Dream - Motivational Video

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shadi Safari
shadi Safari - 13 hours ago
Great Video! What are the name of movies that have been used in this video?
Isiah Sanders
Isiah Sanders - 19 hours ago
The Crusher
The Crusher - Day ago
1st everyone was saying im a fail now they ask how it is possible and im still going strong from 6 months unpayed worker with not having any degree to a full time youtuber with almost 1,9 million subscribers it is hard but i knew i can live my dream but im still dreaming still trying to be the best i can be
Confidentsalt899 !
Confidentsalt899 ! - Day ago
I will be back in 7 years, when I come back ill see how much I changed
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - Day ago
It’s the 22/10/2019.
I have a dream. I’m going to achieve it. I’m gonna be proud of myself, and my mum will be proud of me.
Solomon Java
Solomon Java - 2 days ago
Wonderful Words Really uplifting Hi all Make look out this i recently heard this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy3KWpapcZE
crownbock123 - 2 days ago
My dream is to be a male pornstar. It’s not over until I win!!!!!!
skibumwa2001 - 2 days ago
I told people in my life I wanted a to do a solo move clear across the world alone while in my 30s
Many asked me, "Why would you do that?" or many told me, "you're making a mistake".
Slowly but surely after I left the US and settled in New Zealand, people were asking about my experience
Slowly once people saw how much my life positively improved, many were calling me "lucky" to be in New Zealand
After I finished my top ten life bucket list only 8 years after moving to NZ, many were wondering how I did it all. Many continually told me I was lucky to be in the life state I was in.
There is no luck.
No one can climb a mountain for you
There is only making dreams into PLANS, then taking MASSIVE action towards your goals.
Create a vision.
See your vision as COMPLETE or DONE!
Make a plan then take massive action!
Repeat, repeat, and repeat.
Where focus goes, energy flows - always remember that.
Recruit Main
Recruit Main - 2 days ago
guys i got it
Klara - 2 days ago
October 20, 2019
Lets get it...
Andie - 2 days ago
October 20th 2019- decided to get my shit together!
The Pope of Hip-Hop
The Pope of Hip-Hop - 3 days ago
ThatSydneyLyfeTho #swizzlemedia
I played this to my penis, now its a dragon
abdelrhman eltohamy
abdelrhman eltohamy - 3 days ago
today is
i will back next year until i win
Bee Thankful - Motivation
Such a great video! A true youtube motivational classic
zen fati Zahra
zen fati Zahra - 4 days ago
Thank U so much ... I'm living my dream 😍😍😍❤
Chance Sigmon
Chance Sigmon - 4 days ago
1st they act like your not around
2nd they hate on everything you do
3rd you get called a so called pro
4th people always screwing me over but I'm standing right here saying doubt me I will prove you wrong just like I have said here lately I Can I Will I Belive
vicente rivera
vicente rivera - 5 days ago
ive been seeing this video for many years now. and let me tell you, it still gets the blood going! from nobody in the streets to a full HVAC-R journeyman and NOW GOING TO STUDY for MORE.
cuko - 5 days ago
i wanted to be a fighter but i cant because of my. fucking. eye. vision.
Subbi subbu
Subbi subbu - 6 days ago
I will be back at Oct 17 2020
Robert Faithful
Robert Faithful - 6 days ago
2019 October 16 in one year ill come back n tell u everything I have done to achieve my dream
melody - 6 days ago
My whole life I wanted to become a singer.it was my precious dream.ive been bullied since I was 6.i always tried to ignore it and it worked ,until I turned 12 .the words they said to me really got to my head.and I fell into a deep depression.i am now 13 and I can’t be like this anymore.i must do something.right now .im going to take the first step.be right back
The Rock Hitendra
The Rock Hitendra - 7 days ago
Send link of hindi video of this . I watched it in hindi but now i don't found hindi video
Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma - 7 days ago
16 / 10 / 2019.
Wait for the update.
Phillip Monroe
Phillip Monroe - 7 days ago
October 15, 2019

It's not over until I win
Forks in The Road Canada
My favourite video of all time!!! 
I have been listening to this every morning for the last 5 years of my life! I was in such a down place, went through an abusive marriage, went through a divorce, moved countries and had to start all over! 
This video helped me to get out of the rut of self pity and really heal to be a better, stronger version of myself. I started to focus hard on achieving my dreams, writing them down, making vision boards and not listening to the negative voices around me (sometimes they were family and friends with limiting beliefs), but it did not matter what anyone else said because I believed in myself!!! There is such power that comes in belief.
I had experienced so many failures as I worked towards my dreams, but the word NO just meant, TRY AGAIN!!! I knew that IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN!!! So, I kept on persevering, learning and growing! Now I have two Masters degrees, and own 3 successful businesses. Keep on focusing, invest in your mind and visualize your success! 
jeremy cooke
jeremy cooke - 8 days ago
My name is Jeremy I will be the greatest football player the world has ever seen I will win every major trophy.
branny the furry
branny the furry - 6 days ago
You can do it!
