Netflix's BIG MOUTH: Is It Deep or Dumb? - Wisecrack Edition

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Wisecrack - 27 days ago
For anyone looking for more information about the BetterHelp controversy, our full response is here:
i,m sorry
i,m sorry - 27 days ago
3rd like!
Alpha Jay 3.0
Alpha Jay 3.0 - 18 hours ago
It's fully Dumb, but a enough actual interesting moments to be a little deep.
Mask Off
Mask Off - Day ago
God I hate big mouth, I wanted to see what people thought about the show and why it was so special
Nelson Di Salvatore
Nelson Di Salvatore - 6 days ago
Ehh big mouth is as deep as king of the hill were funny
HARDCOREMANEX - 2 days ago
+Nelson Di Salvatore woosh
Nelson Di Salvatore
Nelson Di Salvatore - 3 days ago
+HARDCOREMANEX precisely what I said
HARDCOREMANEX - 4 days ago
it's not that deep dude
Random Rant
Random Rant - 7 days ago
I don't quite understand one bit. Is it really wrong for someone to have kids if they might be involved in their official education?
Space Ginger
Space Ginger - 11 days ago
I've never seen this woman in my life.
Javier Pupo
Javier Pupo - 13 days ago
Am I the only one who's puberty was super streamlined and easy? I hardly remember it. I had an idea what sex was even before I went through puberty and thought girls were attractive since I could remember. Is this weird?
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist - 14 days ago
And now I travel into the comment section to deduce whether the dislikes are from the better help sponsorship or from wisecrack trying to insinuate that big mouth is deep.
Lixxie Licious
Lixxie Licious - 14 days ago
Does nobody remember Pubertina? It was a shortlived Smosh cartoon about a young girl going through puberty, complete with musical numbers that came out years before Big Mouth!
T Lawson
T Lawson - 15 days ago
I lost my virginity early so this show is deep af. Ppl who lost theirs later probably think its dumb. But next season they should incorporate how disney movies have kids thinking about sex at an early age.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 16 days ago
Love death and robots deep or dum?!!!
Michael Steinberg
Michael Steinberg - 16 days ago
Not sure who you are attractive and intelligent female host, but I do enjoy you talking about hormones and shame, and i feel no shame in how attractive I feel that you are.
Alexandru Zăbavă
Alexandru Zăbavă - 17 days ago
One on Happy would be interesting.
LuffyBLO - 17 days ago
Do it with Russian Doll!
Truan Alain
Truan Alain - 17 days ago
I don't think anyone thinks big mouth is deep, it's just real about the absurd moments of puberty
Andrey Medina
Andrey Medina - 19 days ago
is it interesting how the subject of the video is shame in sexual awakening yet I cant help but feel super attracted to the show host
Whofan06 - 19 days ago
I would probably be willing to give Big Mouth more credit for its metaphors if it wasn't so ugly. Like most animated adult animations go for an ugly art style but usually one with its own stylistic charm. Not just straight up ugly
TheCreep7 - 19 days ago
The artstyle is horrible though
alex harte
alex harte - 20 days ago
Do uncle buck!
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox - 20 days ago
Was this show actually viewed by its target demographic?
sarah dillon
sarah dillon - 20 days ago
love Big Mouth. you should do a video on The OA! really interesting show that dives into consciousness, death, reality vs dreams, religion, and alternate dimensions. Season 1 sets up a good foundation for the ideas, while season 2 is especially compelling and explores these ideas in more dynamic ways
Rubeus Archos
Rubeus Archos - 21 day ago
Need a video on American. Horror story season 7.. It reflect how any cause can go to far to becoming extremists
XenoAlex2222 - 21 day ago
Please do the OA Netflix Tv show
amukasageneralcontractors Amu
Wait, no American God's video yet??
Sander Pleijsier
Sander Pleijsier - 23 days ago
So... much... vocal fry ...
red raspB
red raspB - 23 days ago
lol google subtitles knew you said "grab a bag of d****"
Kurt Simon
Kurt Simon - 23 days ago
i seriously believed the show was trash just pulp comedy like the netflix's other knock off shows for cheap laughs but at the end of the last season they surprised me with all the psychological elements that came into play. It became fun as hormones and emotions really do impact our personal growth in life and gave the shameful hormonal behavior of the characters a chance to establish their identity over all the negativity love, sex and life can offer.
