4X4 OffRoad trucks in truck trial | Saint Symphorien de Marmagne, France 2019

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Irsan Bauer
Irsan Bauer - 4 days ago
Super atraction!
Priska Silitonga
Priska Silitonga - 6 days ago
Off-road Trailer
Off-road Trailer - 6 days ago
Алексей Фадеев
Newaliashki !?
sverminator 19%
sverminator 19% - 8 days ago
Aza 4x4
Aza 4x4 - 20 days ago
*Like if you like SUVs*
Team RRC2
Team RRC2 - 22 days ago
Much appreciation for the excellent upload! Superb driving skills on display, kickass rigs...
Erik Luwis
Erik Luwis - 22 days ago
jorivan Dos Santos
jorivan Dos Santos - 25 days ago
Syifa Assyifa
Syifa Assyifa - 11 days ago
jorivan Dos Santos djsxdsh
Michael Washington
Michael Washington - 25 days ago
Don't have time to watch the whole thing. First one is Awesome 👍 I'm into the Rc's now. But still watch the real thing.
hunter suggs
hunter suggs - 26 days ago
What kind of trucks are these? I know they’re all custom built but what do you buy to start with?
Rameshwar prasad meena
Rameshwar prasad meena - 29 days ago
Excellent driving.....
Warrior - 29 days ago
Че за супер автомобиль на порталах с белым кузовом?Не унимог,а другой на тракторах.
Ян Ковски
Ян Ковски - 29 days ago
0:15 gta))
James Parker
James Parker - Month ago
These trucks need a lower center of gravity or they need to make them a little wider there so goddamn tip happy. make them around so they can roll like a ball. only in France would they make a vehicle that unstable
Jake Browne
Jake Browne - 29 days ago
I know lets make it 7 ft wide 14 ft tall all the weight on the front and drive it sideways on a hill dumbasses
Raveen Ultra bot
Raveen Ultra bot - Month ago
This is not good
Tonhome Khamvongsa
Tonhome Khamvongsa - 28 days ago
arroxu seu
arroxu seu - Month ago
Figata..bravo il tipo👍
luigitoluphoto - 25 days ago
Quale dei tanti? 😁
Ваха - Month ago
Що за колеса?
Ercilio Tambosi
Ercilio Tambosi - Month ago
TeX Дeи
TeX Дeи - Month ago
Nice! 👍👍👍
Westcoast Curtis
Westcoast Curtis - Month ago
Another excellent video by K4, thank you for all the Unimog coverage!
스크린캠프 Screen camp
Jahmen RC Building as One
Excellent driving recoveries in this video bravo
Syifa Assyifa
Syifa Assyifa - 11 days ago
Asyu pjom
Itzel Denisse Acosta Audeves
Chulos Quiero ver este vídeo pero dígame mis comentarios Cómo está por favor por favor por favor toda la gente
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