Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

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hamid19841 - Hour ago
I don’t know, but I liked Jaafar ! Is it just me lol , especially do way he talks , but the voice is ok . The movie is great ,want more of it , seems like it’s 5 min .
Lucas N82
Lucas N82 - Hour ago
#DisneyAvariciousBot. That sad, cuz I love ur cartoons when I was young child. Sad.
The1bangladesh1 - 2 hours ago
Part 2 would be nice.
Ruby Treesa
Ruby Treesa - 3 hours ago
Is it me Or the princess actually looks like superwoman🤔
It's just me...
Strider Stryker
Strider Stryker - 6 hours ago
Just came back because of Sonic the Hedgehog trailer.
Cupcakelover 2007
Cupcakelover 2007 - 12 hours ago
I loved this movie, best experience in the theater , loved it
Ashley Pie
Ashley Pie - 13 hours ago
what did they do to my boy jafar?!? bro i so mad
Demar Derozan
Demar Derozan - 14 hours ago
Full good grapics
But the story and actions is lack
Jozef Edwar
Jozef Edwar - 18 hours ago
This movie is trash
Usra Rauf
Usra Rauf - 21 hour ago
Am i the only one watching this movie over and over again. I can’t help. I’m so obsessed with the movie.😭😍😍Please make the sequel of it with the same cast. Please. Please. Please Disney!😭
one direction fan channel
one direction fan channel - 22 hours ago
Who wanted zayn to be aladdin
Marvin Canete
Marvin Canete - Day ago
Part 2 please. I love this movie so much
Sally Samir
Sally Samir - Day ago
i see the movie its cool
Aman Chawan
Aman Chawan - Day ago
Anwar jibawi could have done better than this Aladdin
Nergiz Pasazade
Nergiz Pasazade - Day ago
Shaleen Dalal
Shaleen Dalal - Day ago
Watched this movie recently and my my.. what a wonderful, entertaining movie! And it's mostly true to the original movie/series. That's rare.
M M - Day ago
I like this move
Art Grafilo
Art Grafilo - Day ago
Just wanna say hi to those people who judged the movie badly 5 months ago...have you watched it already?
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed - Day ago
Aladdin is Iraqi story
Aman Oppo91
Aman Oppo91 - Day ago
Sk The Swiftie and Little Black Star
Ok but I don't remember 0:17 this scene from the movie?
The accidental youtuber
I watched it for whole new world, and make edit for whole new world
Mustak 88
Mustak 88 - Day ago
I love Aladdin movie
Sabrina H
Sabrina H - 2 days ago
This was the best movie I've seen in a long time, everything was perfect! The humor, the morals, the characters/actors, the scenery, the music, everything was incredible. My 2 year old kept saying wow!
Good Man
Good Man - 2 days ago
Bollywood movie 😁
Good Man
Good Man - 2 days ago
When you watch with hindi language it's pretty much like a bollywood movie
Rosie W
Rosie W - 2 days ago
The colors are amazing!
fan kpop
fan kpop - 2 days ago
I can’t watches full Movie 😣😣😣
BUNNY LIFE - 2 days ago
i hate the girl
BUNNY LIFE - 2 days ago
worst movie and and character are worst
Suran Khoramdin
Suran Khoramdin - 2 days ago
there is nothing arabic in this. if they did kiss and sang a song the. they would get raped stoned and executed because of their religion. these stories are stolen and translated to arabic from Iranian Shahrzad book. west media is still screwing everything nonstop up. there is nothing Arabic at all in these stories. middle east is 99 percent Iranian race. some of them speak arabic language because they had to addapt it by arab invasions like in iraq sirya lebanon kuwait bahrain etc... go have dna check and read better version of history before you come here reply or commenting bulshit after me.
Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali - 2 days ago
Movie is far better than a trailor
N. K.
N. K. - 2 days ago
After watching the movie I've realized that Aladdin is the best Disney prince ❤
AlamSyah RazzaqPutraSholihat
Good job disney
Bernardo Rumpiag
Bernardo Rumpiag - 3 days ago
Did you know that the original setting of Aladdin is in China? So the characters should have been Chinese. 😉
*-C-* - 2 days ago
don't start it. plus the actor actually looks and sounds like aladdin
Vaio San
Vaio San - 3 days ago
Boring. I wish I could skip the annoying songs (which mean most of the scenes of the film) and to watch only the rest of the film. I wanted to see a film, not musical.
