Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

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Maks Nikonov
Maks Nikonov - 3 minutes ago
WATCHED MOVIE TODAY! Its wonderful! They did perfect job on every part of movie! I will be waiting for new part!
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I’m so excited 😆 I get too see the new Disney movie tomorrow morning yas
White Wolf
White Wolf - 7 minutes ago
Spoilers alert:
Aladdin will find a lamp inside the Cave 😉
Mehdi Musawi
Mehdi Musawi - 14 minutes ago
Zayn isn’t playing Aladdin is the biggest L for Disney
Richard Pickman
Richard Pickman - 16 minutes ago
For all you bitching and bringing race into it, the original Aladdin written in the Arabian Nights takes place in china.... soooooooooooo keep your politics out of this and just watch the movie
Arthas - 16 minutes ago
JUST WATCHED IT... WAW👌Like who watched the movie too and LIKED IT🎦😍
Jason Woelfel
Jason Woelfel - 17 minutes ago
This trailer is better than the movie. Another childhood adventure ruined.
Crazy Boyzz
Crazy Boyzz - 18 minutes ago
just watch this movie
this is amazing...
Suma Shreya
Suma Shreya - 19 minutes ago
It looks like a Bollywood movie
Priya Suryavanshi
Priya Suryavanshi - 26 minutes ago
"Savage Genie"
Kathryn B
Kathryn B - 33 minutes ago
Looked great on the big screen. Going for sure.
Naughty Goodgirl
Naughty Goodgirl - 34 minutes ago
The cast is perfect!! I watched the movie!! And I was so happy that sultan made jasmine his successor 😭🤧👑
Angelo Asain
Angelo Asain - 34 minutes ago
For me the best part of princess jasmine is the part that she sing the speechless while crying💕 love it
1D u owe me
1D u owe me - 44 minutes ago
Admit it! Ur here because if ''A whole new world"😌
UPASANA SINGH SINGH - 46 minutes ago
Love Will Smith 😍😍😍😍😍
UPASANA SINGH SINGH - 47 minutes ago
I watched it today 😍
Cevana Satya Nagara
Cevana Satya Nagara - 59 minutes ago
I love it so much
Didi Dream
Didi Dream - Hour ago
I saw the movie today and all I can say is great job Disney! Really good character development, especially Jasmine's. This movie exceeded my expectations.
Ananda Ranamuka
Ananda Ranamuka - Hour ago
I watched this. Fantastic !
Mint - Hour ago
Zayn is talented but he is a SINGER.
The guy playing Aladdin must have worked so hard for the movie. This way you are insulting him.
NOV eot
NOV eot - Hour ago
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Sky R
Sky R - Hour ago
Indonesia mana
Moch MaLibari
Moch MaLibari - Hour ago
The best 😍
Rizka Harly
Rizka Harly - Hour ago
This by far my most live action disney movie 👍
Sh Zaa
Sh Zaa - Hour ago
Guy Richie get lost
sadam fadilah offcial
Sarika Kanwar
Sarika Kanwar - 2 hours ago
Olyviaizcool - 2 hours ago
Its rewind time!
Tuah Andhika
Tuah Andhika - 2 hours ago
Siapa yg cinta allah nabi dan rosul.. Like
Max Hope
Max Hope - 2 hours ago
Just saw this movie and I think it's so racist. 1. Why Will Smith is in the slave role? 2. Why the white guy has to play the dumb prince role? 3. Why there are no yellow dudes like Chinese/Japanese/Korean?
Lovely Lina
Lovely Lina - 32 minutes ago
Max Hope first of , will smith is not a slave the fuck, he OFFERED 3 wishes , not got a command. Second, the guy is not white, his Arab , the entire movie is about Arab people , third, the movie is not based on Korean , Thai or Chinese culture, it’s all based on ARAB culture and people, so it’s not gonna have Korean people🤦🏾‍♀️
Tâm Như Nguyễn Đinh
Tâm Như Nguyễn Đinh - 2 hours ago
After seeing this film, I now have a new respect to Disney. They did amazing on casting. Ok I'm gonna watch again tomorrow
Mohomed Rifkhan
Mohomed Rifkhan - 2 hours ago
Watched the movie next level more than expected awsome cast story worthy
Creamy Kookies
Creamy Kookies - 2 hours ago
mena is perfect for aladdin
Malik Azis
Malik Azis - 2 hours ago
just us,
Creamy Kookies
Creamy Kookies - 2 hours ago
gonna rewatch this movie this weekend bcs its a masterpiece 10/10 MENAAA KILLED IT
S Alajmi
S Alajmi - 2 hours ago
So 2019 and still white people think we're Indians.... Sigh
Bianca Luna-Peligrino
Bianca Luna-Peligrino - 2 hours ago
I repeat.