Diego Pinheiro
Diego Pinheiro - 23 days ago
this 'thing" is made by pedophiles for pedophiles
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe - 23 days ago
It’s not either. It’s honest, and not many shows are honest about those topics.
Bakinator - 23 days ago
It's dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
sjbrooksy45 - 24 days ago
There is a big difference between shame and embarrassment. Embarrassment can be a good teacher.
Hammered@Official - 24 days ago
Please do the OA. I'm not sure of I'm just to dumb enough to understand it, or if they cram as much difficult, useless, space-y plotpoints on top of one another to make their story "better". I'd be perfect.
Lukas Flindt
Lukas Flindt - 24 days ago
F*ck better help, online thearipy is useless.
Michael Evans
Michael Evans - 24 days ago
Can you do a Primus deep or dumb... i cant decide if they suck or not.
Joshua Navarrete
Joshua Navarrete - 25 days ago
Dumb. It’s dumb
Ryn - 25 days ago
I'm not interested in a show that literally displays Underaged characters Masturbating, nor am i interested in the people who watch it trying to make excuses for their own pedophilia
Bunny Boxchan
Bunny Boxchan - 25 days ago
Let’s go make thick in the warm 🥴
El Kinesis
El Kinesis - 26 days ago
I'm a little surprised you didn't mention the concept of the unexamined life vs the examined life in relation to Coach Steve.
João Gabriel
João Gabriel - 26 days ago
Oh... There is an episode that the book "The Stranger" by Albert Camus shows up when the kids are hight
João Gabriel
João Gabriel - 26 days ago
Never understood why Jay do not have a hormone monster despite he is the more pevert guy from the group. Because he just let it flow and have no trouble with it?
I did not liked how the shame was "defeated" in season 2, by a sausage party made by the kids... I felt that something missed yh point.
By the way, Helen is more expressive in this video :) love her
: *
Dianna Stroud
Dianna Stroud - 26 days ago
I don't know why, but I HATE coach Steve. Just the way he's drawn disgusts me. All the other characters in this show are fine.
subito zx
subito zx - 26 days ago
Betterhelp in March 2019.
You go girl
visjenl - 26 days ago
Deep or Dumb - Little Big

Perhaps a bit of both
Saci626 - 26 days ago
Love, Death & Robots !!
Dragon Wolf
Dragon Wolf - 26 days ago
I actually really think the Shame Wizard was an extremely surface level and contrived way of tackling this issue. I understand what they were trying to do, but I feel like offloading that whole section of feelings of self-hatred, self-concious, and self-doubt straight onto someone else defeats the purpose, because these feelings feel so personal.
bluebeanbaby - 26 days ago
Strong first season, than they got into the Family Guy trap of repetitive jokey jokes. The first season was oddly sincere and genuinely sweet and meaningful. Season 2 and the Valentine's eps was not good.
Conan Ladler
Conan Ladler - 26 days ago
A philosophy of avatar the last air bender please also we all know I mean the show not the movie
Beriothien Habriston
Beriothien Habriston - 26 days ago
to be honest.throwing a still shady sponsor ontop of a video that is self admittedly half baked is kinda just a yikes from me dawg. Cmon wisecrack I know youre better than this
Daniel Roush
Daniel Roush - 27 days ago
Is it weird that I seem to be more effected by a lot of these phenomenon now (at 19) than earlier in life/puberty?
valcliff b
valcliff b - 27 days ago
Deep or Dumb

Is it deep or dumb?
Oval Teen
Oval Teen - 27 days ago
I really like Helen. She should host more!
Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez - 27 days ago
The answer is dumb you can’t convince me this show is anything but Jewish pedo hentai in a shitty disguise of a show about puberty
Brooke Wise
Brooke Wise - 27 days ago
800th comment🤭
Purplox - 27 days ago
Why is hermione speaking about big mouth?
Chainsaw Handiman
Chainsaw Handiman - 27 days ago
As deep as a kitty pool
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown - 27 days ago
Philosophy of The Gifted
CyberGlob - 27 days ago
Lol no
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez - 27 days ago
Do a video about the "free churro" episode of BoJack Horseman.
Matt Dylan
Matt Dylan - 27 days ago
You guys need to do a philosophy of a series of unfortunate events the netflix series
matheus Santhiago
matheus Santhiago - 27 days ago
please do the philosophy of captain fantastic
Banja Majihd Tejan-sie
Banja Majihd Tejan-sie - 27 days ago
Do a video on Us
Alex Robert
Alex Robert - 27 days ago
She speaks exactly like Jared lol
Cho Miya
Cho Miya - 27 days ago
Wait you’re actually plugging Better Help after all the controversy?
