Back to School! 8 Fun DIY School Supplies and Hacks!

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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda - Month ago
Hey Holiday Pandas 🐼🎓
I know it’s early, but being first in class is what school is all about! 🏫🚌
With our new pack of school hacks you’ll be able to just that! 🎒💻📏
Let me know which of these school supply ideas you’re going to try first! 📔📐✏
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Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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Kaeza Kaeza
Kaeza Kaeza - Day ago
Maria Souza
Maria Souza - Day ago
محمد جاسم
محمد جاسم - 2 days ago
D B - 2 days ago
واو 😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰💋💋💋💋💌💌💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋احبكم 💋💋💋💋💋
FARJANA Subha - 12 hours ago
nice video
Hoang Tram Phung
Hoang Tram Phung - 17 hours ago
Việt Nam đâu rùi
Riska Masruroh
Riska Masruroh - 19 hours ago
Kok tiba tiba tanganya besar
Livia Moura
Livia Moura - Day ago
Kebonye Motlhala
Kebonye Motlhala - Day ago
فاطمه محمد
حرام عليك انت زيها ليش تفرقين بين هاك
Verna Mustapha
Verna Mustapha - 2 days ago
كريم علي
كريم علي - 2 days ago
Min Yuri_Multifandom
Min Yuri_Multifandom - 2 days ago
1:08 how are u gonna close it with the cap??
Munusamy Perumasamy
Munusamy Perumasamy - 2 days ago
babi betul.. jangan update lo... bodoh
Sarah McKay
Sarah McKay - 2 days ago
That pen looks like tie die
soy menia 109
soy menia 109 - 2 days ago
Like si el primero es muy estupido porque para cortarlo sirve la bola 🙄🙄
อะ ตอม
อะ ตอม - 2 days ago
Fact sRGB
Nguyên Nguyên
Nguyên Nguyên - 3 days ago
4:55 his emotional face😊
Nahida Mitu
Nahida Mitu - 3 days ago
I love Emily
Gisela Silva
Gisela Silva - 3 days ago
Hello ame Sarah.💗💗💗
alleria norva
alleria norva - 3 days ago
Ang sungit nung babae
His number
His number - 3 days ago
شباب شتركو في قناتي لعيون المتابعين😢😢
shiva raj
shiva raj - 3 days ago
amazing ideas
Lynn Hale
Lynn Hale - 3 days ago
Lynn Hale
Lynn Hale - 3 days ago
Thx for liking! ;)
Gacha Life
Gacha Life - 3 days ago
❤ please😇😇😇
Lasi Pbg
Lasi Pbg - 3 days ago
Saru mba
Emma - 4 days ago
9:01 was a good hack for me
بنين sajad
بنين sajad - 4 days ago
Inci Toker
Inci Toker - 4 days ago
Vol crafty panda
Esra Dogan
Esra Dogan - 4 days ago
mërîëm äsmä
mërîëm äsmä - 4 days ago
Asep Ardi
Asep Ardi - 4 days ago
yes teh dow
Noorziah Mohd Noor
Noorziah Mohd Noor - 4 days ago
Sebenarya orang lain buat kan?
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo - 4 days ago
Jose Amaya
Jose Amaya - 4 days ago
i would just eat all of it at once
Jose Amaya
Jose Amaya - 4 days ago
i always thought the girl with the pink hair and the man were a couple
Mansi Sarkar
Mansi Sarkar - 3 days ago
Me too
1000 subs without any videos?