EggyRepublic - 3 days ago
What is everyone talking about, the trailer is pretty good.
Chaim - 3 days ago
Jafar look like isis recruiter 😂
Zai Nab
Zai Nab - 3 days ago
This movie is so much more than this trailer!! Those who haven't watched it yet need to. You won't regret it.
R I KHAN - 3 days ago
Dil Jiger
Dil Jiger - 3 days ago
Thanks Disney
B L - 3 days ago
The monkey should get the oscar
A Somku
A Somku - 3 days ago
Jasmine don’t look like jasmine ☹️
*-C-* - 2 days ago
guess you liked your own comment
Hanselxyb - 4 days ago
Nice movie..except for the stupud singing every 5 minutes.
Goritom Gorila
Goritom Gorila - 4 days ago
They should of put Sharukh Khan in this movie
Goritom Gorila
Goritom Gorila - 4 days ago
@Hanselxyb yeah but maybe like a cameo or something, because if he was an actual character it may cost a lot
Hanselxyb - 4 days ago
If he was 20...he is old now
Zain Bhatti
Zain Bhatti - 4 days ago
I am huge fan of this movie whole cast and Please make it part 2 of this movie with the life of princes and Aladin after the marriage i think that movie has got a huge success wordwide and as we guys waits for Fast and furious now we will wait for next part of this movie thanks.
Block99Productions - 4 days ago
2:01 - 2:07 gives me goosebumps
Lissbeth Aucapina
Lissbeth Aucapina - 4 days ago
Bro omg this trailer still gives me those chills 😭
D Kahn
D Kahn - 5 days ago
They hire actors for their looks, instead of their talent.
D Kahn
D Kahn - 5 days ago
Too bad Vincent Price is not still alive, he would have made a perfect Jafar........ his voice is at six minutes and thirty seconds in video below.

Over 600,000,000 views... yes, I'm serious.

D Kahn
D Kahn - 5 days ago
Be careful... there are lots of paid comments in here......
Sunny - 5 days ago
We can't compare beauty and beast with Aladdin. Aladdin is next level movie.
Sunny - 5 days ago
I knew it from beginning, this movie will be amazing. And it's.
geboinzki28 Iman
geboinzki28 Iman - 5 days ago
What a miracle that all of a sudden all of you love Aladdin 2019. I hope all of the people who hate it from the start have their lesson to not judge it by it's trailer or promotions.
100k بدون فيديوهات
كان في واحد عم يقول باول الاعلان تعالو يلا بالعربي وبالمصري
KTM DUKE status stunts
KTM DUKE status stunts - 5 days ago
Superr movie by Disney Aladdin
Moon Light
Moon Light - 5 days ago
Not everybody from Disney or the actors from Aladdin or the lion king are at fault or Walt Disney or the workers who had nothing to do with it but the one who stole original ideas from the thief and the cobbler the idea the concept from this movie was stolen for Aladdin search for it online Disney stole many ideas for many movies even my favorite up the original idea is from a French short film above then beyond even the pirates of the Caribbean from a video game monkey island it’s sad because many Disney movie teach you to do the right thing be kind they teach kids that but their not saying the truth or being genuine or sincere
ogbeide emmanuel
ogbeide emmanuel - 5 days ago
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Roll No. 21
Roll No. 21 - 5 days ago
Name of Tiger in movie is RAJA [a common name in India]
she calls her father Baba,Papa [a common name in India]
some things r similar between people
Roll No. 21
Roll No. 21 - 5 days ago
Name of Tiger in movie is RAJA [a common name in India]
she calls her father Papa,Baba [a common name in India]
some things r similar between people
Palestinian Queen
Palestinian Queen - 5 days ago
She calls her father "Baba" which is what we call our father in the Middle East.
