Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

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Alissa Rose
Alissa Rose - 4 hours ago
Plsss do another interview with Ariana
Sweet like Grande
Sweet like Grande - 7 hours ago
they cut a few parts out of this i wonder what they were talking about 👀
Rena Wang
Rena Wang - 14 hours ago
1:01:32 play this part at 0.75 speed zach's laugh sounds so funny I can't breathe
Liam Wood
Liam Wood - 23 hours ago
17:26 omg the pushback thing left me so confused…! who do you guys think it was
Mary-Eliza Vaino
Mary-Eliza Vaino - Day ago
HOW AND WHY IS ZACK SO UNDERRATED?!?!?!?! ily zack :((
Mary-Eliza Vaino
Mary-Eliza Vaino - Day ago
ZACH sorry
Lol - Day ago
Ariana is one of the only artist that sings in the middle of a conversation in an interview
Lol - Day ago
Is 17:28 scooter??
το καναλι του Ν 70
we love you all and love you all .....
love ariana grande
Katy Overland
Katy Overland - 2 days ago
victoria's so cute i love her
Stardust_O - 3 days ago
She is not very educated to be honest with you
Stardust_O - 2 days ago
Ariana's Moonlight that’s clear 😏
Ariana's Moonlight
Ariana's Moonlight - 3 days ago
Stardust_O she had to quit school to pursue acting and singing
kimberley nelson
kimberley nelson - 3 days ago
purest prettiest heart & soul & mind wishshewaskindertoherselfthough.
CATE CHUA - 3 days ago
Vixvix Edits
Vixvix Edits - 4 days ago
Her voice is so soft I love it
Chris Quach
Chris Quach - 4 days ago
Didn’t know much about Ariana before thank you, next. Now I’m listening to all her albums on repeat She’s awesome, this interview is so honest...
เอกชัย สายสร้อย
Ariana Grande ̀
Ariana Grande ̀ - 4 days ago
Uhmm... yuh know
Tom Holland is a bean
Tom Holland is a bean - 4 days ago
When he asks what ghostin is about he seems genuinely curious and not asking for the views and crap, I feel like he wanted her to open up to him and that’s pretty sweet
Sabrina Seavey
Sabrina Seavey - 4 days ago
Zach: “James Dean look in his eye”
Me: that’s Taylor swift😭
Ariana: “Moonlight?”
Sabrina Seavey
Sabrina Seavey - 4 days ago
Alyssa Preciado I know I’m just saying that was my first thought
Alyssa Preciado
Alyssa Preciado - 4 days ago
Sabrina Seavey “he’s giving me elvis with some james dean in his eyes” zach was right about the lyric babe
hi ?
hi ? - 5 days ago
1:10:00 I’m watching the office right now....eeeee
Tevani Joseph
Tevani Joseph - 5 days ago
Attention: Cat Valentine has just entered the chat.
ととま - 5 days ago
hannahskxox - 5 days ago
this girl is so so strong honestly 💓🥺
greenmileyfan97 - 5 days ago
Lol @16:19
parnia piroozfar
parnia piroozfar - 6 days ago
I didn’t understand who gave her the most push back does anybody know who she’s talking about?
Lamia - 4 days ago
Scooter Braun her manager
368 - 6 days ago
her voice = 🎴
xrose berry ღ
xrose berry ღ - 7 days ago
bloated and alone
bloated and alone - 7 days ago
her voice is so beautiful
Trivia Baws
Trivia Baws - 8 days ago
I was disappointed how little I heard from everyone else.
Sophia Clifton
Sophia Clifton - 8 days ago
1:10:40 this convo with social house sitting next to her lmao
The Young Filmmaker
The Young Filmmaker - 8 days ago
You need to interview Tyler, the Creator :) His crew will be there
Zach Sang Show
Zach Sang Show - 7 days ago
it would be an honor!
airamona - 8 days ago
30:35 Makeup
Dejaloni - 8 days ago
Ghostin makes me feel like I’m flying on a fucking cloud ☁️
Диана Хабирова
32:14 "We were playing monopoly😂😂😂😂😂" her laught was so scary and funny. The best part of the interview😂😂😂😂 i love her
Диана Хабирова
18:36 sksksksksks "You know, I went kind of in order" i can't with her
Диана Хабирова
Her voice is so deep and raspy in this interview.
god is a woman
god is a woman - 6 days ago
Диана Хабирова she’s probably just more stressed and tired in this interview compared to the last one
Диана Хабирова
@god is a woman in last interview it was lighter
god is a woman
god is a woman - 7 days ago
Диана Хабирова this is actually her real voice i’m-
Green Cane
Green Cane - 9 days ago
Zach pls we all need an other one of this 😍😍😍
Kaitlyn Crowley
Kaitlyn Crowley - 9 days ago
she’s an angel
Celia Rocchia
Celia Rocchia - 9 days ago
who watched the whole thing?
