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Cookie Falsin
Cookie Falsin - 10 hours ago
Omg the nostalgia
Lavender _playz
Lavender _playz - 14 hours ago
Noob's Epic YouTube Office
1:19 if you listen closely you can hear the Steven Universe theme song
Pug French Fries
Pug French Fries - Day ago
This trailer makes it seem like spinel is all powerful, she never gets pooped, and they needed alexandrite to fight her.
Opalia - Day ago
I hadn't seen the trailer till after I watched the movie and like ... imagine how hype it was to see this trailer oh my GOD i'm hype all over again and i've watched the movie many many times
Khalea Hayles
Khalea Hayles - Day ago
Steven's Adam's Apple was growing and had no where to be so they made his neck. He has a neck and his voice is deeper
Xavier Pezo
Xavier Pezo - 2 days ago
I thought this would be just like Majora's Mask but instead no one cared that the earth was dying
Phill Zimmer
Phill Zimmer - 2 days ago
Enrique vs Cuphead
Daniel Clay
Daniel Clay - 2 days ago
The movie is about to come on the Cartoon Network again on December 7
Vincent Carachure
Vincent Carachure - 3 days ago
Hey can you make steven universe 2
Galaxy cat188
Galaxy cat188 - Day ago
Steven universe has not ended yet
crystal _yt
crystal _yt - 4 days ago
Who else thinks this trailer is beautiful UWU
ShinoBlak x
ShinoBlak x - 4 days ago
I wanna watch... where can I watch free?
Icyfox Gamer230
Icyfox Gamer230 - 19 hours ago
Yo yo
Yo yo - 5 days ago
Even after the movie came out I still get that same feeling before it did from this traiker
Pokebellas - 5 days ago
Fandom at the rest of the trailer: that's cool
Fandom at 1:12:
ItsJosiah - 5 days ago
I have the same laugh😂
The milestone Channel
The milestone Channel - 8 days ago
0:14 For a second I thought ** WHERES THE FENCE** then **sees it** oh.
Object Gems gemy,minus and other contestants!
He protecc
He got your bacc
But importantly he has a....

beanos man
beanos man - 9 days ago
When it's starts my thing just show the screen just glitching very good start
Gaming With baconhair!
Gaming With baconhair! - 10 days ago
Amethyst: *YOUR NECC*
STEVEN : What about it?
Mr Gio
Mr Gio - 11 days ago
Steven: I want everything to stay exactly like this and never change
Strawberrysunset23 - 11 days ago
Slow video down and pause at 0:13 💕😂
Maddox Cameron
Maddox Cameron - 11 days ago
I wished they added sardonix and sugilite sorry if I spelling is wrong
Nick The Great
Nick The Great - 12 days ago
The first time i looked at the thumbnail for the movie i thought she looked like mickey
Fangirl Katt
Fangirl Katt - 12 days ago
Roses are red
Some Ppl flex
Who is happy Steven has Necc (neck)
Sinxgod Ant
Sinxgod Ant - 13 days ago
1:08 is the best part in my opinion
Sinxgod Ant
Sinxgod Ant - 13 days ago
I’m here for the nostalgia
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson - 13 days ago
At first when the Gems fused I thought that was another fusion but I realised it was just Alexandrite.
RocketShipSquid - 14 days ago
so basically Steven and his friends get attacked by a cackling piece of bubblegum
Fangirl Katt
Fangirl Katt - 12 days ago
The bubblegum lady attacking neck boi
Fangirl Katt
Fangirl Katt - 12 days ago
Not the lonely part
RocketShipSquid - 14 days ago
lol.... *im so lonely T-T*
RocketShipSquid - 14 days ago
lol bubblegum
RocketShipSquid - 14 days ago
roars 2
roars 2 - 14 days ago
Steven: why did everything have to change
Me: every thing changes every day
GoldenFox 911
GoldenFox 911 - 14 days ago
I like how I watch this AFTER the movie XD
Arthur Pacheco
Arthur Pacheco - 10 days ago
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon - 14 days ago
F I'm to late it's not on Netflix anymore
Spinel [steven Universe movie vilian]
It was *never on Netflix*
Karmonee Leu
Karmonee Leu - 15 days ago
i remember when everyone was insane about who this was
edit: (spinel)
Aku Deku’s Gender swap
Aku Deku’s Gender swap - 15 days ago
:0 Chance the rapper is in it?
Bowl of Oatmeal
Bowl of Oatmeal - 14 days ago
yeah he rebecca and estelle did true kinda love
spinel - 15 days ago
Cotten Candy Garnet is So Cute 😆😆😆😆
Tinkersmiles - 15 days ago
I remember watching this trailer non stop on Cartoon Network during the hurricane 😭🤣
•Laurelei Wolf•
•Laurelei Wolf• - 15 days ago
I originally thought spinel was voices by Tara Strong, but who she is actually voiced by is a better choice
a girl.
a girl. - 15 days ago
mk memes
mk memes - 16 days ago
Some gem come out of nowhere: what you haven't played tuber simulator
billy is epic
billy is epic - 16 days ago
Should've just fused obsidian and just smacked the injecter

Never mind that well just spill all the toxic on earth
Marienette ca- ahh im too lazy
Hes a wrecc
He is fett (fat)
He got a necc
Nick Suazo
Nick Suazo - 17 days ago
Who here has seen the movie and came back to watch the trailer?
a girl.
a girl. - 15 days ago
me!! it's so nostalgic even though it's only been 2 months. I remember how happy I was about this.
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