Honest Trailers - Avengers: Infinity War

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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - Year ago
Pitch us some Honest Names for the heroes we didn't fit into the starring section!

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Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse
Nikko Spelled Like That
Mari Rubio Staring angst. That’s it.
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz - Month ago
Ragnarok Raghu
Ragnarok Raghu - Month ago
Where is End game???
Ish - 2 months ago
Screen Junkies also M’baku- You wanna get crazy? We can get crazy As he is doing that tribal ha hoo hoo chant
Ish - 2 months ago
Screen Junkies Nick Fury- Blowing in the Windu And because of the Game of stones title Iron Man- Arya Stark Spider Man- Young Dustice Star Lord- Flash Gordon
Me: Knock Knock!
Screen Junkies: Who's there?
Me: Do.
Screen Junkies: Do, Who?
Me: Do Spider-Man. Far From Home. Do. It. Now.
CassandraRhys 0311
CassandraRhys 0311 - 2 days ago
Do do do do do do My Gamora...was I the only one who found that funny?
theresey g.
theresey g. - 3 days ago
4:38 brooo NOOOOO
John Vincent Palmera
John Vincent Palmera - 4 days ago
The raptor disintegrate as well
Ridgwaana Rahman
Ridgwaana Rahman - 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice the raptor?
Third World Rider
Third World Rider - 6 days ago
is no one gonna talk about how war machine kills 10x as much enemy coming through the gap in the shield while cap and black panther barely take down maybe 2 dozen??
Hannah Brooks
Hannah Brooks - 6 days ago
Loki slightly more dead than the last 2 times 🤣🤣🤣
JSTEV - 6 days ago
To be honest what would’ve made this movie even more epic If they brought in The Defenders either in the final act or somewhere in the movie to add to the scope of the film from a grounded perspective and to tie in the heroes to conclude the saga under the phases and shows
Lord Of Lore
Lord Of Lore - 7 days ago
4:37 Who else noticed the raptor?
A Boy
A Boy - 7 days ago
A Boy
A Boy - 7 days ago
*The only characters missing are the ones from the Netflix shows*
Hawkeye: Am i a joke to you?
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez - 8 days ago
Why did I just see a disappearing raptor?
Jeet Das
Jeet Das - 9 days ago
4:38 the fuck....why the raptor?😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Flute Island
Flute Island - 10 days ago
this movie is better than endgame
i like how they all died in the end
Legacy of Lore
Legacy of Lore - 10 days ago
4:38 clever girl...
Cypher - 11 days ago
There's so much movie in this movie😂
Goga Iosebashvili
Goga Iosebashvili - 11 days ago
"dustice league" xD
Maria Blaine
Maria Blaine - 12 days ago
Omg I love the random raptor 😂
blazzee hazzee
blazzee hazzee - 12 days ago
Watching this makes me realize what kind of bullshit this whole saga was 😂😂
saved the day
saved the day - 13 days ago
Anyone else notice the velociraptor
Nathan Wuthnow
Nathan Wuthnow - 13 days ago
Infinity War is so much better than Endgame
Snigdh Sharma
Snigdh Sharma - 13 days ago
Best part: and loki slightly more dead than the last time
monblanc noland
monblanc noland - 13 days ago
darkstar100x - 16 days ago
No Phantom Menace joke?
Bhavesh Sharma
Bhavesh Sharma - 17 days ago
First line was so good: 'From the Thanos of Hollywood'.
Incanticle 69
Incanticle 69 - 18 days ago
@4:38 hahaha I never noticed Blue in the back disappearing too. Haha
waylon stone
waylon stone - 19 days ago
how many people caught the dinosaur?
Bobbie Sterling
Bobbie Sterling - 19 days ago
Elias Johnson
Elias Johnson - 19 days ago
Watching this trailer after endgame is really tight!
DrakeyC - 20 days ago
I don't get the Gamora joke in the Starring part?
Robert Mccutcheon
Robert Mccutcheon - 20 days ago
4:38 why is there a raptor turning to ash in the background ?
Cam M
Cam M - 20 days ago
scarlet witch is not and never has been an xman.....
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 - 22 days ago
And Hawkeye...............'s name.
Caged_Rage - 23 days ago
LOL the Dustice League!!!
Alton Ralston
Alton Ralston - 25 days ago
One eyed blonde Thor flying purple people Beater 😂 u lil young thunda cats don even kno
Ken P
Ken P - 25 days ago
Loved the "My Gamora"
Christopher Usewicz
Christopher Usewicz - 25 days ago
I got a death of superman to sell tou
Ryan conlon
Ryan conlon - 26 days ago
Technically the death lasted 2 movies Antman and the Wasp and Captain Marvel
Michael Leiner
Michael Leiner - 27 days ago
Do far from home please??????
Yaamini kp
Yaamini kp - 27 days ago
Portal combat ... Haha
Yusuf Munir
Yusuf Munir - Month ago
Pls JOHN WICK 3!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian Henry
Adrian Henry - Month ago
2:01 This didn't age well
worldwideinterests1 - Month ago
Also starring - Hawkeye Not Piercing
Justin Christensen
Justin Christensen - Month ago
I know I'm a year late to this, but tbh I'm a little disappointed that you spent this whole trailer talking about how many characters were in the movie and didn't say anything about the boatload of plot-holes, awful decisions, hand-waving and characters failing to follow their own instructions in this movie. There is so much here that was so bad...... but its fine. I'll just keep yelling my complaints about the movie at my aunt over family dinners until I'm disowned.
Jogs Martinez
Jogs Martinez - Month ago
that fuckin allan raptor!!
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt - Month ago
Only movies' greatest bastard would rather halve the universes population with the magic do anything glove rather than doubling the livable space and resources
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman - Month ago
There’s a bit more movie in Endgame so I sort of think that’s the most movie they’ve ever done.
Marco 8-20-2019
Marco 8-20-2019 - Month ago
5:42 Sooo we're going to give them a pass for the horrible green screen effect on bruce banner's head in hulk buster suit? Ok...
michael hammond
michael hammond - Month ago
Stupid MCU you fu**ed up Hulk character forever and made marvel movies irrelevant when there's no real bad guys.
James M
James M - Month ago
"Next time, Iron Fist" I read the comic and Iron First was unbeatable, not incompetent for longer than one season? The Unbeatable Iron Fist.

You can't beat Iron Fist in a fight-- and so Netflix ruined that show. Great actor and potentially great story was wasted on that show, what a shame, it was clearly the management of the show wasted all the potential fun and superhero magic on neuroses and childhood trauma (boo not entertaining)
Anonymous Centurion
Anonymous Centurion - Month ago
Did anyone notice that raptor behind Wanda ?
Anonymous Centurion
Anonymous Centurion - Month ago

Rosie Winchester
Rosie Winchester - Month ago
What did he say for Pepper?
Hài Lòng Không
Hài Lòng Không - Month ago
Why havent u done brokeback mountain?
Doryu's Page
Doryu's Page - Month ago
Please say 221B Borgo Street
Doryu's Page
Doryu's Page - Month ago
The best Honest Trailer EVER😂😂😂😂!!!!!!
ministry of comics
ministry of comics - Month ago
do stan lee
Rebekah Leiplein
Rebekah Leiplein - Month ago
4:38 ALAN!
Mighty Wombat
Mighty Wombat - Month ago
RIP Alan Raptor
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