Anime world
Anime world - 5 days ago
iraq senma now ! 🇮🇶
Liaqat Ali
Liaqat Ali - 5 days ago
I’m wanting that there is another series of allahdinn nice or incredible movie I like it much more seen today so I love it 🥰
Liaqat Ali
Liaqat Ali - 5 days ago
Is that any other series of alladinn??
Reymark Villosa
Reymark Villosa - 5 days ago
I am Groot
I am Groot - 6 days ago
This movie is the fun.blast watching this.
S A - 6 days ago
I thought this movie would be trash when I saw the trailer. I only gave it a shot out of boredom. Boy was I wrong... It was a touching and beautiful film. I didn't want it to end! It did a great justice to the original animation.
Sykronix - 6 days ago
Exceeded my expectations, a great live action remake
محمد حمزه رحمن
Movie was good but could have been better. Will Smith as Genie, Naomi as Jasmine, Mena as Al were nice and Jafar looked handsome. Palace and city looked disappointing and looked awesome in animated Aladdin.
Suvrajit Modak
Suvrajit Modak - 6 days ago
Honestly after watching this live action version it has automatically become my favourite movie 💜💜💜
zougari Chayma
zougari Chayma - 6 days ago
I am so exiting for watching
Haridas Pal
Haridas Pal - 6 days ago
নোংরামো! কখনও দেখি নাই আরব দেশে নারীরা হিজাব ছাড়া ঘুরে বেরাচ্ছে। অথচ এই সিনেমায় রাজকুমারি সবার সামনে দুধ দেখিয়ে বেড়াচ্ছে। মেয়েরাই এই সমাজ নষ্টের মুলে। অন্ধের মতো পশ্চিম দুনিয়াকে কপি করে যাচ্ছে। বুঝিনা মেয়েদের কি লজ্জা শরম কি কিছুই নেই? সমস্ত লোকজনের সামনে বাইরে কি করে নিজেদের শরীর উন্মুক্ত করে ঘুরে বেড়ায়?
thematrix41 - 6 days ago
thought it was going to be awful but it turned out amazing
ttytexetr - 6 days ago
First half of movie was boring second half was alright. But I agree it was all bollywood with the camp costumes and dances. Nothing Arabian at all and both cultures are not same at all.
Green Valley
Green Valley - 6 days ago
When will Smith started to sing I left the cinema
AsapMob - 5 days ago
Green Valley not much of a movie guy huh?
de camsahamnida
de camsahamnida - 6 days ago
0:17-0:22 this scene is so romantic but why wasn't in the movie :((((
Yumnu Shafeeg
Yumnu Shafeeg - 6 days ago
I'm getting a kind of Bollywood vibe ....
Is it only me ??
Ravi - 5 days ago
@Hijabi Gamer love you you you
Hijabi Gamer
Hijabi Gamer - 5 days ago
I'm not Middle Eastern but I lived there for many years and I studied the culture for 4 years.
Hijabi Gamer
Hijabi Gamer - 5 days ago
The movie in terms of Outfits, Music, scenery, architecture, and Arabic phrases was accurate toward the Middle East. The only problem was Jasmine's outfits and the dances. Otherwise it was pretty accurate
Ravi - 5 days ago
I Love you dear
Gerlyn Bless Bautista
Gerlyn Bless Bautista - 6 days ago
Genie: Oh great one who summons me, I stand by my oath loyalty to wishes three
Me: *goose bumps*
atif hasan
atif hasan - 6 days ago
Osome movie 😍😍😍😍😍ilove it
Jamil hasan
Jamil hasan - 7 days ago
Mohammed El Amine Saadi
After Watching the Trailer I thought it was going to be bad, usually i don't like musical movies.🙄🤫 I watched the Movie and DAMN...🤭🤩 It was one of the most Amazing and charming movies.👏 i never was fascinated by a Disney movie but this one was really great. The marvelous Will Smith with the beautiful princess "Naomi" and Mena are exactly the perfect cast Disney's ever had. Best live action from Walt studios so far " A whole New world".😉♨️

#PS: Never judge a Movie by its Trailer.💯
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