Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

Danna Herrera
Danna Herrera - 2 часа назад
Well, Will looks waaay better in this trailer, and when i heard a whole new world... Damn that gave me chills
unicorn froyo
unicorn froyo - 2 часа назад
Ok disney ,i forgive you for the previous teaser.
Habizur Rahman
Habizur Rahman - 2 часа назад
Hoo haaaaaa super hitttttt
elnuisance - 2 часа назад
Priyanka Chopra should've played Jasmine.
My Home World
My Home World - 2 часа назад
They should have made ranveer Singh Jafar
TSMY EndyDan
TSMY EndyDan - 3 часа назад
1:47 I thought she gonna sing "ah ha! This is my sh¡t!"😂😂
Multi Vitamin
Multi Vitamin - 3 часа назад
1:48 this part gave me chills and nipples pierced through my shirt
Pardsi Sajan
Pardsi Sajan - 3 часа назад
きさ - 3 часа назад
Beautiful life channel
Beautiful life channel - 3 часа назад
*Teer hai ye trailer laag gyi*
Mario Husain
Mario Husain - 4 часа назад
bitch lasagna
Simon S.
Simon S. - 4 часа назад
Last month
> Oh my god what did you do with Genie?
> Gets bombarded with dislikes
> Damn this movie looks good
> Tons of likes
> I love the internet
Phrakcitra Official
Phrakcitra Official - 4 часа назад
IAMDIMITRI - 5 часов назад
0:55 haha wtf
Esha Parvin
Esha Parvin - 5 часов назад
Aladdin is love😍😍😍😍
모모 - 5 часов назад
meg elizabeth
meg elizabeth - 5 часов назад
I’m not sure why they released the first trailer at all. This was a much stronger and core confident showing
I Love You
I Love You - 6 часов назад
From Pink Ranger to Princess Jasmine.
Tasis qureshi
Tasis qureshi - 6 часов назад
Is this film based on cartoon movie story means like cartoon story.....????
itsnotatoober - 6 часов назад
I wish for Mark ass brownlee
myra jane
myra jane - 6 часов назад
Can someone explain to me where genie pops up a prince that says "yall see my powers". How is that funny?
Bree Lee
Bree Lee - 6 часов назад
That weird - o
That weird - o - 6 часов назад
Will looks good as Genie, but Jafar sounds like he hasn’t hit puberty yet. Could they not find a better Jafar?
Movie HOT
Movie HOT - 6 часов назад
Kỷ xảo đẹp
박민수 - 7 часов назад
이제야 좀 기대가 되네
Say Hello to the City
Say Hello to the City - 7 часов назад
I think these live action adaptations rely too heavily on special effects and cool graphics, thinking that's what drew us to the original. However, I loved the originals because of the heart and emotion that was put into the storytelling. There was a soul to the story and it had little to do with what I was seeing on screen.
BroBoy - 8 часов назад
A whole new world reminds me of a action trailer music
Mel Intham
Mel Intham - 8 часов назад
Omg......”do you trust me?” I’m cryinggggg😭😭
keely lombardi
keely lombardi - 8 часов назад
why is no one addressing the fact that that's the girl from LEMONADE MOUTH
Ganesh - 9 часов назад
its a Bollywood moviieee...
Mad Zaki
Mad Zaki - 9 часов назад
This movie just for kids
RPChatham92 - 10 часов назад
I'm a simple fellow. You put a live action remake of one of my childhood favorites, I throw my money at it. Simple as that.
Melia Iwamoto
Melia Iwamoto - 10 часов назад
Jack Black as genie
Baldoxxx4000 - 10 часов назад
So this movie is made in Bollywood?
Jared Gagnon
Jared Gagnon - 10 часов назад
mfchimichanga - 11 часов назад
I guess will smith dressed in Indian garb isn't cultural appropriation.