1:54 i would just eat it all
Hannah Romero
Hannah Romero - 5 days ago
Luis Antonio  Mariaca
Luis Antonio Mariaca - 5 days ago
Porque no nos llaman
Katelyn Janiene Badayos
tagaasa mo
Katarzyna Smoleń
Katarzyna Smoleń - 5 days ago
I lov crafty panda
minh lê
minh lê - 5 days ago
I love Emily
Suryadi Yadihh
Suryadi Yadihh - 5 days ago
лисёнок life
лисёнок life - 5 days ago
Кто русский лайк
Anisa Ayu
Anisa Ayu - 5 days ago
Wow namanya sama seperti adikku namanya jesica🌸
Erlin Godoy
Erlin Godoy - 6 days ago
You just copied it from two supe sisters
Winda Harsianty
Winda Harsianty - 6 days ago
I like trafty panda😄😄😄
Ly Linh
Ly Linh - 6 days ago
Ly Linh
Ly Linh - 6 days ago
Chicca Pascale
Chicca Pascale - 6 days ago
The vaseline is petroil
Anh Thơ Nguyễn
Anh Thơ Nguyễn - 6 days ago
Tc o
sakandsam arjuna
sakandsam arjuna - 7 days ago
He just used the same Vaseline used by the girl
Trang Nguyễn thị
Trang Nguyễn thị - 7 days ago
Người yêu mình tên là dung
faevelenohnny980 j
faevelenohnny980 j - 6 days ago
xin chào
Zahida Mujahid
Zahida Mujahid - 7 days ago
Is pencil se acha nai pencil aa jati hai hahahajaj
Umarkhan14 Khan
Umarkhan14 Khan - 7 days ago
Claudiu Cimpean
Claudiu Cimpean - 7 days ago
Scrieți pe romnă
Lynnda Ferreira Campos Ferreira Campos
Grensnkakkwu nejskwmsnns
Дмитрий Микшис
Дмитрий Микшис
Да ну нафиг
crybaby Gacha
crybaby Gacha - 8 days ago
vaseline ? seriously ?
Mukesh Bhai
Mukesh Bhai - 8 days ago
i like you
jency mathew
jency mathew - 8 days ago
Thank you sister
Kejsi Gashi
Kejsi Gashi - 8 days ago
Crafty panda you are ameizing ( sorry for my english)🥰🥰🥰🥰
freshta xan
freshta xan - 7 days ago
Kejsi Gashi
manoj jain
manoj jain - 8 days ago
I thought that your channel was better then 5 minutes craft but I was wrong you guys have also started repeating hacks this is sooo disappointing 😞
Jewelyn Reyes
Jewelyn Reyes - 7 days ago
5yh6 y 1vyghtkkb . .ub
レイ。雑用 - 8 days ago
May faveret
nindira rahma wati
nindira rahma wati - 8 days ago
Libuse Panicova
Libuse Panicova - 9 days ago
Panda Goot
sisi sisi
sisi sisi - 9 days ago
Ana y Melissa Figueroa
Ana y Melissa Figueroa - 9 days ago
Que padre
Øcëan Brëëze
Øcëan Brëëze - 9 days ago
7:23 I will subscribe to crafty panda in the board is she the teacher?
Shofiah As'ad
Shofiah As'ad - 9 days ago
Mekap. Hantu. Ya
Elva Cortes
Elva Cortes - 9 days ago
freshta xan
freshta xan - 7 days ago
Elva Cortes
Jean Acolola
Jean Acolola - 9 days ago
Paulo Enrique
Paulo Enrique - 10 days ago
Icpqiywgi3bdmhebq1o3fihc,😋😀 Vocês são muito
freshta xan
freshta xan - 7 days ago
Paulo Enrique
Twat Central
Twat Central - 10 days ago
Oh yeh because I’m going to totally ruin my converse aren’t I? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Twat Central
Twat Central - 6 days ago
freshta xan ikr 😂
freshta xan
freshta xan - 7 days ago
Twat Central
Walysson Inacio
Walysson Inacio - 10 days ago
airyn prasetyo
airyn prasetyo - 10 days ago
Lady Moon
Lady Moon - 10 days ago
Alisson Melissa Muñoz Jerezano
hddhhd hshshsh
hddhhd hshshsh - 11 days ago
.كل. 1 .
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