It's Time To Move On...

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Tori Rach Cortez
Tori Rach Cortez - 8 hours ago
Love that you guys did this video! I'm so happy and proud of you for taking this step and sharing this all with us!
Mariam Alnady
Mariam Alnady - 9 hours ago
I'm 15 and i lost my parents in a car accident 2 months ago
thank you i don't feel alone anymore
Natalie - 11 hours ago
yuck fou, diabetes!
yuck fou, diabetes! - 12 hours ago
Thank you for being so honest and real. Shane is completely right in saying to take time and process everything each of you have been through. I lost my mother when I was 17 (senior in high school) and I allowed life to take over before I could really process what happened. It took years before I could actually deal with it. Don't let that happen to you. Take some time for yourselves and your family. Your audience and your true fans will be here. Enjoy being a 19 year old kid because you have the rest if your lives to be an adult. Being a 43 year old mom of 3 kids (22, 19 and 16; 2 boys and a girl) I've always tried to tell them be a kid for as long as possible. I had to grow up quickly because of having to help take care of my mother when she was ill so I missed out on a lot. I never wanted my children to experience this nor do I want others to. Enjoy every moment. Do what YOU love and not feel guilty about it. This chapter in your lives has helped shaped each of you in becoming that awesome person you are meant to be. ❤😊
lostwoods93 - 12 hours ago
CRYING. I hope you guys are with your family right now. Please take care of yourselves. Glad you guys reached out for help. I know the future will be brighter than ever.
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely - 12 hours ago
I love the emotional intellect & maturity of these guys, and their empathy towards one another, and others. They are such genuinely caring people that want to help others. They are deep thinkers. I can just relate to them so much. This is why I am subscribed. Not to have them make me laugh, but because I can see the real people that they are. They aren't fake, shallow, mean. Yes, I know Youtubers show the sides of themselves that they think people will like, but you can see what is genuine with them. I'm not one of those "STANS?" or megafans of any one Youtuber. I just have some that I really enjoy watching, because I relate to them. Also, I do love to laugh, so of course these guys being funny is a plus. Okay, I'm rambling, and probably not making much sense. It's hard to word what I'm trying to say. Good genuine people like these guys, Shane, Jenna Marbles, Gus Johnson (to name just a few) are what I'm drawn to. Not only are each of those youtubers hilarious, but in my opinion, they are all great people I can relate to.
When I first came to this channel a few yrs ago, I never thought in a millions years that these guys would be people I relate to. I was very wrong, and am so glad I clicked on their channel. I think they are fantastic role models for younger kids, and I wish more Youtubers were like them. (Not saying there isn't any other good influencers, but the bad ones...are pretty..well..bad) These guys preach positivity and actually mean it. Even though I doubt anyone would read this ridiculously long comment lol.I still want to say thank you Ethan, and thank you Grayson for not only making me laugh so many times, but for restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity. I think this decision you guys made took a lot of strength,courage, emotion & intelligence to make. You guys can do so much with your lives. You both are wonderful human beings, with creative minds, and big hearts. I believe u guys can truly be whatever you want to be, and really make a difference in this world. I wanted to write this sooner, but haven't had the chance. Maybe some day this message will get to you guys. If not, it's okay. Just keep being your wonderful selves, and I'll be here to support you no matter what u guys decide to do. :) Sorry for the length of this comment...I know, it's way too long.
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones - 14 hours ago
Why r there so many dislikes??!
rach003 - 14 hours ago
Guys a problem shared is a problem halfed! It is helpful to speak your feelings out loud. Shane is right you do need time off to grieve.
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones - 14 hours ago
They should make short films!
Emma Garcia
Emma Garcia - 15 hours ago
I'm sad
Maria the Fake er
Maria the Fake er - 16 hours ago
i just want to hug them for like an hour
Sincerely Cass
Sincerely Cass - 20 hours ago
Your viewers will appreciate your content a lot more once its not so expected every week/ rushed. Depth and quality takes time. What we care about the most is that you love what you're doing with your channel. We as viewers don't want you to resent us because of the pressure and stress to be punctual.
Relesses - Day ago
does anyone know the song near the end they lightly play in the background?
Alissa Baumann
Alissa Baumann - Day ago
I love how Shane is everybody's personal therapist, but I'm sure that their father is so proud of them for doing this. #DolanStanForever
tim6666 - Day ago
Sorry to here about there dad..
Vexx - Day ago
I love how everyone goes to Shane instead of a, therapist.
BTS ARMY Queen - Day ago
Are they quitting YouTube??
