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Jess O'Reilly
Jess O'Reilly - 6 hours ago
I'm sorry I couldnt help but notice emma spelt marshmallows wrong
Tooba Ahmed
Tooba Ahmed - 7 hours ago
I have a plum tree in my garden wanna visit me?
ellarisamusic - 13 hours ago
Emma: "Wooden... forks."
Me: That's a knif- oh whatever.
Grace Borski
Grace Borski - 15 hours ago
Emma coming up with a simple concept and finding a way for it to still be too hard for her to complete pt 100
Noelle Cusimano
Noelle Cusimano - 17 hours ago
ATOMICO Χατζηφωτιου
Emma talking about nuts made me feel soooo uncomfortable yet so excited for some weird reason 😂😂😂
Lolita Zerafa
Lolita Zerafa - Day ago
Flipping Love You Emma!
Himani Miglani
Himani Miglani - Day ago
U guys sold watch Joanna ceddia, she’s funnier and has better hygiene
Yung Richie
Yung Richie - Day ago
Girl version of Marko.
Lucy Clisby
Lucy Clisby - Day ago
where does she get her activewear from????
Taty's Nails
Taty's Nails - Day ago
5:02 sis save the turles sksksksks love ya
tânia santos
tânia santos - Day ago
this is a good video :)
Brittany Hancock
Brittany Hancock - 2 days ago
Dear God the water balloons 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Lore Music
Lore Music - 2 days ago
8:49 why was that the first thing i hovered over
Micaela Gonzales
Micaela Gonzales - 2 days ago
I Love when Emma hyped herself up lol so inspiring
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson - 2 days ago
You misspelt marshmallow*
Imasophsoph ÒwÓ
Imasophsoph ÒwÓ - 3 days ago
Emma:I have enough photos to fill up 7 walls * 24 mins later it’s too small
Imasophsoph ÒwÓ
Imasophsoph ÒwÓ - 3 days ago
I love “forks”
Sydney Hayes
Sydney Hayes - 3 days ago
You should follow a bob ross tutorial with your dad
Angel Patterson
Angel Patterson - 3 days ago
Alright the best time with the ( Emma's Summer Bucket List) 🤟😁😊
gracehehe123 - 3 days ago
K but like Emma is my favourite youtuber no joke she is my wallpaper that might sound creepy but that’s how much I love her lol.❤️
Little G A L A X Y
Little G A L A X Y - 3 days ago
No one :
Emma: stick these weird forks in *as there knives*
IsandMax Rendon
IsandMax Rendon - 3 days ago
emma:"would've been cool if i had a bonfire of some sort"

me: gurl you have a fireplace .-.
Queen Mikki
Queen Mikki - 4 days ago
Is it only me or when she said I cracked my phone guess I need a new one, I cringed because she could just fix the screen.
Thunder and JJ
Thunder and JJ - 4 days ago
OMG IT LOOKED SOO GOOD if i drew that it would look a lot like a uhm... foot
superbuddy314 1
superbuddy314 1 - 4 days ago
You called a knife a fork😂😂😂
Stefie Collins
Stefie Collins - 4 days ago
I love her sm 💕
hi - 5 days ago
14:06 literally had me laughing for like 10 minutes
Jahnavi Raman
Jahnavi Raman - 5 days ago
*me watching this in september missing summer bc i'm dying bc of school
Lexi - 5 days ago
you should've taken polaroids of your cat and make a polaroid wall of that. that would've been so cute
Noah Taube
Noah Taube - 5 days ago
Did she just call those knives "forks"...
zakiya layne
zakiya layne - 5 days ago
"that’s what child birth looks like"
that’s what she said
thαílαnd pαrαdíѕє
Where's that Cat!
Yu Xin
Yu Xin - 6 days ago
Emma can you actually have your own coffee shop🥺❤️
Carm P
Carm P - 6 days ago
Ok I don’t watch your videos tbh but it was on my recommend page so I just started watching it and that was some funny shit and sad lol you throwing water balloons at yourself made me laugh so thanks and yes I subbed to your channel haha 😂
Sam Winston
Sam Winston - 6 days ago
we are farmers
we are farmers - 6 days ago
11:55 *Mood* 😂
Yami L
Yami L - 6 days ago
4:47: I think we're gonna have a great day, I think this was great luck...*I just cracked my phone.*
jennifer blosser
jennifer blosser - 6 days ago
Where was the cat???
Tillie Fisher
Tillie Fisher - 6 days ago
14:10 am I the only one that died😂😂😂
Alex Pickell
Alex Pickell - 6 days ago
you might just be the only youtuber i watch lol
Apple19 - 7 days ago
Did she just call that knife a fork?😂😂
jay vanwip
jay vanwip - 7 days ago
nicca do people still watch this
Saev - 7 days ago
emma: what’s your favorite nut?
me: *cries in allergy*
Bb.Kayzee - 7 days ago
Random Things With Rachel
Emma: takes random polaroids of a ton to random things
Me: contemplates for an hour if taking a picture of something with my polaroid is wasting film.
Gina Ghaida
Gina Ghaida - 7 days ago
14.12 soooo sadd
Fernanda Paradela
Fernanda Paradela - 8 days ago
it's august
Gina Silvestri
Gina Silvestri - 8 days ago
Kimmy Sunflower
Kimmy Sunflower - 8 days ago
Mewnicorn Madness
Mewnicorn Madness - 8 days ago
some fORkEs she says while stabbing the tin foil with a KNIFE
Ava Nicole
Ava Nicole - 8 days ago
how fast her expression changed when the ballon went off the balcony has me rolling
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 8 days ago
i got a vsco ad for this
Georgina Wiffrie
Georgina Wiffrie - 9 days ago
love that she wishes Australian's a happy winter, holy shit I'm fucking over it mate
nellie stashchak
nellie stashchak - 9 days ago
I love your channel, you have inspired me to start making my own youtube videos.
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis - 9 days ago
plszzzzzz do a vsco girl video
Krystle Starbrooks
Krystle Starbrooks - 9 days ago
Love you 🥰 never stop 🤗
mel m
mel m - 10 days ago
Donné West
Donné West - 10 days ago
Isn't Emma vegetarian? She ate marshmallows
Lita Jurd
Lita Jurd - 10 days ago
15:14 thank you,for acknowledging me 😂😂
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