French Montana - Twisted (Audio) ft. Juicy J, Logic, A$AP Rocky

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Noureddine Ibourk
Noureddine Ibourk - 3 hours ago
prod. Dead Memes
prod. Dead Memes - 7 hours ago
Wow juicy j is the only person who rode the beat but still couldn’t save it
kage davis
kage davis - 10 hours ago
This is such a trash song major disappointment in all people involved
Mr99cam99 - 23 hours ago
Logic , are you ok? because sounds like NO
ana-day. - Day ago
Rocky the member in the group who didn’t do shit but just put their name on the title slide.
Andree Dowell
Andree Dowell - 2 days ago
Whose here because of Joe Budden
nathan2smart - 2 days ago
Logic verse: trash
His flow: not that bad as what people said
Ghost Zero
Ghost Zero - 2 days ago
This song is stolen from three 6 mafia dancin on a pole
eylon951 - 2 days ago
i like that loop Project Pat - Dont Turn Around sample at 3:59 Stereo Delay, Reverb and EQ.
DJ .:J3K:.
DJ .:J3K:. - 2 days ago
Twisted off da juice and slowed:
Gustė - 2 days ago
I feel so badass drinking my
Malwic Hunter
Malwic Hunter - 3 days ago
this song is dope asf,yall can go suk a dik!
Shane Boring.
Shane Boring. - 3 days ago
Ngl Logic is so trash now but he’s by far the best part of this song
Redd Dizon
Redd Dizon - 3 days ago
JT from city girls would murder Logic
Redd Dizon
Redd Dizon - 3 days ago
can we just scrub Logic's verse? thanks
J E G O - 3 days ago
logic: "bitches be beautiful but they ugly on the inside"
two bars later...
..."slob on my know, girl youre beautiful i swear to god"
Arid Flesh
Arid Flesh - 4 days ago
This song sounds like it was written in 2002.
BROCK HAMPTON - 5 days ago
Why did you take this feature logic
Ahmad Ahmadi
Ahmad Ahmadi - 5 days ago
Logic's verse was pretty good y'all expected him to come all lyrical and shit on a party record then yall DUMB. He can't be lyrical in every track he hops on jhheeezee good job logic let haters hate and you create that mulaaaaa
James Daniel
James Daniel - 5 days ago
With J asap and logic should have been 🔥 wtf
EST19 XX - 5 days ago
A$AP Rocky be laughing at the end of each line. Da best way to get a feature
What a legend lmao
Cha K-bwa
Cha K-bwa - 5 days ago
Oh shit!! Just click here
Scorpii The Scorpion
Scorpii The Scorpion - 6 days ago
Is it me, or does Logic sound really out of place rapping on a track like this?
Paaso - 6 days ago
I seem to be the only one who likes it hehe
Younes 020
Younes 020 - 6 days ago listen to MRD
EST19 XX - 6 days ago
People be hatin like this is the last music they gon hear
ツLukaBTW - 6 days ago
Thats my nigga :D
Tre Heartbreak
Tre Heartbreak - 7 days ago
Ok I just wanna know how you say triple 6 and God in the same bar
Jared Watanabe
Jared Watanabe - 7 days ago
what the fuck was that logic lmao that was like you made an entire verse by using only catchphrases from your songs, there be rappers out here gunnin fo you spot boi be careful
Unkown Figure
Unkown Figure - 7 days ago
Tf is this bullshit
gangstalking simulation
This song ain't that bad I heard worse
ひseth - 4 days ago
Low key....
sunny ym
sunny ym - 7 days ago
SpaceGhoste9INE - 8 days ago
ASAP rocky was no where to be found on this and I’m happy about it
Majestic Tv
Majestic Tv - 7 days ago
SpaceGhoste9INE stfu
Riiftz - 8 days ago
the way logic referenced 1800 in this song was just disrespectful.
ひseth - 4 days ago
I don’t got how it’s disrespectful, inappropriate yes not really disrespectful because it’s a suicide awareness song not about someone in real life’s suicide
Juan Manuel Grajales Arboleda
im agree
Riiftz - 7 days ago
@Majestic Tv yes
Majestic Tv
Majestic Tv - 7 days ago
Riiftz no
Doc Vince
Doc Vince - 8 days ago
This song makes “Ice Ice Baby” look like “King Kunta”.
Majestic Tv
Majestic Tv - 7 days ago
Doc Vince no
new philmz
new philmz - 9 days ago
This song comes on and strippers stop dancing.
Majestic Tv
Majestic Tv - 7 days ago
new philmz no
Hunglikafixture - 9 days ago
If logic spit a hot verse nobody would listen haha the logic verse is the reason This got 8million views
Majestic Tv
Majestic Tv - 7 days ago
Hunglikafixture no
Miguel O.
Miguel O. - 9 days ago
You can tell who paid who to be on this track.
Daniel Irvin
Daniel Irvin - 9 days ago
Are you twisted off the juice?? No I'm fine.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - 9 days ago
This would be legit rap battle in high school
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