K2 Mally
K2 Mally - 26 days ago
What is the controversy?
Christopher Walters
Christopher Walters - 27 days ago
I'm glad that you addressed the controversy around BetterHelp, and while I can agree with the sentiment of "people should have the opportunity to talk to others"...
BetterHelp is a flat out scam, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It's there in their terms of service, it's there in the marketing and how they behave as a company.
It's a shitty exploitation of the growing awareness for mental illness to further take advantage of people who are already vulnerable.
Please, get a different sponsor. Both you and your viewers deserve better than this.
aqib akhter
aqib akhter - 27 days ago
you looks like emma watson
D S - 27 days ago
I saw a female face instead of Jared.
The hormone monster came out immediately.
ottav - 27 days ago
Too little too late. An endorsement from Wisecrack doesn't make me respect BetterHelp, it just makes me respect Wisecrack less.
Victor Emmanuel
Victor Emmanuel - 27 days ago
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Cryax The Fellarm
Cryax The Fellarm - 27 days ago
helens facial expressions scare me….it feels its just Jared in a really convincing disguise
MaxSabba - 27 days ago
You kinda overread it.
Catobleppa - 27 days ago
Hayder Almullahasan
Hayder Almullahasan - 27 days ago
betterhelp again ????
Hayder Almullahasan
Hayder Almullahasan - 27 days ago
betterhelp again ????
WhoIam IamNot
WhoIam IamNot - 27 days ago
It's not deep but I love it. It's stupid dumb fun. It's popcorn tv. Watch it have some laughs then go watch a documentary about climate change or serial killers or something.
Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Jacobs - 27 days ago
We should get an episode on ego, since understanding even some philosophy can really inflame the ego and make people feel they're better than others.
Archeon Wanlorn
Archeon Wanlorn - 27 days ago
Better help doesnt guarantee the therpists are licenced.
SirEvilestDeath - 27 days ago
That spinning for a (still) scam of a service is pathetic. Don’t sell out to a group that tarnished your name then just keep using them afterwords. Nobody is buying that anyone promoting this service is actoualy using it or dumb enough to not notice how little an online counselor will help.
Get professional help in person if you are struggling in life. BetterHelp is literally less helpful than calling a suicide line or substance abuse. At least they will try to guide you to decent services. Heck even for regular life issues just find a good friend and talk for free.
Don’t let this scam get to you and I am disgusted to see channels I like still ignore these facts and the scandal that had justified backlash only to try and get you to sign up for a service they don’t use so they can get money. It’s fucking sick to watch.
IcewolfBrett - 27 days ago
lol jared was chilling with his hormone monster. Helen you did a good job.
Hatts Harbringer
Hatts Harbringer - 27 days ago
I like the show, but its not deep or insightful its about being a teenager, and how tough puberty can be. And that's something everyone already knew, and I didn't feel challenged or made to think about anything.
Astraeus BrightStar
Astraeus BrightStar - 28 days ago
Andrew's parents are ashamed
Chuck Solutions
Chuck Solutions - 28 days ago
The show is borderline pedophilic and hyper sexualizes children. They even do a meta wink describing this view point, and how they could only do this with animation. I like the show at first, but it kept pushing, and before I knew it I was describing it to a friend and realized just how utterly depraved it really is. The big problem is, how do we define right and wrong in the current irreligious paradigm? For me, my wake up has been the current abortion debate. It is now legal to abort "post birth" infants. I work in the ER. This is evil. I don't know what it will take to wake us up to what is and is not evil, but once you start seeing it, suddenly it is apparent everywhere. Now all the cases of sexual abuse on children that come through the doors where I work make sense. All the kids that don't actually believe that they have been abused... it is really messed up. Whoever is responsible for this show, has some dark demons inside.
THE Berrby
THE Berrby - 28 days ago
Ooh I like that colorful intro!
nonya biz
nonya biz - 28 days ago
Better help controversy seems overblown to me. People were upset with them turning customers away whom they decided needed traditional counseling from a psychiatrist.
Sasstronaut - 28 days ago
Why are you guys still getting sponsored by better health ?
Nils Holgersson
Nils Holgersson - 28 days ago
It's not trying to be deep in the slightest, i revels in being dumb. That's what makes it awesome.
Mariguana - 28 days ago
What 6th grader even knows what slut shaming is?
