000 likes and I will jump Off bridge and into
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz - 2 months ago
13:34-13:38 Runic Landed on Purple Crainer Says Thats None Of colors he Choose WRONG Cranier Thats Unfair
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz - 2 months ago
13:19-13:24 Runic said Blue And purple
Reese Rodriguez
Reese Rodriguez - 2 months ago
I have Recon expert
Malek Soliman
Malek Soliman - 2 months ago
Can you stop playing with runic and play with SSundee?
Optical Illusionary
Optical Illusionary - 2 months ago

I just shipped runic and crainer
#1 Pancakes
#1 Pancakes - 2 months ago
Wtf shride get a life
XXX TOOLIEXXX - 2 months ago
Omg leave the code
Skittles the Wolf
Skittles the Wolf - 2 months ago
I'm not hitting the like button cheater
Parry Brothers
Parry Brothers - 2 months ago
yeah when did you start playing and have you sweared
Rebecca Swart
Rebecca Swart - 2 months ago
I told you about my day? 😐😐😐
Fireboii Fire
Fireboii Fire - 2 months ago
Crainer you sound different from head hunter tell ssundee that gurtrue is better looking than behitrish
I don't make vids. I comment on them ._.
He landed in blue in the beginning for the sell out thing, the same color as the like button when you press it...
Coincidence? I think not!
Grace Gamer35
Grace Gamer35 - 2 months ago
That's exactly what I thought when he landed there
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez - 2 months ago
the flintlock comes in grey green and blue
jasmine king
jasmine king - 2 months ago
Crainer that looks like space if you look closely
Demetrius Virgies
Demetrius Virgies - 2 months ago
Horrible rules against his self he is dumb
Joshgamer 305
Joshgamer 305 - 2 months ago
Do wolf vs dragon
Nolan and Zeke Alonzo
Nolan and Zeke Alonzo - 2 months ago
When did you start playing fortntie
Joshua R Rowe
Joshua R Rowe - 2 months ago
Dat ping tho
Mr. Zzack
Mr. Zzack - 2 months ago
umm....T-series us growing faster than u though
razberry mvffin
razberry mvffin - 2 months ago
Anyone else heard tunic curse 8:41
Chris Vokes
Chris Vokes - 2 months ago
I start when fortnite was season 1
Gaming 4 Life
Gaming 4 Life - 2 months ago
Bouncy Bouncy ooooo such a good time Bouncy Bouncy
Peter Crow
Peter Crow - 2 months ago
Grey ar is better than the green ar a single grey ar clip can destroy wood brick and metal but the green cant
Chloe Nattrass
Chloe Nattrass - 2 months ago
Chloe Nattrass
Chloe Nattrass - 2 months ago
Cramer get gold
Chloe Nattrass
Chloe Nattrass - 2 months ago
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