Mark Adel
Mark Adel - 8 days ago
years pass and i always come and listen to this again and again
mohit kumar
mohit kumar - 9 days ago
I'll come back on october 14- 2020
After 1 year
mike snifferpippit
mike snifferpippit - 9 days ago
First time I watched a full youtube ad
Yaren - 9 days ago
I will be back on 2023
The Champion
The Champion - 9 days ago
Знаю, что учишь английский по мотивационным видеороликам, продолжай в том же духе) Ты сможешь свободно говорить уже через несколько месяцев(может большое, но не суть), ты сможешь, и тогда, тогда тебя уже никто не остановит! Просто помни это и учи этот гребанный язык каждый чертов день! Слушай, читай, думай, пиши и всё это на английском и каждый, КАЖДЫЙ день! Просто возьми и докажи, что выучить язык можно и за год и за пару месяцев, просто сделай это! I believe in you. JUST DO IT! Пора уже валить из этой рашки!
秧秧 - 10 days ago
It's not over , until I win !
I will come back here with my career. 😊
Damiano Bresciani
Damiano Bresciani - 10 days ago
Shaina Leis
Shaina Leis - 10 days ago
I start every morning with this video!
Mansahib Sekhon
Mansahib Sekhon - 10 days ago
The god y did this happen to me part hit me the most cuz I was saying that when I broke my leg
Offxcial GloTv
Offxcial GloTv - 11 days ago
Today is 10/12/19 Saturday morning at exactly 5:53 am I be back in 5 months. My goal would be to lose as much weight as I can and starting working on my YouTube videos so wish me good luck guys I promise I won’t stop and keep grinding everyday into I hit the 5 months.
Edited: please get this a lot of likes so I can see it when I come back
Broccen Bich
Broccen Bich - 11 days ago
Why is mark a$$ brownie everywhere- lol
I didn't feel the motivation in this..
My motivational video is useful more
Feeture Films
Feeture Films - 11 days ago
I'm celebrating . I wrote a feature film screenplay .
Notme kbye
Notme kbye - 11 days ago
OCTOBER 11,2019
I’ll bring change, I’ll be here after few years again..as a successful person:)
avumile metu
avumile metu - 12 days ago
anyone 2019?
adam acosta
adam acosta - 9 days ago
avumile metu lets go baby!
Gangster 123
Gangster 123 - 13 days ago
My dream is to become a professional footballer. But i also have school. I’m in The grade with The smartest kids (I’m 16) But i cant decide if should chase my dream or just focus on school and get a good job
What should i do?
Jack Vac
Jack Vac - 12 days ago
Dream bro, dream..
Entropy Negentropy
Entropy Negentropy - 14 days ago
I showed this to my past self, now he's pursuing his dream. October 9 2019, 6:04pm IST. Will come back on February 10 2020.
ahmar anwar
ahmar anwar - 14 days ago
I will come back in 2027
Abby Cool
Abby Cool - 15 days ago
What are the movies in this video lol
21rMikka - 15 days ago
I heard this years ago, but never did I know it would really hit today
Tubker - 15 days ago
The date currently is 10/08/19.
I'll be back in a year to see whats changed. Wish me luck.
Please give me to much like.
Im Alone
Im Alone - 15 days ago
My dream is a PRODUCER💔😔😢🎶🎧🙌🙏🏻🚶
Ron Swish
Ron Swish - 16 days ago
I Promise to be a Player!
Randehmarsh Games
Randehmarsh Games - 16 days ago
Im a sophomore in high school. My grades are steadily declining. I am a Varsity Swimmer who pretty much lives with the fear of losing that status. There is a girl I really like and I dont know how to make a move and I worry too much about what could happen if I do. But I cant sit by and let this stuff get to me. If a person really wants something, they should go and get it. Aint gonna do me no good just sitting in the back moping
Noreddine Oubaslam
Noreddine Oubaslam - 17 days ago
the begining of a new era
Laney Birk
Laney Birk - 17 days ago
I watched this video constantly while studying to get my TEFL certificate. I got it and moved to South Korea to teach English. I have now lived here for 4 years and have an amazing husband and son that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Things happen for a reason...always.
Lmao Club
Lmao Club - 17 days ago
6 october,2019
I will come back here as happy and successful man after one year
Pray for me💚
Umer Afridi
Umer Afridi - 17 days ago
The last line was just amazing and I'm doing
Electrifying .-
Electrifying .- - 17 days ago
My dream is to become a Professional esports player
Ewenox - 17 days ago
Esvin Perez
Esvin Perez - 18 days ago
Name of these movies??
shadi Safari
shadi Safari - 18 days ago
wonderful video, I watch this over and over every time I want to do something new or challenging! please tell me the name of the movies that have been used in this video, I am sure those are the greatest motivational movie! I really love to watch them. Please tell me the name of the movie. Thanks :)
ashraf Almshout
ashraf Almshout - 19 days ago
Don't give up on your dream
not easy but you can do it
Live your dream
World Eater
World Eater - 19 days ago
Set your goals. Stay quiet about them. Achieve them. Be proud about yourself.
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