MGMT - Kids (Video with Fire Intro)

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P S Y C H E - 16 minutes ago
Kid: *I’ve Seen It All*
Noah Leonard
Noah Leonard - 2 hours ago
What’s the kids name
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty - 2 hours ago
The kid is a big fan of MGMT now !!!!
DG - 3 hours ago
Why have they attributed the quote to Twain when it is by Neitzsche....
Beware the Woke's for they will see monsters everywhere and then become moral monsters themselves.
In Orwell's 1984 the woke's could'nt control the proles way of life so they controlled themselves from the top down.
Be a free thinker. Don't slip into a cultish homogenised mindset!!!!
Hans Anders
Hans Anders - 5 hours ago
This Kid is a serial Killer now.
enxvoid - 6 hours ago
poor kid man
TheMuddyOne - 7 hours ago
This video is really fucked up. That's child abuse.
Mar Chelo 507
Mar Chelo 507 - 13 hours ago
No se si quieren promover o denunciar, lo que sí se es que me da mucho acoso
mhh hhm
mhh hhm - 13 hours ago
Oh gosh. Poor kid. Hope he is fine.
Cute kelly
Cute kelly - 16 hours ago
Blair E
Blair E - 17 hours ago
Why would someone think it’s okay to do this to a kid? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Realization Within
Realization Within - 23 hours ago
Shits kinda messed up
Ben Sidlofsky
Ben Sidlofsky - Day ago
This is child abuse.
Bilão SP
Bilão SP - Day ago
Que dó da criança kakakakakaka
SCP Fondation -Admin Documents archive REDACTED
This video gave me full of nightmare when i was kids
Alex - Day ago
Song: 🧚‍♂️⭐️🌈🎆
Video: 👹🎃👽🧠
Pedro Vjkk
Pedro Vjkk - Day ago
Just imagine the trauma
Bella M.
Bella M. - Day ago
I can only imagine how traumatized this kid might be
lhwinh - Day ago
yall please go watch the making of video instead of being worried for the baby, a guy is licking a dog's tongue
Doug Russell
Doug Russell - Day ago
I look like the band when I try to use just a little anti-sieze
Xergius - Day ago
I really hope this kid didn't have to see these horrible creatures. that would scar him for life! WTH!?? would you let your kid see this weird shit??
nah nah
nah nah - Day ago
I hope the kids ok
Locklan Mitchell
Locklan Mitchell - Day ago
this is a sad video
Life Savers
Life Savers - 2 days ago
i feel bad for the kid he was probably traumatized
RubySZN - 2 days ago
*I cant watch this video but THE SONG IS GOD DAM GOOD😟*
VRO DREAM - 2 days ago
This makes me sad
Shane Richardson
Shane Richardson - 2 days ago
This kid is like 11 or 12 now, imagine him watching this video back.
Ξ Ňøcŧıvαgυƨ Ξ
I only heard this once in a McDonalds why do I rememeber it
Louvin Balonglong
Louvin Balonglong - 2 days ago
that kid must be in therapy now
Tealquoise arts
Tealquoise arts - 2 days ago
DCM III - 2 days ago
Studio "Okay how weird do you want the video to be?"
MGMT "Yes"
Idiot moron
Idiot moron - 3 days ago
I have a feeling they’re making the kid traumatised (ON PURPOSE
Cash Quest
Cash Quest - 9 hours ago
cullencullen - 3 days ago
Holy shit I've actually been looking for this song for months cuz somebody was playing it in the bathroom and I knew I'd heard it before but I couldn't remember anything except for the tune
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 3 days ago
El morrito que miedos tendrá actualmente?
dino Caio fps
dino Caio fps - 3 days ago
4:48 eis que vc compra um cachorro na deep web kkk
paola Garrix
paola Garrix - 3 days ago
Pobrecito beby cuanto tiempo no lo hicieron llorar.. yo creo que quedó traumado 😢😢😢
USER 1246
USER 1246 - 2 days ago
paola Garrix ya se habrá olvidado
Leandro Jimenez
Leandro Jimenez - 3 days ago
The first quote is from Nietzche, not from Mark Twain
Hellin Show
Hellin Show - 3 days ago
the resin why i know this song is cuz my dad show'ed me, thanks dad
Jonathon Storry
Jonathon Storry - 3 days ago
Ngl, that’s a FIRE intro 🔥 🔥
NutCracker - 3 days ago
Ay pobre bb ):
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