Chastity Luper
Chastity Luper - Day ago
I'm so sorry for you guys
Kenya Foster
Kenya Foster - Day ago
You don't need a therapist who knows what they're doing, you need a 31 year old YouTuber who we would die for
Samantha Perez
Samantha Perez - Day ago
The losing a parent conversation... I felt that
Veolen Saleh
Veolen Saleh - Day ago
It’s so sad seeing that they suffered without us knowing it but I’m so happy that they’re doing what’s best for them and living life. All my love to you, Ethan and Grayson❤️
Veolen Saleh
Veolen Saleh - Day ago
I love them so much no matter what decision they end up making bc they’ve helped me through a lot and I respect them and knowing that they need to rest.❤️
Lily Jamieson
Lily Jamieson - 2 days ago
Sm love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maribel Maldonado
Maribel Maldonado - 2 days ago
Come on say peace again and go back to Tuesday's and do funny thing dont just talk
Maribel Maldonado
Maribel Maldonado - 2 days ago
Ur boring now
Maribel Maldonado
Maribel Maldonado - 2 days ago
Go back to Tuesday's
fandoms mystic
fandoms mystic - 2 days ago
bro stfu
maribel vargas
maribel vargas - 2 days ago
You guys should take a gap to enjoy your youth and if your fans don’t understand that they aren’t true fans but one thing is for sure I will always understand you and I want to watch the real you not the fake you guys
Dani Mae
Dani Mae - 2 days ago
You guys have such supportive fans. Me included. Being with your family is more important that impressing your fans, I am impressed by all of your videos, but it seems so stressful. I am glad you guys are growing out of the last five years, and I know it might be hard, but if it takes posting less, I know it will be worth it. Ly guys. 💕
Alessandra Tinoco
Alessandra Tinoco - 2 days ago
You went to hays KS
Krystal Zeigler
Krystal Zeigler - 2 days ago
I’ve recently started following you guys and oh my gosh, my heart is so full after watching this. ❤️ I wish you find peace and happiness. You’re both definitely making your dad proud.
estrella .p
estrella .p - 2 days ago
This video is so long it is a hour and idk minutes
imirrawashere - 2 days ago
8:00 someone please smooth this man's hair down for him 😫😫
P c & t
P c & t - 2 days ago
Are you completely done with youtube??
Lisa - 2 days ago
This video is incredibly emotional, raw and genuine, and I love the outcome of the talk. It proves that reaching out for help opens new necessary doors.
Pierre Jeez
Pierre Jeez - 2 days ago
Is it 1 video per month ?
Eugene K
Eugene K - 2 days ago
I've never watched these guys but after this video I actually feel like subscribing...
Rose Carsley
Rose Carsley - 2 days ago
wait u guys are quiting
Alexys Naylor
Alexys Naylor - 2 days ago
Who watched all of of it just me ok
Kayla Pelerin
Kayla Pelerin - 2 days ago
maybe try and reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in a while.. maybe emma or james
angels tapes
angels tapes - 3 days ago
whoever doesn’t like them they are pieces of shit and that’s the tea sis
ッ-httpsbri - Day ago
angels tapes yep. 😋
angels tapes
angels tapes - 3 days ago
I can honestly cry by the way they poured their hearts out bye
Noa Devon
Noa Devon - 3 days ago
love the real videos, keep it up
Nicole Saslow
Nicole Saslow - 3 days ago
I’m not trying to be insensitive or anything but can someone please give me a summary? Maybe it’s just me but I was a little confused.
Potato Masher
Potato Masher - 3 days ago
Can somebody sum up gigs vid? (TL;DW)
Aarionna Grace
Aarionna Grace - 3 days ago
I know you all won’t see this but I have been a fan since 2014 and I was like 7 ( I am 11) so my opinion doesn’t really matter my name is Aarionna (like the singer) so I say take your time and we will all understand..... at least are true fan if you all need a break take one I tell hope you see this 😊😊❤️❤️
Aarionna Grace
Aarionna Grace - 3 days ago
When they said last intro I cried
Melissa Carlson
Melissa Carlson - 3 days ago
Love you guys!!
Diana is a unicorn 826
Diana is a unicorn 826 - 3 days ago
To me this seems to be a video explaining what was going on in there bye for now video that they weren’t comfortable sharing Everything that they just said now
Ciera Barnett
Ciera Barnett - 3 days ago
we love you guys so so so much 💜 we’re here to support you, through thick and thin :) don’t worry about us, we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to come back. don’t fret babies 😇 go have some fun
Julia Motakef
Julia Motakef - 3 days ago
i feel so bad that they feel like their fans would leave them yknow? like we are fans because we love you as people
Kenly Owney
Kenly Owney - 3 days ago
In my opinion they should take off as much time as they need to be truly happy and then come back
Amy Fletcher
Amy Fletcher - 3 days ago
We are more than your viewers we are your family !!!!! Here for you two and being the same age I know what your going through and I’m here for you !!! Xxx
Savannah Marie
Savannah Marie - 3 days ago
Shane: dont think about your next video
Ethan: we should talk about our team for the next video
Fallen Zestaa
Fallen Zestaa - 3 days ago
I miss you guys🥺
Faith Campbell
Faith Campbell - 4 days ago
shane is a bad b
Jaylin Allshouse
Jaylin Allshouse - 4 days ago
I’m honestly so proud of E and gray for this :( it takes a lot to do what they did ♡ love you guys ♡ ♡ ♡
Tina Kile
Tina Kile - 4 days ago
Good for y’all 👏🏼
Amanda Carrillo
Amanda Carrillo - 4 days ago
You guys do you, we are happy when you guys are. We literally will love and support you guys
Melissa Rennie
Melissa Rennie - 4 days ago
And....I cried. ❤️
So are they quitting YouTube I’m confused
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