MAHABIR DHUREYA - 2 hours ago
I watched this movie today nd really I lived 1 more tym my childhood memories.. thanks Disney.. Nd sir smith u r awsum 🤣🤣
tyta m
tyta m - 2 hours ago
The first time I watched Aladdin I also thought Zayn was more suitable for the role of Aladdin. But after watching the movie Aladdin I saw Mena Massoud's acting as Aladdin very cool, when he became a prince he was very handsome. So, please watch the movie before commenting!
Pyro Misc
Pyro Misc - 2 hours ago
hmm there is no whites in this movie... racist
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf - 2 hours ago
Just watched it. Perfection. Literally. Yall should watch it.
Gita Gemala Rizki
Gita Gemala Rizki - 2 hours ago
true! the movie was lit!!!
Venzelle Gumba
Venzelle Gumba - 2 hours ago
I am hoping the version of the song a whole new world is the version of lea salonga and brad kane cause its more romantic than the version of zayn and zhavia ...
Just saying.
Mia M
Mia M - 3 hours ago
I CANT WAIT TO WATCH THIS!! Biggest fan of Aladdin! I remember the movies and the series! So so so happy they made this!
Will smith rocking it!
My husband and I are taking the kids 😂
I think I'm the bigger kid!
BoxingIs Passion
BoxingIs Passion - 3 hours ago
Honestly, the movie was good, didn't expect some scenes to be really funny, it's really cool overall!
Haydee Serrano
Haydee Serrano - 3 hours ago
Worth watching 👍
Eddie Love
Eddie Love - 3 hours ago
Movie is going to sell like crazy
Bugaboo Sh
Bugaboo Sh - 3 hours ago
Is Aladdin Arabic or Indian???
Bugaboo Sh
Bugaboo Sh - 3 hours ago
+zanzibar vlog that was not fuuny
zanzibar vlog
zanzibar vlog - 3 hours ago
No its Chinese
dhananjaya pandey
dhananjaya pandey - 3 hours ago
Youtube can read your mind.
maximillus - 3 hours ago
Disney infinity war all Disney charchters and THE villan is Mickey mouse
ClassIsTheKey - 3 hours ago
Will B
Will B - 3 hours ago
It may be just me, but I feel like modern trailers give away too much. I seen what all the characters look like, hear the main parts of the songs, and clips from all the famous scenes... After watching this, I'm not sure why I need to see the movie. You already showed me all the good parts in this trailer.
oryza sativa
oryza sativa - 3 hours ago
Mamun Mona
Mamun Mona - 3 hours ago
This movie is more like Bollywood movie than Disney ...and. maximum costume ,dance step were Indian type. I totally disappointed by Disney. Fuck off!
GeorGia S.
GeorGia S. - 3 hours ago
I've alr watched it and Will Smith *May or May not* say It's rewind time (or something similar to that ) in the movie and I *May or Maynot* Gasped so hard during that part . Anyways ya'll gotta watch this ITS EFFING AMAZING even though tgere is already one that has the same storyline and all but You'll be Amazed after watching this.
Nigga Killer
Nigga Killer - 3 hours ago
Who else thinks that Anwar Jibawi should've been Aladdin..
anggun ria
anggun ria - 3 hours ago
I lope youuu🥰🥰🥰😍😍
Red Sunshine
Red Sunshine - 4 hours ago
Just watched Aladdin, it was really good. I love the friendship of Aladdin and Genie, Mena and Will really did a good job. Princess Jasmine, Naomi, have a really strong character, i love her. All the music are incredible! For me 10/10.
KAFIL SHIAKH - 4 hours ago
I just watch the movie from the theatres it is very very much awesome..

But please make part of this movie we want Aladdin series....

I want to see Will Smith once again
ClassIsTheKey - 4 hours ago
Yoon Henna
Yoon Henna - 4 hours ago
just watched it and OH MY GOD ITS AMAZING 20/10
Priya Suryavanshi
Priya Suryavanshi - 25 minutes ago
Fast review mate
Malc - 4 hours ago
Saw it yesterday and that movie was so good!
Gianna Francesca Reyes Francisco
Just came back from the cinema to watch this
yalls should watch it!!
Princess Kaye
Princess Kaye - 4 hours ago
I really love this movie, just finish watching it and it was freaking great! The cast also did a good job potraying their role 💗💗💗
Its Me
Its Me - 4 hours ago
ALADDIN better than beauty & the beast!!! 💯
eclair soes
eclair soes - 4 hours ago
The reason why i watch this film:
- 80% = fan of fantasy genre
- 10% = Aladdin
- 10% = a whole new world
snow white
snow white - 4 hours ago
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I - 4 hours ago
1:49 I only keep on watching this Trailer because of this scene
SosYGMing // MC
SosYGMing // MC - 4 hours ago
Watched it and it's fantastic!! 10/10. Thank you disney! ❤❤❤❤
Jenifa YongHang
Jenifa YongHang - 4 hours ago
Trailer: Characters..... blehhhhh
Watches movie:: Best casting they could have thought of!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WORTH IT
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I - 4 hours ago
The movie releases Today!