LINDA ANISA - 12 часов назад
Lolita Gonzalez
Lolita Gonzalez - 12 часов назад
유영삼촌 - 12 часов назад
와~ 알라딘 너무 기대 됩니다 ♥ 애니메이션도 잘 봤는데 실사영화라니~ 넘 좋습니다 ♥
Satanically Baked
Satanically Baked - 12 часов назад
Okay Will Smith, I appreciate you and your acting a bit, but you seriously should not have been given the Genie role.
This live action version shouldn't have even been greenlit. Whoever thought otherwise has a mightier special place in hell.
TRIP IS LIFE TRAVELER - 12 часов назад
fitri abbas
fitri abbas - 13 часов назад
I like this trailer MUCH better
Jake - 13 часов назад
The Rock should have been the Genie
ismi harumaini
ismi harumaini - 13 часов назад
Darin Dominic 2
Darin Dominic 2 - 14 часов назад
The music sound just like the original but the genie of Will Smith still bugs me
Nicholas Blaschke
Nicholas Blaschke - 14 часов назад
Will Smith Hell Yeah
Ashley Hicks
Ashley Hicks - 14 часов назад
I'm so excited to see this movie it looks so good and really funny
Raising Maxi
Raising Maxi - 15 часов назад
Oh yes!! I love the cartoon, so I am really looking forward to watching this in theaters. I hope it’s as good as I hope it is.
Luiz Antonio
Luiz Antonio - 15 часов назад
Ok Disney, that’s the deal: shut up take my money NOW!
Meg Beth
Meg Beth - 15 часов назад
Anyone feel like Disney has changed way too much since the original Aladdin. I feel like the whole Disney brand is different.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco - 8 часов назад
Meg Beth Times sure are changing and we are approaching a new decade
CS Hip Hop
CS Hip Hop - 15 часов назад
This trailers not bad but it could be better. First off Aladdin is looking way to clean to be a street rat. Next the lion cave doesn’t look like the lion cave. And finally Jafar didn’t have like 50 outfits
Rocky - 16 часов назад
Hit like for will smith
MethosOhio - 16 часов назад
This movie might be fine, but it is going to be hard to improve on the original.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco - 8 часов назад
MethosOhio I agree
godzilla 202020
godzilla 202020 - 16 часов назад
please let there be a fresh prince joke in the movie
katten playz
katten playz - 16 часов назад
Gator Tooth
Gator Tooth - 16 часов назад
Lol What's next, The Emperor's New Groove Live-action Movie?
Simon S.
Simon S. - 4 часа назад
Please be an actual thing.
mejercit - 11 часов назад
Of course.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname - 16 часов назад
It looks like a Bollywood movie honestly.
TiTu Ahmed
TiTu Ahmed - 18 часов назад
Tania Cerna
Tania Cerna - 18 часов назад
ya'll seen my palace LMAOOOOO
Tornado Flopp
Tornado Flopp - 18 часов назад
Aahhh that’s hot
The Willow Seed
The Willow Seed - 18 часов назад
This is a story all about my life got twist turned upside down
Chris Langford
Chris Langford - 18 часов назад
Jasmine darling, hope u don't disappoint us and be exactly like Lea Salonga's "A whole new world"
Chris Langford
Chris Langford - 18 часов назад
i wished it was zayn to portray oh well... lol
HopeZTM - 18 часов назад
Epiphany J23
Epiphany J23 - 18 часов назад
1992: Iconic Disney movie
2019: A tseries video that's 2h 30mins long ENGLISH DUB
Cold Air
Cold Air - 19 часов назад
At the same Time its quite scary
Cold Air
Cold Air - 19 часов назад
Love it
Cold Air
Cold Air - 19 часов назад
R Rohit Amalan
R Rohit Amalan - 19 часов назад
not another assassins creed...
madina zamani
madina zamani - 19 часов назад
I’m excited to watch my favorite Disney
Irfan Fahim
Irfan Fahim - 19 часов назад
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stars for this bravo movie! I'm waiting for it... 👍😎.
Caitlin Lps
Caitlin Lps - 19 часов назад
Hurry up with the soundtrack I’m waiting I want to hear a whole new world
SHADOWWOLF77 - 21 час назад
1:48 This song just got better!!!