Ariana_ Grande_
Ariana_ Grande_ - 9 days ago
My heart melts when Ariana says I’m sorry, go on 🥺🥺🥺
taylor xoxo
taylor xoxo - 9 days ago
hai everyone I wuv u!
anu jee
anu jee - 9 days ago
You guys are not singing
anu jee
anu jee - 9 days ago
You guys are sure talking a lot before your gonna sing
lily elise
lily elise - 9 days ago
i love ari but her voice sounds so fake and pushed
EleFantMonty - 10 days ago
Will we see her in a movie anytime soon?
TEAtimesTHREEE - 10 days ago
I'm around the same age as Ariana and it just feels so crazy to watch this and to feel myself in this album and to really feel her love for her friends. Also it's super crazy to see so many people my age (from my generation) finally coming up big in the industry and dominating. After Boyfriend I went back and watched the Dangerous Woman Diaries and CRIED omg haha.Tommy really fucking killed it this time too, ugh. Today I have Leave me Lonely and Knew Better /. Forever Boy on repeat! Love you Ari
airamona - 10 days ago
1:17:33 Julie Andrew impersonation
airamona - 10 days ago
47:05 Break up with your girlfriend
airamona - 10 days ago
30:39 Texas
Angela Petersen
Angela Petersen - 10 days ago
I’m a Taurus❤️
Misia Pająk
Misia Pająk - 11 days ago
Lotte Meurmans
Lotte Meurmans - 11 days ago
I love everything about Ari😍She’s an angel💞
Mellifluous Euphoria
Mellifluous Euphoria - 11 days ago
I can’t seem to find the part where she talks about the intro part of nasa could someone drop the timing :))
Hana Gotal
Hana Gotal - 11 days ago
Mellifluous Euphoria 8:00 💗
Michael Burry
Michael Burry - 11 days ago
Does anyone know what microphone either she or he is using? Ariana's microphone shows it's a Shure but I can't see a model number, and Zach's I can't tell at all. I'd REALLY appreciate if anyone knows either... I've looked through the other videos and even descriptions and Google and still don't know. Thanks!
miru - 2 days ago
i don't have any idea, i hope you find it!!
Broken Druid70
Broken Druid70 - 11 days ago
I love Ariana but her ass interrupted this man about 30 times throughout this whole interview.
Broken Druid70
Broken Druid70 - 11 days ago
9:24 u can sense the sadness. Ariana Grande being relatable for 1 hour straight.
isa - car
isa - car - 11 days ago
Honestly, I loved it, it was like watching good friends having a good time in a conversation so good but so good that you don't want it to end or you just don't know how to end it. This was incredible. The chemistry between you is simply amazing 💖.
Vexar - 11 days ago
Ngl u can hear and see the pain in her voice and eyes
Aaron Katz
Aaron Katz - 11 days ago
the *greatest* Ariana interview EVER
girl i-
girl i- - 11 days ago
reminder for myself 57:00
ohsnapitsvivi lol
ohsnapitsvivi lol - 12 days ago
Zac sang is such an amazing interviewer
zcxelliexcz !
zcxelliexcz ! - 12 days ago
fr zach is such a nice guy
Jessica Redmond
Jessica Redmond - 12 days ago
Fredo is so pretty I wished they would’ve panned the camera to him but Mikey definitely likes Ari & we Stan.
Talia Grande
Talia Grande - 12 days ago
Who's here after "boyfriend" ?
Kenson Gillis
Kenson Gillis - 12 days ago
32:15 cat valentine face 😂❤️
Lia Joseph
Lia Joseph - 13 days ago
i think the person with the Monopoly story is Mac
Jashn Patra
Jashn Patra - 13 days ago
That my Love 😘 Ariana .
Morgan Manigold
Morgan Manigold - 13 days ago
I'm playing this album on the way to class PERIODT!
Tess cg And Movies
Tess cg And Movies - 13 days ago
She sounds like she's been crying alot.
Jordee Bronner
Jordee Bronner - 13 days ago
17:30 😂😂😂 I love her!!
konnor kong
konnor kong - 13 days ago
Cat from sam and cat
Saskia Frm
Saskia Frm - 13 days ago
I'm the only one who thinks that Victoria is a lil bit annoying here?
Hannah Cole
Hannah Cole - 13 days ago
Even her speaking voice sounds like some beautiful ass music
Kalahxo - 14 days ago
I love Ariana ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Catherine W
Catherine W - 14 days ago
1:01:22 mood
Deborah - 14 days ago
best interview ever.
I. Y.
I. Y. - 14 days ago
Who else comes from the boyfriend song with social house?
I love Mikey and Ari!!
Giulia y.
Giulia y. - 14 days ago
Mikey can't take his eyes off Ari , i'm living for it
Frank Yee
Frank Yee - 14 days ago
cool love it
Jazz C
Jazz C - 14 days ago
Amethyst Maries
Amethyst Maries - 3 days ago
You are so pretty
ampavoo - 15 days ago
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