Tee Ali
Tee Ali - 4 hours ago
Jasmine is the girl from the Lemonade Mouth

I can't wait to watch this
Charles So
Charles So - 4 hours ago
Just watched it... it’s really good
Mir Ali
Mir Ali - 4 hours ago
I am waiting for Snow White and seven dwarfs and expecting seven dwarfs as bts😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aiman khan
Aiman khan - 4 hours ago
Sarah Gerber
Sarah Gerber - 4 hours ago
Our was in may 22 and it was amazing
Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim - 4 hours ago
Maigosh the movie was so good!
Techno Clowns
Techno Clowns - 4 hours ago
Watched this movie last night and I gotta say even though that the Genie wasn't played by Robin Williams this time Will Smith did an incredible job and the movie was awesome. I will watch it again and again and can't wait to buy it on DVD
Firdevs Yılmaz
Firdevs Yılmaz - 4 hours ago
I dont like it ☹ its more bollywood style then arabic the dress, dance.... 😐
Annabelle Mesecher
Annabelle Mesecher - 4 hours ago
I had my doubts but the film was amazing! Great singing and acting :)
Nadjibe Milano
Nadjibe Milano - 4 hours ago
هدا فيلم شباب علاء الدين والمصباح السحري وياسيمين
Roslynn P0384
Roslynn P0384 - 5 hours ago
In Disney movie
Nemo - 5 hours ago
Jim Carrey was not available huh?
Daniel Mayo
Daniel Mayo - 5 hours ago
I have a feeling the ending is what scares the kids the most, just like when the cave of wonders collapses. Oh cave of wonders, why do you have to frighten little children.
Rimar 1111
Rimar 1111 - 5 hours ago
This is the best live action from disney animated adaptation that I've ever watch. I love both mena and naomi as aladdin and princess jasmine. Their chemistry were perfect. And will smith as genie was also perfect. Every cast really perfectly suit their character. Love this movie so much. Many people judging this movie while the teaser just came out. They should be shame.
Mark Herman
Mark Herman - 5 hours ago
I wouldn't watch this movie if it ended world hunger.
Hosanna - 5 hours ago
Mena Massoud doing great though
Rozina Pradhan
Rozina Pradhan - 5 hours ago
this movie is really good
It's just fantastic
I wanna watch again and again
safira s
safira s - 5 hours ago
Just watch this and stop comparing actor with the others (especially Zayn) because Mena Massoud fits perfectly as Aladdin!!!😍 melted every girl’s heart...
Salah Eddine BELLAKHDAR - 5 hours ago
Fact, the cost of producing the original in 1992 was 1% of this one. Thank you for your attention
Silvaaa - 5 hours ago
I watched this movie , that's an awesome movie!!! Mena, i love you. Don't care what people say about you ❤❤❤
safira s
safira s - 5 hours ago
lesson: dont judge a movie by its trailer.
because. it. is. amazing. rate 1000/10 i’ve watched the second time😫 YOU SHUD WATCH THIS
(dont worry about aladdin and jasmine, MENA MOSSAUD and NAOMI you are gonna love them)!!!! ❤️
safira s
safira s - 5 hours ago
lesson: dont judge a movie by its trailer.
because. it. is. amazing. rate 1000/10 i’ve watched the second time😫 YOU SHUD WATCH THIS
(dont worry about aladdin and jasmine, MENA MOSSAUD and NAOMI you are gonna love them)!!!! ❤️
ROWAN life
ROWAN life - 5 hours ago
Walt Disney 🙋😂🌹
Ab nächste Woche habe ich auch ein Käppchen von Marburger Schauspiel ‼️🌹 Aladin bzw 1000 und eine Nacht und werde es für Montag hochladen.. fotografiert habe ich das ganze schon ‼️🌹
Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Everything - 5 hours ago
*Genie:* showtime C:
*Aladdin:* No, I’m in charge I say wh—
*Genie:* *Whehehwwwww*
Aida Adriano
Aida Adriano - 5 hours ago
Jetter julian Cagampang
Jetter julian Cagampang - 5 hours ago
One iof the best fantamovie
gladys okt
gladys okt - 5 hours ago
i already watch this and this recommended guys!!!
erosamuk - 5 hours ago
Will Smith turns everything he touches to shit.
Soggy Android
Soggy Android - 6 hours ago
Too bad these people went from making wishes and genies and lamps to making bombs
Anastasia BM
Anastasia BM - 6 hours ago
Sumpah film nya bagus banget!! 💟
Fesh Am
Fesh Am - 6 hours ago
Everything looks and sounds good except Jaafar. Was thinking of probably Ben Kingsley or what about Charles Dance, omg.
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