Hawwa Hafeeza
Hawwa Hafeeza - 21 час назад
Was it just me who thought it was Camilla Cabello in the thumbnail 😂
Just me?!
Rafael Arandas
Rafael Arandas - 21 час назад
So Arabia becomes India??
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Ramos - 22 часа назад
About the guy who’s gonna play jafar, why not replace him with the guy who played the big bad from the Prince of Persia movie?
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity - 22 часа назад
Everyone’s mad that will Smith is in the movie because he’s the guy in youtube rewind, and YouTube rewind is legit the worst video I have ever seen, but honestly he’s not a bad actor it’s just weird to see the same role played by will smith. Besides his role was already probably picked for him like a year ago
salim D
salim D - 23 часа назад
I do not like the actors who played the role of Jasmine and Jafar.
 Naomi Scott does not look like jasmine and does not have any Middle Eastern features ... She looks like a British girl with tanned skin.
she is British Indian, not Middle Eastern.
Duheeta Joshi
Duheeta Joshi - 23 часа назад
Disney is magical✨
Lionheart - 23 часа назад
Jasmine looks kinda Plain, wish they found a better actress jasmine is suppose to be all sensual and exotic looking with big almond eyes. She just looks like your average Indian girl.
Richard Deane
Richard Deane - 23 часа назад
they had me up to the singing
Power King879
Power King879 - 23 часа назад
Disney can we please have a live action brother bear or brother bear 3?
Anna Kavanaugh
Anna Kavanaugh - День назад
jafar sounds like minnie mouse
Ducci Khan
Ducci Khan - День назад
No disrespect to current cast but i think Brenton Thwaites would have been ideal for Aladdin and Ben Kingsley for Jafar!
Ducci Khan
Ducci Khan - 10 часов назад
+rahmddd Actually I agree, however hollywood generally doesn't focus on casting on basis of origin. I just think Brenton looks more like Aladdin (cartoon version). I noticed him in "Gods of Egypt" and thought he would be perfect for Aladdin.
rahmddd - 18 часов назад
It doesnt make sense if Brenton Thwaites cast as Aladdin,,, Aladdin is an arabian boy,, not white caucasian or latin boy..
AMRRIK SINGH - День назад
For the people who complain that the actor looks more like Indian than Arab I want to say those people that I feel same
pizza time man
pizza time man - День назад
Das hot, das hot
We Make You Smile Logh
We Make You Smile Logh - День назад
Awesome trailer hit me like
applecottage - День назад
0:03-0:17 Assassin's Creed Vibes!
amit salvi
amit salvi - День назад
I guess will smith look great in his original color than that blue.
first trailer was disappointed but now I love this trailer since i see will smith in his original form. not blue every time
i still expect when he become blue he should look something glowing sub scattering blue. not that painted blue.
something like this ignore creepy
anyway i like that genie anyway.
Giorgos Vlaxavas
Giorgos Vlaxavas - День назад
jayson aresta
jayson aresta - День назад
1:49! when the song start! I just remember my childhood! :D OMG
Mahbub H Munna
Mahbub H Munna - День назад
Amazed to see Will Smith as genie . Go Will.
technical ladka
technical ladka - День назад
Sam Smith a jini
CIWO Channel
CIWO Channel - День назад
*INDONESIA ANGKAT TANGAN DONG* 👇👇👇👇♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👆👆👆👆
PlatiniTV - День назад
the amount of surprise after seeing jafar is equal to the amount of surprise i had after knowing dumbledore is gay.
Chungas Fury
Chungas Fury - День назад
This is going to be worth the price of admission for sure.
5H QUEENS - День назад
UH can we talk about Naomi Scott's voice for the song! So beautiful!
crowny mars
crowny mars - День назад
Why is it so indian
charliedmh84 - День назад
I only hope that “Friend Like Me” will be the showstopper that the original animated movie and even the broadway musical are.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco - 8 часов назад
charliedmh84 Friend Like Me is much better with the tap dancing
Entertainment For You
Entertainment For You - День назад
Wow No Words to SAy
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