Polo G Feat. Lil Tjay - Pop Out 🎥By. Ryan Lynch Prod. By JDONTHATRACK & Iceberg

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The Omen
The Omen - 5 minutes ago
niggas used the same flow for the same song
Calidad Construction
Calidad Construction - 38 minutes ago
its so good
Ty Howard
Ty Howard - Hour ago
Best song ever made !
Friends Forhire
Friends Forhire - Hour ago
i was here at 1 mil
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn - Hour ago
dope as hell👌
bigdogbnb - Hour ago
He was scared of the cork popping?? True thug right there
Mase O'Connell
Mase O'Connell - Hour ago
I play this shit every fucking Time I smoke lmao
Adriana Gantzer
Adriana Gantzer - 2 hours ago
I will be here in
:June 2019 done
:June 2020
:June 2021
:June 2022
:June 2023
:June 2024
:June 2026
:June 2027
Like so I remember
Andres Montalvo
Andres Montalvo - 3 hours ago
Yo guys this song slaps it's so good
Rich On Top
Rich On Top - 3 hours ago
i always like my comments beacuse nobody does
Erick Pantaleon
Erick Pantaleon - 3 hours ago
VD Tunes
VD Tunes - 3 hours ago
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly - 3 hours ago
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez - 3 hours ago
This is my song
greneder ownu
greneder ownu - 4 hours ago
I bet she dont like her body cause that girl ugly asf
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 4 hours ago
Finish The Lyrics
I Pop Out At Your Party I’m Wit The Gang …
Lindsay - 12 minutes ago
she was tryna cling onto a n***a, but it’s too late. booked a flight cali, racks and condoms in my suitcase. and every single dollar in these bands got a blue face. Diamonds in the rollie, they HD like it’s blu-ray. the way that i’ve been balling should make the cover of 2k, show out for the summer i might pull up in a new wraith. dissing on the gang that’s gon only get ya crew chased. and we hawk shit down, better tighten up your shoe lace. lil bro get up close let the glock 22 spray.
Lindsay - 16 minutes ago
heartbreaker, ladies love me like i’m cool j
Lindsay - 17 minutes ago
she don’t like her body left the doctor with a new shape, blowing up my phone cuz she just seen w my bae
Lindsay - 17 minutes ago
Animal Lover and it’s gon be a robbery so tuck ya chain imma killer, girl, i’m sorry but i cant change. we ain’t aiming for ya body shots at ya brain, we come from poverty man we ain’t have a thing. it’s a lot of animosity but they won’t say my name them killas rock with me, lil ni**a dont banged. Cause they’ll do that job for me while i hop on the plane.
Arturo Cruz
Arturo Cruz - 5 hours ago
Like if this song should have more veiws than 🤷
Arthur Mcguire
Arthur Mcguire - 5 hours ago
Smajo Pasa
Smajo Pasa - 5 hours ago
Song starts at 0:23
Ameshia Shepherd
Ameshia Shepherd - 5 hours ago
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - 6 hours ago
I'm the
Payton Dose Slime YT
Payton Dose Slime YT - 7 hours ago
This is my fucking song AYEEE POP OUT
queendy BOY
queendy BOY - 7 hours ago
My sad boy four life😁😁
Twine Cheeks
Twine Cheeks - 7 hours ago
2:07 what does that mean
Camillo Gonzales
Camillo Gonzales - 7 hours ago
Lmao listen to it at 1.25 speed
Brandon Acosta
Brandon Acosta - 7 hours ago
Me:ouuuuu this song gonna make me rob a party
My mom:where you going?
Me: oh just going to rob a party
My mom:ok
My mom: wait he said what rob a party boy get your ass back in here before you get a woopen
Me:oh hell nah
SOW EZY_YT - 8 hours ago
Honestly this is a shit song
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez - 8 hours ago
You are kevontea smith step cushion
Charkisha Brooks
Charkisha Brooks - 8 hours ago
Are Polo g and lil tj borthers?
SwiffVideo - 7 hours ago
No Lol
yalhan - 8 hours ago
100 mil ++++
Maurice Baltimore
Maurice Baltimore - 8 hours ago
We pop out of ur momma im with the gang and theres gonna be a nurse so tuck ur thing I'm a snitch momma im sorry but i can't change i aint reachin for the stars im reachin for ur chain...
Johnathan Hanna
Johnathan Hanna - 8 hours ago
Like if ya miss xxxtentacion
D N - 9 hours ago
Gabriella Jones
Gabriella Jones - 10 hours ago
🔥 !
Кто из рашки?
Boxer Boxer
Boxer Boxer - 12 hours ago
When the food stamps hit and mama got hot pockets
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum - 11 hours ago
Lmfao 😂
Boxer Boxer
Boxer Boxer - 12 hours ago
When your sister says you can wear her skinny jeans
Simi Boi
Simi Boi - 12 hours ago

Lil tjay: if i show you my charges you won't look at me the same
Not Ghanem
Not Ghanem - 14 hours ago
trapghoul - 15 hours ago
This is how many like whores there are in the comments
Bruce Spradlin
Bruce Spradlin - 15 hours ago
Do they need help
BCG GANG - 15 hours ago
Dis shit has dead ass beat💀🥴
SET_Coloxz - 15 hours ago
2:18 I love this loop is epic
RoastedWhiteMemester //RWM
Enrgxy - 17 hours ago
If This Song Is Stuck In You Head

quintin turpin
quintin turpin - 17 hours ago
T Kay 47 is serving time of
Smokepurpp YT
Smokepurpp YT - 18 hours ago
Most fire 2019 song hit the billboard deserves more clout
Sosio ASMR
Sosio ASMR - 18 hours ago
Best song
Mid-Land Radio
Mid-Land Radio - 18 hours ago
Track go hard
Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins - 19 hours ago
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