Potter Wasp Kills and Shoves Caterpillar Into Pot | Trials Of Life | BBC Earth

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Let Tice
Let Tice - Month ago
imagine if their were giant wasps, and they were shoving us into the pot... thats a syfi b movie concept if i've ever heard one.
ababyharpseal - 2 months ago
Wasp looks like an Instagram model. All upper and lower body, no waist whatsoever. I wish she'd DM me.
Yanthungbemo Ezong
Yanthungbemo Ezong - 2 months ago
This is probably cutting edge technology from their perspective
Alexander Prousalis
Alexander Prousalis - 2 months ago
*shanks you and shoves ya into a home depot plant pot*
Tyler Schoenhals
Tyler Schoenhals - 2 months ago
That’s some serial killer shit.
G - 2 months ago
Wait till my father here about this!
Der Adler und seine Falken
So its a fancy Dirt Dauber?
Mery Love
Mery Love - 2 months ago
That looks like a tiny pot. Woooh... thats a tiny pot.
IStruggleWithGrammarPleaseHelp .-.
You're a wasp Harry
jordan dee
jordan dee - 2 months ago
so its ok for this wasp to lock its kid in a pot with food. but if i lock my kid in a closet, i get arrested? smh
RequiemPoete - 2 months ago
Place roast in pot. Seal untill done. Easy enough....
Justin Catagua
Justin Catagua - 2 months ago
My final assignment is due in an hour...
Airazor - 2 months ago
Potter kills and shoves child into pot
ŁΛZY ŁЭIZЭR - 2 months ago
When i was a kid i broke the pot thingy and 6 caterpillar came out
And i was awfully disgusted
I regret breaking the pot thingy
Edit: it might be 4
Andrea Dedoro
Andrea Dedoro - 2 months ago
Came for content, stayed for comments
jtomally9681's Gaming Channel
You can also call these a type of mud dauber.
Giant Dwarf
Giant Dwarf - 2 months ago
It’s crazy watching insects build shit.. humans watching dumber animals live.. wonder if there is a smarter life form watching dumb humans live..
ShekinahShy. - 2 months ago
Now listen here title! The caterpillar isn't dead! It's paralysed..
Jong Choong Shyr
Jong Choong Shyr - 2 months ago
Wasp: welcome to hotel columbarium.
Caterpillar: such a lovely place
PompeyChris71 - 2 months ago
Imagine if you got a rebel one who makes the pot square or another shape? lol
kawaiikitty 5040
kawaiikitty 5040 - 2 months ago
Me:makes horrible pot
Wasp: makes the best pot
Me: •∆•
HeWhoChooses - 2 months ago
Soooooooo.......... kill it with fire?
Where is Gallagher when you need him? “Yeah see those clay ball looking things, inside those are tiny watermelons! Have fun!”
John Dope
John Dope - 2 months ago
Miracle Miller
Miracle Miller - 2 months ago
Bretman rock voice*~"Why you built like that👀
PeterMb3 Ho
PeterMb3 Ho - 2 months ago
Super slim wasp
Omar Abid
Omar Abid - 2 months ago
And yet an other proof that wasp come from hell..
AstralDragoon - 2 months ago
What a marvel of creation! It's amazing what these creatures know.
Femi Johnson
Femi Johnson - 2 months ago
Tami True
Tami True - 2 months ago
As the pothead wasps pack there bowls for winter she uses the technique as blazing
maiko kun
maiko kun - 2 months ago
Hagrid : you’re a potter wasp
Wasp : I’m a what ?
Groudon Dude
Groudon Dude - 2 months ago
Who knew wasps could be so artistic.
Tcheco Lee
Tcheco Lee - 2 months ago
"Oh, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time
Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?"
Angel's litle peach
Angel's litle peach - 2 months ago
I'm the only one who likes to destroy those things and smash their children?._.
Welshy - 2 months ago
Wasps Doing This and I can’t even make a damn plate.
Norm Macdonald
Norm Macdonald - 2 months ago
Zelda music?
Norm Macdonald
Norm Macdonald - 2 months ago
What is a 'human pot' ?
Glank - 2 months ago
I hate scary aggressive animals
-HAN1 S3NPA1- - 2 months ago
Its free real estate
IM GROOT - 2 months ago
I'd employ this wasp for 1 reason only

Robert Proctor
Robert Proctor - 2 months ago
I must admit, that,s one kick ass wasp indeed. [[ AMEN ]]
blindbullet81 bullet
blindbullet81 bullet - 2 months ago
Seem to me like Mr Wasp been missing leg days...
Haemi Joe
Haemi Joe - 2 months ago
That's a horror movie
Nidnapped dudes gets thrown in sum wierd room
Sees baby, relaxes then sees same baby attack and chew him up
King Leon Judah
King Leon Judah - 2 months ago
Potters touch
Max Looter
Max Looter - 2 months ago
When I was young I destroy potter wasp house, and i see cattilpilar and I concluded that wasp also start at catelpilar.. thanks I watch this video
Daughter of the King 777
Daughter of the King 777 - 2 months ago
Gods Creation
Antonio Padro
Antonio Padro - 2 months ago
Looks like that wasp got lipo suction
Daniom dt
Daniom dt - 3 months ago
This is the works of the living God, all creation testifies of his invisible divine character and hi eternal power.
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos - 3 months ago
Caterpillars are always getting bullied by wasp
Michael Bell
Michael Bell - 3 months ago
In Texas we call it a mud dobber
RelentLess Enterprises
RelentLess Enterprises - 3 months ago
And they say pot never hurt anybody
Chastity Embick
Chastity Embick - 3 months ago
Damn nature you scary
Ee M
Ee M - 3 months ago
Endeavour - 3 months ago
This wasp was created in Oblivion character creator
Zetta Aznec
Zetta Aznec - 3 months ago
So this is the nature equivalent of shoving someone into a white van
YoBoiRobinson X
YoBoiRobinson X - 3 months ago
Harry potter the wasp!
Bateman Furfur
Bateman Furfur - 3 months ago
Holy crap this is frightening
Midnight Hamisoo
Midnight Hamisoo - 3 months ago
سبحان الله العظيم .
silentfinesse dmw
silentfinesse dmw - 3 months ago
Thanks YouTube for recommending!
Nadir Yusuf
Nadir Yusuf - 3 months ago
Wasp is best engineer.
Peli Tongi
Peli Tongi - 3 months ago
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