i started an illegal business at school. my teacher joined!

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Candy Avakin
Candy Avakin - 5 hours ago
I think that she is selling drugs .. Badluck for me :)
Luke Hooper
Luke Hooper - 10 hours ago
Ny last name is hooper
Pro gamer
Pro gamer - 3 days ago
9:27 you said ms pooper
Agartha YeeYee
Agartha YeeYee - 4 days ago
Wtf that intro
Richard Guerra
Richard Guerra - 4 days ago
Kyelee Kicklighter
Kyelee Kicklighter - 4 days ago
316 8
316 8 - 5 days ago
If I saw mr’s hooper my reaction would’ve been “oh shit”
316 8
316 8 - 5 days ago
“I’m good at football”
Shows soccer
What is this England
Sereena Dixon
Sereena Dixon - 5 days ago
That's nothing....

*_I sell illegal pokémon cards_*
MooMoo Cow
MooMoo Cow - 6 days ago
Once i had a PE teacher that was an absolute butthole
So she was explaining what we were gonna do at PE,
So pretty normal. But she was across the entire room and NOT using her microphone she had attached to her shirt.
Everyone else could hear but i couldn’t cuz i had an ear infection and my ear was loaded with wax.
So i tell her i cant hear and she goes ballistic and says that i wasnt paying attention.
So you probably know how if you cant hear something, you just pay MORE attention and try to hear better,
But this boomer was insisting on how i wasn’t paying attention to her.
So i tell her i had an infection.
And this piece of absolute crap says in the sassiest voice, “Mhm, Where is your doctors note?”
And at this point im getting triggered so i say “I’m pretty sure the Great Depression is over they dont give notes for ear infections anymore”
And she goes crazy and says “ok sit out for the class’ and proceeds to make me sit RIGHT next to her. So i ask if i can go play or at least sit somewhere else like the stage and, surprisingly she says i can go play.
So everyone was doing whatever they wanted (yes one of those rare days) and there was this big group of people playing knockout.
So i join and, me being the talentless turd i miss and it goes to the stage. Keep in mind im new to this school and i came like 4 days ago.
So i go on the stage to go get it and this boomer says “ AAAAAAAHH UR NOT ALLOWED TO GO IN THE STAGE THAT WAY COME SIT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!”
And im like “ umm ok but then how do you get on?” And then she shows this door.
So i say how im new and she insists that i sit out
20 likes and ill continue too hard to write on mobile
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez - 6 days ago
6:24 Her subject is English right? Then why is there Math equations on the board
R10T_Benall - 7 days ago
Mrs Hooper is the name of my English Teacher...
Joanne Sulieman
Joanne Sulieman - 8 days ago
😂😂😂😂 she said Mrs.Pooper
CrisaGamer111 - 9 days ago
8:54 u mmmmmm......? Look at his pants. Is this a HAND!!!!
Dani H
Dani H - 9 days ago
I kinda like hate ur teacher
KATRINA ROOKS - 11 days ago
I thinks its amazing you came clean it proublebly was hard but you did the right thing
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How much slaps the teacher deserves
\/ (Edited because I made a mistake)
Z Mup
Z Mup - 12 days ago
8:53 His hand is going through his pants
Moya's Makeup & life
Moya's Makeup & life - 12 days ago
Just because I don't talk in class my teacher gave me 14 1/2 out of 15 and said she ate the other half because she was hungry
Derp Corp
Derp Corp - 12 days ago
Well the lesson here is to not be a lazy criminal and do your homework or your English teacher will blackmail you
Nicholas Dinh
Nicholas Dinh - 12 days ago
Man they are assigned essays very often
Kate Youtube
Kate Youtube - 13 days ago
One time I decided to cheat. I put a paper with answers in my pencil case. I didn’t think much of it.
I was writing it and looking at the answers in my pencil case when I realized that the teacher saw me. She came to my desk and got the paper out of my pencil case.
And from that day on, I have never cheated before
itz Meh
itz Meh - 13 days ago
Ohhhhh your name is hayley
My name is hailey and my twin sister name hayliie
And my little sister name is hailee and our little sister that is still on my mom tummy name haiile oh and my bro name is haruie and our little bro name haru and he is the twin sister of hailee and my mom name is... bailey
( > < )
itz Meh
itz Meh - 13 days ago
Daebak Simmer
Daebak Simmer - 13 days ago
"She was scary!!" 😭😭😭
KillerHowU Jaynes’s
KillerHowU Jaynes’s - 14 days ago
Cal 123
Cal 123 - 14 days ago
What is life now days
Phoebe Quigg
Phoebe Quigg - 17 days ago
your iconic bot
your iconic bot - 17 days ago
Yep its that
Fathimath Ahmed
Fathimath Ahmed - 18 days ago
I have never cheated but yeah that was okie 😅
シYukiNom - 18 days ago
technically Bakugo XD
Galaxy D33r
Galaxy D33r - 19 days ago
It’s a doggy dog world
møçha - 20 days ago
"He knew I played football"....screen shows a soccer ball...I-
Turtle gang Cudd
Turtle gang Cudd - 20 days ago
Oh ha ha my Finger got CUTOFF
Rap Gang
Rap Gang - 21 day ago
Who hear is scared of the intro
Jujulil star
Jujulil star - 21 day ago
Wait wait wait she said every Friday she talked with student and give money for her right then why does she the next when it's is a Saturday 3:55 and 5:06
Quishaun Williams
Quishaun Williams - 21 day ago
I cheated and got a 40
Kawaii Fox101
Kawaii Fox101 - 21 day ago
* calls de popo of de popcorn *
Thabile Ntombela
Thabile Ntombela - 22 days ago
Who saw that what's 9+10 on the greenboard😂😂
Samantha Joy
Samantha Joy - 22 days ago
Her: I started selling essays!
Me: I thought you were selling drugs
My mood: *:/*
CharrkAttack - 24 days ago
Yeah I’ve cheated before.....

My wife’s not to happy XD
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