Priedītis Kristaps
Priedītis Kristaps - 28 days ago
Better help is a fucking scam i have tried it
Ebony Everette
Ebony Everette - 28 days ago
It’s dumb!
Omar Yassin
Omar Yassin - 28 days ago
Good idea, might actually need BetterHelps services after watching a couple wise crack videos these days
Although I do appreciate the refreshingly optimistic take on Big mouth with this great video.
In the past I felt as though in wisecrack has been spreading philosophies of nihilism unintentionally, but also rarely taking any philosophical stance against negative ideas in the many videos that do speak on some inherently negative ideas. Such as in the True detective video, you didnt take a stance on pronatalism saying the idea is just a trojan horse for society to swollow their ideas.
Nonetheless wisecrack serves as a great platform to entertain many and leave us with a deeper appreciation of the popculture we consume and trojan horsing some philosophical ideas and understanding that is a net benifit to society so thanks Wisecrack! Even if your videos can cause existential dread to a confused watcher sometimes.
Please consider taking stances or at least shedding light on the implications/ramifications of certain philosophical ideas because ideas are important.
-Much love,
Long time fan of content since original thugnotes days
Omar Yassin
Omar Yassin - 21 day ago
​+Garrett Vandenberg Agreed, a healthy amount of neutrality is important. But you must stand for somethings. I wouldn't want wisecrack to just be pushing my favorite brand of philosophy. However, I would want them drawing a line for things blatantly antilife or blatantly Immoral. I think antinatalism is a good line. If this were a history of philosophy channel not taking a stance or agree with certain ideas wouldnt ever be an issue. But wisecrack has on many occasion (either implicitly or explicitly) sided with a certain philosophical position so in these cases and intellectual honesty, accountability is important
Garrett Vandenberg
Garrett Vandenberg - 21 day ago
I think it's important to build neutral spaces where the teacher isn't actively taking a stance (or at least, not obviously). Information intent on making you take a certain position is propaganda. Presenting possible solutions and asking questions about a topic is a good way to help people become more educated and more able to come to their own conclusions. Wisecrack has always been a really cool jump-off point for me to think through what I really believe about things, and has helped me to learn to interact with art in a much richer more thoughtful way. Ideas are important, for sure, but learning how to interact with ideas, even wrong ones, is something that is not being taught in very many places anymore, and Wisecrack is really important to me because it's done this so well for so long.
Nathan .Smith
Nathan .Smith - 28 days ago
Don't know if any one can help me with this but I'm looking for a video on the channel talking about theories on two ideas colliding and the end results. Like one idea was that when two ideas collide the results would be the surviving idea would implement portions of the opposing idea.
Jeremiah Noe
Jeremiah Noe - 28 days ago
I felt like I was watching Cartoon Conspiracy. "I'll give the 'Hormone Monsters are all in your head' conspiracy...four hairy autonomous cocks out of five."
Revelis _
Revelis _ - 28 days ago
a trash show is still a trash show. its like a "comedian" that all it knows are "relatable" sex/dirty jokes.
GrabberBythePuss - 28 days ago
Certainly dumb and I'm okay with that.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - 28 days ago
Can u do one of Wilfred please
Nick Marks
Nick Marks - 28 days ago
Stop advertising for that shitty therapy service. If you're having to defend the controversy it means you should find another sponsor, which I'm sure would be easy. Have some ethics wisecrack
The Madrummer
The Madrummer - 28 days ago
Dumb. It's just dumb. It's usually funny, but it lays all of its views and issues out on the surface. It's pretty basic.
The Rocker X
The Rocker X - 28 days ago
Season 1 was dumb, season 2 was actually kinda profound
Justin Scott
Justin Scott - 28 days ago
This show is terrible, and all of its writers are adult children. I wouldn't look too deeply into any of it.

Also, if you're sad, you're not depressed. If you try to say otherwise, you literally do not know what depression is.

Teenagers get a lot of emotions from various sources, including totally random fits. Most of them have nothing wrong with them, but they don't accept that they're simply experiencing puberty. Instead, they're desperate to be labelled "depressed" or "anxious". The identity that comes with these illnesses is attractive to them, so perhaps proper education about what they are would reduce the amount of teens self-diagnosing issues they don't have.
wazupbrah25 - 28 days ago
Love to see Helen back in the mix!
Loshar Clan
Loshar Clan - 28 days ago
hahaha better help is back!
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