Potter Wasp Kills and Shoves Caterpillar Into Pot | Trials Of Life | BBC Earth

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Daniom dt
Daniom dt - 16 hours ago
This is the works of the living God, all creation testifies of his invisible divine character and hi eternal power.
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos - Day ago
Caterpillars are always getting bullied by wasp
Michael Bell
Michael Bell - 2 days ago
In Texas we call it a mud dobber
RelentLess Enterprises
RelentLess Enterprises - 2 days ago
And they say pot never hurt anybody
Chastity Embick
Chastity Embick - 6 days ago
Damn nature you scary
Ee M
Ee M - 12 days ago
Endeavour - 21 day ago
This wasp was created in Oblivion character creator
Zetta Aznec
Zetta Aznec - 21 day ago
So this is the nature equivalent of shoving someone into a white van
YoBoiRobinson X
YoBoiRobinson X - 22 days ago
Harry potter the wasp!
Bateman Furfur
Bateman Furfur - 23 days ago
Holy crap this is frightening
Midnight Hamisoo
Midnight Hamisoo - 24 days ago
سبحان الله العظيم .
silent finesse DMW
silent finesse DMW - 25 days ago
Thanks YouTube for recommending!
Nadir Yusuf
Nadir Yusuf - 25 days ago
Wasp is best engineer.
Peli Tongi
Peli Tongi - 25 days ago
Dalton is a depression cake
Literally no one:
YouTube: here’s a wasp making pretty pot of doom :)
Christos Kaloudis
Christos Kaloudis - 26 days ago
Fascinating how life carries on for so many species on a micro scale behind the scenes with such intricate and delicate precision. 🐝 🐛
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan - 26 days ago
سبحان اللہ العظیم
Wolfen - 26 days ago
Stupid question but I’m a potter and I get daily visits by these guys.
Are they coming to me because they want my clay? Just a thought
Chocolate Explosion
Chocolate Explosion - 26 days ago
Butter - 26 days ago
Gordon Ramsay would be proud
ari nur
ari nur - 26 days ago
Human : i need spinner to make pot!
Wasp : pathetic!
B A - 26 days ago
Jon Bårdsgård
Jon Bårdsgård - 26 days ago
“You can’t have big protective eggs”
Weird wasp:
*Watch this*
Swati Ravishyam
Swati Ravishyam - 27 days ago
The title of the video sounds like a Horror film description lmao
anan - 27 days ago
hahaha that square aspect ratio lol.. seems old video >.
حيدر الـناصري
هذا خلق الله
فأروني ماذا خلق الذين من دونه ?
太郎なか卯 - 27 days ago
paul kezza
paul kezza - 27 days ago
michele michele
michele michele - 27 days ago
bugs are awesome!
General Link
General Link - 27 days ago
Is that really a paper wasp
mtnmann72 - 27 days ago
You should see the bricklayer wasps place. Others huff and they puff...
Get to the CHOPPAAA
Get to the CHOPPAAA - 27 days ago
Wasps aka hells bees.
Maya Thompson
Maya Thompson - 27 days ago
They go for $25 a piece at IKEA
Sabah Squared
Sabah Squared - 27 days ago
Moses Jonson
Moses Jonson - 28 days ago
So cute and intelligent
ben5073 - 28 days ago
They should make this into a alien space movie
Kieran Connelly
Kieran Connelly - 28 days ago
I can smell.......... pot.
naif abdul
naif abdul - 28 days ago
3D printing Wasp..
Another Asian Girl
Another Asian Girl - 28 days ago
Holy crap! This wasp must b part of the mafia. They even have a body disposal system that leaves no evidence! It even lasts several years and no one will ever suspect whatever went on in those pots! 🤣🤣🤣
Megan Purdy
Megan Purdy - 28 days ago
It’s known as a Mud Dauber here. Plus, the most interesting facts about them wasn’t even mentioned! The amount of colours they come in. There’s black, red, and blue. Some can even appear Metallic. Despite being Satan’s pets, These wasps don’t have a particularly harsh or dangerous sting (if you’re a human and not a caterpillar) and are much less aggressive. This makes them much less likely to sting, unless provoked. They are typically found in muddy areas where they can easily make more pots. They don’t really have hives or a social hierarchy of any kind. I don’t know why I know all this🦟
Mr. Karthik
Mr. Karthik - 28 days ago
Question is why's that shape?
brady robertson
brady robertson - 28 days ago
It puts the lotion on its skin...
No! No! Please!!
Zombie dog Yey
Zombie dog Yey - 28 days ago
Prince McHellon
Prince McHellon - 28 days ago
I just witness a homicide
BradiKal61 - 28 days ago
So the wasp does NOT kill the caterpillar. incorrect title
Joseph Szachor
Joseph Szachor - 28 days ago
This video needs to become a meme.
Bird Tama
Bird Tama - 28 days ago
I thought of the pot as in weed... not a legit pot...
Phillip Hutchins
Phillip Hutchins - 29 days ago
We call these mud divers in South Louisiana. They can cover almost an entire wall with these structures.
Nexpakasor - 29 days ago
Sand coffin! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh *Naruto music plays rapidly *
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